Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • dezman1dezman1 Member Posts: 16
    Glad to hear folks getting their lights fixed and no complaints following.

    Just one question about the fixes. Does the front map lights still work as independant lights when you press the buttons while the car is in motion or at least with the doors closed? it now only functional when the doors are opened?

    Thanks for your feedbacks.

  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    how much does it cost to correct the map light dome light issue? are the dealerships doing it free of charge? it seemed like a poor design to me but not that bad but it really bothers my wife... i'd like to get it fixed...
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    in the automotive industry - they suggest a fuel injection cleaning every 15k miles (like run-rite or gumout 2 or 3 step cleaning process) would this apply to a brand new vehicle as well? has anyone followed this?
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    It is a warranty issue FREE...yes FREE

    Call 1 800 633 5151 ext 54204 (Barbara). She has been arranging for the fixes. Again FREE, paid for by Hyundaiusa!

    Do not let any other rep tell you anything different either...Suggest you read all the comments in the forums from all the people getting weird stories from the reps EXCEPT barbara. The part Number for my kit (grey no sunroof is 00305-92800J4) different trims have different part numbers, so If you cannot reach barbara and a rep tries to BS you...ask her/him what that part number is....It may even be a TSB by now but you must secure a Claim # from Hyundaiusa (number above) and they arrange for your dealer to get the stuff needed. (new map light, new dome light and harnnesses)

    You would never know it did not come like that and takes about 45 minutes (and mine was the first my dealer had done....he did not even know about the issue)...Makes a big difference in the dark! Hey, at least they fixed us up!!! Let us know how you make out.....
  • np01np01 Member Posts: 17
    I called the service manager at my dealer a few days ago and simply asked for the dome light kit. Although I had the part number handy, he said that they already had one kit on order for another Santa Fe, and he took my request over the phone. Shortly after that a parts person called to make sure about the part, since color and sunroof matters. The whole thing took about five minutes and the part should be in by the middle of next week. We'll see.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    called my dealer 1st about the dome light kit - parts & service depts both clueless - called for barbara - couldn't get her - april claimed she could hepl but it would be up to a 2 week wait for her to get back to me...
  • newyorkmbanewyorkmba Member Posts: 5
    Barbara took my order for the map light kit on 05-22-2007. She said it would take about two weeks. Will advise once it is installed.
  • bkirk1bkirk1 Member Posts: 21
    There is a tsb on axle clicking for the 2007 Santafe they put in washers or spacers between the axles. mine has had it done at 3000 miles.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Good to know about....I do not hear anything yet but thank oil chg I will ask about it.Do you have a TSB Number? Is it Confined to certain dates? I hate messing with stuff that is not broken.......

    Thanks again
  • tinydog1tinydog1 Member Posts: 83
    Just had mine done, they work great, and do operate idependently as map lights. I have a Black on Black Limited with a sunroof so it was pretty dark up front since the sunroof blocks the center dome light. On another note, my SF was in the shop for almost 2 weeks. We took a 1k mile trip in it 2 weeks ago and when we returned I noticed the mat and carpet in the front passenger area were sopping wet. The dealer found that condensation from the A/C dripping in was the culprit. They checked the drain line and found it was OK and not blocked or kinked so they were baffled. It took several calls to Hyundai Technical to finally resolve the problem (I hope). It turns out it was
    coming from one of the refrigerant lines going into the evaporator. They said they had to insulate it to keep condensation from forming on it. I plan to keep an eye on it
    to make sure it really is repaired. The dealership and HMA
    customer service were outstanding in helping me get this issue resolved. They provided a loaner car the entire time.
    I still love my Santa Fe (very early production out of Alabama). Nothing is perfect and hope all this is behind me. If anyone else experiences this problem
    please post.
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    The dealership confirmed the noise. Woohoo. Will order the kit to fix it. Not in stock. What a surprise. The TSB has some interesting photos on the installation. This seems to be a quick fix to prolong an early failure of the hub/shaft do to the slip.
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    The parts are in. Scheduled for Friday install. Will update after it returns...
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    Got the Santa Fe back late this afternoon. All is now good. No more clicking noise. On a sour note, I had been driving my dads Camry while my santa fe was in the shop. I was returning it to him tonight when another motorist decided to make a left turn from the right lane while I was in the middle lane. Bang! minor damage to the right front quarter and a badly scraped rim. It gets better. When we both pull over the young woman gets out of her car and starts screaming at me as if I had done someting wrong. I began to yell right back at her until I noticed she was pregnant. I asked her to calm down, she should not be carrying on like this in her present condition. I called the EMT's just to be safe. Turns out she was ok. Cars can be fixed. I think I will take car service the next time I need a ride.
  • rick2456rick2456 Member Posts: 320
    Spoke with Dolores today at Hyundai and they ordered the map light fix for me. No problems at all.. so far. Should take a week or two and the dealer is supposed to call me.
  • sunnyboysunnyboy Member Posts: 6
    I drove 07 SantaFe about 1800 miles.
    When I drive from 15 to 20 miles right after starting engine, it makes a small sound like "Tick" every morning and I feel something stuck in my accelerator.

