Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



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    Has anyone run into this problem--I have a 2001 Santy with 101,000 miles. Several weeks ago I started experiencing rough starting. Dealer couldn't find anything wrong. Then, the check engine light came on, but no rough running. This time dealer diagnosis scanned for codes foung P0306 #6 cyl misfire. They claimed internal fuel rail corrosion. Service manager said probably due to bad gas. Sounds like a fairy tale. They replaced both delivery pipes, 6 injector assemblies and the delivery regulator. Claimed corrosion preventing proper fuel flow. Question--was I taken? Coult this have been solved simply by replacing the one injector assembly? I have always had an innate distrust of the dealer's service dept. I would be grateful for any of the member' advice on this.
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    I did change the oil and it was OK for 3500 miles, then all of sudden the filter came loose? I don't after changing oil for almost 50 years I do not think I left the filter loose. We are going to contact a lawyer tomorrow, and I did contact the Insurance company with no luck.
    Thank you for the help. I really need it on this one.
    p.s. The dealership says there is only a 1 year warranty on the new engine instead of the full 100,000. Another questionable thing.
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    One more thing, the oil light on the dash never came on.
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    The oil light measures oil pressure, not oil volume.

    What brand of filter was it? Do you still have it?
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    Sounds pretty bizarre, I'll admit. Did you ask for the old parts back? Corrosion should be visible if they're telling the truth.

    My initial guess for a 2.7 with a PO306 code would be bad spark-plug wires. Did they change those as well?
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    Thanks ESPO35, I feel much better now : :)
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    Has anyone solved the issue of moving the front cross rail forward?

    I recently bought a 2007 and just yesterday realized that the front rail does not slide forward of the rear doors. this is silly as I either have to install skis with a lot of overhang in the front or back, and in the latter case I then can't open the rear door.

    Anyone know why Hyundai has done this? Any tested solutions out there?
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    My husband was able to move the crossbar fwd on our 2006 Santa Fe. He isn't here to ask but he found the solution on this forum.
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    Mine is 2007 model year so there may be some design differences. However, I would appreciate a message from you husband on what he faced and did to fix it. Thanks for your reply.
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    I ran into the same problem when I wanted to put my longboard on top. What I figured out (it is also in the manual), is that you have to remove the rubber gasket/stopper (it pulls right out) and then slide the rail forward. Unfortunately, Hyundai neglected to drill holes at this position, so you have to either drill them yourself, or after moving the rail forward, reinstall the rubber gasket which does a decent job of holding the roof rail in place.
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    My husband did what the other guy replying did but also drilled new holes. He pulled out the rubber, moved the rack back out of the way, mark holes in desired position ensuring they are centred in the track and drill with same size bit as original holes, move rack fwd into position and put rubber track in behind. We needed to do this for my husband's surf board although we ended up buying a Thule roof carrier so ended up having to buy new racks after all that.
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    Have you checked your battery? Do your lights work?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    Hey, folks, I need help here from people who know engines. Please refer to my December posting #933 on the problem I had with fuel injectors. The dealer hit me for over $900 to replace the injectors and the rails. Several outside mechanics believed the problem could have been corrected with a cleaning (just how unspecified) and replacement. I want to confront the dealer service manager about this, but I need some ammo. Any expert help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well my opinion is that fuel injector cleaning is "iffy" at best. The dealer probably didn't want a "come-back" from you and so took the safe route. It might have been a good idea to remove one or more injectors and inspect them.

    Dealers generally don't mess around with "fixing" things. They pay high salaries and have high overhead, so they max the mechanics' hours with quick parts replacements, and minimize their own risk in the same way.
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    Where's the best source for the scheduled maintenance on a 2007 Santa Fe?
    I seem to get different info wherever I look.
  • dz302dz302 Member Posts: 26
    Try your owner's manual.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Perhaps they don't have one?

