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Mitsubishi Montero



  • counselor2counselor2 Posts: 47
    According to CU's website, the group that they tested together with the 2001 Monte included the Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, GMC Envoy, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder, and Toyota 4Runner.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The list would be way too long! Here's a small sample off the top of my head though, at least from the last 3 years or so.

    1) '99 MB ML320
    2) '00 MB ML430
    3) '00 BMW X5 4.4
    4) '01 Lexus RX300
    5) '99 Lexus RX300
    6) '01 Acura MDX
    7) '97 Isuzu Trooper
    8) '97 Acura SLX
    9) '96 Ford Explorer Limited
    10) ''98 Ford Explorer Limited
    11) '01 Infiniti QX4
    12) '97 Nissan Pathfinder
    13) '97 Toyota 4Runner
    14) '01 Mazda Tribute
    15) '01 Ford Escape
    16) '01 Hyundai Santa Fe
    17) '01 Toyota RAV4
    18) '97 Honda CR-V
    19)' '97 Toyota RAV4
    20) '99 Honda CR-V
    21) '01 Toyota RAV4
    22) '00 Subaru Forester
    23) '98 Subaru Forester
    24) '01 Mitsubishi Montero
    25) '00 Land Rover Discovery II
    26) '96 Land Rover Discovery
    27) '98 Toyota Land Cruiser
    28) '95 Toyota Land Cruiser
    29) '01 Toyota Land Cruiser (with VSC)
    30) '99 Dodge Durango
    31) '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
    32) '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
    33) '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Also tested (can't remember the model years) would be the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition, Suzuki Sidekick, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Geo Tracker. Going further back, the Suzuki Samurai, the Ford Bronco, the Dodge Ramcharger...

    In any case, I think I've made my point...considering that C.R also tests small/large pickups, small/medium/large sedans, minivans, wagons, this is not a small feat! In all of the years that they have been testing SUVs, they have only given the unacceptable rating to 3 vehicles. The Isuzu Trooper/Acura SLX, the Suzuki Samurai, and the '01 Mitsubishi Montero.

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  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Where did you find this information? I looked on the internet and couldnt find past info.

    Did they do roll over testing of all of these or just test drives.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "The short and safest answer is to use common sense. Sport-utility vehicles, as a rule, have higher centers of gravity than passenger cars. That means, under the laws of physics, sport-utes have a greater tendency to roll over than passenger cars."

    Detroit News' take on CR

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  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    I was appalled when I saw this website that discussed tire blowout on a 2001 Montero.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Yikes that safety cage really crumpled up in the rollover. Then again, it did say it rolled over "numerous times." Though I don't think an M-class (well-known for its safety cage in rollovers) would have collapsed like that.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Did you notice the date of the accident? November 2000! This certainly shows that just because Mitsubishi claims that there have been no "reported rollovers that" they are aware of, doesn't mean that there aren't any.

    It looks like the vehicle rolled first onto its driver's side, and then over again. There is the most deformation on the driver's side. Severe injuries would probably include serious spinal, head and neck injuries (common in rollovers, and could result in paralysis), as the roof makes contact with the head. That's why race cars have such strong roll cages. The Subaru WRX World Rally Championship car's can bear 20 times the weight of the car on its roof!

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  • igneaignea Posts: 1
    I have searched this board for a posting regarding a power steering noise on the montero ltd. I have 4000 miles on mine and I can no longer ignore this noise. I have felt there was something wrong for a while now . I would like to go back to the dealer somewhat prepared to explain the nature of the problem. It sounds like a high pitched whining or whirring sound. Initially I thought I only heard it when I turned the wheel. Now I believe I here it all the time.
    Any insight would be appreciated.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Drew's list is quite comprehensive, and there are even a few more SUV's they tested that he couldn't immediately recall from memory (e.g. CR had tested an earlier QX4 in '98). So I'd have to say that CR does indeed test lots of SUV's (and lots of vehicles, period).

    I believe CR always tests the emergency handling. It's part of the vehicle rating in their tests.
  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    Veronica, take it back to the dealer. They have to fix that for you. They fixed mine.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    >>I believe CR always tests the emergency handling. It's part of the vehicle rating in their tests.<<

    I believe that statement is incorrect. They will do an evaluation of a particular SUV and report on it. This does not always include a roll over test.

    I believe they only set up the roll over tests for particular dates and the SUV's that are currently being evaluated get tested. I'm sure they set the schedule to coincide with times they have a sufficient supply of SUV's but the point is, they don't do the test for every SUV they happen to have at any given time.

