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Chevy Silverado - Continued XV



  • The car is a 2001, and Silverado is 2000,
    but the 3rd is 1986 dark blue Chevy with
    a 100,000 miles and all kinds of marks.

  • Went to your website. See what you mean
    about Zaino and black. To post pics
    what devices are needed. I've had several
    E-mails wanting pics of my car but so out
    touch with new computer hardware have no
    idea on equipment required.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Thanks but i am not the expert on the waxing or anything. I claim to know some stuff but not all.

    I used Z1 (twice so far) Z2 (once on my silverado and once on my dads blazer still have half a bottle) and Z5 which i have used 3 times once on each vehicle at my house used most of the bottle

  • For those that love their P265x75R16 Wilderness AT's, and will replace with same tire, I have a set for sale, FOB Marietta, GA, 5000 easy miles. Make offer. (Replace with Michelin LT265x75R16 LTX A/T, this is the tire that GM should have given us for the $386 upgrade)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I've read the article previously. I was just curious as to what the impact would be should there be a total recall on the wilderness. Something tells me that the list will get expanded tho...


    If you have a lot of scratches, swirl marks, get at least 2 bottles of Z5 and Z2. Don't forget to get the clay as it plays an important role in the first step along with dawn. And of course the 100%, made in the USA, white cotton towels. Good luck. If you have any problems, just post them here or at the Zaino topic in Maintenance. As they will be more than glad to help you too.


    Funny you mentioned that. The Dodge Ram had Michelins as oem. That was about the only good about that rental...

  • <128</A>>
  • What gives with this hypertext link stuff? I was attempting to refer to PickUp Conference, Topic 2140 (chevy silverado continued XV), post 743
  • bcobco Posts: 756
    dusty - was looking at those michelins myself. if you don't mind me asking...what'd you pay for 'em and what other tires (if any) did you consider?

    randy -
    you can post pics several ways.

    1. use a digital camera to take pics and then transfer them to your computer via cables or a disk. i have access to a digital at work and that's what most of the pics on my picture trail albums are. (digital cameras run from ~$70 on up. more features = more money)

    2. use a scanner to scan regular photos in and save those to your computer. a few of the ones in my albums are scanned. but not many. don't know what scanners are going for these days, i would guess they start somewhere in the $70 range and go on up.

    3. if you have aol, certain photo centers (many walmart and target stores) will send an electronic file of your photos to aol, who will email them to you. assuming you already have aol, this costs the least up front (adds about $5 give or take for any given roll of film). however, if you plan on having a lot of pictures e-developed for you, you should look into a digital camera.

    digital cameras are easier to use than regular cameras in many aspects. for example:
    - you never have to buy film for them (as long as you have a couple 3.5" floppy disks - which you can reuse, over and over and over...
    - they require no more battery power than a regular camera (many come with long-life rechargeable batteries)
    - if you want, you can review each picture, as you take it. this allows you to retake shots when someone blinks, or you cut someone's head off, etc...without having to find out two weeks later that you missed "the shot".
    - you can email pics to your friends/reletives at no expense (as opposed to paying for reprints)

    anyways...back to trucks...

    on the zaino site ( there's a contact address where you can email questions and sal will email you back w/in about 24, he's the best one to ask how to take care of your scratches...

  • Kyle: I purchased my Michelins at SAM's Club for $129.99 each (last week they were $125.99). They charge $9.00 per tire (was $7.50) for mounting, balancing, lifetime rotation (every 7500 miles), plus $1.00 per tire GA disposal fee, plus sales tax. I got my mounting etc free since it took them more than 59 minutes from the time you give them the key to drive out time. (Go about 2 hours before closing and be the last one in line),. Hey thirty dollars is thirty dollars....
    I looked at other non STONE tires, ie GoodYear, GoodRich, etc. Michelins have the best rating from consumer reports for wet road, etc.
    NO MORE DEATHSTONEs for me. I still have not received an offer on them yet. Do you suppose I will? I will wait on the buy back or chunk them one day.
  • bcobco Posts: 756
    i agree. i think i'm going to wait another week to see if the recall widens. if not, i'm going to get the michelins, and save the receipt and old tires. hopefully then they'll recall them and send me a check that will cut down the cost of the new tires. did you get all five (spare too) or just four of 'em?

  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    Noway for me. Cooper or Goodyear.
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    I've only had experience with Cooper Tires on my rebuilt '67 Impala. They seemed to be fine.

    I'm getting Cooper Discoverer A/T's to replace the recalled Firestone Wilderness AT's on my 1989 Silverado.

    Does anyone out there have any experience with the Cooper Discoverer tires (P or LT's) on their trucks?

    Dealer called, said it looks like the two-tone restriction on my yet to be ordered 2001 Silverado LS, ext-cab, Z-71, white/pewter is being lifted. Let's hope he is right. I'd like to be driving that new truck by Thanksgiving.

  • I just left the dealers a few hours ago,

    He checked on the computer and found that the two tone restriction (which applies to my black and pewter truck) is still on till Nov. But then I called GM, and they said to call back in two weeks, because it is subject to change.
    I placed my order in July, hoping to have it in Sep. GM has accepted the order, but now I'm waiting for the restriction to be lifted. I only hope that they aren't in the process of changing the way the two tone looks. (remember the trucks with the different color down the center of the side?)
    Keep us posted on any changes you find about. Thanks.

  • The tire pressure on the Explorer apparently wasn't lowered for the ride. It seems the recommended pressures help avoid topping over under certain circumstances.

