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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • Actually -- I do have the 2.7 -- and I live near buffalo ( similar weather to toronto)-- and it's funny, because they gave me a 2007 3.3 to use. My part is on "national backorder" -- because Hyundai has admitted that there is a problem "primarily in the NorthEastern United States" (read -- cold weather states) and it's related to the throttle body!! so -- let's hope it doesn't happen to the one that's on loan!! I have this at least until the beginning of March!
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    How cold does it have to be, it's 18 degrees now in my area of Massachusetts and I have not had any problems on even really colder days
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    maybe everyone who has had the similar problem should list their production date and model (2.7, 3.3., fwd, awd, limited, etc) so we know what to look for...
  • Are all he problems with the 2007 models, or do the '08's have have the same problem?

    Were looking to purchase a new Sante Fe and I don't want to have the same problems everyone else is having.

    Thoughts on purchasing a new Sante Fe? should I stick to the 2008?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    My 2007 Limited AWD has been virtually flawless. The only problem I've had was a parking brake cable that needed adjusting. The dealer took care of it in less than 30 minutes and all's been perfect ever since.
  • Except for this proboem -- I love my 2007 Santa Fe -- I wouldn't turn anybody off to the 2007 -- because there are a lot of owners out there that are completely satisfied with theirs. The end result for me is that they recognized that there is an issue, and they are attempting to fix it. I also know that if I have an issue -- I will absolutely be bringing it in ASAP.
    This is also a testament to their service -- if it wasn't for the service that I received, I probably wouldn't be speaking in a very positive manner.
    Maybe we should post the production dates etc. where are they found?
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    I keep forgetting to check the door sticker, I believe it was bought in October 2006 with a build date of May 2006. Mine is a gls awd automatic 2.7 v6. Approaching 23,000 miles.

    I had a windshield leak and also had the parking braking not holding very well. All were expertly repaired by Mirak Hyundai/Chevrolet.
  • "> :confuse: Looking to replace the "Lincoln Towncar-sounding" horn on my 3 month old Santa Fe model SE. Local mechanic found no spec info on my stock horn. Anyone know the amp rating of the horn? I like this replacement but I don't want to replace a larger-amp-draw horn. thanks
  • I have a 2007 santa fe 3.3 L engine built in june 2007.
    Both front seat backs squeek real bad when leaning
    back on seat.
    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.
    It is the SE AWD model 5 pass seating.

    I have not contacted dealer yet.

  • Well, it was 10 below zero this morning here in Medina, Minnesota. I've seen numerous subzero days this winter, including one morning when it was -17 on my drive in to work. I haven't had a single problem with my 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD (bought May 2007, now has 14,000 miles on it). So I would say that cold weather does not seem to automatically cause problems. Probably the hardest test for it was when I parked it outdoors at the airport for a week in January. When I returned to the airport, it was 7 below zero. It started right up on the first try, despite having sat outside in that cold for five straight days. The only thing I noticed was that the LCD display for the stereo was very slow reacting until the interior warmed up.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    what's the production date... i think it would be usefull to see if the ones that have problems were built before or after june of '07 - or to see if the production dates and models are the same for the ones having problems....
  • fred63fred63 Posts: 23
    My 07 Santa Fe Se was produced in June 07 and I have had no problems with the seats. My only complaint is that I had a Sonata rental car for a week and that felt like a race car compared to the Santa Fe. The two cars have the same engine and tranny so I do not see a reason for the acceleration difference. I know the Santa Fe weighs more but it was a drastic difference. Can anyone explain? Thanks.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    I have both vehicles and have noticed the same thing. The sonata's acceleration is far better than the SF's. I assumed this was because of the weight difference and the fact that my SF is an AWD. Not a big deal, but definitely noticeable.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    did the sonata have esc too?
  • fred63fred63 Posts: 23
    The transmission in the Sonata felt much more responsive both off the line and at a steady speed. The Sonata was much more willing to kick down a gear without nearly flooring the gas pedal and it did not hesitate off the line. I have even put a K&N air filter in my Santa Fe to help, but it has not helped. Is there any way to fix this problem? Thank you.
  • Having my Santa Fe for less than a month, I've noticed there is a "vibration/rattle" that occurs when the car is first started up and moving forward. When the transmission shifts up, the noise is noticeable, especially if your wihdow is down. (Years ago in another car, I had a heat shield that would rattle like this that needed to be tightened.) Within 4-5 blocks the noise goes away.

