Lexus LS 460 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Let's hear about your purchase experience with your new LS 460!


  • sambo49sambo49 Member Posts: 47
    Test drove one today at dealership in Alexandria, VA. They had only one vehicle in stock (lots of accessories) plus one demo, all other reportedly sold! Dealer would not budge from 72k which is 17%+ mark up. Walked away because the value is not quite there.
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    I have encountered dealers like you describe. I made sure that I never went back and purchased anything from them, not even the oil and air filters for my vehicle.

    Their loss and your gain.

    Good luck to all and happy and peaceful holidays to all.

  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    I presume you were going for a cash deal and not a trade?
  • sambo49sambo49 Member Posts: 47
    Yes, you are correct. I realize that Lexus is a marquee brand however in this very competitive market the competition will catch up and surpass in the sales experience of prospective customers.
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    I have traded in several LS430s on a newer LS430 and have not got into what the dealer is asking for the car. All I'm concerned about is what's the difference between the trade and the new car. I've been pleased with the trade-in value of the LS430.
  • greg777greg777 Member Posts: 9
    I just traded my '06 LS 430 on a '07 LS 460. $4K off list on the new car, $45K trade on my year-old car. The tradein has 16k miles, and cost me $54K new.
  • ideleidele Member Posts: 200
    I gather that the net capital cost of your 06 LS430 was $5000 for the year which is truly excellent.
  • greg777greg777 Member Posts: 9
    Previously, I owned a BMW 7-series (the 12-cylinder variant). Between the huge deprecation factor, and the mind-boggling repair cost (and frequent trips on a flatbed), it was nice to trade a car in, and not suffer a big loss. I have now picked up the LS 460, and the dealer even sweetened the deal a bit. The car now has 1,200 miles. It is the best car I have ever driven, let alone owned. EVERYTHING about this car is top notch. I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say this is the best car ever manufactured.

    You could spend a lot more for the exclusivity of a Bentley or Rolls, but I am not sure the car would be any better. That last comment is sure to draw some fire, but the car is that nice.
  • greg777greg777 Member Posts: 9
    Previously, I owned a BMW 7-series (the 12-cylinder variant). Between the huge deprecation factor, and the mind-boggling repair cost (and frequent trips on a flatbed), it was nice to trade a car in, and not suffer a big loss. I have now picked up the car, and the dealer even sweetened the deal a bit. The car now has 1,200 miles. It is the best car I have ever driven, let alone owned. EVERYTHING about this car is top notch. I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say this is the best car ever manufactured.

    You could spend a lot more for the exclusivity of a Bentley or Rolls, but I am not sure the car would be any better. That last comment is sure to draw some fire, but the car is that nice.
  • socalcar1socalcar1 Member Posts: 11
    I am looking to purchase an LS460 in Southern CA. One dealer told me they wouldn't go under msrp. Another dealer told me they would go 1000 under. has anybody done any better? Thanks. What about other areas of the country?

  • pearlpearl Member Posts: 336
    told me that he still had a "45 car backlog" of orders to fill and that they were "not discounting at all". Not sure how true that is, but those were his words. My guess is that most dealers are still pretty close to MSRP. If someone will sell you one for $1000 under that may be among the better opportunities.
  • ultra64ultra64 Member Posts: 19
    Granite mica, alabaster leather, Navigation System/Mark Levinson /Advanced Parking Guidance System Package, Comfort Package, Lexus Link, Intuitive Parking Assist, Power door closers and power rear trunk. No obvious defects. Car was driven mostly by owner and has 5500 miles. I would lease for 3 years. 58% residual for 12K/y x 3 with .0030(8%) interest.
  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    I have a friend who is a Sales Manager at a Lexus dealership. He said they have been selling the cars at MSRP, plus they added required garbage to build another $3000 into the purchase price. He said right now they are selling them at MSRP, but for a preferred customer they would discount $1000, but that's it.

    BTW, I drove one today and it is a NICE car!
  • ljflxljflx Member Posts: 4,690
    That's exactly what happened to me - got $1K off because I'm a preferred customer. What made it feel good was that they did it on a custom order which is usually never discounted. Otherwise the cars here in NJ go full MSRP unless there's really an undesirable color or color combo they get in.
  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    I ordered my LS460. Noble Spinel Mica, Cashmere Interior, Nav/ML/Adv. Parking Guidance, Comfort Package, Pre-Collision and Dynamic Cruise Control, Power Door and Trunk Closers, and Preferred Accessory Pkg.

