Lexus LS 460 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Forget to mention, the next few weeks should be a good time for car shopping since June 30 is quarter ending date (same for 9/30 and 12/31 is the best time of all for car shopping since it is year end book closing date). If you worry about resales value, 09 is a better bet (I am waiting for 09) since you are going to get similar discount but better resales value when you are ready to sell the LS...
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    So when will the 2009 models come out? I am looking for a car, but will not get around to buying one until early August. Should I wait another month or two for the 2009? If Sept easy to wait, if November a little harder.
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    2009 Models will be out OCT/NOV of this year. And you will pay full MSRP maybe $1000 off. This is why I bought the 2008 SWB for 63K because I got a hell of a deal.
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    Several weeks back, I received much good advice in reply to my questions concerning the SWB LS. Does anyone have any suggestions, based on recent buying/leasing experience, as to which dealers in the NYC metro area are ready to make the most aggressive deals? Though I live in Manhattan, I've heard tell that the local dealer quotes higher than necessary numbers. If that's not so, I'd be glad to hear it.
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    Try Ray Catena in Larchmont and negotiate hard. They can be very aggressive.
  • atifatif Member Posts: 6
    You can get one today for 63,329 at Dorcshel Lexus Rochester, NY. SWB with Mark Livenson, NP,CP, PA, PP, Z1.

    Talk to Bill Barrish. I spoke to him yesterday and he said he would do this deal for anyone I referred.
    Only problem is Rochester is 5 hours from NYC. But you call always use this info to negotiate.
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    I am a deer in the headlights with this stuff, and am petrified I'm gonna get taken advantage of. In Fort lauderdale florida, I'll have what you guys call tier 1 credit, want a black ls460 with navigation, marklevinsen, xm radio, bluetooth, don't really care about anything else. I sent out stuff through edmunds to dealers to get quotes, and they are crazy out of control compared to the deals i've seen posted on this forum. No one will give me money factor or residual either, saying they will provide that "upon signing". Basically, my question is this: what should i pretty much be paying on a 36 month lease, 15k miles, 0$ down of course (beyond tax and title and stuff like that), specs above being all i care about, tier 1 credit? AND do i need to negotiate a purchase price first, as consumer reports suggests? What money factor / residual should i be using anyway? What info should they be giving me versus withholding, as referred to above. Basically, how should i go about this? OH, also they all say that the options I DON'T WANT, i.e. comfort package / advanced parking guidance, pretty much come "in all cars sold in the region." The bottom line is I don't want to get jobbed on the monthly payment. What do i do to get what i want (above), and roughly how much should i be paying per month? Sorry for the really broad question. Help! thanks.
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    I just picked up my IS from LEXUS OF EDISON. The sales person that helped me out sits all the way to the right when you go in to the dealership. To make it more simple, he is asian without glasses. I bought mine at invoice and he told me any referrel would get the same either on lease and purchase but I don't know if he would on LS since they probably don't sell that many. But I am sure he will be very aggresive and no pressure. :) Please make sure you tell him J J sent you from New Brunswick~~~ I hope this info helps for people in tristate area. good luck guys
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    "The bottom line is I don't want to get jobbed on the monthly payment. What do i do to get what i want (above), and roughly how much should i be paying per month?"

    Hop over to the lease forum to see if Car_man has posted the money factor and residual for this month. And negotiate the best price you can with your local dealers.. Remember the price you see here has a lot to do with the local supply and demand for LS. If you have a lot of dealers around your town, you will get a much better deal. If you have very little competition, then you are stuck. One choice you can have is to fly out to S. Cal to pick up a car (or have them ship to Florida). If your local dealers refuse to give you month factor etc up front, they will definitely mark it up.!make=Lexus&model=LS%20460&ed_- makeindex=.f0fc7b2

    or try Leasecompare site to see if they post the money factor etc. 84a7f8e99fcd9d01966ecd
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    First, go to and build your vehicle. The good thing about that site is that once you enter your zip code, it will only allow you to configure a vehicle the way it comes in your region.

    Second, I don't have my numbers on me right now, but if I remember correctly, the current LS lease numbers for a 36 mo / 15k-yr lease is .00235 and 50%. I'll confirm tomorrow.

    There's an average spread of about $8500 between total msrp and invoice (depending upon options) on an LS. I've seen reports on here of people buying at darn near invoice in some cases, but anywhere from $500-$1500 over would be a realistic goal in my opinion.

