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  • cbk2000cbk2000 Member Posts: 8
    Bought from Ken Garff Southtowne in Sandy, UT. Base XLS, no packages or acessories. Final price was $23,860. Wanted to get them down to 23.5, but they wouldn't budge more. Tried to get them to throw in a cargo mat at the last minute, but they wouldn't do that, either. The payments fit into our budget, and I didn't want to drive to the farther dealerships to see if they would go lower.
  • rdawgrdawg Member Posts: 15
    Does anyone know if the $1,000 rebate applies to leasing or only if you buy an Outlander?
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Member Posts: 92
    I purchased a new Outlander SE 4WD on June 4th from Mike Miller Mitsubishi here in Illinois.

    No trade-in and I paid $23,633 OTD. I did get them to throw in the Bluetooth system (I think it was about a $350.00 option).

    Tried to get them to spring for the four mudguards but no dice. I paid $114.00 for them and the dealership installed them for free.
  • evoandyevoandy Member Posts: 1
    A lot of times the manufacturer subsidizes the interest and/or money factor in lieu of rebates. Dealers can only keep a rebate if you sign it over to them.
  • kev_dxkev_dx Member Posts: 2
    Bought an '08 Outlander SE in Massachusetts on June 30th for $23,754 OTD (not including my trade or down payment). They gave me a much better deal on my trade than another dealer I talked to. This brought the final price down further.
  • nybrokernybroker Member Posts: 25
    I took a leftover 2007 LS with sun and sound pkg. and bluetooth for 20,700 plus tax and tags no other fees. Car was brand new 10 miles on it delivered.

    The reason i took an 07 was because they dont offer the LS model with sun and sound pkg in 2008. The sunroof was a must for me and the Rockford Fosgate system is amazing.

    What do you guys think of this deal.
  • mitsubishi2mitsubishi2 Member Posts: 1
    Today, I also negotiated an ' 08 SE in Massachusetts for $23,765 with sunroof. I also got a better deal on my trade than any other dealer, I was so impressed with the no nonsense salespeople I was working with. Even the receptionist was awesome. I highly recommend Michard in Danvers. I don't mind the 56 mile drive to close the deal on Monday. I made out with a better vehicle, better trade, better interest rate and overall saved more than 2K. This took three phone calls of less than 15 minutes each.

    I would be happy to tell you how I got totally ripped off on my 05 I bought last year :cry: . But I don't want to jinx this sale, I want this car out of my garage and this bad deal in the past as soon as possible. I loved the car, but the dealership was shady. Thank goodness for the Internet.....and Edmunds.
  • dbell1dbell1 Member Posts: 40
    PA Dealer - Dark Graphite, cloth interior, 2wd, Fog Lights. MSRP $20900. Dealer price $18,900. Good deal? My wonderful Subaru Outback was totalled on Monday in a 4 car pileup. :cry: Looking for something higher and BF loves his Outlander. I like it too. 4 cyl worries me, not sure what the acceleration will be like when I have to get out of the way of the next accident.

    Advice? Thanks!
  • outlandertjeoutlandertje Member Posts: 1
    If I see the prices you pay in the US I get depressed.
    In Holland we are taxed twice on every car you buy, to give you all an idea. I had te pay $ 55,500 for my Outlander 2.4 AWD SE. I did receive a discount of $ 4,500

    So please don't complain about prices
  • dbell1dbell1 Member Posts: 40
    If that post was directed at me, I'm not complaining. :confuse: Any feedback from people stateside?
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    What is the invoice price for this trim? Most of us paid 500-2000 below invoice, for various trims. I think you should hit few more dealers and see how low they will go. Regardless, it is great value and great CUV. As far as engine choice, I don't think there is a lot better fuel economy with 4 cyl, vs. V6. I'm getting 21-23 MPG in suburbian driving, and up to 26 MPG highway. You may get 2 MPG more with lesser engine
    There is no complains with 6 cyl power, towing capacity or 6 speed auto transmission.
    It is up to you if it is worth extra. By the way, I paid 22.5K for V6 XLS AWD with protection and appearance pkg. (MSRP over 26K). Good luck.
  • planplan Member Posts: 3
    $1000 below invoice is the OTD price or before tax and fees? I'm looking at a 08' 4WD SE. The invoice price from edmunds is $23971.00. The price I got from dealer is $23774.00 out-of-door before the $1000.00 rebate. Is it a fare price? I'm in Maryland.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
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  • makemydaymakemyday Member Posts: 8
    New England Area

    Took a first look at the '08 SE Outlander, 4WD, 4cly, w/nav. Bottom price not including destination, doc fee's or taxes was $25,900. Additional, doc fee's are $300 including inspection sticker & 6 oil changes. Anybody deal a better price?

