Lexus LS 460 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • topgun7topgun7 Member Posts: 412
    I just came back from the dealership. Looks like the 08 SWB is pretty much gone in the bay area. Only 6 left and mostly are demo unit per the salesperson. Anyone know if there is any 08 left outside of the bay area?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    locdog - Great data point's -- Tha'ts very nice at 65K MSRP for 50,500 - 14.5 under MSRP is where I'm looking to be as well.

    Did you have a hard time getting this deal or was it straight forward? Did you purchase or Lease?

    Finally - Why no NAV? I have lots of experience with the Nav in the LS (its the same unit thats in the Sequoia) and I know its a POS so in reality I would probably not go for it in the LS - but wife wants the ML radio so we are stuck with NAV.

    $50,500 for a LS :surprise:
  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    topgun -- where are you looking. I saw MANY 69K SWB's during my search last week.

    I ended up buying a loaded L (everything cept Exec Pkg) but during my search throughout the bay there were pleanty of 69K SWB's... Feel free to PM me and I can tell you what dealerships etc....

    My Deal - Ended up finding my perfect car (Color Int and Ext, Options etc...) you should be in the 14K off range -- also look to pick up a 750 rebate coupon on Ebay as you can apply it when the deal has been negotiated for an additional 750 off. I got my coupon for free but I have seen them on BAY for 200ish.
  • topgun7topgun7 Member Posts: 412
    "topgun -- where are you looking. I saw MANY 69K SWB's during my search last week"

    I was looking for the 74K version with the ML...I found one each from Sac and Roseville (white) but they want -10K ... And wifey really like Red (which make it even harder)..
  • konradekkonradek Member Posts: 5
    I was looking at one today $71,360 MSRP for 20k OFF.
    Is it ok or should i wait little longer
  • esstookaytdesstookaytd Member Posts: 6
    20K off sounds like the best deal I've heard thus far on the car at any MSRP by almost 5-6K.
  • topgun7topgun7 Member Posts: 412
    "I was looking at one today $71,360 MSRP for 20k OFF.
    Is it ok or should i wait little longer"

    If it is not a used or demo, then you should just grab it.. All the discount are on 08. And when the all 08 are sold, you will have to deal with the 09 which does not have the 6000 rebate (per Car_man)
  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    Konradek - Ha for some reason I don't think you would need to or even bother to ask this Forum if you were offered 20K off MSRP -- so for a 71,360K MSRP - that would be a car that has Prem Plus and the ML system - (I think the 71K cars are a GREAT Value Play) since they have everything you really need and ML to boot.

    If you were offered the car for 51K on a zero Mile 08 car- that would be the Best Deal EVER. I would presume that if you were actually offered 20K off its a 5K Demo car and or 07 Demo - or 08 with Miles - or 08 Buy-Back etc...

    If your deal is REAL - please post the details so others on this forum can take advantage of this Dealer - You will be Praised for providing others with the opportunity for Super Savings!!

    To Date the Deal to beat is 14K off MSRP - Many have negotiated a bit more but 14K is your target. If you can get another 1 to 1.5 K you have done Fantastic. Don't forget to pick up a couple of the 750 Lexus Coupons - (See Ebay etc...) these can be added to the deal after you have negotiated the best price. With coupons etc... the best (somewhat confirmed deal) that I have seen is 16.4K off MSRP when all was said and done.
  • rocky46rocky46 Member Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a 09 Lexus LS460 in SF Bay area. Does anyone bought one recently and how is the pricing? Any discount from MSRP. Should I deal directly with dealer or go through a car broker?
  • betablockerbetablocker Member Posts: 8
    Where are you people getting these ridiculous $20,000 off prices on new LS460's? In your dreams? NO FRIGIN WAY!