    I talked with my service department. they think it is "normal", especially since it doesn't continue once warm. I'm monitoring it, and will get them to check if it gets worse or lasts longer.

    Has anyone had an issue like this? If so, what was the cause? Thanks
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    There have been a couple of instances ( me being one) where the problem turned out to be a loose heat shield. Check the earlier posts.

    I see you are getting the "Hyundai Run-around" from your service dept. Don't let them get away with it - tell them that there have been other instances of this.

    Also as you are a newbie, do your doors lock automatically at 15 mph, and your map lights come on when you open the doors?? If not they can adjust them FOC - also it will take a few thousand miles for your brakes to "wear in" and you mpg to get better. Remember to slot the gas filler cap inbetween the two prongs inside the gas cap when filling up with gas - save you scratching the paint!.
    Also check the tire pressure - it should be 30 psi cold - they usually pump 'em up to 44lbs for lot storage to keep the wheels round.

    There are TSB's for known problems,(including the infamous temp.guage readout), so always ask them to check for them. You can also check here on this forum. You might want to check the build date of your vehic;e on the D/S lower door jamb - the plate tells you where and when it was built. Some earlier models have issues that may have been corrected.
  • dz302dz302 Posts: 26
    I've noticed alot of people having different types of trouble with their new S.F's. We bought ours in Aug. 06, and we haven't had any trouble at all with it. Save for the map light and door lock issue. Are the first runs better? Maybe ours was built on a Wed.? We live in Ontario and , of course, the weather is pretty cold here these days. We haven't had any problems with start up or noises or rattling at all. It's just turned 25K kms. Our service people have been great. When I mentioned the map light/door lock thing, they were quick to get the S.F. in and complete the changes.
    It was this site that brought these things to my attention. For that I say "thank you."
    Of course now that I've opened my big yapper, all hell's going to break loose!!
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    It could be how the SF's transmission is programmed. I would take it in and have Hyundai look at it. Maybe they can adjust it?
  • Hi guys. Bought a Santa Fe on Jan 11 and I am loving it. It is a 3.3 awd A/T.

    I did have the engine light come on once but then it went out by it's self after 3 cold starts. The dealership said it was the ect sensor (I think) and that it was no big deal as it simply monitors the temperature of some part of the exterior of the engine. And is not a sensor that is critical to the workings of the vehicle. Has not happened again.

    Also, I quite often feel a vibration coming off of the gas peddle when I first start the Santa Fe and drive it. It almost feels as if the vehicle is doing a self diagnosis. It feels a little bit like how the ABS feels when it activates on a slippery surface. Which is to say it feels like a vibration but of very short duration. I will of course ask about this when I go in for my first oil change but for now it is very minor and I will just keep an eye on it.

    Those two things aside, I just love this car. It is so smooth and powerful. It is only a GL but to me it's a real luxury car. Even this base model comes with so much I am so impressed.

    Thanks, for so much info, from all of you, who are regulars on these sites, it is very much appreciated.
  • Vibration you are feeling when you first drive off is the ABS break check, it's normal. Compared to other cars I've had, it's very subtle and I don't even notice it any more.

