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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    I have tried, unsuccessfully, to get the dealer to fix the rear seat covers on my Limited, ever since I bought it on 4/30/07. They do not fit properly because the edge does not attach to the bottom of the seat frame as it should, as the connecting strip is on the wrong side. Unfortunately I missed it when I went through the initial inspection.

    They have taken pictures, admitted it is wrong, supposedly sent 2 e-mails to Hyundai HQ and after all this time, and me asking over 6 or 7 times to fix the damn thing, nothing.

    The whole bottom edge on both rear seats is literally hanging down unattached.

    I have checked other vehicles and some also had the same problem where the edges would not attach.I have read many posts where there are also bad dealers like mine who simply aren't interested in dealing with "grey areas".

    Anyone else had this problem???
  • grutzagrutza Posts: 52
    I have this problem on the drivers side only. I have an appointment for Monday. Haven't mentioned it to the dealer yet, we bought at the end of October.
  • isaboisabo Posts: 4
    I was wondering if anyone else out there had this problem. I bought my Santa Fe in November of 07...the first time the temp dipped below freezing the engine light came on upon starting and it also misfired and ran horribly. Since then I have gone through two catalytic converters (replaced by hyundai service) after being left stranded on the freeway and the Santa Fe has been in the service department more than it has been in my garage. The service department just can't seem to find a fix for it.

    I'm becoming increasingly frustrated. :mad:
  • juzojuzo Posts: 3
    Do you have any occurence again with your codes after the sensor replacement? My Santa-Fe 2007 was at the dealer today for the 2nd time this month for codes P2106,1295,2135: a check-engine after very cold temperatures, no power at all, vehicule is OFF-ROAD! They filled the computer and TPS connectors with ''wurth stuf'' (???). Today, they have done the same with the throttle body connector. I am not confident about their solution...
  • grutzagrutza Posts: 52
    I had the seat fixed today, but didn't ask what the solution was because I picked it up after service hours. Sorry I didn't get the answer but it is fixed.
  • angel20angel20 Posts: 22
    TO the engine light problem... yes I have also had this problem MANY times... and after practically begging the Hyundai service to take me vehicle and just fix it.. Never getting a solution... finally calling LEMON LAW Hyundai CORP came and inspected it...said it was only a computer upgrade...not converters, plugs, gas cap, ... Yeah i heard it all... still in the workings with lemon law...GET IN TOUCH WITH HYUNDAI! :lemon:
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    with the amount of these problems - wonder why no tsb - or recall...
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    How many miles do you have? You have the 2.7 enginer right so it is a belt? There may be two belts to replace by the way. The 3.3 engine has a chain.
  • btj1btj1 Posts: 6
    I have 3.5 V-6. The warranty says timing belt in California"Recommended" not "Required" at 60k in California. So to me that reads and was told by the previous dealership "shine it at 60k as if it breaks it WILL be covered by warranty including any damage as it is NOT a required maintenance service in California" However I don't want to void the warranty on a tech issue? The new dealership that took over says I have to do it. Do I? I just do it but it's a money issue since I lost my job.
  • Your codes were identical to mine. Since they replaced the throttle body sensor it has been driving with no problems whatsoever. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!
  • isaboisabo Posts: 4
    I feel a smidgen better that i'm not the only one out there. My SF has been at the dealer now for 2 full weeks and they have yet to pinpoint the problem. When I call they tell me that they are "running tests." Fortunately, I have a working Santa Fe as a loaner as it's been snowing for a week straight here in northern Nevada. I have already begun a "case" with hyundai corporate, but when I call I am told it has been escalated "up" ...whatever that means. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

    Does anyone have a good recipe for lemonade?
  • angel20angel20 Posts: 22
    What gets me is that there are so many others out there that have had similar situations with staling, hesitating, sputtering etc. that it will take someone getting killed to recall these vehicles. In my case my santa fe staled as I pulled out onto a busy highway. With my 1 year old son in the back seat, and my husband away on a business trip, I felt angered that they(Hyundai) did NOTHING until I refused to drive it home! What I call that would of been saying his wife and child killed.
    I know this sounds dramatic, but I was at the end of my rope with our dealership, so I felt that I had no choice but to get lemon law involved.
  • isaboisabo Posts: 4
    I agree Angel...I was on a busy highway when mine decided not to go any longer. Fortunately i was able to get over to the right hand side of the road without being hit.

    I talked to my service manager and he said that the fix is a computer upgrade. Unfortunately, the program has not yet been written nor approved by the EPA. This could take months. I asked to get something out of my vehicle and it was covered in snow and obviously had not been touched since it started to snow (about a week ago).

    The good part of this is they called me today and said to bring the loaner back and they would give me a new one. They handed me a 08 Limited edition , right off the lot with 5 miles on it and said here drive this until yours is fixed. My service manager also told me to get him proof of my last car payment and Hyundai will reimburse me for it. So the first flash of good news in this horrid situation.