    About the ONLY vehicle you can get anywhere near that kind of discount is a Caddy Escalade.
  • topgun7topgun7 Member Posts: 412
    "Where are you people getting these ridiculous $20,000 off prices on new LS460's? In your dreams? NO FRIGIN WAY! "

    heh heh, don't get too excited... I would have thought that it is not possible to get an 08 LS 16K below MSRP.. But I did it on 12/5. It all depends on how desperate Lexus is trying to sell the 08. They raised the rebate from 4000 to 6000 this month. The good news is that there is very limited 08 inventory now so may be Lexus doesn't need to increase the rebate anymore... If they don't cut the production on 09, they may end up with similar situation and they may have to increase the rebate.. it is all supply and demand.
  • mling1126mling1126 Member Posts: 3
    Which dealer did you go to?
    Are you still looking for a 08 LS460?
    Maybe we can do group buy. I am in south bay.
    Shopping for LS460AWD short wheel base in NJ/NY metro area. Does 7.5K under MSRP sound good or bad? Another dealer quoted 3K under MSRP as best they could do.

    Dealer says invoice cost approx. 64K. Not sure how they are arriving at this figure because that is many K above what is supposed to be invoice. Dealer not showing me the invoice. Dealer says holdback on this model is approx. 1.3K.

    Based on dealer's info, my deal would be $650 above invoice, or $2000 above invoice with holdback.

    Most dealers in area, including the biggest, have only 1 or 2 on their lot.

    Comments please...
  • topgun7topgun7 Member Posts: 412
    I already bought it on 12/5 or so and I am taking my car in for 1000 miles service. Had the dreaded wind noise problem but hopefully the triangle fix will help. Still love the car.... I posted my deal in the lease forum... I got the car from Lexus Sacramento. Their internet guy is really easy to deal with.. Fremont Lexus (Magnessum?? sp?) matched the deal with a different color combo.. There is no white/ivory with ML/NAV in bay area anymore.. But there is one dark gray with light gray interior with ML/Nav in the bay area. And Lex Sac has a couple red/ivory combo (one with ML/NAV but rear seat package and the other one with only Nav and no ML).. Just take my number and sent out email to see if anyone want to match and what color combo is out there now... do it quick, don't know when the 6000 rebate expire...
  • topgun7topgun7 Member Posts: 412
    "Does 7.5K under MSRP sound good or bad?"

    I would guess that it is a decent deal given that it is an 09, AWD is new to the line up, and you are buying it in winter... These are factors that drive up the price (and no inventory on dealer's lot doesn't help.).. The best way to ensure that is to shop all your local dealer.s This will ensure you get the best local price. Then check out LA dealer to see if you can get a much better deal after factoring in the cost of shipping the car across the country (some people don't like the hassle.. depend if the saving, if any, is worth to you)...
  • nonstopgurunonstopguru Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2008 LS 460, only 70 miles, ML/NAV/Comfort plus/rear seat upgrades/Lojack/IPOD software package, for about 12k off the MSRP. Might have done better with some more haggling, but I only spent an hour at the dealer for this purchase. I also sprung for the refundable if not used 2yr warranty extension for 1900, did not seem like a bad choice for a car like this, given what interest rates are these days letting them have my money for 6 yrs does not cost much in lost interest if I get the refund, and if I do not get the refund it means I used the warranty.
  • georget3georget3 Member Posts: 53

    Congrats on your wonderful purchase. Can you explain in further details how the refundable extended warranty works? Such as, who is the warranty underwriter, Lexus or a third party? What criteria is used to make the refund?
  • nonstopgurunonstopguru Member Posts: 2
    The underwriter is an entity called "lexus car extra". As I understood it, it is some sort of affliate of Lexus. It covers years 5 and 6. If repairs are needed, each time I can choose to either use the warranty to pay for it or pay for it myself. If I never use the warranty for anything, I get the amount refunded at the end of the term. If I use the warranty for any repairs, then there will be no refund.
  • ldubb1ldubb1 Member Posts: 4
    Who's offering the best deals in the Chicago area? Is it anything close to the S.F. Bay area? 20K off MSRP is unheard of around here.
  • xierxier Member Posts: 99
    ldubb1 - feel free to do some research and even read this thread to find out the info you are looking for - if you do you will find 20K is B o G u S. 20K perhaps on a Demo 5K car but on a new car it has not been verified and I'll believe it when I see it.

