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    Thanks for that.. Dealer found a car today, and called with the actual Invoice of the car.. After all was said and done, the number he gave us was $26,649. This is for the 08 Outlander XLS FWD, with Luxery and S&S, and DVD installed. My wife decided to throw out a crazy number, and see what happened.. We offered $25,200 for the car.. He said that was a crazy number to work with, and then told us that the bottom line, drop-dead minimum he could go was $25,600. We took that deal.. Ended up paying $28,000 for the car, with Tax, Title, and Tags.. Considering that invoice on the car with options is around $27,000, I think we made out pretty well! Thanks for the tips... By the way, if anyone in Central Jersey is looking for a Mitsubishi, All-Star Mitsubishi in South Amboy is the way to go. They are great people, and really worked with us.. No pressure, no stupid "You're taking food out of my kids mouths" BS. They just wanted to sell a car. And that they did!
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    Congrats! That's a great deal.
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    Congratulations and welcome to the Outlander family!!! You got a great deal and it sounds like the dealership was like the one I got mine at, which is really cool. It's good that you didn't have to go through the old back and forth BS like most of them do. You are going to love this car. I have an Avalanche and I have more fun driving my wife's Outlander around. Every time I drive it I like it even more. This SUV is the best-kept secret out there!!!
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    I' looking at a 08 Outlander XLS 4WD with options of Accy Protection PKG, 6-disc cd/mp3 head unit, and Accy cargo cover. MSRP $26,254, Dealer will sell for $24,956. Edmunds shows invoice at $24666. I'm located in Massachusettes and wondering if this is a deal or should I offer below invoice. Thanks for your help.
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    Hi there. I would not pay anything over invoice period. In fact, I would offer them $1000-1200 BELOW INVOICE. I know it may sound crazy and impossible but they will eventually go for it. I am in Southern California and when I decided that the Outlander was what I wanted, I started emailing all of the dealers within 50 miles. They all came back with different prices. I took the best prices and emailed them to the dealers who wanted more money and most of them were willing to meet or beat the others price. Anyways, in the long run I almost bought an 08' XLS with NAV, S&S, and Luxury pkgs with an invoice of $27,400 for $26,200. The only reason I didn't was because the Internet manager I was dealing with didn't come through on something else he told me he would throw in. It all worked out for the best because I found a new 07' exactly like the 08' I was looking at and got it for $24,200. I was really happy with that.
    What you need to do is talk to or email the Internet managers at your local dealers, they are the one's who can give you a lower price, not the regular salesmen. Again, they will no doubt tell you that they can't sell the vehicle at a loss but do not fall into their trap. Remember, they are trying to make the most money they can. Your job is to save the most you can. They can sell you the car well below their "so-called" invoice and still make a ton of money. They have something called "dealer cash" and other dealer incentives that the manufacturer pays them for each car.
    I have posted here before about how these cars are great but for some reason they do not sell very fast. That is another reason they will deal. They don't want to have these cars sitting on their lot all year.
    The main thing is to not be in a hurry. If you can wait a few days or even a week, it will be well worth it. Offer them $1200 below invoice and if they don't go for it, walk out. They will go for it, believe me. Good luck with your purchase and if you have any more questions, please post it here and I will get back to you.
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    If you ask me, you can skip the acc protection pack and the cargo cover if that will help you with keeping the price down. The 6-disc cd/mp3 unit should come standard, so them charge you extra for that. I don't have scuff plates on and I don't have deep scratches on the paint work. It helps with the looks but on you can still skip it, until you have kids, or careless adult that happily rub their shoes on your paintwork. For the cargo hatch, I always lower the bottom part, so the use of a scuff plate is almost only for show if I had one. If you plan to do some off-roading or it snow real bad in your area, you might want to consider putting on long mud flaps, especially on the front wheels. See my post here: rcpax, "New Mitsubishi Outlander Owners Give us your report" #493, 4 Mar 2008 9:18 am on how I fitted 10$ flaps on my Outlander, which works excellent, and you can actually skip getting a 3rd party running board.

    Listed invoice price should be a workable goal. If your not picky with colors and willing to take what the dealer have in the lot then you should have an upper hand in bargaining for your price.

    Good luck with your purchase and hopefully you get the price you are happy with. Just remember that there is no set exact price for this vehicle and purchase price will vary in different areas. As long as you're happy with the price, then go for it. Although it never hurts to ask here.
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    Hi avalanchez66,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm planning join the family and get a loaded XLS 4WD. I believe it is the same exact model that you got. I read all you previous posts and think you got a great deal. I visited few nearby dealership and didn't get close to $24,200 offers. I'm going to get the 2007 from South Coast like you this weekend. But when I call, the fleet manager quoted me $26,300. So I was wondering if you can kindly give me some details of your deal. Like the interest rate you payment, down payment amount...etc. You can email to me rick.huang at hotmail

    I really appreciate your help. Thank you.
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    Hi Avalanchez66

    I just called South Coast just minutes ago. I mentioned the price you paid and the fleet manager insisted to know your name before locking in the price for me. Is it okay for you to let me know your name? You can email to me rick.huang at hotmail

    Thanks a lot brother.
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    Debating on purchasing a 07 Outlander LS for my wife.(Car was a Demo and has about 8600 miles on it)

    The only added option on this car is the Bluetooth option.