    Montero was being evaluated and getting high marks for ride and handling characteristics but by dumb luck CU had their Roll Over test scheduled while the vehicle was in their possession. Well maybe not dumb luck. I'm sure they saw the opportunity to schedule testing when they had a new model to test. Makes sense but still doesn't make the test valid IMO. In fact, it also makes sense to skew things a bit for publicity. Evadence from the Gov't and Manufacture would seem to indicate that this could very well be the case.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Maybe reposting this link will help. I don't think CR does roll-over tests per se, but "avoidance maneuver" tests, and the article indicates that they have tested 118 vehicles on their "short course."

    It would have been interesting if they had asked R. Wade Allen, their independent expert, to come to the track and have him "blind "test the SUVs they were testing that session. Without a "briefing", maybe he could have rolled all of them!

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  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    No, I'm afraid my statement was accurate. As the link says, Consumer Reports runs SUV's through their emergency avoidance tests (two of them, actually). As they say, the tests are not specifically meant to detect rollover but they regard any vehicle tipping as a serious indicator of a greater propensity to rollover given the condition.

    They've run the short course test (which is where they failed the Montero) for over 13 years now, on many SUV's. The result of the avoidance tests go into the score for emergency handling. My only point was that CR has tested a LOT of SUV's.

    As Steve pointed out, one potential failing of CR's test is that it can be varied by the driver. E.g. the driver can try to more aggressively turn one vehicle vs. the other.

    The question that it comes down to is who do you trust? Do you trust Consumer Reports, which many have accused of having an anti-SUV bias, and whose previous rollover conclusions on a different vehicle was rejected by NHTSA. Or do you trust Mitsubishi, which illegally hid safety defects for decades (through the year 2000), all the way up to the executive level, and has a huge liability and $'s motive to deny the results of the test?

    Or does a potential buyer play it safe and just avoid the Montero entirely, missing out on a vehicle that has many positive attributes (thus playing into the hands of CR, even if the buyer doesn't trust CR)?
  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    Thankyou Steve for the link to CR test of the Montero. Their wording were convincing to me until I saw their test video. I wished they have record the test in the front view like Mitsubishi did. On the CR test, looking from the rear view, by the time the Montero lifted the two wheels, the truck was 15 degree sideway! This is the technique stunt drivers used to roll-over cars. CR also commented that the Montero's handing is ok until speed of 39 miles, which is different with what I have experienced. The truck does not like sudden/aggressive steering input, but if I pushed it gradually, it actually handle quite well for a truck. Car and drivers also stated that the Montero handling nervously untill the variable spring rates asserts some controls. My brother have a previous generation Montero, and it handling characteristic is about the same with my 2001 with a lot of body lean, yet CR never said anything about that.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I believe if you look WAAAY back in the October or November 1992 issue of Consumer Reports, you'll find a review of the previous generation Montero. Just as a point of reference (I'm not certain, but I seem to remember something from that time period).
  • Last Thursday evening,about nine, I was traveling home with my KFC- 12 piece with 2 sides. approached an intersection where in front of me there were no less than 50 cars in line to turn left. I was going straight and a large pickup was betting that I would slow down and allow him to finish his turn. He was right,I did slow down. However I didn't see the little white 2001 Cougar- 16 year old driver- that was gunning her little V8 in his draft. Can you say T-Bone??? I bet she can now. Needless to say I'm now forced to make the toughest choice in my life. Marriage and kids were easy compared to this one. I had put my tainted love affair with the Montero on hold figuring that I wasn't in a rush. still had my old trusty 87 Mazda UP, and after Mitsu cleared everything up about the Monty, I'd run right out and tell Charlie, the finance guy at our great local dealership I be ready. Now from what I understand, there has not been any more feedback about what the company is gonna do for you owners. No recall- no nothing - either you want this car or not. Anyone want to tell me differently? Anyway, now I will have to buy a car. And I've test driven them all now. There is nothing out there as fine with all the off road capabilities.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Ouch, I hope that everyone was okay after the accident!

    FWIW, the Cougar has a 2.5L V6 :-)