    A few months ago I also had my engine light come on and then reset itself, and it hasn't happened since.
  • Hey danny-- if you have #1 of 1000000000000000 then i have #2 :cry: . Mine does this too. It only happens once in a while and not all the time. Unfortionatlly, i live in oregon and the deal cant get it to do it either.. so for now- i just kinda deal with it. But thats exactly how i described it to them. IT sounds like your grinding gears on a manual! they cant find it, and my car as been doing if for about 5-6 months, its been okay so far -- now dealing with electrical issues !!!! :cry: air bag sensor goes on all the time, and now the alarm will not set. its at the deal right now. the air bag sensor has been looked at 4 times now, this time they say its a something in the bumper ???? and the alarm is cause the rear hatch isnt shut-- even though they keep closing it and it seems to be shut.. so there is another sensor!!! grrrrrrr!!! but i love my car-- way better then the other Hyundais i have owned :)
  • I also had the brake switch replaced, seems to be a common problem.

    As for the passenger door not closing, when we first got our SF almost a year ago, I noticed my wife could never close the door on the first try. I mentioned this to the service manager, and he said to give it some time for the door seals to get worked in (not exact words, but something to that effect). I don't know if that has happened, or she is just using more force now, but the door began closing fine after a couple of months.
  • Watch the engine light -- you should take it in while it is on, don't wait for it to reset itself. They gave the same answer to me when I called and asked about it. The second time it came on -- I brought it right in -- basically because I bought a new car because my old car ( it was 8 years old) wouldn't pass inspection due to the check engine light being on - even though we fixed the problem that was diagnosed -- it wouldn't pass. I kept thinking of that each time I saw my check engine light on the SF -- sure, i have the warranty, but what happens when that ends, and how much was it going to cost me.
    My SF is at the dealer at least until the first week of March, so I can't get the production date etc. I will let everyone know.
  • Check Engine Light went on after the 'ESC light was intermittently going off and on about 2 weeks ago. Took into service for review and was told a brake switch was faulty and new parts to be flown in. Service agent said it was okay to drive with the light on which i did for a week until yesterday. I also noticed that the cruise control would not engage and asked them to check into it while it was in the shop. they said it was most liklely due to the same part. Fortunately it was, i drove off the lot again and everything is running A-okay. One other thing occurred on the way out to drop the car off was the TPMS warning came on for the rear left tire. I thought, Oh Dang it, another problem with the electrical. I pulled over to check the tire and to my relief, a large screw was embedded on the tread. Had the service dudes plug the tire and it appears good now.

    One problem I am still trying to resove is the closing of the passenger front door. I need to really slam it so it would fully close. The shop swapped out new door latches and somehow now it is worse. They were stomped and couldn't undersand why. they claim that there is no space of play to adjust the strike plate or door latches so will call on the Hyundai Tech folks.

    Anybody had any problems with that????

    Thanks, in advance. :confuse:
  • I don't have actual production date handy, but I seem to recall it was in late April or early May of 2007. I took delivery the last week of May, 2007, so it certainly was before June of '07. No problems at all so far.
  • Has anyone experienced problems with their Auto Climate Control during winter? When setting the temperature to say 72, it will work well to warm the car up, but then it begins to blow out cold air. It makes the car much colder than 72. :(

    The dealer has said this is related to the fact that we are above 72 and the car is trying to cool down, but I have a Toyota Camry and the Auto Climate does not try to do this. Again, the car gets much cooler than 72 and the cold air is really annoying as you can imagine during the winter. Any ideas. The dealer says this is not a problem, but it really is annoying.

    Thanks for any input.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    What you're describing certainly doesn't sound normal to me. My 2007 Limited doesn't do this. Once the car reaches the dialed temperature (when heating) the temperature of the incoming air becomes cooler (since it's no longer calling for heat) but it definitely doesn't blow cold air.
  • Mine doesn't have that problem. I leave the climate control set at 70 and rarely touch it -- like for weeks at a time. It can be 10 below outside (I'm in Minnesota), but it keeps the car comfortable. Once the car warms up, the fan drops to low setting and I'm not aware of it.

    FYI, mine is a 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD with a Jan. 16, 2007, build date.
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