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    On the synthetic grease issue, I've read several articles saying that it was much better than conventional grease, particulary in wheel bearing applications. Much like synthetic oil, the Mobil 1 grease has much better resistance to high temperature breakdown. I don't know if there would be any measurable difference when it was used in ball joints, steering linkage, etc.

    On the break-in period deal, I damn sure didn't mean to open up that can of worms again!! Lots of folks have cited the fact that Corvettes, Porsches, Jaguars, etc. all come factory filled with synthetic oil, so it must be OK to use synthetic from the get-go. Me, I would just rather wait a while to be sure. My dealer said it was OK to switch at 1,000 miles if I wanted to, but recommended I wait until the engine quit using oil, so that's what I did.
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    I've heard that it is normal for a vehicle to use oil during its break in period. I have never experienced this on any of my new vehicles including the rado and Denali. I was just curious if you have experienced the oil usage during break in other than on your silverado?

    I forgot about using grease in the wheel bearings. Are we supposed to do that on the newer vehicles? Remember doing it on the older 70's and 80's vehicles but not on the newer ones.
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    I've also been using it for quite awhile.

    There was a guy in England trying to make a completely new motorcycle called an FF for Feet Forward. He had center hub steering and complex linkage for the steering. He couldn't find a grease that wouldn't wash out of the linkage. Just driving in the rain washed all the grease out and the steering got unpredictable. Until he tried Mobil 1 grease that is. The Mobil 1 was unaffected by water, rain, road wash, etc.

    That is when I started to use it. Admittedly, we have rubber shields on all the tie rod ends, etc. But, it isn't hard to imagine one getting torn on a thorn when off road, and getting exposed to water and wash out. Just like the oil, it is cheap insurance for a vehicle I want to keep a long, long time. It probably isn't needed, but it isn't much money, it can't hurt and it might help.

    $1.00 - .98

    Mike L
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    Since these trucks are meant to run on dino for the life of the truck, why rush in to M-1? I waited 10,000mi before switching to M-1. I'm sure the engine is now broke in, and might last longer in the future. I noticed improved gas mileage at about 6k mi. from 13.5 to 19 hwy. I figured that's when the engine broke in. But I waited a few thousand mi more, just to be sure
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    I changed my oil

    took 30 minutes

    Only bad thing dropped the filter in pan and made a huge splash

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    play football, huh...fumbling the oil filter may be hazardous to you health...LOL

    Well at least its on to bigger and better things. Ever thought of trying to change a cam or pistons? (just joking)!!

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157 this the first time for you or what?...i was about 10 when i helped pops change oil...


    I changed the factory oil at about 1000...then put regular oil in for 3000...then M15-30 at about 4K. My 6.0 has 21K miles and runs fine...

    - Tim
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    old - Was that on a steam engine? hehehehehe

    born in the 60's.....

    Ryan, did you prefill the oil filter?
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    Don't tell Ryan what'll happen if he doesn't prefill his oil filter....he may not sleep tonight... ;)

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    We've been dabbling around with the local dealer for a few months and I guess I was burning out at the critical point --- I knew I should pull in other dealers but didn't want to carve out the time.

    Our local guys refused to budge by the $500 extra we needed to feel good, so 4 calls later the guy in the next town over met our price. $4k off from the dealer puts him right at invoice and, after the rebate puts us $1k below.

    Headed over to make a shake down test drive and then drive of in our indigo blue Z71. I sure hope we don't walk into a bait 7 switch or some such, cause we're excited. I feel a little bad about the local guy, but he gambled.

    Now we decide whether to go with the 3" lift...
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    check Tim's site when you have time.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm in no hurry to change to M1, just currious when others did. Did you reset the message center when you changed oil at 1k and 4k?
    Just wanta to make this engine last as long as my 5.7L did in my '86 Burb - drove that beast for 15 years and 195k miles - used Pennzoil 10W30 and fram filters - that was sweet beast. Yeah the engine was getting tired but I could still go 2000 miles on a quart of oil. Got a little puff of blue smoke on cold engine start, but didn't think that was too bad for its age. So, just wanna make the rado last as long with as little repair as the 5.7L.

    ALWAYS prefill the filter when you change oil! Good advice guys!

    P.S. - I hate to show my age, but I bet I've been changing oil longer than most of you have been alive - but don't call me OLD.