    The dealership doesn't send in their orders until late in the month, so the expected delivery isn't until late June or July. So I also have time to change my mind about the color. I've been struggling between the one I selected and the Black Sapphire Pearl and the Mercury Metallic. My wife disliked the Sapphire Pearl and liked the Smokey Granite and Golden Almond. What happened to the good ole days when all you could order was black! :D

    Well, all I can do now is sit and wait.
  • willcollinswillcollins Member Posts: 6
    I've decided to buy a new Ls460 with the navigation/ML package. I live in the Atlanta area. Are any of the dealers discounting the car at all in Atlanta?
  • dthomastxdthomastx Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy the 460L and have interest in maximizing the safety of the vehicle. The larger brakes offered in the Touring package combined with the additional 2 rear airbags offered with the Luxury package seem like great choices. When I attempted to order this, they wouldn't build the car. Here's the response I got from Lexus' CA-based production group via my dealer at Lexus of Austin:

    "The Touring Package cars are weight restricted. The only option you can add to the TP car is the upgraded audio system. The engineers are concerned about having that much weight on the 19" wheels. Same with the LS600h.....the cars with the executive seating get the 18" that are on the current LS460 instead of the new 19" wheel." :(

    This leaves me nervous about the level of confidence they have about the larger wheels. Many of the reviews have complained that the standard brakes on the 460 are not competitive. If I'm going to spend $80K on a car, it seems like I should benefit from rear side airbags and big brakes.

    Can anyone comment on this? Thanks,

  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    I don't have rear seat passengers so the rear side airbags are not a consideration. I did want the air suspension and larger brakes, but unfortunately it wasn't available in the SWB. I don't need nor want the longer wheel base model. I have read reviews that give the standard brakes good marks, and I don't drive as aggressively as I used to!

    If safety is paramount to you, I think Volvo offer the greatest degree of safety.
  • atlnlnatlnln Member Posts: 5
    Looking at a beautiful LS 460 w/ <5000 miles. Offered today and priced at $69900. Called me back w/ 67K - full package - NAV/MLevinson sound, etc. Am I walking away from a great deal? Or, should I lease a new car for 71K. If so, what is the money factor (Georgia)? Residual? ball-park... Thanks much in advance. These cars are truly incredible!
  • lewis250lewis250 Member Posts: 3
    ok here in norcal i just purchased a brand new 2007 LS460 W/ML and of course it's fully loaded at 65,357.00 + the usual .. what do you guys think? how'd i do? haha and what was great was that i only spent 4 hours .... just be strong and determined and trust me it's definatly possible.. i could have walked away with 65even easily but ... didn't want to waste the time...
  • roman7roman7 Member Posts: 15
    Hi lewis250! Congratulations!
    What was a MSRP on the car? :)
  • roman7roman7 Member Posts: 15
    Hi everyone!
    Is anybody has got a very good deal on Lexus LS 460L 2007 with executive package (4 seats)?
    Please share your experience!
    I'm going to order one or find out one from the dealer for a good price
    Thank you!
  • ezwinner701ezwinner701 Member Posts: 29
    pretty good price. what was the MSRP?
  • tommyc1tommyc1 Member Posts: 5
    looking for an 07 "Custom Package" LS 460 in SF area...which dealer offered you the deal ?

    quoted $69k on a $71.5k model today...good deal ?

  • sonu79sonu79 Member Posts: 27
    OK Guys this is the deal i got on my new LS460L

    Sticker Price : $85,900

    Lease: 36 month.
    Total Agreed upon Vale of the Vehicle : 78,150
    Total Drive Off: 2,176
    15k miles yearly
    1,337.91 per month plus tax total of $1,448.29 per month.
    Money Factor .0029
    Residual Value: 42,973.50

    What do you guys think??
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Member Posts: 122
    The Dealers in my area now have LS460s with Nav to offer at $66,847. To see the exact specs just go to and build a LS460, Using a zip code of 75240. I puchased one today at a discount equal to the cost of chromes & tint, which I added to my silver/black, shipping from LA any day now. This dealer (Park Place, Plano, TX) also has some 460Ls unsold, but I don't know how they are equiped.
  • mox1mox1 Member Posts: 24
    That is 10% off MSRP which seems very good. Could please tell me which dealer this is. Thanks.
  • sonu79sonu79 Member Posts: 27
    Lexus of Stevens Creek in San Jose California.
    Make sure you consult with Zabi he is one of their best salesman. Mention Sonu from the restaurant. He will match that offer. goodluck
  • theguru78theguru78 Member Posts: 9
    Guys over a year ago when I bought a 06 LS 430 I put down 2 deposits for the LS 600HL. I am 2nd and 3rd in line in the DC area which is a huge market area. Now i am very happy with the 430 and am thinking of only buying one of the two 600HLs. Anyone one know if there is a huge waiting list or anything. Can I sell my deposits?