    They can keep my lemon for as long as they like, as long as i can keep the sweet 08 Limited.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    how different is the '08 to drive?
  • angel20angel20 Posts: 22
    That is interesting that they told you the flash program was not written yet, cause they said they installed mine.AFTER THE LEMON LAW WAS MENTIONED. Know I am wondering if it is been actually been installed. I did have the engine light come on after the SUPPOSED install, they told me that was probably the gas cap again.... Lemon law told me to keep taking it back every time anything goes wrong ANYTHING>
    You have the dealer running scared if they were willing to pay your last payment. I never was offered anything! That is why I pursued lemon law... Not for money but to get back what I put into this car. I just want one that is SAFE!
  • juzojuzo Posts: 3
    My SF is at the dealer for a week now. 3rd time this january (2nd time in the same week) with the 3 same codes again. Last occurance is another very cold morning. 100% sure the problem is related to cold temperature. They don't have a clue so I've asked them to change the throttle body sensor. They agree but the sensor was not in stock. They will have it tomorrow. Hope this will be the end of this nightmare.
  • isaboisabo Posts: 4
    Mine has been at the dealer for a full month now. I am told it requires a "fix" to the computer (which according to them the engineers in Fountain Valley haven't even written or gained approval from the EPA for it). They also told me that these problems have been cropping up all over the country in cold temperatures and the higher elevations. I really hope for your sake it is something else. Corporate hyundai still insists it can be "fixed." I am not confident that this will happen anytime soon. :lemon: :mad:
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    needs to be a recall... some people probably don't have the problem in the warmer climate areas - suppose they take a trip to a colder area - they'll get stranded?
  • My car is still running fine with no problems.
    Hopefully the new throttle body sensor will be the fix for you also. Let me know.
  • juzojuzo Posts: 3
    I have my car for 5 days now. After the new throttle body sensor, no issues so far...but no low temperature as low as the 3 previous problems.

    I also feel an improvement when shifting from 1st to second speed (my SF is manual). It was ''starving'' a bit some times. That problem is not there anymore.
  • I've been having the same issue. They originally said it was the pedal assembly. They replaced the assembly -- and then I had it occur again. Of course, when i dropped it off, they did all the testing, and even kept it and drove it around ( with my permission of course) for two days -- with no problems. I'm keeping track of my visits -- especially after finding out that they had a back order nation wide for the pedal assembly -- AND my dealer was #60 on the list. Right now, when I start my car, if the roads are slippery conditions, i am locking it into AWD until I get out of them-- because I have noticed that it usually occurs on slippery side roads and parking lots. reading all of the similar problems, i am wondering what they are waiting for as well.
  • well, I have now dropped my santa fe off for the third time in three weeks at the dealer. Same problem as before --- flashing AWD and ESC lights, and it drops down to a crawl. ( almost got hit!) I told the service dept that if i was able to find out that there is a problem, then they need to find out as well. The lemon law only holds for the first 18K miles in NY -- and since I travel quite frequently for my job.... I am wondering what will happen. Already started letting people know that I am not very satisfied with my vehicle.... let's see what their definition of "service" will be.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    were you sliding/slipping on ice/snow when the lights started flashing?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    One of the rims got scratched/damaged by a curb - you think this is covered?
  • No, it was actually clear roads . I know this because I have been trying to find a consistent reason for this to happen. My concern is that they are going to keep my car, feel that they "repaired" it -- and then give it back to me when the freezing cold spurts are over. In that case, it probably won't happen again until next winter -- and I will be well over my 18K in mileage.
  • well, due to all of you that gave information for the Santa Fe issues -- I may be getting my problem fixed. Hyundai has admitted that there has been a problem ( in the Northeast states --- but more likely in cold weather states). The solution is to replace the throttle body sensor ( which I mentioned to the service dept this last time I called about my issues!!) I have actually received two phone calls today from the service department to let me know that they ordered this part and feel more confident that this will be the solution. I'll keep you posted.
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    You must have the 3.3 engine as I have no problems with the 2.7 here in Ma.
  • I replaced the stock H7 bulbs with Philips X-treme Power H7s. They are brighter and I have had good luck with them in other vehicles. While working in the tight quarters on the driver side bulb, I managed to drop the screw-on cap that fits over the opening where the bulb and wiring are housed. It dropped I know not where, can see it, feel it, etc.

    I went to Hyundai to get a replacement so that this housing is water tight. To my surprise, the cap is not sold separately.....!! The only way I can get a replacement is to buy the entire headlamp assembly for over $400 !!!. I will check out a "auto recycler" and see if they have any parts and will sell just the cap, maybe off an '07.

    Since the part is not attached and amateurs like me will work in the car, you would think the part would be available. I will take some of the lower trim off to see if I can find where the original dropped.
  • I am confident that will solve your problem. As I mentioned in an earlier post,the dealer replaced the throttle body sensor in my 3.3 L Sante Fe a month ago, and I have had no issues since. I live near Toronto and it has been bitterly cold the last week.
  • Dilemma solved!!

    Got my arm wrapped around under the fresh air intake for the engine, and felt the headlight cap for replacing the bulbs. Ultimately fell down into the plastic housign that sits right in front of the tire. Got it out and back in place. Whew, didn't want to spend $400, but also know you can't leave the back of the headlamp open.

    Love the Santa Fe otherwise.
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