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    Whoops - except for those darned side mounted Ford filters. Hard to keep the oil in when you turn the filter on its side!

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    First off John is your truck color carmine haha j/k

    I only dropped the damn filter cause it got stuck on the skid plate. Also i used no jack stands at all. Truck just sat on the floor pretty easy to get under there.

    Yes i did prefill the filter

    I have helped my dad change oil but i actually did it myself he just sat back and watched to make sure i did it right.

    Oh yea check out

    Type in ryanbab

    I added some new pics. Closeups of the tail light guards, one with it next to my mom and dads blazer and one with the sticker you can actually see.

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    aka: virus magnets.
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    That's why Peter Norton has so much money...
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    ..AMD for me...

    Oil Light....I can only seem to re-set it when it goes off?....or at least it will only flash if it's gone off..

    The light comes on at about 4200-4800 for me...and I usually go another 1000 or so after that before I change it....

    - Tim
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    never seen it. always done my changes before it goes off. do reset it each time though, and it does whatever it's s'posed to (flash three times or whatever, can't remember right now) each time i do it.

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    Turn ignition to on position
    Press gas pedal 5 times quickly
    Oil light flashes 5 times

    Oh yea i didnt mention and totally forgot last friday when i was drying my truck i had the ext cab window popped out. Well the little black latch broke. The window wasnt attatched to the truck. I just had to snap it back together and its been fine since.


    GO CUBS GO!!! haha

    They are gonna lose watch ill be right behind 1st base line so everyone watch for me.

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    ...we don't know what you like like?

    ....unless you bring the ado with you in teh stands?

    - Tim
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    hahahahaha yea itll be by the visitors dugout.

    Um i know what ill be in a blue cubs hat does that help???

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    The backs of both bucket seats in my 2000 4 door rock back and forth, probably about a half inch at the top. Every time you hit the gas you move back. Every time you touch the brakes, you pitch forward. Not dangerous, just irritating as the dickens. The dealer has contacted GM, & he says the word is that its "normal". The dealer replaced the seat in another 2000 about six weeks ago, and he says the replacement was worse than the original. We checked out four new units on the lot, & two were rock solid, & the other two were like mine. Anyone else run into this problem?
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    I'm not a total gearhead but I've been around the block (get it?) and I've NEVER heard of prefilling the filter during an oil change. Please explain.

    Oh, Ryan, thanks for all the info on your lining, I'm certainly getting one sprayed in before winter starts, which is usually mid-Nov around here. And yes, I've got the solid Indigo Blue with Black flares, dark tinted rear windows, etc. Our trucks look the same except mine's a year newer, but probably dirtier.

    Don't wanna turn this into a PC forum, but Micron builds better PCs because the people here overall have a good work ethic, are very friendly and trusting, and the company treats the employees well. There's always exceptions but if you get a Micron PC you'll have a good experience and also be working with good people. I don't work for Micron PC but I know alot of people who do.
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    oil goes thru all parts of the engine...includng the filter....a dry, empty filter will cause more of a delay before the "erl" hits the engine....get it?

    To fill it ahead of time takes out that "dry" run that will take place as the engine pumps the filter full...once full..then the oil can flow..

    Now while this is not a life or death thing...(I never did it for years on various cars) most certainly helps...

    - Tim
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    I don't "fix" and "troubleshoot"; I "use," "work" and "play." I own no virus checker, and I don't need Norton. I own a Mac.

    (Of course my wife uses Windows, so I do have to fix her's. Quite often).

    Back on topic, I think I'll try that Zaino wax that some on the list like to use. Sounds like it gives quite a finish.

    Is it available in local stores, or is it best just to order it on the web site?

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    Sal Zaino is the old fashioned type. Doesn't even accept charge cards. Yep, go to the website, print out the order form, check off what you want, get the calculator and total, write check, write envelope, attach stamp and mail.

    Good luck!!!
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    If you email Sal and ask if he has any local dealers in your area, he will usually respond within 24 hours. Sure beats using the mail as I found a dealer 5 minutes away from my office.
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    Nope - Victory Red. My family has 4 red vehicles. When they are all parked on the driveway, looks like a darned fire station!

    Carmine is for the old farts, I'm still young at heart.