    Safe driving,

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  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    Hope every one is ok. You actually have a good opporturnity to buy to 02 Montero. They probaly will have some changes here and there. Your choice is based on your experience with the Montero.
  • Other than a sore,crunchy neck and a terminal cole-slaw explosion, I celebrate life again on a moment by moment basis. My insurance company,Allied,a Nationwide Co.,has already taken my statment and even though I only have liability on this vehicle,have promised to give me advice on how to proceed with the other persons insurance co., Farmers. They have not called as yet.I have them for my homeowners and they were soliciting my business for auto- let's see how they do.
    I had some time to look at the Cougar while waiting for the tow truck, could've swore it said V8. If not, I chock that up to trying to hold it together after the hit. Thanks for the info. The very cute 16 year old had no passengers in the car,due to California state law but she was immediatly surrounded with 7 or 8 boys of like age giving her advice and hugs.Couldn't get near to ask about her well being.I could however, hear her dad yell at her over her cell phone. When he got there I was glad I was 43 and not at fault.
    I told my husband about a Monty I saw on E-bay with low miles for a good price. It's also local. He listened and told me we have to wait to see if the truck is totaled. All that cole-slaw sitting in 100 degree heat over the long weekend in the tow yard...
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I agree with you a little on the CU vs NHTSA. I have always been concerned about CU's testing, not just in autos. If fact, mostly with other things. I am a little concerned that the video seems to depict the driver creating the situation. It looked like he tried his best and that would work for many SUV's.

    If too much roll is causing a problem then Mitsu will figure this out and fix it but until there is a proven problem I dont think you can go on the CU report alone. Too many other reports have really driven the Montero under various circumstances without any reported concerns. So who do you believe, this one report?

    I do think that there should be a look into their claim however.

    Again, I dont think the roll center is probably much different than any of the other 9inch clearence SUV's so perhaps if there is anything going on it would be corrected with simple spring rates, larger sway bars stiffer shocks, that sort of thing.

    Lastly, let us not forget the vehicles that are even more concerning to run through this kind of test that people drive everyday.

    1. Semi's
    2. Any vehicle towing a trailer
    3. Any lifed vehicle
    4. Any truck with an insert camper shell
    5. Motorhomes
    6. etc, etc

    Do we feel these vehicles should be recalled as CU wants the Montero to be....of course not.
  • claybusterclaybuster Posts: 90
    As explained already the problem is real and the fix is to replace the power steering reservoir, which the dealers have the technical bulletin on the problem and the fix. I called the dealer on this problem; but the Mitsubishi position is they will only replace the reservoir if you can prove you have a problem. You may need a video to prove the problem, unless it does it all the time. They cannot explain why some Monteros have a problem and some are not a problem with the exact same equipment. I personally think they would like you wait until the warranty runs out and then fix it on your nickel.

    Has anyone got a good reason why the design problem Mitsubishi fixed is only a problem for some Monteros and not others? Or are some of us just too deaf to hear the problem? Does the problem only occur after extended running?
  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    Just like any other car manufacturer, if you can not prove to them that there is a problem, they are not going to do anything about it. I have GM, Ford, Subaru, all is the same. Actually, even when you have a problem, they acted like they can not see or feel them. Many of service adviser out there are idiots. Be ready to prove your case to the service manager.
  • sgbassinsgbassin Posts: 22
    I have 6200 miles, already did the oil and filter change and all of a sudden this light came on.
    Anyone else have this problem so soon. And yes the gas cap is on
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I called eventhough my Montero has no whining. They stated that the issue is with a valve that they change to increase flow (or something like that). They said for me to bring in the vehicle and see if my model is part of the product update.

    It is based on man. dates. I put the date several posts back. If your Montero was made before that you shouldnt have any problems updating.

    Im not sure I should since I dont hear a whining even after 9 hours hot drives.
  • The only time I had a problem with the check engine light was when the gas cap was not "clicked" when tightened. This tripped the can only be reset by the dealer...all it takes is one time for this cap to be loose to have a problem. The service dept. reset at no charge...this time they said they will charge me.
  • I had the same problem that is normally due to the gas cap not being "clicked" (a minimum of 3 clicks per service manager) but the second time it happened, I returned it to dealer and they found and repaired a short in the tail lights, that actually fixed the problem. But even with several requests, they could not be explain how that could cause the problem, but it apparently fixed the problem as not more problems after 4500 miles. So you just have to keep taking it back until the problem is resolved, if it's not the gas cap clicking fix.
  • amers2amers2 Posts: 6
    I was at the dealer today, and I saw a 2002 Montero Limited. There were a few changes I noticed.
    1) chrome grille is now body color
    2)mitsubishi symbols are chrome
    3)chrome backing on side view mirrors are now body color
    4)Chrome taillight is now body color.
    Some colors looked better in the 2002 style and some looked better in the 2001 style.
  • Where outriggers chrome or color matched?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Had some time to kill waiting for my wife shopping and found a few new articles on the Montero.

    Consumer Review ranked the Montero in the top ten of SUV's.
  • Hi all..its been awhile since I've seen postings on this board, and I just wondered how some of you are doing with your 2001 Monty's??

    Aside from the Consumer Reports fiasco, and the supposed trade-in value degradation, how is the truck? Have many of you done much offroading? Any repairs?

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