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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)

davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
edited October 2018 in Hyundai
Since the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe represents a brand new vehicle, with problems unique and different than past Santa Fe's, I feel it deserves its own discussion thread so we don't have to sort through problems with prior model years, which are not likely applicable to the 2007.


  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    As a follow-up to a prior post by "ginop" in the now-closed 2007 Santa Fe thread, I too have experienced a problem with the outside temp indicator in my Limited.

    When we picked up our new Limited from the dealer, the outside temp was reading 140 (actual temperature was in the 60's). The dealer looked at it prior to our taking delivery and said it needed a new temperature sensor. We will hopefully have the new sensor installed tomorrow. Hopefully it will fix the problem. While driving it the last few days I've noticed that it will often register 68 degrees (regardless of actual outside temp). This is a significant problem since the climate control system is partially controlled by the outside temp reading it senses, as was mentioned by ginop.
  • trebltrebl Posts: 5
    I had the same problem with my new '07 Santa Fe Limited. The problem is not the sensor. There are basically two different fuse/relay boxes between the display module and the sensor. The problem was a short in the second fuse box/circuit board. It took my repair folks a few days working with Hyundai corporate support to track down the problem. Once the box was replaced all has been fine ever since. I can't find the paperwork or I'd forward the part number. If your dealer can't fix it, have them call Eckert Hyundai in Denton, TX. and ask for the service manager Leonard.
  • slk70slk70 Posts: 12
    I also had a similar problem, and as trebl points out, it is a wiring issue trhough the fuse box and not a sensor issue. Dealership worked with the techs and rerouted the wiring directly to the dash/display solving the problem.

    [EDIT] - Looking at the work order, the language is as follows:

    "Tech confirmed fault with engine compartment fuse box. Tech performed following repair per Hyundai Tech Line. Jumped connecter B-39 to D-12 and D-6 to B-45. Outside temperature reading normally at this time."

    Whether this is the best fix is unclear. My guess is there will be a TSB or even a recall notice in the near future. Limiteds are the only SF's with the problem since only they have the outside temp display.
  • Some of these are taken from previous postings.
    1) Inside door panels: the material below the door handle began to seperate from the frame. It took a few weeks but Hyundai installed new panels and all is well.
    2) I have the "kerlunk" under the car first thing in the morning after driving 50' or so. Seems to be a common ailment based on other postings. Does anyone have any answers for this ?
    3) Most annoying is that the body "creaks" when I make a sharp right turn. I don't know if this is just extreme body flex or what.
    4) Other than these minor issues I have 5000 miles trouble free.
  • sprintrps, can you elaborate on what was happening in point #1. On our front passenger side door I noticed the edge of the leather (or whatever material it is) is pulling out from under the door handle (the driver side and the back doors seem to be properly tucked in). Was your problem similar, or is it something else?

    On a sadder note, we've only had our Santa Fe for two weeks (Platinum Sage Limited AWD w/ Premium & Touring Pkg) and my wife got hit by another driver this past Saturday (it was raining and he lost control as he passed her in the left hand lane on an interstate highway and hydroplaned into her :cry: . There's a fair amount of damage to the driver's side front fender and door. We took it for some estimates on Monday and are scheduled to have it in for the repairs in two weeks. Not surprisingly, none of the auto body shops we visited could bring up any prices on 2007 replacement parts from Hyundai (the one we went with ended up having to base the estimate on 2006 parts).

    - Frank.
  • The issue I had with the inside door panel is exactly the same as you described.Hyundai replaced both door panels.Even if you have the problem on just one side, I would reccomend having both sides replaced as (I think they know it is a problem)the new panels have the material attached securly.
    I am sorry to hear of your accident. I hope no one was seriously injured. Metal can be replaced.
  • I also have the door panel issue, just on the driver's side. I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for the replacement to come in. The dealer's service manager told me he could have someone come in (next Thursday, the 9th)and repair the "tear".

    Is there any Hyundai documentation about this known issue that I could share with the manager?
  • I had this same problem and was told the same thing. The outside temp is no longer stuck on 68*F. Let's hope no other issues come of this with the climate control.
  • In regrads to #2, I've had the same issue. The service department looked into and the mechanic could not find any problems. Their suspicion was that it has to do with the ABS. The confirmed it has nothing to do with the tranny. The mechanic test drove 3 other 07 Santa Fe's on the lot and they all did the same thing. This doesn't concern at all since it is covered by their warranty.