    IIRC, my girlfriend's 2.7L Santa Fe (2007) calls for service every 5k.
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    Trying to save others some time, money, stress & headaches... There is an alternative to going to the dealer for a replacement rear blade on the 2007+ Hyundai Santa Fe. It may first appear that the blade and arm are one piece but if you take a look, you'll see the wiper blade can be replaced and its actually quite simple. It is a special rear wiper blade though. There may be other alternatives, but the "Trico Exact Fit Rear Integral Blade" snaps right onto the special rear arm and looks like the factory original. You can find it online. Much cheaper than the dealer alternative and easier/less tedious than messing around with rubber blade refills. Comes with removal and replacement instructions too. Hope this helps.
  • jeff618jeff618 Member Posts: 29
    Yeah...Google "Exact Fit Rear Integral Blade" and you'll find it. One other addition to rarasek's post - The replacement blade comes with step-by-step, illustrated installation instructions including how to remove the existing blade.
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    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide will tell you what Hyundai recommends be done, and will even tell you how much it should cost in your zip code.
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    Has anyone had a problem with lings going after 30000 miles
  • rick2456rick2456 Member Posts: 320
    Thanks for the tip. I got this wiper blade at Advance Auto Part for $12. The Trico Exact Fit part number was 14-A. It took about a minute to switch them out (they pretty much snap off). The good part was I was able to use the same rear wiper blade part for my Kia Borrego. It was even easier to change.
  • jeff618jeff618 Member Posts: 29
    Yeah, it was pretty easy. I think it took me maybe 5 minutes to change all 3 blades. I got mine at wipers123 online. Went with the Trico Tech Beam Blades on the front and the Exact Fit on the rear. Great setup!
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    I have a 2007 Santa Fe with 90k miles on it.

    This problem is another in a long line of issues that we have had with our Santa Fe, which was bought new.

    Anyway, within the last week, the air bag light on the dash has come on. This is not the passenger air bag light, but the one in the instrument cluster that is RED.

    Took the car into the dealer and his report was that the error code indicated that the battery cold cranking amps were low and this is what was causing the warning light to come on.

    Huh? I am not an electical engineer but have an electrical background and I don't see the connection. I live in a warm weather climate that rearely gets below freezing and what is the issue with cold cranking amps of the battery causing the warning light to come on. He could not tell me why, just that this is what the error code is spitting out. 125 for a new battery but I said no, it just doesn't make sense. When running, under load battery and alternator are fine.

    Took the car to another shop and the battery tested out at 525 CCA's. Not great but O.K. for a 3+ year old battery and seeing that the original battery was only rated at 600 CCA's that is not bad for 3 plus years.

    Car was tested with no load and across the battery I was getting 14.3 volts which is good. Under load, across the battery I am getting 14.1 volts. So that all checks out.

    Question now is with the light on, system is deactivated. I guess what is my next step? I could have the dealer reset the system and see if the error comes back, but from my point of view, it appears that the dealer has no clue other than what their system is saying.

    Anyone else have any ideas as to the problem? I've seen plenty of posts that deal with the passenger side air bag, but not many with the main system error light on.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Did anyone reply with suggestions? I have the exact same issue with my 2007 Santa Fe - dealer wants $100 just to connect it to the computer and get a diagnosis code. I was hoping there was a quick fix.
  • denvertrakkerdenvertrakker Member Posts: 132
    " dealer wants $100 just to connect it to the computer and get a diagnosis code."

    That's outrageous, but typical of dealerthink. Go to any Auto Zone or similar. Most will connect a code reader and tell you the code for free.
  • rutan74rutan74 Member Posts: 20
    Not that this helps, but we were charged 45 for the diagnostics. My wife did the deal but we should and could have taken it to AutoZone for a free dianostic.

    That is what I am going to do and have them clear the code and then see if it comes back when we start the car again.

    It is possible that the battery is the problem, but I want to make as sure as possible before I replace the battery. Since our battery suffered a deep cycle this summer when the alternator went, it is possible that the battery lost some CCA's from that deep cycle. Unlike cell phone batteries, it is never good to deep cycle a car battery unless it is rated for deep cycle.

    Anyway, I will check in with AutoZone and see what they read of the error code then proceed from there. It is a wacky thing, but I am not pleased seeing that this Santa Fe is having more problems than it really should in my mind.

