Lexus LS 460 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    difficult to box yourself in when you are too specific in wanting certain color or gives the dealer more leveraging power when negotiating as they probably know this info as well....(btw, don't tell them what color you like!) general, the best time is typical end of july to end of wanting it b/4 Xmas is the determining factor in how much more you want to give the dealer....darryl44 is absolutely correct in his assessment of early depreciation on the 07 vs. i intend to keep my LS >10 yrs, depreciation is a moot the question ya gotta ask yourself is how much are you willing to give them to get black/black b/4 Xmas?????
  • booyabruinsbooyabruins Member Posts: 5
    I just picked up my new 2007 LS460 yesterday at $1500 over invoice. Sticker 68k, purchase price ~61k. I'm in Northern California.
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    AWESOME!!! I think you've gotten the best deal yet...what options do you have on the vehicle....sounds like your missing the ML audio system?
  • booyabruinsbooyabruins Member Posts: 5
    Thanks, I was pretty satisfied. Options included: comfort pkg, lexus link, nav, park assist, power trunk and pref accessory pkg.
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    i've got the same as you...with the addition of the ML audio...paid 2K more than you though...i think it's worth it though and will help with the resale later on....happy ridin'....don't forget to join the other forum where you'll find lots of us!!!
  • jdedmundsjdedmunds Member Posts: 13
    That's a very good price. I see that Lexus prices are much better in the East and West Coast. I can't get pricing like that in Houston. Congratulations.

    I wanted Black/Black so I paid the price, which was $62K. The dealer gave me a clear bra worth about $500. That's the best they could do. Happy motoring.
  • natenj1971natenj1971 Member Posts: 174
    My dad is shopping for a 460.
    He was quoted $63k for a 2007 LS 460 with:
    - Comfort Package
    - Lexus voice-activated HDD Navigation System
    - Intuitive Parking Assist
    - Power door closers and power rear trunk
    MSRP is $67,565.00
    This would be his first Lexus purchase. Currently drives a 2004 430 S Class.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  • needtobuycarneedtobuycar Member Posts: 3
    I am in Northern California too and am looking for a 08 or a 07 ls460. Which dealership did you get your car from ?
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    read thru previous posts.....
  • booyabruinsbooyabruins Member Posts: 5
    coliseum lexus of oakland. feel free to PM me and i'll give you the name of the salesperson i worked with. it was a very quick and easy transaction.
  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    hi..just wondering if you have the contact of that sales who sold you LS for $1500 above invoice.. the best I got offer is $3500 above right now here in Arizona.
  • booyabruinsbooyabruins Member Posts: 5
    I don't think i'm allowed to post the name of the salesperson per forum rules, but if you call the dealership, ask for ext. 130. Feel free to tell him Mike sent you.
  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    Hey guys,
    I've been checking the postings on here the last little while and it's been pretty helpful. Want to get some advice about the pricing.

    Looknig at 2007 LS460 with Nav, comfort package, intuitive parking, preferred link (unfortunuately all comes with it..prefer not to have it).

    The best quote I got is $61695...not sure if I can get it for $1500 over invoice as the recent post did. Planning on asking for 60750..I am not in hurry to get this.. so I dont' mind you guys think they are willing to sell an LS at invoice price if I wait till Nov or Dec? Obviously there might not be a lot left.. but maybe I could get one with more options for just a little more? Or should I just go with $1500-2000 above invoice?

    I like the ML system but not sure if it's worth $2000, plus worry about the harddrive dying as they usually do after 3-4 years. Also, does anyone know if you can play DVD+R on it? I tried to play a MP3 disc I burn and it won't!

  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    Just accepted an offer for LS 460...$60845...MRSP for $68120..with Nav, Comfort pack, intuitive parking, auto trunk, lexus link, pref accessory package.

    I don't know if I could've gotten lower or not.. the guy sent me the info now.. with the dealer's price.. it seems the REAL dealer invoice is actually $2000 less than that published in various sources. So even at that price.. it's still realy $3500+ over invoice.

    I think the lowest I've seen on here is 61000? I think I am gonna get it.. althogh I wonder I should try to get the ML one with $2000 more.. without advance parking etc..

    What do you guys think?
  • daryll44daryll44 Member Posts: 307
    Is this for an '07 or an '08? Remember, in 3 years with 45000 miles an '07 is going to be worth about $6000 to $8000 (my estimate) less than an '08 with the same mileage. So unless you get that much BETTER than the best '08 deal, it's really no deal at all and your brand new car is a year old to begin with. If you keep the car forever, however, then saving the bucks upfront makes sense.
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    i'd get the ML audio....will help in resale later.....keep the car >8yrs and depreciation no longer problem...
  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    Yeah.. I Am really tempted to get the one ML.. the dealer is willing to sell it for $ everything option except for advance parking and comfort plus.