    This is my first Hyuandai and I am not disappointed yet. My previous car was a Mitsu Eclipse and the service doesn't even compare to Hyundai's. When Hyundai looked into this issue for me, they gave me a loaner. Mitsu would always try to charge me for a loaner or wouldn't give me one at all.
  • trebltrebl Posts: 5
    I've seen posts elsewhere from people wanting their doors to automatically lock when the vehicle begins moving. Evidently, this feature isn't (or wasn't)preset at the factory. It's a simple re-programming which your dealer can do in a few minutes. I ran across this information someplace else but can't (due to older brain cells) remember where. I asked my service rep to set mine as below, and they didn't know it could be done on the new Santa Fe (they did know it could be done on the Sonata).

    I apologize if this is old news.

    From the 2007 Santa Fe Shop Manual

    The BCM (Body Control Module) offers 3 items user option mode for a user convenience (AUTO DOOR LOCK, ARMIDISARM BY KEY, HORN ANSWER BACK)
    It is able to set up the enable or disable of AUTO DOOR LOCK function or AUTO DOOR LOCK operation vehicle speed when using it.
    It is able to set up the enable or disable of enter the burglar alarm mode when using door lock by the key.
    It is able to set up the enable or disable of horn inform function when using door lock by the key or RKE.
    Select option "SNATAFF(CM)" and press ENTER.
    Select option "BODY CONTROL MODULE" and press ENTER.

    Select option "USER OPTION" and press ENTER.

    Select option "AUTO DOOR LOCK STATUS by using the direction button(& IT).
    Select the parameter by using the direction button( . I ) and press ENTER to save it. (Disable I 5km1h II Okmlh IISkmIh I 20kmlh I 2Skmlh 130kmlh 13SkmIh I 40kmlh)
  • Thanks for your concern sprintrps. Luckily, no one was hurt. My wife was able to safely stop her vehicle (thank God there were no cars too close behind her). The other driver was particulary lucky because after he struck my wife's car he spun around several times across three lanes bouncing off between the left guard rail and center median of the highway. It was a young man in his early 20's driving his father's Durango with his girlfriend and several teenagers in the back seat. He received a carless driving ticket and was shaken up quite a bit (according to my wife), but all were safe. My wife made particular note of how "in control" she felt during the incident (It's no surprise to us though, we also have a 2001 Santa Fe).

    - Frank.
  • I do not think there is any "official" documentation. I waited 3 weeks and then called Hyundai. The Hyundai representative was excellent. She contacted the parts dept, found out exactly when the panels would be shipped, and called me back a few days later to advise me that the panels had been delivered to my dealer.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Thanks for the info slk70. Your solution was right on. The service manager at my Hyundai dealer was impressed that I had the correct answer to my temperature problem, before it was even released to the public. After consulting with Hyundai, they did the same fix to my Limited. He indicated that Hyundai will soon be issuing a TSB with this fix.

    I can now read the outside temperature (Too bad it's getting so cold out. Sometimes I don't want to know how cold it's getting ;) ).
  • My 2007 SE has stopped displaying the outside temp on the trip computer. When I cycle through the different displays, i.e. Range, AVG MPG, etc outside temp doesn't even appear at all. I did hold the reset button in and it appeared but when I shut the car off and restarted it went away again. We like to have the outside temp always displayed since we live in the Northeast and its nice to know when the temp is close to freezing so we can be more careful when driving. Emailed my dealer for an appointment but am wondering if its a similar problem to what is occuring on the limited?
  • I have the exact same problem. I can only see the outside temperature when I turn the ignition on and "scroll" through displays. Once I start the car only the range, mpg, and trip odometer are available to view or reset. Let me know if you get a solution from your dealer.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I have the Touring package with the third row seats (which work very nicely). My problem is as follows:

    I usually keep the third row seats folded down so I have more storage in back. If I then fold down the second row seat on the drivers side, I cannot easily fold the seat back up because the bottom rear of the seat back gets caught on the headrest of the third row seat. If I reach in with my hand and press the bottom/back of the 2nd row seat in and carefully guide it past the headrest, I can get it to fold up, but it's a pain.

    Upon looking the situation over, I see that when I fold flat the third row seat, the compression of the seat back with the seat bottom pushes the headrest of the 3rd row seat up by about 1/2 inch. Just enough so the 2nd row seat back does not have enough clearance to easily fold up and down. This only occurs on the drivers side. The passenger side is a tight fit, but is able to open without my pressing it. If I take the 3rd row headrest off, I have no problem.