  • edmac1edmac1 Member Posts: 36
    The same light came on on my dash. My dealer got a code indicating a problem with the fuse/relay box in the engine compartment. They replaced the box - problem cured. Plus an intermittent problem with the outside temperature display on the dash was also fixed.
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    Does anyone know how Hyundai dealerships make (or cut) car keys? I just bought a 2010 Santa Fe from a local dealership. I only received one key, but there should be another key. The dealer is trying to find the other key. I was told that the dealer can cut a key without me taking the existing key into the dealership. Is that true? If a dealer can cut a key to any car sold from the dealership, simply by the data in their computers, how to make sure the system is safe? How possible is that a key is cut by the computer, then gets lost and falls to the hands of wrong guys?
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    I have a 2008 Santa Fe 3.3 with 20k miles. I hear a ticking sound under light to medium acceleration when cold. It sounds like it's related to just one cylinder (like one tick per revolution). When engine is at normal temp. it's gone. It's been there a few thousand miles. I use Mobile 1 5w-20 with Korean made filter. I went to the Mobile 1 at about 11k and the sound occured some time later.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Your engine's valves are adjustable and this might be the issue. Not a big deal or immediately necessary, but if it gets annoying or stays audible after the engine is warm, I'd certainly consider having the valve clearance checked:

    Intake 0.17-0.23mm (0.0067-0.0090in.)
    Exhaust 0.27-0.33mm (0.0106 0.0129in.)

    I don't have a labor rate for that job but I'd guess a couple hours. You should be under warranty but unless the valves are really making a racket, I doubt Hyundai would approve this adjustment under warranty.

    However, NO HARM in making sure they note the complaint on paper during your next service---this way, if it gets worse when OUT of warranty, you might have cause to ask for a good will repair. I'd make note of it during each service you get at the dealer.
  • denvertrakkerdenvertrakker Member Posts: 132
    A factory authorized dealership for just about any make on earth has that capability, and they have for years. As far as security, I haven't heard any rampant stories about dealership personnel cutting keys and using them to steal cars. Not to say it couldn't happen, but unlikely.
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    Not sure where the best or correct forum for these questions may be so I thought I would start here. Two questions, one I just discovered a tear in the side of my drivers side leather seat, I checked to make sure I didn't cause it, do not believe that I did. Will Hyundai cover this under the warranty? Second, I have the 2007 Santa Fe limited with roof racks, a few months ago I noticed that the paint was peeling along the bottom of the roof rack, (where the rack sits on the roof itself). I asked the dealer about warranty coverage and he said paint wasn't covered after 36k miles. The paint then started peeling on the other rack, same location. The service manage told me for the first paint issue that a piece of road salt must have gotten stuck under the paint to cause it to peel, (yep that was his answer). Kind of coindental that it happened on both side.
    Sorry for being long winded.
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Member Posts: 144
    My husband had narrowed his choices for a new car to either a Hyundai or a Ford and chose the Ford in part because he didn't think the paint on the Hyundai looked very good.

    To be fair, however, I have heard that auto manufacturers have to use an inferior paint now due to - what else? - environmental concerns. It probably won't be long before they are forced to use washable markers. ;)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I don't buy it. Paint technology hasn't stood still and you don't really see all that many cars these days with sheets of paint peeling off the hood. About the only complaint I've heard of in the last year is excessive chipping on Scion xBs. And that's just on their blue color.