    If you get me the total msrp on a vehicle that you're looking at and/or a VIN #, I'd be happy to run some lease numbers for you to put you in a better negotiating position.
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    recently bought a black ls460 at countyline lexus in florida.MSRP was 72435 and salesman Dick Cumberland took 8000 off
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    Thanks so very much! I will got to as you suggest, and i will get you msrp and/or vin number(s). FYI, i just got an email from a dealership - one on the other side of the state that is not in competition with the 4 dealerships in hot competition with each other in southeast florida - that says as follows:

    "The Lexus LS460 with the package that will fit what you are looking for will be:

    $68,305 msrp
    $62,476 selling price

    36mo 15k $0 =1,068 + inceptions
    36mo 15k $20% down $691 + inceptions

    money factor @.00210
    residual @50%

    this base on a Navigation car. I have a built sheet on the car, send me your fax # and i will send it to you, that way you know what you are buying.

    Thank you very much and i hope to hear from you soon."
  • grouchymarksgrouchymarks Member Posts: 3
    OK, ocautoseeker, my gut is that the best deal will be from one of the four lexus dealers in competition with each other in the dade / broward county market, but the guy from naples did send me a vin number: JTHBL46F085069240. This is from the guy who wrote the message i previously posted:

    "The Lexus LS460 with the package that will fit what you are looking for will be:

    $68,305 msrp
    $62,476 selling price

    36mo 15k $0 =1,068 + inceptions
    36mo 15k $20% down $691 + inceptions

    money factor .00210
    residual 50%

    this base on a Navigation car. I have a built sheet on the car, send me your fax # and i will send it to you, that way you know what you are buying.

    I am getting vin numbers for two cars from a dealer here on the east coast that is known for being reasonable. Thoughts? I am so indebted to you...
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    Sent you an e-mail. Got two e-mails from two different email addresses - just confirming they are both you?
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    Does anyone know a dealer in the Los Angeles area that can do Invoice Price + $500?
  • fred2123fred2123 Member Posts: 4
    Going tomorrow to sign paperwork. How does this look?
    Appreciate any and all feedback.

    msrp $75139
    purchase price $66497 ($1000 over invoice?)
    acquisition fee $600
    doc fees $499.50
    39 month lease, 15 k miles/year
    Residual 47%
    mf .000245 bought down with 10x security dep to .000155
    (lowered pmt @100.00/mo)
    mo. pmt incl 6% tax @1053
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    That doc fee needs to be scrapped, or cut in half at the very minimum. Why did you go with a 39 mo lease instead of 36? Is this lease through LFS? And, I think you meant that the rate was .00245, lowered to .00155. What state/region are you in?
  • fred2123fred2123 Member Posts: 4
    You are correct on the money factor and the lease is through LFS. I am purchasing the car in Ky. I agree on doc fee but only 1 local dealer who has given me good service in the past and they were adamant.

    I took 39 mo lease because it lowered pmt @$60 monthly which paid for months 37 &38 (39mo*$60=$2140) and month 39 would equate to @$1010.

  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    I guess in the grand scheme of everything, with the nealry $500 doc fee, you could basically just say that they are capping the cost at $1500 over - still not bad for your region. I'd like to see them get down to around $500 over or so, but hard to do w/o competition.
  • fred2123fred2123 Member Posts: 4
    FYI. I asked the dealer for any other incentives and there is a $500.00 lexus loyalty certificate good thru june 30th.
  • dwright1920dwright1920 Member Posts: 2
    yipster222, sounds like you got yourself a good deal on the LS460 and the dealer was really looking to make a sale. Delay in reply was due to relocation to the SE. Thanks for letting me know what is available :)
  • dallaspatentdallaspatent Member Posts: 10
    I've been quoted $59,900 for a new 2008 LS 460 SWB with the Comfort Plus option. The price includes all fees and costs except tax, title, and license. Is this a good price?
  • whiteningwhitening Member Posts: 1

    I am in the market for a new car as lease is up end of July - 10 days!

    I would love to get a LS460 but I live in Pittsburgh- Some snow but not as bad as Boston. Closer to Baltimore weather. I can get an 08 LS460 near/at invoice with options I want about $61k (Nav and Comfort Pkg) or I can wait and be one of the first to order in August for October delivery an LS460 SWB AWD -dealer confirmed that this is going to be available. I doubt that I can get much off and guessing by the $3000-3500 up change for AWD the car would cost about $74k MSRP which I might get for about $71k (guessing $3k off MSRP)

    Question is would you for $10k take the non AWD 2008, put Blizzaks on the car which dealers claim do just fine in snow on the LS460 or take the 2009 model with likely less depreciation due to AWD in Pittsburgh. I plan to buy car with cash and keep it 5-6 yrs and I'm guessing that the max difference between the 2008 and 2009 if sold at the same time in 5 years is 8-10% or about $5.5 - 7k.