    My question is, does anyone else have this problem, or is mine just an isolated case of things not being aligned correctly that I can get fixed by the dealer? Please let me know if you do or do not have this problem. Thanks.

    2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited with Touring and Premium packages
  • slk70slk70 Posts: 12
    Glad I could help. No reason everyone has to lose the use of their vehicle for a few days while the problem is hunted down. :)

    Also glad to know they are using the same fix. I was worried that this may not be Hyundai's standard fix long term. I figure it's worth while asking at the first oil change if they have changed the fix to something else in case this proves not to be the standard way to go. Also I figure to hold on to the repair slip in case I have to bring the vehicle to another dealer and they question who did the rewiring.
  • jamitjamit Posts: 5
    In Canada, I have the 2007 SF GL Premium AWD (7 seats) for 2 months. And I have no problems getting the 2nd row fold up/down with the 3rd row down. Before I fold each row down, I make sure the headrest is all the way down. There is an even gap between 2nd and 3rd rows when down. So I am pleased that I am not one of those isolated case. Yes, I would bring it in for misalignment. Let us know what happens. Thanks.
  • jamitjamit Posts: 5
    Sorry if this issue might have brought up before.
    When I read through the user manual, there is a mention of rain sensor option on some models. I think it means it can be set to AUTO mode when wiper is ON and speed is ON.

    I have a 2007 GL Premium AWD, I do not think it has it. I have tried it, there is no difference in wiping speed when it rains lightly / heavily.

    Does anyone have their rain sensor turned on. Which models?
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I don't think they have the rain sensor available yet in North America, just in Europe. It's certainly not a feature they're advertising here. The fact that it's in the manual suggests it may be available in the future, similar to what they did with the XM radio. Too bad - we have it in our RX350 and it works perfectly. I thought it would just be a gimmick, but I really find it to be useful.
  • Dealer stated the problem was a loose connection into the fuse box.

    On another note, the dealer gave me a 2007 Sonata to drive while my Santa Fe SE was being looked at. Not a bad car but the center cluster is ugly/cheap looking.
  • Howdy,

    I really liked the 07' Santa Fe until trying to install our baby seat. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. We are expecting our 2nd this spring. We took our infant seat and tried to install it, but found we had to have the passenger seat very close to the dash in order to be able to get the baby in/out of the vehicle. Our seat is made by EvenFlo and has a jagged handle like the one in this picture that is causing us to move the passenger forward. I think there is a better designed seat/handle or even a smaller seat out there. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

    PS - Our local dealer said if we can find a seat that fits he will buy it for us :) 360570-6915104?ie=UTF8&searsBrand=core&mqnodeid=15858271
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Check out the Child Car Seats That Fit discussion too for more suggestions.
  • Doubleh,

    We have had our 07 SF since August and we put our standard rear facing Graco model in the middle. We added a child rearview mirror to the center headrest and it works very well.

    Yes, you have to reach a little farther but it's not a big deal and on inclimate days it gets you out of the weather a little better.

    Also, we had a Dodge Grand Caravan prior to the SF and always had to push the passenger seat forward to accomodate the rear facing child seat. I think this is a problem common on most vehicles. Same problem on my Ford Taurus. On the rare occasions that we do use a different vehicle, we put the child seat in the middle. It also has the benefits of placing the child further away from side impacts and accommodating other passengers better in our opinion.


  • Thank you JSC and Steve for your replies. My wife and I went to Toys R Us last night to look at some new car seats. We found one made by "Peg Perago". We measured it at the store and it was 3' shorter! We told the store the situation we were in and they said we have 45 days to bring it back if it won't fit. We will be taking them up on their offer and see if it will fit. Will post back with the results.
  • There is a new TSB on the outside temp measurement problem -- 06-20-003.
  • I had the outside temperature indicator fixed last week, but now the fuel range indicator only shows 328 miles when I filled the tank, before I had the temp fixed, it would register 374 miles when full.I am getting a little tired of seeing the dealer and vice versa.
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    Get serious!

    The range will vary from tank to tank depending on what your previous/current MPG was/is.
  • Just an update...We found a car seat that was 3 inches shorter than our previous seat. So now the santa fe is looking much more promising! The car seat is made by Per Perego.
  • I have a question for anyone w/ the DVD player/RS entertainment system. We've had our '07 for 2 days now and when we play dvd's, the screen flashes black intermittently and sometimes there is a wierd bar on one side of the screen blocking view. None of this seems normal and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and what the fix was?

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