    The price after two days of negotiating has come down to 15900.

    Do you feel that is a good price?
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    Sounds like an excellent deal to me. I looked it up on Edmunds and your price is over $1000 below trade-in value so if it is in great condition I would go for it. Good luck!!!
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    I drove home the Diamond White loaded (S&S, Navi, Deluxe) 07 4WD XLS for $25,200 plus T&L today! Special thanks to avalanchez66's prompt response. Without his help, I probably won't end up getting this good deal. Before signing the paper, my girl friend mentioned the $500 recent grad discount, and the fleet manager said she's qualified, so we ended up paying $24,700 :D We didn't finance. As mentioned before, the service department is not profesional in that dealership, they didn't fill up my windsheid fluid. The transaction is fast. From arrive to drove off, less than 3 hours. The fleet manager was not the nicest, but he did go straight forward. I definately think you can get a better deal than I do if you go for the remain two same models on the lot. However, I checked out the one with Aqua color, it seems like its rear passenger side window had problems. Be aware of that. Went to Glendale Mitsu prior South Coast, the fleet manager sat down with me for only 5 mins then he laugh at my offer and left. Then the GM came out and tried to make it up with real numbers, however, stiff on his offerings. They even took my ID and forgot to gave it back to me. But I glad today that I made the same offer and got accepted. I am very happy and satisfied for the car and the price.
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    Check KBB. The trade-in value is $14,625, private party is $17,455. Sounds like a fair price but of course the question is always, can they do better?
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    Congrats on the new rig. Mine's the Diamond White also, it looks great when it's shined up!
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
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    Welcome to the Outlander family!!! Glad I could help but sorry you didn't get the same Internet manager. That's great you got the education rebate also.
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    Hey rhuang, I saw your Outie being detailed in the service area on Sunday, looks great, congrats!
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    I'm a newbie to the forum from the Pacific Northwest. I'm looking at a new 2007 2WD ES that lists for $21,995. Should I be able to get this in the $18K - $19K range?

    Should I be able to negotiate for roof rack and accessory protection package within that same range?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Invoice on that is about $20,750. I would offer $19,500 and see what they say. If they say no way, shop around. You should definitely be able to get it for $1000 + below invoice. Good luck!!!
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    Ummmm, I hope all of you buying 2007s remembered to factor in the $1,500 rebate from Mitsubishi on the 2007s (see their website, runs through 3/31).

    Seems like 2007s should go for at least $3,000 below invoice, see my post #706

    skeetor: Seeing as how 2008s routinely go for about $1k below invoice, I would see if the dealer would take $3,000 below invoice for a 2007 (that includes the rebate of course), or $17,750 in your case.
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    I must have overlooked the 07' part on skeetors post. I was thinking 08'. All of the prices I've posted here before included the rebate on the 07's. In that case, skeetor, definitely try $3000 below invoice, including rebate. Like I've said before, if you can find an 07' you like, you can't beat the deals. Well below invoice plus the rebate. Also, don't forget they have recent(I think within the last 2 years) college grad rebate of $500, active duty military rebate of $500, and loyalty rebate of $500 if you currently own a Mitsu.
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    Hi Biscuit,

    What are small world! I read your post else where regarding adding the side mounting protector for your outie. I was thinking to get a pair too, would you mind give me the part # of that item? I couldn't find it in the website you mentioned. As you know, we have the identical color. Thanks.
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    The side moldings are part FE-OUT. Specify Diamond White Metallic and it will match perfectly. Here's a link: gi%3Ffm_catid%3D22%26fm_subcatid%3D103

    A link that shows installation:
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    Could someone reports his/her experience in buying a 2008 Outlander XLS with
    18 x 7J Aluminum Alloy (7-spoke bright finish). Usually the Outlander XLS is sold with 5-spoke wheels, however the 2008 XLS can be ordered with 7-spoke. This is at the Mitsubishi America web page.

    A dealer want me to pay $24,000 for a 2008 Outlander XLS no options + taxes and documents feeds. Is this price reasonable? Any comments appreciated.
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    What's the MSRP and invoice price?
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    Hi batman 47,
    If you are looking at a 2wd XLS w/no options at all, the MSRP(according to is $23,750 and the invoice is 22,389. I hope you didn't buy it yet because you can get this vehicle for well below invoice as I have stated here before. I would offer $1,500 below invoice (22,389) and if they don't agree, go elsewhere. Whatever you do, don't be in a hurry. If they don't agree to this offer, call or email all of the dealers in your area and let them know what you will pay for that vehicle and most likely you will get one to give it to you for that price. Good luck!!!
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606