    Again - from reading this thread and going over to clubL you will see that 14K is a given "OFF" on 08's and 16K and some change is also doable if you can find your color/equip. Best of Luck.
  • carman_09carman_09 Member Posts: 2
    xier, it has been more than a month so not sure if you still check the message posted in this forum. How to pick up or buy $750 Lexus Coupon from Ebay? Thx!
  • flanders1flanders1 Member Posts: 1
    I've been pricing 2007 LS 460, <30K miles, with comfort package, Mark Levinson/Navi and some with pre-collision.

    All in very good condition.

    Average price in DC suburbs is 47K.

    Wondering if others are getting better quotes in other areas for 2007 or 2008.

    Thanks for any input
  • cctdicctdi Member Posts: 82
    According to Edmunds&#146; TMV pricing, the 08 Ls is already selling over 17k off the MSRP. I got a 08 RX 400H in July for my wife from Cherry Lexus in South Jersey with only 3.5k off the MSRP, now the same car sells 6-7k off! I wish I wouldn&#146;t had gotten my 08 535xi and 750Li earlier last year from the BMW right next door to the Lexus; the car market is crashing down just like the housing, 5 miles away from my house, the FC Kerbeck Dealership was selling 07 and 08 Caddys in half price when I drove by the dealer&#146;s lots this morning on my way to work.
  • wmackwmack Member Posts: 3
    I'm planning to buy a new LS460 and wanted to know what people are paying. The car I'm looking at has a MSRP of 69, 100 (basic navigation system and the comfort package). The opening offer by the dealer was 64,000. What is a good price to target?

    Any advice is appreciated!!
  • rocky46rocky46 Member Posts: 2
    I wanted to buy one also but didn't want the GPS and comfort package as I don't think it is worth the few thousand dollars. They call that as an option, but it seems all cars come with this add-on. The price I quoted for what you want is also 64k. I won't buy for another few months and I would be interested to know what you will pay if you are buying soon. Where are you? I live in the SF bay area.

  • wmackwmack Member Posts: 3
    Dallas - There are two dealership in town and four more within 200 miles that are competing for my business. As the month winds down I'll see how bad they want my business. I'll let you know.
  • wmackwmack Member Posts: 3

    I ended up at 12.5% under MSRP.
  • georgeh5georgeh5 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for your information! Looks like not many people are buying LS 460 lately.

    Will try my luck!
  • engineerkmrengineerkmr Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2009 LS SWB, RWD. Sticker was $66,034 I paid $58, 800.

    You can easily take off around 10% off the sticker. I am in Maryland and bought the vehicle from a dealer in Manmouth, New Jersey.

    Big dealer with lots of inventory. My local dealer in Maryland was selling me a used 2008 model with 13, 500 miles for the same price.

  • georgeh5georgeh5 Member Posts: 8
    Hi, SK:

    Thanks for the info.

    What options on your LS to get MSRP $66,034? Looks like Navigation + comfort package would put MSRP $69,100.


  • engineerkmrengineerkmr Member Posts: 2

    Sorry for getting back to you so late.

    The options it had were the basic Comfort Package and some other accessories like cargo net, all weather mats etc. I did not want a navigation as you cannot operate or change the destination on it while moving. I heard its a nuisance sometimes.

    Hope this helps.

  • mdxfan3mdxfan3 Member Posts: 17
    Car Man Host or Anyone else,

    Does anyone have any info as to the arrival date of the 2010 LS460s? Also, has anyone heard if cash back incentives will be offered on remaining 09s again like last year?

    I'm looking at buying a remaining 09 versus waiting for a 10 model. Assuming I can get my color choice on a 09, if Lexus offers a $6K rebate again, that might be the way to go as I plan to keep the car at least 6 years.

    Any suggestions???

  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    Ken, is it known yet if there are going to be any changes in the 2010?
  • mdxfan3mdxfan3 Member Posts: 17

    There are no changes that I am aware of for 2010--probably just the usual tweaks. My question is primarily deciding between the 09 and 10 model from a financial standpoint factoring in possible cash back rebates and lower negotiated prices for remaining 09 stock compared with having less depreciation on a 2010 model.