    Thanks in advance
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    Snag a deal on a remaining '08.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    Any1 here bought a new LS460 any experience plz?

  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    Also would like to hear from anyone who has purchased recently ... we are nearing the end of the year and from what I have seen local dealers have pleanty of 08's in stock that are not selling. It appears all of the financing deals are GONE now so I'm wondering what deal's if any are worth going after on this vehicle.

    For the December sales event do they usually bring back financing deals - like 1.9?
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Dealer in upper S.C. is offering $8,000 off MSRP LS with comfort package. Computer showed lots in Southeast area available, especially if want nav. 09's are due next month?
  • tom17tom17 Member Posts: 134
    How are you finding availability? My two closest Lexus dealer web sites do not have a new car search function. When I use, it comes up with 2 or 3 dealers for all of Florida that show their inventory.

    Is the $8000 before or after the $4000 rebate this month. Postings on indicate they can be had for $4000 (the rebate) under invoice.
  • pmarshpmarsh Member Posts: 3
    IMO, the $4000 off of invoice scenario was likely a one time deal, and probably not easily duplicated in most parts of the country. I'm purchasing today through I tried to source locally in Columbus, OH, but their best deal was $9500 off of sticker and it was limited to a gray vehicle. Fleetrates managed to get me the color and the exact options that I wanted: Here's the scoop:

    LS 460 SWB, Mercury Metallic
    ML, Nav, Advanced parking
    Comfort Plus package
    Intuitive parking assist
    Lexus Link
    Power trunk and door closers
    Preferred accessory package
    Premium floor mats

    MSRP: $75,030
    Actual: $63,500 which includes home delivery to OH from CA
    $11,530 off of list or around 18% below MSRP
    Around $1500 below invoice (delivered), as far as I can tell

    The cost of delivery was around $1000 (included in actual price), but as mentioned, the deal was still better and I got the exact color/options that I wanted (which was really important to me). I just started the purchase process today, so I cannot yet attest to experience of buying through fleetrates. I can mention that I originally contacted two different sales people within their ranks and didn't get a whole lot of follow up. Yesterday I made another attempt and am working with someone who seems to have their act together. I will give out their name and number upon request. Also, I will update the fleetrate experience as we move this forward. Delivery is supposed to take 7-10 days...
  • 787_sam787_sam Member Posts: 2

    I bought my LS 460, MSRP $ 75,400 or so for $ 64,500 in S.Cal. Same great Lexus buying experience. Got my color and options. Dealer accepted right away. Could have probably gotten a better deal, but hey we all need each other to survive, right..?

    Prices are all over the place. Now is a good time to buy. It's a fantastic car!
  • 787_sam787_sam Member Posts: 2
    Just wonder how much Lexus margins on these cars and how much Lexus is giving the dealerships to sell em under the current economic conditions... (I am sure the dealerships still are making money under invoice)
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    Hi, congratulations, How has the driving experience been so far, how comfortable are you with your car.

    Any issues, likes and dislikes?
  • pmarshpmarsh Member Posts: 3
    It's pretty easy to figure out the dealer margins at this point. Build the car with options on one of the various websites that shows you both invoice and MSRP price. Factor in that Lexus (the company, not the dealers) is currently giving a $4000 rebate at the moment, AND that there is currently a Lexus dealer holdback of around $1200... So, there is basically $5200 to play with below invoice price at this juncture, although most dealers will not budge too much on the holdback.

    Between $2-3K below invoice is a great price, while still allowing some (fair) profit for the dealer. The economy is definitely playing a role, so get 'em while they're hot! One other factor for my purchase was there is little difference with the forthcoming 09 models, unless you are in hunt for a AWD model.
  • tom17tom17 Member Posts: 134
    I went to a Lexus event in Miami on Sunday and received a $750 coupon good for a discount on any 08/09 Lexus. Has anyone ever used one of these before? Does Lexus pony up the extra $750 for the dealer or does the dealer eat this? Obviously if Lexus adds the extra $750 it is a real discount. Otherwise if the dealer knew about it in advance, they would just reduce the discount to make up for it.

