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Chevy Silverado - Continued XV



  • bob332bob332 Posts: 137
    The year, drive and engine basically comes down to how much money you are willing to spend vs truck needs. My Opinions: Wait for the 2001 models. Naturally they will cost more money, but I would do it and hopefully they will not have some of the problems that have been in the 99 and 01 models and it will be a current model and not already one year old. A lot of people on this topic seem to have the 4wd with a 4.10 ratio. That seems to be the in-thing to purchase, even though a lot of owners appear to not need the costly 4wd, but to each his own and if that is what a person wants to buy, then so be it. (Freedom of choice) If you are not going to be doing much heavy towing, then get the 3.73 or even the 3.42 with a 2wd unless you live in an area of the country where you NEED and can really make good and often use of a 4wd. I have the 5.3, but from reading these postings it appears the 4.8 has plenty of power and would be more than adequate for you if you are not towing a lot. Bob
  • bob332bob332 Posts: 137
    Any progress on getting your truck back. Since the dealer has kept your truck so long, will gm extend your warranty for all those weeks? Bob
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    using Liquid Nails glue for drywall and 1 5/8 screws.....

    That glue does work too....I had to take a piece off the other day....and entire sheet fits nicely into 2 garbage bags now...


    - Tim
  • thanx for the link. there is a shop listed that's
    walking distance from my shop. if all those
    testimonials are true then it should be worth a
    buck more. one more mobil 1 change (still have
    6qts.) and i think i'm gonna give it a try.
    purple has never been a favorite color ever since
    the One-eyed-purple-people-eater thing back in
    the 60's. no one has ever told me if he exist or
    not either.
  • if you like liquidating staples glue (as it
    sometimes gets called) then you should try
    PL-400. nope, forget that, you might want to
    remove it and i doubt that all the 2x4's that
    will come down too, will fit in that can. LOL
  • Any opinions on what to use for cleaning and preserving the black vinyl trim around the bumpers and grill on the new Silverado's.
    Thanx Denny
  • is a trick i learned from the bike detailers
    years ago when bike manfs. started the black
    engine craze. believe it or not but the second
    and third coat prevent anything from sticking to
    it. it becomes a routine wipe on wipe off part of

    detailing and does'nt leave an oily film. Or,
    you can do like everyone else and go out and buy
    the gimmicks in the spray bottle, (black
    magic,armour-all, etc.) that attract dirt and
    dust and wash off when water hits 'em.
  • I'm don't know a whole lot about all this engine size and axle ratio stuff but here's basically what I use my truck for. I enjoy hunting and I live in PA so it's definitely nice to have the 4WD around here for that. As far as engine size, I hate getting into a vehicle with a small engine and all you do is listen to it shift up and down every time you come to a hill. If I'm not hauling much does the V8 4800 in the 2000/2001 provide plenty of power for what I want it for. It seems that most people I know go with the 5300 for some reason. Also, does the smaller engine give you any better gas mileage. Would I notice a big difference in power going from the 5.7 V8 in my 97 extended cab to the 4800 V8 in a new 2001 extended cab?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The easiest way would be to test drive both. I had owned both and prefer the 5.3. But that just cause I like to go fast. Most economical is the 4.8 with the 3.42. Most preferred is the 5.3 with the 3.73. Good luck!!


    Check this out:


    When picking up my truck, the Shop Foreman asked me to put a couple thousand miles on the truck and give the new rack and pinion a chance to break in. We haven't discussed extended warranty or buyback at this point. I'm sure either of the topics will arise if I don't dump the truck first like jed1894.

    I'm hoping that more '01 models will arrive at the dealership during the period that I place the couple of thousand miles on the truck. What I'm thinking of doing at this point is make the dealer an offer of invoice on a '01 model and have the dealership remove all the mods on my truck an place on the new one. Not sure if they will go for that idea. However, it will save them a ton of money in warranty costs.

  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Your plan has merit - but the warranty work does not cost the dealer anything - I would think the dealer actually makes a little bit of $$ off the warranty work. I think GM pays them a standard rate for any work. Like 5 hours at $xx per hour plus parts to replace the defective steering components.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You are correct that they do get paid from the factory. On the performance of my last TSB, r/r rack and pinion, lower control arms, p/s metering valve, and alignment. Dealer was given 3.8 hours labor by GM. Actual labor time exceeded 25 hours. They do not recover the 21.2 labor hours in excess. Nor do they recover the time it takes to diagnose the problem. That is why a lot of them will say "couldn't duplicate or verify the problem". It's not that they couldn't, more like they didn't have the time to do so in the first place. Probably test drove truck for a couple of miles and figured nothing was wrong. Another thing was that we took an extended test drive, about one hour with the shop foreman and tech. GM doesn't reimburse them for that either. The service manager, shop foreman, and service advisor, when questioned on the labor time available, commented that they will lose money on this one and thank god it's only this one. So you could imagine their faces when I told them "you got to get the word out to other truck owners who suffer the same problem but don't know about this TSB".

    I agree that warranty is a money maker, not as much as after warranty service, but it does make them money. Just don't think they are making any when working on my truck.

  • what i said, Pledge 303. ha ha
  • if you do buy another rado, i have one extra
    front and rear edelbrock shock that i'll be glad
    to give you. i had asked if anyone here wanted
    them and never got a reply, so if you want them
    they're yours.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    If it does go that route and I find any of them damaged by the service dept. after they changed the lower control arms, I'll take you up on it.