    I would also prefer doing something soon which is why I was wondering if anyone heard as to the timing of the 10s arrival. Possibly waiting until October is quite a way off.

    So if anyone has heard anything about possible rebates for remaining 09s, the timeframe of the 10s arrival, or a suggestion about going with a discounted 09 versus 10, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts!

  • sleeper41sleeper41 Member Posts: 5
    Just picked up the car yesterday at noon. Bought it at Lexus of North Miami Beach, from a good guy I'd recommend highly, Harry Faitelson. I bought it for $350 below dealer invoice, which they showed me and it had all the info ((TDA 796 ?, Whsl Financial Reserve $636) on it, even the dealer Holdback amount ($1,273)! List was $69,090, paid $61,804.50 The deal I negotiated was for actual dealer invoice, when I reviewed the Buyer's Order, I noted the $699 Pre-Delivery Service Fee. I told them this was a deal breaker and to forget it. They told me it was cast in stone. I walked. The called back and said they would split it, hence the price.

    J. Ali
  • battie4battie4 Member Posts: 4
    I talked to a dealer and he said 2010 lexus ls are coming out in about 4 weeks or so. He did say though that the 2010 model would be significantly cheaper than the 09? Not sure if that is true or not
  • janine5janine5 Member Posts: 1
    Any feedback out there regarding Chicago area Lexus dealers? BEST PRICES? Easiest to deal with? What is a reasonable discount on this car?
  • kjoskjos Member Posts: 2
    HI All,
    First time posting so go easy on me. I am looking for a LS460 AWD with a sticker of 71,455. Any thoughts on how much over invoice I should pay and what the out the door cost. I live in Maryland?
    all thoughts appreciated!
  • kjoskjos Member Posts: 2
    I know if the DC area i've been getting prices 2K over invoice with an out the door price of 71K (6% sales tax). I hope this helps
  • hunghuahunghua Member Posts: 4
    Hello I have been reading about these great deals on the ls 460's and want to know if there is any known dealer inventory of the older models. I am willing to fly and drive back for the right deal. I am in southern california and have already sent an e-mail to sacramento Lexus. Ideally, I would like to be in the $50-58k range and must have a 460L.
  • gregandemgregandem Member Posts: 1
    Was in the dealer today and they are trying to get me to trade my '08 LS in four months earlier and lease a '10 because the residual rates are "high" and the money factor is "low". classic! Car_Man, do you have the actual residuals and money factors for Lexus in Dec? they say it's for "December to Remember". I'm in Dallas. Would be for LS with Nav and Comfort package. Thanks!
  • fromsocalfromsocal Member Posts: 6
    I All,
    First time posting so go easy on me. I am looking for a 2011 LS460 RWD with package B ($3150), how much over invoice I should pay in South California ?

    all thoughts appreciated!
  • sleeper41sleeper41 Member Posts: 5
    In September 2009, as the 2010 were about to arrive, I paid $900 under invoice for a 2009 LS460 at Lexus of N. Miami Beach. I searched the "net" for the dealer with the most LS 460's left over. They had 34.
  • fromsocalfromsocal Member Posts: 6
    sleeper41, thanks a lot
  • thbellthbell Member Posts: 15
    Car Man: I am placing a special order for a 2012 Lexus 460L AWD with several optional packages, which will take 3-4 months for delivery. The car with my options currently has a factory invoice of $77,446 and a MSRP of $84,100 according to the Edmunds website. The dealer has offered a selling price for the car of $2,500 over factory invoice (whatever that ends up being at the time, which the dealer will show me). Any reaction to the fairness of that price?

    Many thanks.

  • chocolatecruchocolatecru Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I am looking to lease a 2013 LS460 F-Sport RWD 36 months 12000 miles, could you please let me know what the money factory and residual is for this month in NYC, as well as a rough estimate of what I should expect to pay over invoice.
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