    I do plan to keep the car for a long time.. so the ML will just be for use.. a little worried about the hard drive system though.. my computer hard drives tend to die after 3-4 not sure if the hard drive nav and music system is a good idea or not.. I do like the sound of it.. (more bass clarity for sure). Having a hard time deciding.

    By the way, does the DVD player actually play DVDR? I tried a DVD+R disc with Mp3 and it didn't work.. also can you upload mp3 you copy onto a CDR to the harddrive or you need to use a CD to rip?

  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    Oh.. you guys think it's reasonable to ask to bring the price down to $62,000? The price he gave me is basically based on the same above "invoice" price on the lower option model.

  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    I just made the purchase for the 2007 LS460 after reading all the advice from you guys. They are actually going quite fast here in Phoenix.. hardly any left. Ended up getting a Pearl White, with Nav, comfort package, intuitive park, auto trunk, lexus link...supposedly it has "premium floor mats" but I Am not really sure what the difference is.

    List price of 68450.. got it for 60800 + fees and taxes..kinda got ripped off with the preinstall VIN Itching that they do here.. charged $185 for it.. and didn't think of negotiating that. so I guess it comes to 60985 + taxes and fees.

    Hope that was a good deal.

  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    i don't think you'd have gotten it if they were "flying off the shelf" as you might think...6-7K under msrp is a spankin good deal!!! enjoy the ride! goto now and start sharing your experience with the gang....
  • jdedmundsjdedmunds Member Posts: 13
    I agree with Cowboy. That is a terrific deal. Just last month, I purchased the same car in Black with a 3M clear bra for $62k. You did better than I. Happy motoring. :shades: ">
  • newrnewr Member Posts: 24
    Well.. if you got it with the clear shield, guess it's a pretty close deal... there was one with ML plus all the options mine has with clear shield but a demo with 300 miles on it that I could've gotten for $63100...but I didn't I wanted the clear shield plus a demo..although it would've been nice to have the ML system I think...hope I won't regret it now!

    Any one know what "premium floor mats" are?
  • cowboyatthiswacowboyatthiswa Member Posts: 20
    premium floor mats are just that....heavy and thicker....along the same lines as thread count...the more the better (to a certain extent)...
  • atlas7atlas7 Member Posts: 126
    I just made the purchase for the 2007 LS460

    You got a great deal, your timing was great as they are trying to move the '07's as the 08's are coming in...
  • scotomatascotomata Member Posts: 6
    Leased today. 2008 SWB Granite/Black. Nav/Comfort/Power doors/Lexus Link/Park /Mats/Lojack. MSRP $69,382 Paid Cap Cost $63,795 Cap cost reduction by $750 with Lexus certificate from attending lexus summer function. Money factor .00265 with reduction with multiple security deposits to somewhere around .00180. 48 months 25k/year for additional .20/mile above 15K. Taxes 7.75% Residual $22,224. Monthly payment $1140. I think I did Ok.
  • daryll44daryll44 Member Posts: 307
    Are you saying that they put a $22,000 residual on a 4 year old car with 100,000 miles?
  • scotomatascotomata Member Posts: 6
    Four year residual with 15K miles/year is 44%. Subtract 20 cents a mile for more miles if prepaid. 25 cents a mile after lease.
  • furlmfurlm Member Posts: 1
    Have found a price of $65,000 on a 2007 demo(starfire pearl/cashmere) with comfort plus package(ML-adv parking, etc with 3300 miles on it. List is $73.000. I'm in a small western New York market with little movement on price. Should I buy 2008 or is this a good price.
  • daryll44daryll44 Member Posts: 307
    That's near invoice and about what 2007's are going for. The fact that there are 3k miles might require an even lower price, but all in all it's pretty close to market from what I can gather.
  • jkd740jkd740 Member Posts: 2
    What do you think? Is this a good deal?

    2008 LS460 - Comfort package with additional options, MSRP is 70420. Deal I have worked now is for $65,500. Should I jump on this or keep working them? They don't seem to want to budge much more. Let me know your thoughts.
  • daryll44daryll44 Member Posts: 307
    5 grand off a 2008? I'd JUMP on it.
  • molonlabemolonlabe Member Posts: 4
    Hi gang,
    Here's what I want to buy: '08 L version, obsidian/black/med brown walnut; luxury package. MSRP on this is $75,045. Here are my questions:

    1) I'm willing to either go get it or have it shipped to get net savings, so would like to have an easy way to get quotes from dealers across the US. All the online sources I've seen generate quotes from your local zip code. Anyone know of a tool to generate quotes nationally?