  • 87lion87lion Posts: 166
    I've got the 4.8 with 3.42 rear and locker. It is a 2WD longbed extended cab. I'm very pleased with the combination. I have over 9000 miles on it over varying conditions including the hills of PA (but no snow yet). I haven't had any problems with frequent shifting on hills. I use mine for daily commuter, helping friends move, and weekend trips to Lowes or Home Depot. Seems the 5.3 will only drop you about 1-2 mpg and cost you a few hundred more up front but may be better for resale. I intend to keep mine until it dies.

    Tim says get the 6.0 - you can never have too much horsepower.
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    You are right on the money!

    My dad tows in tow/haul and lets the truck decide. He only uses manual overide when he wants more control for lower speed manuvering.

    Mike L
  • I did plan on keeping the 97 I have until the wheels fall off but after 3 transmissions and just spending another $800 to get the rear end fixed (replaced all kinds of bearings)...I thinks it's time to move on. It has 60,000 miles on could end up nickle and diming me to death pretty soon.
  • bob332bob332 Posts: 137
    Sounds like the 4.8 would be more than adequate for your needs and you can save a lot of dollars over the 5.3. My understanding is that the 4.8 has been a very good engine and has lots of power. It would have been my choice if it had not been that I was wanting to be prepared in the future to pull a fifth wheel travel trailer. The 3.42 ratio would also be a good combination with the 4.8 if you go with the 2wd. If you decide to go 4wd, I don't believe gm makes the 3.42 available with the 4wd., then get the 3.73. Bob
  • bob332bob332 Posts: 137
    Mike, I am with your dad all the way. Bob
  • edd4edd4 Posts: 22
    This morning with transmission in "park" the idle speed slowed down until engine stalled. No roughness, just quit running. Idle speed dropped too low several more times when I stopped. Then after driving about 15 miles on highway, the problem went away. Any one else?? 5.3L, auto, 1500 4X4
  • I have the 4.8 4wd and mine has a rough idle and seems like it wants to die but hasn't yet. The dealer says GM nows about this problem, but no fix yet.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    has anyone with Firestones on their rado have any problems as of this date? Does any of the recommended tire pressure on your doors read 26 psi? Just checkin to make sure GM isn't as foolish as Ford. What a price to pay for a smoother ride....

  • rskrsk Posts: 38
    GM calls for 35 PSI all the way around for a 1500 with the Z-71 suspension and Firestone Wilderness AT 265/75R-16 tires. I run 35 PSI in the front and 30 in the rear UNLOADED and 35 PSI with a load in the bed. 35 PSI is to much air pressure for the rear tires when there is no load in box. The tires will wear in the center only. The fronts should be kept at 35 PSI as this gives uniform wear across the tires.

    I have had no problems with my tires and I don't plan on changing them out just because Ford is having problems. Which IMHO I believe is a combination of three things which are

    1. A low recommended air pressure (26 PSI) from Ford.

    2. Most people don't check bother to check the air pressure in their tires.

    3. People driving to fast (75-80 MPH). This an AT type tire which have a high profile and heavy tread lugs (there is a big difference between the ATs Ford use and the tires GM use). They are not a high performance street radial.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    There are talks ongoing on adding another 1.5 million firestone tires to the current 6.5 million currently under recall. If so happens that yours are under recall as they are looking at all Wilderness brand, I'm assuming you would change them out regardless of recommended psi and GM specifications?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I think that the uproar is due to defective products that have been covered up by the manufacturers. Had the recall come at an earlier point in time, I believe the fallout would have been far less. Rather the delay by Firestone made it look like they were calculating what their acceptable losses would be as more people died. I also think that there would be an uproar if people started dying from contaminated beer rather than the overconsumption of it. just my opinion...

  • Ryan

    believe your the only one who has used the
    product. At the Zaino website looks like
    most bottles are 8oz. How much did it take
    to do your truck. I have two trucks and a
    car so trying to figure how much to order.
    Site recommends multi-coats.

    Going to order Z-1, Z-2, Z-5, Z-6, Z-12.

  • is the expert on all aftermarket and truck care
    products. that's how we've all learned about how
    to wax our trucks. i would'nt have known about
    zaino myself if it were'nt for the whiz kid.
    heck, i did'nt even know you were suppose to
    change oil in these trucks until Ryan pointed
    this out to us.

    good day,
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    one point for red...LOL


    How old are the trucks? Lot of swirl marks?

  • bcobco Posts: 756
    i've used the zaino products too and highly recommend them for dark colors. my wife's jimmy is the "light pewter" color, so i won't use the zaino on it. but my 'rado is i use the zaino products and like them. if you go to and type "kwerking" in as the member album you want to see, you can see a pic of my 'rado with a fresh coat of zaino on it. it lasts and protects for a good while also. can't remember off hand what size the bottles are, but i've put three coats on my 'rado, and one on my wife's old altima and i'd say i've got another 2-3 coats for my 'rado left in it.

  • rskrsk Posts: 38

    If they (Firestone or GM) recalls my truck because of tires I will be there in a flash. Why
    I figure my tires are about 1/3 through there useful life span and like Mledtje I wouldn't mind
    getting a new set of tires or free. However I seriously doubt that the tires on my truck will be recalled. The tires that are in the warning from the NHTSA are all older tire and do not included the Firestone Wilderness ATs used by GM. Go to the following web site for complete details.

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