    Once the engine got heated, it is okay. It happens everyday.

    I am going to go to dealer and check it. Is there someone having similar problem or to know what this is?

  • davesuvdavesuv Member Posts: 149
    When you first turn the Santa Fe on and start driving, between 15 and 20 mph the anti-lock brakes will activate momentarily as part of their self-diagnostic routine. I can usually feel this through the gas pedal and also will hear a brief "click". This is normal and has been mentioned several times in these forums.

    So far I have over 9000 miles on my Santa Fe and it's still just like new.

    2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited with Premium and Touring packages
    Dark Cherry Red with beige leather interior
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Just received the NEW plug and play Trailer wiring harness that plugs into the existing connectors on the 07 SF with the tow pkg. Looks simple enough, was surprised that it still had a "Module" that mounts on the underside of the frame. I thought that would have been included with the "pre-wiring" but.....(Mounts with stick tape...ugh....

    Managed to get it for about $86 with tax and fgt (I had to send to another dealer to get it...Mine had it really marked up...its the principle. Is it worth the $$...NO, but it sure makes things convenient and neat. Plus they cannot void any warranties...The Hitch from Etrailers is due on Mon and I will install early next week.

    Wierd connectors but appear top be of high quality!
  • bcme136bcme136 Member Posts: 21
    Do you have a part number?
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Hi BCme136:
    Actually I got the number from this is the same as on the box in front of me...

    As the other poster who gave me the number said...They will try to sell you the one that begins with U8614...THAT IS THE SPLICE ON ONE for NON trailer pre-wired 2007 Santas. I guess the correct part is so new, it is not in all their computers yet!

    If you have the towing pkg and have the plugs under the driver's side rear fender well....U8612-2B100 is what you want with the plugs attached. Will install it after my hitch comes in next week! :shades:
    Good Luck......
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    I have the "new" system (i.e. with XM). If it has an external amp, I have no idea where it might be; it's definitely not under the front passenger seat. Oddly enough, I just had all of my speakers replaced with much better aftermarket ones today. While I was at it, I had them install an external amplifier. They put it under the seat and they did not have to remove an existing amp.
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    My apologies. I was not paying attention to the Model Year. I was talking about my 03 Santa Fe.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335 other car also had the automatic wiper I really needed a computer to tell me when to turn my wipers on! :)
  • nifty56nifty56 Member Posts: 279
    Shouldn't all the posting about A/C automatic control be posted in the A/.C section? Isn't this the Maintenance and Repair section? To be fair I think the first post was someone who thought they had a problem with the A/C which should or maybe have been posted in the A/C section? Anyone with a A/C concern might not have looked here.
    Just my observation and thanks to all the posters on the subject as A/C is important to me and want a vehicle that keeps the interior cool not just warm like my 2005 Mazda 3 does..
    I have learned my lesson.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    That'll work - please pick the thread up again here:

    grandillusion, "Santa Fe Air Conditioning" #43, 23 Jun 2007 7:56 pm
  • dezman1dezman1 Member Posts: 16
    Hi all,

    Just called Hyundai Consumer Affiars and spoke to a Bryan about the current issue of the map lights. He was very polite and was aware of the claims. I mentioned Barbara's name based on other customers going through her on this Forum. He said to hold a minute he was going to speak to her since she was on another line. He returned and said eveything is all okay and will put in request for the parts to be shipped all the way over to Hawaii where I am.
    I asked if he was aware of anybody from Hawaii putting in a claim and he did not think so. This might be the first claim at my local dealership.

    Will wait for their call now. Thanks for all previous comments here and information. Awesome resource!

    Still loving the drive in this Santa Fe. No problems yet.