    2) For a factory order (I'm assuming I won't find exactly what I'm looking for in anyone's lot inventory), what discount from MSRP should I expect? I'm looking at it as "free money" to the dealer, who doesn't have to incur any inventory cost but not sure how that argument plays.

    3) Am considering either buying the Teleios wheels from or just getting the standard 18" alloy wheels and having them chromed by an after-market provider. Any opinions on this?

    Thanks for the help!!!
  • daryll44daryll44 Member Posts: 307
    If you have no issues with a trade-in, why not just prepare a fax "TO THE SALES MANAGER" and send your request for bids to as many Lexus dealers as you are comfortable with (in terms of how far you are willing to ship)? And see who gives the best bid.
  • molonlabemolonlabe Member Posts: 4
    Thanks, Daryl. I was hoping to find a less time-consuming option (e.g. send one email or request) rather than having to contact all the dealers individually, but there may be no other alternative.
  • ultra64ultra64 Member Posts: 19
    Just do dealer quotes via Edmunds. Change your zipcode and you will get prices from dealers all over the county if you wish. You can get different prices by changing your zip code at carsdirect-southern California usually has the lowest prices for Lexi!
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425

    Do you live in a state where discounts are hard to come by on the LS's? If so, I can understand your desire to order outside your region. However, if you live in a competitive market, such as where I live (SoCal), dealers wil undercut each other all day long.

    Unless you own your own trucking company, putting that puppy on a flat-bed will run you at the very least, $1,000!

    As for a factory order, it's not always a slam dunk. The dealer can put in your request on how you want the vehicle built, but the factory may or may not accept the build order based upon factory limitations etc.

    In regards to the "free money"... sure, a dealer would gladly place a special order for you (with a deposit, of course). You can bet the ranch the dealer doesn't want a $75k vehicle lurking in his inventory that otherwise wouldn't have been there. However, I do think you can negotiate a good price on a special order, but remember, an LS is not a "$500 over" car, and thus you'll probably get whatever type of pricing that your area is currently offering regardless of whether you order or take a car out an existing inventory.

    Overall, there's quite a bit of front-end profit on the LS's. Even though it's Lexus' flagship, good deals can be negotiated. If you do decide to place a factory order, negotiate the price and have it in writing signed by someone at the dealer who has the authority to make it binding.

    As for the chromes, a dealer will always get them chromed for you or flip them from another car, usually at full retail of around $2k-$3k. There's a solid 50% mark-up in that type of item, so if you get them to slash the price in half, you're good. Also, if you're leasing, a portion of the rims can be residualized!

    Good Luck!
  • swiftmswiftm Member Posts: 68
    Molonlabe: This is what I do.
    1. Go to and get all lexus dealers internet dept email.
    2. Generate one email, paste to whoever you want to deal with. Only deal with internet manager.
    3. No phone number given and stated no phone call please. You will call them with the car you are interested in.
    4. Email or fax the detail sticker to you with VIN# to match, DO NOT register the car or pay local tax if out of state, depends on which state, you have three days in transport, or have the thing deliver to your drive way, I did it four times.
    5. You can also present lowest price to the local or nearest dealer for competitive bits.
    With VIN# and the check is in the mail, buy insurance before anything moves. Happy shopping. Given us feed back how well you did.
  • molonlabemolonlabe Member Posts: 4
    Yes, there are only 2 dealers in my city and they don't tend to be interested in competitive prices. My understanding is that I may save enough out-of-state to come out ahead even after the shipping. Or it could give me an excuse to grab a one-way flight and enjoy a long drive home with my new machine.

    Thanks for all the thoughts....good stuff!
  • molonlabemolonlabe Member Posts: 4
    Swift--this is awesome info...thanks! I don't see internet dept. emails on the site. I can get links to each individual dealer's site, where some have internet dept. phone numbers but I don't see an easy way to grab email addresses. Am I missing something?

    Also, can you clarify your point #4? I'm not following you on the register/local tax/transport points.
    Thanks again.
  • swiftmswiftm Member Posts: 68
    Molonlabe: Most of the email addresses posted on are the internet dept. As for #4 question: You would want to pay the taxes where you live, not both places; clarify the detail with the seller before your purchase, it can be a substantial amount added to the car, and you would want everything in writing of course. I am also looking for a LS, but not in a rush. swiftm001
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    2008 LS460 SWB (Silver/Grey) with following options:
    -Comfort Pkg.
    -Intuitive Park Assist
    -Power Trunk/Door Closer
    -Lexus Link
    -Preferred Acc.Pkg.