    I've also been interested in the CR-V EX-L w/nav. I'm sorry I looked at the Outlander, now I am not so sure on the Honda.

  • dbell1dbell1 Member Posts: 40
    Consumer Reports loves the Outlander. I never heard of them before the BF bought one. He's thrilled with his. It's fun to drive, handles very well and we took it camping (bought the add on hitch package). Gas mileage is good too. I think the 900 cupholders are a bit extreme ;) but overall it's a nice choice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,466
    900 = 37.5 cases...

    sounds about right.. :)

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  • makemydaymakemyday Member Posts: 8
    Picking up the '08 Outlander next week. Found the color & price point I was looking for.

    Glad this hassel is over with.
  • nitetalkernitetalker Member Posts: 5
    D'Ambrosio Mitsubishi-Suzuki
    Exton, PA
    Delivery date: 8/19/08

    '08 ES black with convenience package and protection package plus sunroof and DVD player installed by the dealer before we saw the car -- these were not important features to us but now that we have them we like them. The protection package was not factory-installed but rather installed by the dealer at my request. This was the last '08 ES they had.

    Traded '98 Dodge Grand Caravan SE with 117K miles, which had been purchased new from D'Ambrosio's Dodge store on the same site.

    MSRP $25,790 including $2595 for the sunroof and DVD. We paid $22,140 or $22 over invoice excluding the sunroof and DVD. They originally offered $1500 for our trade but upped it to $2600. That's what ultimately swayed us. We put $2750 down and financed $18,146, 60 mos.x $325 @ 2.9% (Mitsubishi incentive) including title, tax, and tags.

    On the car they started $1150 higher than their eventual selling price. They tried the typical tactic of negotiating based on the monthly payment. When all was said and done we felt like we got the sunroof and DVD for free.

    In the excitement we forgot to bring our checkbook. They were nice enough to let us put the down payment on our credit card.
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    Congrats on your new car!!! As to them being "nice" to allow you to to pay by credit card: Of course they would!! (It's cash to them and you could buy the whole vehicle on a credit card if your credit line allowed it). Last few vehicles I bought I've done the same for a down payment. Remember, you are the buyer and should be in control (they should bend over backwards to make the sale and if they implied they were doing you a favor by "allowing" a credit card I would have laughed in their face)
  • nitetalkernitetalker Member Posts: 5
    I was in control, and I agree with your points.

    Didn't the dealer incur 1-2% in card merchant fees on the down payment? No I don't feel sorry for them. The sales manager had to approve the payment by credit card, but I never felt like there was any question they would allow it.
  • withmaywithmay Member Posts: 1
    My brakes just started squeeking a few days ago. I'm told that this is the first sign of trouble, yet the service center says that the rotors need to be cut. I'm not a car guy but this seems suspicious.
  • solowalkersolowalker Member Posts: 118
    How many miles are on the vehicle? Do you drive hard?
    In normal driving your brakes should last 50K or more if you don't live in the city..City driving, 35K or so..

    Bad brake pad warning noise is usually a squeal...
    Rotors don't need to be turned unless you are getting modulation in the brake pedal...If the pedal is`getting alot of vibration then the rotors need to be machined...Alot of downhill mountain driving or "riding the brake" will warp the rotors...
  • joxongjoxong Member Posts: 3
    I'm actually looking for the 2008 4WD XLS fully loaded (nav, lux & sun & sound), but I don't think they're available in SoCal anymore. I found 2 dealers that has the used 2008 4WD XLS loaded, but I learned that they're not certified and looks like the powertrain warranty is cut in half, so I'm not sure I want to go for it. So I might have to settle for the 2WD. I got a quote for $27.6K OTD w/ 0% APR if qualified, what do you guys think?
  • hellofromjersehellofromjerse Member Posts: 10

    I am a Toyota owner looking for a change. I was hoping Mitsubishi may be the one but I am not having luck with the dealers. I emailed 8 dealers (starting over 1 month ago) for pricing but only received a response from 2. Of the 2, one wants me to come in for the special "internet" pricing and the other has quoted me $500 below invoice on any 2008 or 2009... would $500 below invoice be too high on a 2008? I see a ton of 2008 xls models available at various dealers... should I wait it out for a better discount?

