BMW x5 Lease ~ Desperate for help please

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Hi... First I apologize if I'm breaking any forum rules by posting on the wrong forum, but I'm very desperate. I also apologize for all my rambling as well. I have a lease that expired for an Infiniti QX60 In April. They let me extend the lease for 3 months due to covid. I'm an ICU nurse and was working in a covid unit and ended up with covid. My husband , who's in his 40's and dealt with my previous lease is now terminal with dementia and in hospice. Life as been crazy and I'm embarrassed that I haven't had more time to research leasing before posting.

Made the mistake of going into a dealership to test drive and told them I was looking into a lease... did not give them my personal situation though. The car and "numbers" below is what they gave me... exactly like this:

BMW x5 x40i Black Sapphire with M sport Package (Money Factor .0025, Residual Amount 54%)
Original SMRP $72,470
Customer savings $3,170
Purchase Price of Vehicle $69,300
Doc Fee $220
CVR Fee $24
Subtotal $69,544
License-Title $165

Total Credit $3,500 ($500 factory incentive) & Cash on delivery
COD they have listed: $165 title & registration, $925 Acquisition Fee, $1057 Down Payment, $133 Michigan Taxes, $999.38 1st month payment, $220 Documentation fee, $3,500 less $500 Conquest Rebate. $3,000 due on delivery.

Then they go on to say:
$999 per month
36 month/12K Miles
3 year/36,000 Maintenance
And a few complimentary things that don't mean much

I would soooo appreciate any input anyone has. A $999 monthly payment seems very high to me. How do I respond? Any suggestions on a reasonable price? Thanks for your time!

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    Thank you!
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    My bad... he did tell me the MF was .00099
    When I asked him about incentives that’s when he gave me the $3,170 number (should I ask him to break that down?) and then I assumed the $500 “factor rebate” was the conquest incentive. I will message them tomm. Thanks so much!
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