  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    I was reversing up an incline - not that steep - i started rolling back and then just stopped... gave a little more gas - nothing - a little more... then clunck - jerk - reverse - maybe it was just the load from the compressor (a/c) holding it back - but i'll make the dealer check anyway...
  • dz302dz302 Member Posts: 26
    It seems that this is typical for the new SF. Ours is slow to respond from reverse to forward and vise versa. If you don't wait for the gear to engage and try to drive away, you'll get the "clunk" you're talking about. Almost like a stall converter. Let us know what the dealer says......Maybe there's a fix.....??
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    what is the service interval for the cabin filter?
  • wsibi04wsibi04 Member Posts: 17
    Hi all,
    We just got a 07 Santa Fe last week and it won't start now. No engine turning sound, just the repeated clicking. I noticed that I had left the auto headlight switch on overnight. Would that have caused it? I'd feel pretty stupid if it did... I called my salesman but haven't heard back yet. One other thing I noticed was that there is a red blinking light on the dash in front of the steering wheel. Couldn't find anything about it in the manual though. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • dz302dz302 Member Posts: 26
    Ya, I would say you killed the battery. Once it's been boosted, it should charge right back up. The battery is brand new, so it shouldn't bother it too much.
    The red blinking light on the dash is the security system. It tells intruders that it's armed.
    Hope this helps! Enjoy your new Santee! :)
  • wsibi04wsibi04 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks the quick reply and info. Hopefully it just needs a jump start.
  • shawntshawnt Member Posts: 7
    Have you received any word on a fix yet? My dealer is telling me that it is the air conditioner.
  • shawntshawnt Member Posts: 7
    I showed this post to my dealer and he said that the number did not mean anything to him. They are now telling me that it is not the radio but the air conditioner casusing the squeal.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    If the air conditioner is causing it, why don't they fix it? Funny, I have air and no hiss from my base radio......easy diag is if you turn off the air conditioner and it goes away or stays....If it stays they are simply blowing smoke!

    Suggest you call Hyundaiusa and get a case number from them...that will put you on record (800 633 5151).If you mention that your dealer has not been responsive to the issue, they will probably call the dealer too!

    That way you can tell your dealer that you have now reported the problem to Corporate and would like it repaired. That is pretty much how we all got the map light issue fixed...they heard enough customer complaints and reacted! You can then send them a certified letter with a copy to the dealer, referring to that number and thanking them for their prompt attention (polite works well)! :D ALWAYS PUT IT IN WRITING IS MY MOTTO!

    From all the posts I have seen on this subject (mine is the base XM model) It sure sounds like they have a latent defect on their hands! (car dealers/makers hate that term!)
  • journey01journey01 Member Posts: 6
    I've already done that back when I originally posted. After several weeks of trying, I did get a call from Hyundai service indicating that they were aware of the problem and working on the fix. They basically said to check back in early July. My dealership also confirmed that corporate was aware of it.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Member Posts: 88
    I had the auto door lock feature enabled on my SF a few weeks ago, and I've noticed that now after the doors lock and I park and get out of the car, I can't unlock the rear hatch using the unlock button on the remote. I have to first lock the car, then hit the unlock to open the rear hatch. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    I have noticed this from time to time but it was doing it before they enabled the door lock feature. It does not happen enough to be a bother...YET!
  • pongspongs Member Posts: 14
    Got the auto door locks enabled today, when I got home I can't open the rear hatch too using the remote. Tried it several times, finally pressed lock then unlock to open it.

    Dealer also had ordered the parts for the axle clicking TSB.

    They checked the dome light, and said that there's no TSB on that and they still have to refer the issue on the service manager on Monday. They checked the dome lights on later built models and said that the later models have 3 wires compared to mine which just has 2.

    I tried calling Hyundai USA (Barbara) almost a month ago with the number posted in this forum, I couldn't get to the extension number and the lady who answered my call asked me tons of questions which lasted for almost 20 minutes. Then she put me on hold. Waited for 10 minutes and had to hang up. Too many questions, too much time waiting! I love the vehicle, but sometimes going through these things are frustrating!
  • jbinphillyjbinphilly Member Posts: 5
    Does anyone know where to find dealer satisfaction ratings? We recently purchased a SF and the manager mentioned they were ranked very high in customer satisfaction ratings among Hyundai dealers nationwide.
  • bloodclawbloodclaw Member Posts: 8
    Ok they called me today , the dealer has the map light kit and we are set to take it in on Thursday. I will let you all know how it went.
  • mleone7mleone7 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Shawnt,

    I was at my dealer yesterday getting the maplight fixed and asked them about the stereo hiss. They said "nothing yet." Regarding the AC causing it, the hiss occurs whether the AC is on or off in my truck. I noticed the hiss IS related to whether the engine is on or off, so maybe a grounding issue related to the alternator? I don't know. Judgeing by the fiasco we dealt with getting the map lights fixed, I'm assuming the radio fix will be just as bad.