    That's the neat part of a truck - just pull it in the garage and drop the plug, no need to use ramps or anything. Even my boyish figure still fits under my 2500.

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    did your dad teach you how to use the grease gun? or is that in another topic? I'm sure you know where all the zerks are from bco's pictures. You didn't mention whether you greased the truck or not....if not, think you should....LOL

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    In my 2000 LT, the drivers seat did that rockin thing. Took it in, they ordered a part, brought it back when the part came in, now fixed. seat recliner was the part they got. I remember others that had the same problem, and had it fixed
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    I am going to grease the truck when i rotate the tires. I didnt forget dont worry.

    Cubs lost :(

    7 hrs all by houston

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    Nice pics! Your truck looks FINE!

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    Ditto here on the drivers side when I first purchased my PU. Part replaced was "F-Recliner" part # 12477294. Resolved my problem. Hope this helps!

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Thanks John
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    I am a new member here. I usually post over at
    pacific-audio's site so some of yall I might know.

    Anyways, here is a link to some pictures of my
    I have a 99 Silverado with a 3 inch body lift and
    33x12.50 tires and a whole lot more stuff.
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    camera - how about some pictures of you and DQ? A guy can only look at so many grease zerks.
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    Welcome to Edmunds. Nice ride. Had any problems with the K&N Gen II air induction kit?

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    Does anyone know if the cabin air filters are available aftermarket,eg.Pep Boys. I paid $16.00 at the dealer and had to call around as not all dealers had the filters in stock.
  • dallas75dallas75 Member Posts: 72
    As far as I know are only available at a GM dealer.

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    clean looking truck. what did the wheels cost
    you? also, the ngk 55 plugs, did they make a
  • danielz71danielz71 Member Posts: 3
    I paid $450 dollars for the rims and lug nuts. The reason I changed spark plugs is that a lot of people on pacific auio's site were taking there spark plugs out and finding that the platinum tips were coming off. The spark plugs helped my truck idle better too. I haven't had any problems with the K&N air induction kit. I have read that some people with the old body style silverados have had problems with the kit but I haven't heard of any problems with them on the new Silverados
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    thanks for the info about the plat. plugs. tips
    falling off, "very interesting".
    on the ngk's, did they also make a differenc
    other than idle?
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    thanks for the response. Was thinking to change to the K&N or Volant as either one looks better than my airaid.

    cabin air filters

    Called five dealers including both Chevy and GMC dealers. No one stocks them and had to special order. Seven days and counting.

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    you want pics of dq??? ok?

  • 750hill750hill Member Posts: 29
    thanks for the information on zaino.
    ordered one of about all system - that way
    can see what use and how far each will go.
    printed out form and sent snail mail.
    With my vehicles and folks car different
    formulas won't go to waste.

    bco - the computer pics is getting
    expensive. Got talked into upgrading to
    a notebook laptop. Never say never - not
    going to spend over $1000 -- its over $2000.
    Probably more than need but friends
    love to be helpful!!! - We haven't even
    started on cameras - ouch!!! [email protected]#* it doesn't
    have a 3.5 floppy at the price but cheaper ones
    did????. Better go by myself for the camera.

    Silverado question - I've change my oil
    twice myself, just pull around back and its
    done. Been using the Delco filter but clerk
    was recommending others. Has anyone found better
    filters to use???. At least with trucks one
    can still do a few thing - on car no way -
    don't think can slide a pie plate underneath.

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    The spark plugs made the acceleration a little smoother too. Go to and type in NGK tr55 spark plugs or platinum tips falling off spark plugs and a lot of old messages will come up that talk about this.
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    I love my Chevy Silverado, that's all folks.
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    Anybody have a count on the number of grease zerks on a '00 2500? I counted 10. (Wasn't someone going to post some pics of the zerks?)
    Used the Mobil 1 synthetic chasis grease for the first time - its a nice plum color, not black like the lithium based greases.
    Change oil for the first time at 1901 miles and used 10W30 dino oil. Oil was dirtier than I expected! Noted that the drain plus has a little magnet "[non-permissible content removed]" on the end - anyone else notice this?
    Took you guys advice - will wait before going to M1.

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    Go to

    Type in KWERKING in the visit album to the left


    PS your welcome kyle
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    I missed #11.

    Thanks. You went to a lot of effort to post those pics. Appreciate your work!

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