    MSRP: $68,705.00

    Selling Price: $63,855.00

    ~$5k off/~$3500 over invoice.

    Car will be here in 2 weeks... can't wait!!!
  • jdedmundsjdedmunds Member Posts: 13
    Ocautoseeker, that is a very good deal, considering it is a 2008. Houston dealers would not discount that much on a new car. Congratulations and enjoy your ride.
  • venkatbvenkatb Member Posts: 8
    Can someone advise me on prices for a 2007 LS in the New York metro to Princeton, NJ area - I have a price quote of around $ 7K below MSRP (around 72). Appreciate feedback on purchase/lease experiences.

  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    $7k off an '07 is a good price. If you pay cash or finance, go for it! If leasing, pop for an '08, cuz residual will be much better. Lease rates should be good in December for Lexus' annual holiday event.

    Expect between $4500-$5500 off an '08 in your market.

    Good Luck!
  • venkatbvenkatb Member Posts: 8
    Thanks ocautoseeker - trying to push the deal a little further - low volume dealer in a remote part of the tri-state area - trying to see if I can get below invoice by about $ 2K. Shall keep you posted - thanks.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    I never say never, but it's doubtful that you'll be able to purchase an LS under invoice. In fact, at $7k off MSRP, you're still ~$1500 over invoice. Which, by the way, is a smokin' deal on an LS.

    Lexus dealers will blow out ES's, IS's, and RX's all day long for $500 over. The LS, unfortunately is NOT a $500 over car. I'd say that you might be able to knock another $500 off, but much more than that might be a big stretch. But, if you're up for the grind, I say go for it!

    Good luck and please report back on your final price. It's always helpful to see what other's are able to negotiate.

    BTW... what options does your car have on it?
  • venkatbvenkatb Member Posts: 8
    Sorry ocautoseeker for this belated reply - we put our car buying in temporary stall - got a quote of 65.5 for a 2007 with MSRp of 72+ and has self-parking / ML-NAV / Comfort package and a few other smaller options. Not interested in self-parking - Negotiating similar or better discount at another dealer who has above car without self-parking. Getting distracted by low mileage pre-owned 2006 with ultra luxury available in mid-40s - confused!!!
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    Best of luck to you in your decision making. Either way, they're both great cars. Many LS enthusiasts believe that the '06 model was the best LS ever built.

    On another note...

    Dealer sold an LS out from under me after I had given them a deposit and negotiated a price of ~$5k off MSRP. They claimed it was a mistake. Whatever! Took biz elsewhere while they were still scrambling to figure out what happened. Got lucky and found another one a few miles up the road and actually negotiated an even better deal. $6k total off an '08... very happy!

    I did make sure that the deposit amount was not charged to my CC since the original dealer did not deliver as promised.

    Love the car!
  • holewholew Member Posts: 71
    I doubt if you will be able to get an LS460 below dealer invoice, but then why not try. I purchased a new 2002 LS430 in Nov2001. I thought I got a good deal but later discovered I paid about $1000 too much. Back then the mark up from INVOICE price was $8000. So I offered to split the $8000 and told the salesman I would pay them $4000 above dealer invoice. I guess he must have wet his pants. He jumped up from the desk and ran to get the manager. The manager tried to get another $500 out of me but after 20 minutes of this BS stuff he aid OK. Later I found out that other dealers in the area were discounting that same car $5000 off of invoice.

    So now I just start offering them some way low price of perhaps one thousand below invoice. I shop in an area where there are three or more dealers. My 2002 LS430 was purchased from Silver Spring Lexus in Maryland which is a suburb of Washington, DC. There are 6 Lexus dealers in and around Washington in Maryland and Virginia.

    If I ever buy another Lexus product I will shop more intensively and aggressively. On an LS460 I would never pay more then $1500 over invoice and then that would be after trying very hard to get the car at invoice. The bottom line is HOW HUNGRY IS THE DEALER. If the economy is sick, even business at lux car dealers will decline. So wait the dealer out and try some of the INTERNET pricing services. They are for real and you will get pricing calls from several dealers which will save you a lot of time and perhaps BS.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Member Posts: 425
    Obviously, certain markets demand different pricing, but here in SoCal, $3k over is a steal on an LS460 (swb). Most internet/fleet departments have been quoting anywhere from $3500-$5500 over.

    There's about $8400 in front-end gross profit on these cars, but most dealers won't let them go for any less than $2k over, if they even go that low. Best deal I have been able to negotiate thus far was $2500 over.
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