  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    why is everybody leasing?....i bought mine with NAV/ML package, power door, preferred package......list ~70K paid 63K.....
  • purduepete1purduepete1 Member Posts: 2
    I spent the past month tracking inventory and "working" the "best" price on a 460 (Nav/ML,preferred package). Not just on the phone but visiting HP, Woodfield, Arlington, Glenview, Orland, Westmont and Naperville. Best I could do is $2,500 off MSRP. I walked (politly) at dealer offers and not one salesperson chased me (physically, via phone or email) over the course of my endeavor. While there are "L's" on the lots, the dark colored standard models (with the $70K tag) are selling before they get off the truck! Am I seeing the wrong people or doing something wrong? Or is the Chicago market different than the 10% off MSRP that I am seeing other posts about? I'm usually fairly successful in new acquisitions with GMC, BMW and MB but this is killing me!
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    I feel your pain. I have purchased several new LS430s in the past five or six years. I attempted to trade my 2006 LS430 recently for a LS 460 with sticker at $72K. The deal was $6000 more than previous one year trades. The dealers are on a high and are not concerned with future sales. Good luck with your search. I'm sure I'm going to be very satisfied with my 2006 LS430 and I feel the dealer did me a favor. The 2006 LS 430 is probably the best Lexus that has been built to date.
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    you must be willing to go out of state! factor in shipping charges as well though when doing should EASILY get 5k off msrp as that's the lexus sale event going dealers have habit of letting clients walk.....they don't fall for this trick like the other dealers do....your best bet is to go out of state and search best for the best deals, then factor in shipping to chicago, then goto the in-state dealers with this number.....AT THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH!!! if they have been having in awesome month, then you won't get a deal, if they've been having a terrible month, then you'll get lucky....go to each and every dealer on the last day of the month until one bites.....hint, anymore than 10% off msrp is too hard....i know, i ready with your own pre-approved financing as well (more leverage for you)....
  • purduepete1purduepete1 Member Posts: 2
    cowboyatthiswa: Thank you for your insight and ideas. I'm just so used to 8-10% off the sticker, sign the papers and drive away....then go back in about three years! However, this is my first crack at Lexus. It now seems like there is significantly more value for the $$$ in the 460 than the S550, A8 or 754I. In fact, sadly, I don't think it's close. I'm eating a lot of crow since I've always told my family and friends that I'd never drive a Japanese car. But, there is no question, at least at this level of vehicle, they have perfected the product.
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    you should be able to get MB,AUDI,ACURA below invoice....BMW,INFINITI @ invoice, and LEXUS ~2-3k over invoice...that was the extent of my research and capabilities when shopping for Lux sedans....i chose the Lexus b/c it proved the most trouble free car of the whole lot and i don't have time to be bringing the car into the dealer all the time; aside from this fact, i would have gone with the BMW or MB for the 'look/wow' factor as well as awesome pricing.... good huntin' !!!!!
  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    I agree with everything you said Cowboy, good advice. The only thing is I disagree with the last part about more leverage with your own financing. In general dealers will give a buyer a better price on the vehicle if they will be doing the financing because they make money on that.

    Last year I almost bought an Infiniti M45 and the dealer wanted $1000 more if I paid cash versus financing with them. Now they also told me there was no prepayment penalty after 6 months so I could have gotten the $1000 discount and just pay off the loan after 6 months.
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    ok....very simple...if you have excellent FICO/VANTAGE score (>730/>900).....demand the 'buy' rate frome dealer, otherwise shop should definitely find a better rate....(hint, go get this number first!!!, then goto the dealer and tell them if they want the financing, then to give u the 'buy' rate)....i actually got a better rate, but gave the dealer the financing since they gave me a good deal on the car (diff of 0.2% between their rate and my preapproval rate).....hope this helps.....
  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    Oh OK, I misunderstood your post. When you said, " ready with your own pre-approved financing as well (more leverage for you).... " I thought you were referring to the purchase price, not the financing.
  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24