    Thanks so much for your time
  • blitzkrieg79blitzkrieg79 Member Posts: 36
    Where are you located? Here in NJ you can drive away with a 2008 Outlander at $3500-4500 below MSRP without much problem. My local dealer already offers 2009 Outlanders below invoice price.One thing about Mitsubishi dealers is that they are internet challenged, best bet would be to go to a dealership physically and just talk to the manager and I am more than sure you'll be able to go few grand below invoice especially when paying cash. Mitsubishi is also currently offering 0% interest for 72 months on 2008 Outlanders for well qualified buyers.
  • hellofromjersehellofromjerse Member Posts: 10
    I am in New Jersey and would be financing this one. Still have not done a test drive, I am trying to get a more reasonable price first.

    I will try and haggle more with the dealer that offered $500 under invoice and see what I can get now that I have a price point. Thanks for the info, it helps give me more guts to haggle and know I can get it.

    Wondering if I should wait it out and see if the prices will go lower... but I am not sure if they will do the 0% financing in November.
  • blitzkrieg79blitzkrieg79 Member Posts: 36
    I don't think forum rules allow to mention actual dealer names but I think I can mention the cities :P Try dealerships in Rahway or Sayreville, talk directly to managers, pit dealerships against each other. Reality is that with current car market where sales are down big time and given you got the cash and/or good credit history, there are excellent deals waiting around every corner especially on larger cars such as Outlander. Just be patient, don't show them that you really really want this or that car. Just show some interest but be neutral. And as far as 0% financing is concerned, its directly provided by Mitsubishi Credit so this financing will be offered for as long as the dealerships will have 2008 Outlanders on their lots. If anything, they will probably also increase the rebates next month. Outlanders are not selling well for Mitsubishi mostly due to lack of marketing and a high demand for little/fuel efficient cars.

    But if you are in a market for a CUV, in my opinion Outlander is probably one of the best kept secrets (definitely not any worse than Rav4 or CRV) and with current financing offers it just got even better.
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19
    I just came out of an '05 Endeavor lease w/6 months remaining on a 48 mo lease . No problems in 56,000 miles. Just leased an '09 Outie XLS 6 cyl., AWD (standard equipment) plus protection pkg. Miss the big one but really like the Outlander. Problem that the dealer and Mitsubishi have not addressed or have an answer: The '09 XLS has the extra chrome strip along the bottom of the door, and it looks great. But the mud guards don't fit in the front with that strip attached Not a big deal, but it was part of the pkg. and I'd like to have them. Got the best lease deal out of my home state, (NY). Anyone have an answer?
  • filldefillde Member Posts: 3
    Bought today. 2008 es 18000 out the door. To be honest I test drove the Honda CRV and felt it handled better but it would have cost 4000 bucks more.
  • chisfu1chisfu1 Member Posts: 25
    Does the 18000 includes TTL fees? And any options are added to the ES like the Convenience package or others... what's the MSRP on the window sticker?

    Where is the one you got it from? Pleas give us more details... Thanks!
  • filldefillde Member Posts: 3
    Base es model.OUT THE DOOR- paid 18,000----- Plus i'm getting back 500 bucks from Sam's club. So in effect 17,500 for the base ES. Bought it in Bradenton Florida.Firkins. So far I'm satisfied with the base model. I just had all the windows tinted. Cost about 180.00.
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19
    Problem resolved. They finally figured out the correct part number. It seems the '08 SE had that chrome piece (air dam) along the bottom of the doors and I guess that's the front mud guard that fits. Maywood Mitsubishi was very accommodating.
  • ruski_is_meruski_is_me Member Posts: 8
    I leased a 2008 LSX with NAVI, but without Sun/Sound/Leather

    0 down, ~$390 per month before tax, 60 months, 12K miles per year

    I printed and brought the $500 Sam's Club form with me, but they told me that they could not apply it with the rebates they were already giving me (it is actually printed on the form that it could not be applied with other rebates)
  • wheel_dawgwheel_dawg Member Posts: 15
    Did you really lease it for 5 years? At that payment and 0% you should own the vehicle after 5 years.
  • ruski_is_meruski_is_me Member Posts: 8
    couldn't get 0%
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19
    Just for comparison... I shopped 4 dealers and got the XLS only w/protection pkg. Nothing upfront..(only 1st payment and DMV.). $360 48 months 15K a year.
  • ruski_is_meruski_is_me Member Posts: 8
    pretty good

    Is that $360 plus tax?
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19
    pretty good

    Is that $360 plus tax?