    Nissan even makes self-healing paint that'll cover over little chips.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Who told you that? Modern paints are excellent compared to years ago. Very durable. It's just a bit harder to do it right.
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Member Posts: 144
    Whoa! Hi, Steve and Mr. Shiftright. I will do some research and see what I can find. Ouchie.
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    edited February 2010
    hey guys, need some help!! The in-laws and my wife and i bought 08 santa fe's. the in-laws ran great. ours blew a cat on the second day! the dealer was great, towed it 180 miles to work on it. gave us a loner and brought our car back to us. they ran for about seven months. then on cold mornings it would start hard and idle rough. no power check engine light on solid, once warm would run fine. after a month of this it would start and idle rough and miss and back fire. long story short had both into dealer four times, told us it was bad gas, tried three new stations, no go. took it back pulled codes p0302, p0304, p0306, and 02 sensor bank two. found cat came apart. have replaced four cat's under warranty,flashed computer, updated ecu, replaced 02 sensors. dealer has had both cars for a month, thinks they have it fixed, car runs for a day to two weeks then has same problem. they both are 08 gls with 2.7 liter and less than 9000 miles. please tell me if anyone else is having this problem and what they did to fix it!! dealer is stumped, so is the the tech line. we have opened a case with corp. didn't help much. thanks for any advice anyone can offer.
  • johnjjjohnjj Member Posts: 81
    Can someone tell me how to remove the cross rails from a 2007 Santa Fe roof rack?
  • omar6575omar6575 Member Posts: 24
    at the end (to the rear) of the roof side rails you need to remove the painted plastic trim cap with a small screw driver ( remember this is plastic and its very fragile)
    , use a soft cloth so you dont scratch the paint.
    by removing the trim it shows access to the roof rail hinge. then you can slide the the cross bars to the rear of the car . dont forget to unscrew the roof antenna before sliding the cross bars, any peticular reason why your removing this out of the car?
  • johnjjjohnjj Member Posts: 81
    Thank you Omar. I don't use them and was hoping removing them would reduce road noise. It would definitely make washing and waxing the car easier. And in Massachusetts, removing snow from the roof of the car would be easier.
    Instead of a screwdriver, would something thin and wide, like a putty knife, be better?
  • johnjjjohnjj Member Posts: 81
    Yup. I removed the end caps and was able to slide out the cross bars. Thanks for your help.
  • srz948srz948 Member Posts: 75
    2008 Santa Fe LTD AWD. 20K miles. My wife called on the way to work this morning with this same problem. Loss of power, ESC light on, AWD icon flashing &CHECK ENGINE light on. She shut off the car and the ESC switch to off. Restarted and the ESC OFF light is on as well as theCHECK ENGINE light. The car seems to run ok though. Any answers before I call the dealer. I like knowing what I'm talking about when I go in. Thanks.
  • dlawrence50dlawrence50 Member Posts: 1
    The same thing happens to me and it just started in the last few months. I am going to the same stations I have always gone to and all of a sudden I have to hold the handle through the whole gas filling.
  • roxyeroxye Member Posts: 2
    Mine is even worse. The pump keeps shutting off as if the tank is full and I have only put like one gallon in. I have to move the pump around and hold it lightly and then keep moving it around. It takes me almost 10 minutes to put 8 gallons in my car so I never let it get more than half empty. No one has been able to figure out what is wrong. It started about 4 months ago. Before that, I had no problems filling up my tank.
  • dabbdcdabbdc Member Posts: 5
    Typical of Hyundai dealers. They must lose money on the cars - I have had 3 bad dealers out of 3 - they want to run up a big bill and then tell you if it is covered. Hyundai USA doesn't care. Beware of - it is a factory sponsored blog and the moderators tow the factory line - I was kicked off for being critical
  • dbz36dbz36 Member Posts: 5
    2007 Santa Fe LTD AWD 24K miles. I experienced the same problem in January (2 times) and March (1 time). It happened when I first started the car on cold mornings (20 - 30 F) after the the car had been sitting outdoors for more than 24 hours. I am going to have my dealer check it out in about 2 weeks from now when I am in for routine maintenance, However, the CHECK ENGINE light is now off. Did you find out anything from your dealer?
  • sfdreaminsfdreamin Member Posts: 7
    Hi folks,I have a 2008 3.3 awd GL (Canadian version) and the problem I am having is it will start for about a second and then die. It does it first thing in the morning and/or after I have driven it awhile and have turned it off for anything from 10 minutes to an hour.
    I turn the key and the engine catches and the rpm gauge shows the engine running up to about 900rpms and then it dies. It usually takes 3 or 4 tries to get it to keep running.
    So warm or cold, just driven or not driven over night. It is very intermittent.
    It just started to do this in the last couple of weeks. The rate of this happening is slowly becoming shorter. Soon I fear it will not start at all.
    What do you think? Fuel pump? A module or switch?
    Any and all help is much appreciated.
  • jozeppeyjozeppey Member Posts: 1
    How does one set the Auto Door Locks on an '09 Santa Fe? Or is this a dealer only capability?
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