    For our maplight fix, we brought the truck in 3 weeks ago to the dealer. They took 3 hours and came out to my wife and said "well we did the wiring but they sent us the wrong part, you'll have to come back." We got the call two days ago that the part was in. We went in yesterday to pick it up and it was the wrong color. Me and the parts guy took the inner pieces off the new part and put them on the old part so the color would be correct. I plugged it in and it did not work with the doors. they told me I needed another appointment. I took the truck home with the maplight instructions from the dealer and investigated. I found that the guy who did the work tapped into the wrong wire. Looking at the instructions, anyone who 1) knows how to properly use a screwdriver and wire cutters and 2) read instructions, could perform this fix in about 1/2 hour. Why it took him 3 hours to do 1/2 the work incorrectly, I will never know. He supposedly rotated my tires too. Maybe I should go tighten the lug nuts.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Gads...sounds like you have had some bad luck and have a terrible dealer's service dept...I guess I am lucky here.

    One reason I buy cars today with the least amount of electronic "xtras" is simply, they are rushing out the new ones so fast, they have no idea how to fix em..BTW: My map light fix took about 45 minutes, came out correctly, and it was their first!
  • shawntshawnt Member Posts: 7
    I agree that it has NOTHING to do with the air conditioner. I have also noticed that the car needs to be running to hear the noise. I just hope that they fix it in my life time. I was thinking about changing dealers but I'm not sure if it would make a difference. :mad:

    I also ordered the map light fix but it has not arrived yet.
  • gwillygwilly Member Posts: 51
    I took the truck home with the maplight instructions from the dealer and investigated. I found that the guy who did the work tapped into the wrong wire.

    Similar problem occurred with ours. Brought it in and all was done cleanly and worked. However, the next day the map lights and dome light behind sunroof stayed on all the time. I called the service dept. and spoke to the person who did the work and could not understand why?

    I took it apart and immediately noticed that the 3rd wire, which is the one they run through the headliner, was basically screwed to the chassis. The service person did not allow enough slack in the wire above the map light cavity (pulled too much to make the far connection) and the only way for it to go was under one of the screw terminals for the map light. I had to add a piece of wire to fix it.
  • bloodclawbloodclaw Member Posts: 8
    I took my Santa Fe 07 in for map lights fix, It took 45min it was the first one the dealer did, great job works great :)
  • kjk411kjk411 Member Posts: 6
    Called Hyundai and will have my map light parts
    in 2 weeks. Not sure I want to do it given some
    of the problems listed above. Also asked them
    to do the auto door lock feature. I had the
    same problem with not being able to open up the
    hatch with the remote over the weekend, and my
    auto door lock feature has not been enabled yet!
    Side question: I am looking for something to keep
    the dash and doors looking new. Have tried Son of
    a Gun and Armor All with other cars, and both products
    seem to make the inside front window cloudy when used
    on the dash. Any suggestions out there? Thanks!
  • rick2456rick2456 Member Posts: 320
    The lights do not stay on after you shut the engine off. Sounds like either you left on an interior light for a long time or you have a bad battery. More likely the latter. Let Hyundai handle it.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Try 303 for me and always has! Expensive but worth it...primarily a UV protectant and does not make your dash tub stores, RV stores etc and over the net
  • wsibi04wsibi04 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks. Apparently, it was the auto headlights being left on overnight. There weren't any interior lights left on that I could see. The car started right up and has been fine since it was jump started. Two thumbs up for Hyundai's fast and friendly roadside assistance. Unfortunately, two thumbs down for the dealer for not calling back when they said the service department manager would call...
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    I'm glad that all seems to be well now but I recommend that you keep an eye on things for awhile. The automatic headlights should turn off as soon as you shut the engine off. Either they're not turning off as they should OR something else caused your battery to drain. You should be able to leave your headlight switch in the "auto" position all the time without draining your battery.
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