    Tax included... Maywood Mitsubishi in NJ No BS.. I live on Long Island and they were best by far. By the way, it's an '09. I had an '05 Endeavor coming off lease.
  • ruski_is_meruski_is_me Member Posts: 8
    They must have given you a really good interest rate on your lease.
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19
    Correction... it's $365 mo. My '05 Endeavor was $360. sorry for the error. Still got a great deal when my local dealer wanted $385 and that was pushing it.
  • wheel_dawgwheel_dawg Member Posts: 15
    Wondering what people are paying (under/over invoice) for new XLS in CT or MA. There are still quite a few 08's around.
  • crazedcommutercrazedcommuter Member Posts: 281
    stopped in to my local Mitsu dealer today on a whim and started to browse around the lot. A family friend had worked at that dealer for a few years and I also wanted to stop in and say "hi". I've been researching an 08 Outlander 4 cyl. AWD as my next vehicle.

    They had about a dozen of them on the lot in various trims. The family friend was not there but the salesman on duty informed me that all of the 08 4 cyl. AWD's in ES Trim were now priced at $18,001 plus tax. I live in the Western Maryland area near Hagerstown. I made small talk about the how sales had been and he stated that he has only moved 5 units this month and the dealer is really cutting prices to try to move the vehicles on the lot.

    I put this question to the Mitsubishi experts: Is $18,001 plus tax a good price for an 08 4 cyl. AWD ES? Thanks to all....
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19
    I put this question to the Mitsubishi experts: Is $18,001 plus tax a good price for an 08 4 cyl. AWD ES? Thanks to all....

    I don't consider myself an "expert" on price but having leased two Mitsubishi SUV's, an '05 Endeavor, and now an "09 Outlander, XLS AWD my opinion on your price of $18K sounds about right. (About 1K off the going price.) If you plan on keeping it for a good while since it is a year old model. Does the ES have any optional equipment?

    Whatever your decision, I think you'll enjoy the drive. Good luck!
  • wheel_dawgwheel_dawg Member Posts: 15
    So for these 08 ES models that the salesman said are priced at $18001 plus tax, if I look at the Edmunds pricing:

    Invoice 20,344
    Dest chg 695
    Rebate -2,000

    Sell 19,039

    (so you'd be about $1000 under invoice.) Dealer holdback would be $407. That seems like a good deal, and if that's their starting point, then maybe you can do better.

    If I am off in any of those numbers I hope somebody will point it out.
  • filldefillde Member Posts: 3
    I pointed out in a previous post-es out the door,tax included- 18000 minus 500 from Sam's club = 17500 .
  • hutzalhutzal Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys,

    I have literally looking at vehicles for awhile (at least 6 months) and I think I am going to pull the trigger on an LS (I want the 4WD option if I want it, and I want the bigger engine without the XLS price tag).

    I am going to Arizona this weekend, is it better to buy in Arizona than California? I am new to the USA (I am from Canada) so I really don't know anything about the 2 states concerning car dealerships.

    What would be a good price for the 2008 LS 3.0L 4WD right now?

  • judienjudien Member Posts: 12
    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for compact SUV/CUV currently. 2009 Outlander is one of my options. Did anyone here have the pricing, dealership experience in Chicago area? Any information is appreciate.

  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Hi judien,
    I bought mine (09/07) at Grand Mitsu, after a month of wrestling with other dealers. I paid 22.5 for XLS (4WD,V6) with appearance and protection packages and booklet of free oil changes. That was around $2000 under invoice + 1.9% financing. And that was in 2007, with strong automotive market. I would do it again, this is the best SUV in it's class hands down. I just love how it handles snow (4WD, ASC, Traction, ABS, etc.), and it's flex cargo. You won't be disappointed. Good luck.
  • judienjudien Member Posts: 12
    Thanks Piast for your information. Actually, I'm currently comparing the RAV4, CX-7 and Outlander. But I love Outlander more because of the reviews, price and longer the factory warranty. Grand Mitsu quoted me ES 4X4 w/ standard equipment as $19700 plus TTL. Do you think it is a good offer? I totally have no idea about this price. Thanks.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    I think we compared those vehicles last year on this forum. You can check pages and pages of very passionate discussions. CX7 and Santa Fe were my other choices, and I 'm very happy with my decision. I never care fore RAV4 (overpriced, spare tire on the door, cheap interior, very good drivetrain on the other hand). CX7 lost because of it's turbo 4 engine (bad choice for SUV), premium fuel and not so good reliability.
    As far as price, I think you can do better. Invoice for this trim (2009) is $21470 with destination. Just go there and offer them 19K, and see what will happen. They may say no at first, but...
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