    Someone mentioned replacing Firestones with Coopers ... Isn't Cooper Bridgestone's third-tier, after Firestone? If not, what is (I can't remember)?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    cooper tires are not affiliated with Bridgestones. Rather an independent company similar to Continental/General. And they have Arnold Palmer as a Pennzoil...
  • Don't know about the two tones, but I ordered my 1/2 ton LT on Aug 7th. Was given a build week of the 18th of Sept. Called today and they moved it up to the 11th of Sept. I will call again next week to see if it is built yet.
  • got me a package from the Hawaii islands today.
    Hmm, wonder what's inside.

    thanx alot obyone. now to open it.
    this is better than xmas.
  • I own a 2000 silverado pickup. The tailgate seems
    to be somewhat loose when closed. I can wiggle it
    back and forth enough to cause a rattle. When on a
    bumpy road, the rattle is very noticeable. This is
    very annoying. I don't want to go through the
    hassle of taking it in to the shop, even though it
    is covered under warranty. Can anyone tell me how
    to tighten it myself?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Mine seems a little loose i too can jiggle it but it doesnt rattle on bumpy roads.
  • Kyle: I did not bother with the spare. I consider anything that will hold enough air to get me to a service station is o.k., so leave it alone. Can't rotate that steel rim anyway, so it is four tire rotation for me. If they recall them, I will take it in for credit and use a junk tire for the spare.

    Matt: I installed the Flowmaster 70 kit yesterday. Took about an hour labor, but had to cut the tailpipe just aft of muffler as recommended by the instructions. I did not have enough room to swing the assembly out from under the truck. I did the job on my carport and the brick wall was in the way.
    This muffler has a sweet rumble with no resonance (that resonator must really do the trick). Now my truck sounds like a truck. I may remove the clamps and have the system welded for tightness and a better look. The chrome tips really dress this baby up. Thanks for your help and the sound files that you sent to me.
  • rskrsk Posts: 38

    I don't think the recall list is going to be expanded beyond the advisory from the NHTSA. However I think Firestone as a company will be gone in a couple of years. Bridgestone will more than likely kill the company if they can't recover from this public relations disaster.

  • Hey guys, can you give me a list of Caps for the Silverado? I hate to ask since it isn't about how many grease zerks are under it but I would appreciate some help.

    I saw a cap that worked with the "whale-tail" still on. I just can't remember what brand it was.

    2000 Silverado Short Bed

    Thanks in advance.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    There is a TSB dated around June of this year for the steering clunk/thunk. It calls for replacement of the intermediate steering shaft if I remember right.

    The clunk during shift is in every large PU from every manufacturer. Went 175K on a F350 diesel with the same noise. It is all the freeplay in the ujoints, tranny, transfer case and rear diff. Don't worry about this problem

    PS After a 3rd rear pinion seal failure, they also put a rear diff "yoke kit" in my '99. Completely solved the problem. Towed the big travel trailer with dirt bikes in the bed for 2000 miles over the last couple of weeks with no problems.

    Wonder why they didn't do it the second time the seal failed......
  • wight1wight1 Posts: 218
    probably didn't replace it after the 2nd time because they're so blind they couldn't look at the original yoke and see the groove wore in it which eats up the seal and lets the grease leak out!!

    Had the same problem on my old Dodge and couldn't make the dealer understand why it would leak with that groove worn in the yoke. Unbelievable what those guys will do sometimes.
  • They survived the 500 recalls of the 1970s as well as the followup problems with the 721. I doubt they will not survive.
  • wight1wight1 Posts: 218
    Excellent article in today's Wall Street Journal about the Firestone tire disaster. Lots of name-calling and finger-pointing between Firestone and Ford as to what the real problem is and who's to blame.

    One good point raised by Ford: how come none of the Goodyear tires Ford used on about 1/2 of its total Explorer production between between 1995 and 1997 had tread separation failures similar otthe Firestones, even at the lower air pressure recommended by Ford? Ford is using this as their main argument that the problem is the Firestone tires, not the design of the Explorer or the Ford tire pressure specs.

    The article also reminded me of the Firestone 500 tire recall of the 1970's, and I'll never forget those POS Firestone 721's I had on my old '82 Chevy.

    I'm really starting to wonder about the firestone steeltex tires on my current truck. They are not on the recall list, but looked at them last night and found they were made in the Decatur, Illinois plant. hhmmmm...
  • I have noticed the accelerator pedal on my 2000 x-cab, 2wd sticks at low speeds and at starts. Is the TSB for "increased accelerator pedal effort" an attempt to correct this problem? My 99 Suburban is as smooth as can be on takeoff. Is there an online source for the full-text version of the TSB?
  • Got my new '01 Silverado, build 8/13 in Ft Wayne, arrived in Boise Idaho 8/28. 5.3, Z71, Ext Cab LS, limited slip diff & tow package.

    The thing is P E R F E C T. Not a flaw, unless you're whipped into the media's frenzy o' the month about Firestone.

    Not a rattle. Not a vibration. Took the thing up to an old Idaho 1860's mining town over 50 miles of bad road and it's just solid. So much power & torque it's doing 7% grades at 55mph in OD, though I did get the 4.10 gears.

    My only complaint is the Indigo Blue paint really shows the dust, but I guess that'll just give the Dodges and Toondra's something to bite.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Congrats Dan

    Everyone i got my digital camera today took a bunch of pics as soon as i clean em up ill put em online

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Who wants to see some pics of my truck go to

    and type in Ryanbab at the left under visit album

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