  • tom17tom17 Member Posts: 134
    The September $4000 rebate is over. There are no incentives listed for Lexus here on Edmunds (yet). Does anyone know if Lexus continued the $4000 rebate or maybe increased it for October? Thanks.
  • gavrikgavrik Member Posts: 50
    $750 coupon is as good as cash. You can apply it towards down payment or reduce your 1st monthly payment. I negotiated my deal on Lexus, then presented the coupon to my salesguy and he simply applied it against the balance owed. The coupon amount is coming from Lexus HQ. If you have more than one, I suggest you talk to your dealer to see if you can apply more than one. I have seen coupons being offered on eBay for around $300. Still a good deal, you save $450 you did not have before.
  • l0cd0gl0cd0g Member Posts: 5
    im trying to get a good price on a 08 ls 460. trying to see if someone recently purchase one and could provide what they got it for and with what options thanks.
  • esstookaytdesstookaytd Member Posts: 6
    I unfortunately didn't end up buying the car, but was able to deal an 08 with comfort package (no navi) down to 51650. MSRP was 65K.
  • l0cd0gl0cd0g Member Posts: 5
    could you tell me which dealer gave you that deal thank for the fast reply
  • esstookaytdesstookaytd Member Posts: 6
    I live in Houston, and got the deal from a dealership in Dallas. If you are in the area, or want to deal with them PM me, and I can try to put you in touch with the salesperson I dealt with.

    If you don't live in the area, what I did was basically email each dealership I was willing to drive to. I told them all that I was asking for the best price and basically put them in a bidding war. I don't know if it always works, but it did for me this time.

    Again PM me if you need more specific info.

    For everyone else, the deals are obviously out there.
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    Lexus of Albuquerque, NM had two Black on Black, 2008 LS460s left this past Sunday. They are loaded at $72K and $76K if memory serves me correctly. On Halloween, I purchased a white 2008 LS460 without Mark Levenson, but with Nav. MSRP was $68,700 and traded in a 2006 LS 430 with 15K miles. Good Luck on your quest.
  • l0cd0gl0cd0g Member Posts: 5
    can you email the info if you dont mind i dont know how to use pm here thank.

    [email protected]
  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    I did not even know there was a 65K MSRP'd 460... lowest I have ever seen in CA is 69. Why did you end up not buying?

    Abq buyer - Albuquerque is such a tough market since there is litterly ZERO competition. I have purchased vehilces in ABQ in the past and its a PITA compared to regions that have some competition. What did you end up paying?

    Looks like the 4K rebate is still in effect - are folks buying at invoice - some rebate or?
  • rgswrgsw Member Posts: 333
    My deal was a trade-in (2006 LS 430) so I'm not able to tell how much I paid as a cash price. I gave them $12K per year as depreciation and added the difference in the invoice on the old car and the new car. Probably not a good or great deal, but with a trade in it's hard to figure what you really paid. I still believe the LS430 was a quieter car and perhaps more refined after several years of production on the same model. I have double paned glass on the driver and passenger sides. I still notice some road noise, more than the LS430 (in my opinion). The rear window has a reflection glare on it when driving away from the sun. I had tint put on the windows and that seems to cut down on the back window glare. I lost the storage drawers under the driver and passenger seats along with the little drawer in the dash below the CD changer. The ash tray is very small and not useful for anything when removed. The ash tray on the LS430 provided a storage bin when the ash tray was removed. The 8 speed tranny is taking a bit of getting used to, along with the lack of manual parking brake, all improvements that will pay dividends in the future. All in all, I'm beginning to like the new car more as I drive it more.
  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    Thanks for sharing.... It seems like most 430 owners really like'D their 430 and it takes a bit to get used to the 460. I'm trying to decide if I want to go 08 -- or wait and get an 09 when our economy hits full "Depression" and my guess deals will be about the same as they are now once 08's are out of the system.
  • l0cd0gl0cd0g Member Posts: 5
    just got the 08 ls460 for 50500 no navi if anyone need input on pricing. got it at sterling mccall in houston tx
  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    locdog - Great data point's -- Tha'ts very nice at 65K MSRP for 50,500 - 14.5 under MSRP is where I'm looking to be as well.

    Did you have a hard time getting this deal or was it straight forward? Did you purchase or Lease?

    Finally - Why no NAV? I have lots of experience with the Nav in the LS (its the same unit thats in the Sequoia) and I know its a POS so in reality I would probably not go for it in the LS - but wife wants the ML radio so we are stuck with NAV.
  • l0cd0gl0cd0g Member Posts: 5
    purchase it. deal was made real qiuck so i was thinging probably coulda got alil more off but i was satisfy with what i got it for. didnt need the navi but it did look better in the ride.
  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    Quick is good - I plan to have everything pretty much set when I go to pick out my LS -- all I plan to do is finalize the color and write a check - hoping I can get it done in 2 hours but will see.
  • esstookaytdesstookaytd Member Posts: 6
    That's an awesome deal. I couldn't get them below 52 just last month. They are starting to feel the squeeze. I wonder how long this will go on for b/c I had to postpone my purchase.
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