    I just got quoted $4000 of MRSP for LS460.. either the 68,000 car (with lexus link) or the 73850 one (Everything except precollision)

    Is that a pretty good deal given it's already Sept..? Or can I possibly get more...and if I wait longer?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated..doc fee is like 489 here though.
  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    I would go in with my checkbook in hand and tell them that you'll buy the car right now for $1000 over dealer invoice. If they counter with $2000 over invoice take it. If they counter with more, leave your name and number and tell them to call you, but they shouldn't take too long because you will be buying from some dealer very soon. ;)
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    agree with knowspinzone on this one....except to wait till last day (or 2nd to the last day) of this month and do it....don't forget to have pre-approved financing as won't hurt to find out the local dealers inventory if you can too.....if you have a few dealers to choose from, then i'd go to the one with the most ls460 on the lot....they should be wanting to move them even more than the other dealers (but not always)....1K over invoice is a steal!, 2K over is a very good deal, 5K off msrp is standard "event sale" so you should be able to get this if nothing else.....hope this helps.....
  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for the advice on my previous post. I really am in no hurry...could even wait for another month. Doesn't seem like they are selling as quickly as one might think...same 4 LS in one dealership as 3 weeks before.

    Anyway.. is $1000-2000 over invoice really possible on a LS? I was under the impression that they will only give 1000-2000 off from MRSP before from the forum. Even with ES and GS, they would quote me with 1000-2000 above invoice...but was told before only 1000-2000 off MRSP for the LS. ARe they are just BSing me?

    Also, am I better off to deal with the internet sales person or go with a walk in dealer?

  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    it's possible...gotta be willing to go out of state through my previous posts....if you're in a hot area, then you'll have to go elsewhere to get the savings...
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Member Posts: 122
    There is an unsold Hybrid LS at the dealership where I trade--Plano, TX. This is the 115,000+/- car, black/black, Unsold and can be yours today If you will contact me, I will give you the info to get this car. my email= [email protected] (I do not work for the dealer or for Lexus--just a customer and love Lexus)
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Member Posts: 122
    As of today, there are two unsold LS600h L's at the dealer where I trade (Park Place Lexus, Plano, TX). And I thought there was a waiting list. What gives? Email me and I'll give you my salesman's name & #. They have a Black/Black & a white/?, each $115,000+/-.
  • jdedmundsjdedmunds Member Posts: 13
    The dealer gave me the final price on the following vehicle:

    2007 Obsidian/Black LS460 SWB with Navigation, Comfort package, Intuitive Park Assist, Trunk Mat, Wheel Locks, Cargo Net, and power doors and trunk.

    MSRP is $67,292. Final price is $62,000 + $200 dealer fees + TTL. This is the only Obsidian/Black interior LS460 (exactly what I want) in Houston. Is this a good price, or should I wait for a 2008? This is my first Lexus so I am not sure if I can get a discount like this on a 2008. Advice? TIA.
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    ok pricing......don't think you'll be able to get this price for the 2008 as it's the end of the year sale and you not have the Mark Levinson packaged into the car? it should be, and if not, then i personally wouldn't get the car, y, b/c that's a huge option to ignore....both to use yourself and as a selling point in the future....hope this helps...
  • daryll44daryll44 Member Posts: 307
    I also am contemplating a similar purchase. The 2008s seems to be had for about $2000 off sticker and the left over 2007s at $5000 off. That 3 grand "savings" is actually less than the extra depreciation you'll get at trade in time in 2-4 years. So I am going to get an '08 if I do it at all. The only way it might make sense would be if you buy a car and keep it at least 7 years, in which case early depreciation doesn't matter. A car with 100,000 miles, give or take will be worth the same whether it's an '07 or an '08. But a 40,000 mile car will be worth 6 to 7 thousand dollars more as an '08 than an '07 in a few years.
  • jdedmundsjdedmunds Member Posts: 13
    You are absolutely right about the ML package being of great value. There are other fully loaded cars but black/black combination is rare in Houston. In fact, this is the only one at this time and has been since August. If I wait for the 2008, when is the best time to buy and what kind of discount should I expect? I really want it before Christmas.
  • jdedmundsjdedmunds Member Posts: 13
    This is a good point in which I also thought long and hard about. I have always kept my cars for at least six years and this one will be the same. I would definitely buy an '08 if I can get one for $3-4K off MSRP by the end of the year. Does anyone have experience with purchasing in November or December? I vaguely recall a Lexus sales event around Christmas.
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