    MSRP: $25,785
    Invoice: $24,346

    Outlander 4WD XLS
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    I would offer $1,500 below whatever the invoice is on the vehicle your looking at. There are others in this forum who have been able to get that price so it is definitely worth making the offer and see what they say. Good luck!!!
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    Dealer will offer 2008 4WD XLS for $29,080, includes:

    Luxury Pkg
    Sun & Sound Pkg
    Navigation Pkg
    Accessory Tow Pkg

    It was stated that the price I'm getting is $100 over invoice. How close is this offer to the price I should be getting? I have no trade-in and already have better financing than the dealer could offer.
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    That's exactly what I paid for mine a year ago. I think you can probably beat them down another $1,000 if you want to. It helps if they have a lot of inventory and/or several nearby competing dealers. I don't think there are any incentives on the 08's right now.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    The amount $1,500 below invoice!

    Could you please direct me to a couple of dealers where these types of transactions are a reality? Do you have first hand experience on this?

    The dealer where I want to order my Outlander XLS (no options) quoted me $300 below invoice.
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    The 2008 XLS Outlander is sold in the USA with the following set of wheels (P255/55R18):

    18 X 7J Aluminum Alloy
    (5-spoke silver painted)
    18 x 7J Aluminum Alloy
    (7-spoke bright finish)

    If you check your Outlander it is most probably that your vehicle was sold to you with 5-spoke wheels).

    Could someone report his/her experience in buying a 2008 Outlander XLS with 7-spoke wheels? If so, where did you buy it or what did you do?

    I do like the 7-spoke wheels.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    How long did it take to Outlander owners to obtain their vehicle number plate? What is the minimal and maximum time to wait for a number plate? Who is the main responsible for obtaining the number plate: the owner or the dealership? How can I obtain the number plate at the same day or second day after I finalize the deal? Help appreciated!
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    Batman47,where are you located? I'm in Southern California and a few of us on this forum have gotten $1500 + below invoice at South Coast Mitsu in Costa Mesa, CA.There are several dealers out here in SoCal. I ended up getting over $3200 below invoice because I went with an 07' XLS that had the rebate. Hopefully you're in an area with at least a few Mitsu dealers within 30 miles or so and what you do is go back and forth with the Internet managers at those dealers. Just don't be in a hurry and you will get a great deal. Like I've said before, they will probably laugh at you and act like it's impossible, in fact, they even showed me on their computer how much they will "lose" on the deal. That is just BS. They want you to think they're not making any money. I'm telling you, if you have the invoice of the vehicle you want, offer them $1500 less. If they say no, walk out. You might not get this price at the first dealer you go to, so be patient. I contacted several dealers by email and phone so I didn't waste time and gas. That is the beauty of email. If you have any more questions batman47, feel free to email me at [email protected] Good luck.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    Many thanks:

    I think 2007Outlander XLS has good discount but I doubts that the 2008 XLS could have similar discount. I got in contact with SoCal and they offer me a 2007XLS at good price.
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    All it takes is patience. it is well worth the wait if you're not in a hurry. Some dealers will laugh at you but others want to make the sale. Remember, they are still making money, even if they sell it $1500 below invoice.The 08's are not selling fast either so they want to get them off the lots. I was about to purchase an 08' XLS at Poway Mitsu for $1500 below invoice before I came across the 07's at South Coast. I couldn't pass up the deals on the 07's. I had the same offer from Riverside Mitsu. All you have to do is email or call the Internet managers. Once you get a low price, call another dealer and they will most likely come down in price. I looked for over a month because I wanted the best deal possible and I got it. You can get it to.
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    Took a drive to Vegas last weekend in the Outie. After reading some of the posts about paint chipping, I was cringing when I drove on some dirt roads over there. I went as slow as I could, probably less than 30mph, while on the dirt. I was just imagining the whole time the side of the Outie being chewed up. Well, yesterday we got home and I washed it. I am happy to say that there were no chips in the paint!!! I don't have mudflaps or side bars so it's not protected at all.
    I don't know if the people that are having problems with the chipping are always driving on dirt or gravel roads or what the circumstances are.I read that some were driving in snow. I do still plan on putting some extended mud flaps in the future because I know I will come across more dirt roads and will be going to the snow.
    On a sidenote, this is the first trip we have taken with our outie and it performed flawlessly. I finally was able to use the cruise control and got about 22mpg going about 85mph. I guess that's not too bad. I did use the NAV and it didn't find a couple of streets out in Vegas. They were probably new streets but I am going to call Mitsu to see if there are any updates for the NAV. Also, I never really had the need before to use the paddle shifters, they are awesome on a trip like that. There are so many hills that you need to constantly shift up and down and it is so nice to have the paddles there.
    The only thing I need is a DVD system. Anyone out there in SoCal had an after market one put in? I have looked at the headrest one's but the one's I have seen don't match the beige interior. I might end up going with a headliner DVD system. Thanks for any info.
  • cooljwcooljw Member Posts: 47
    If you are near LA you should also check with Edward (the Internet Sales Manager) at Glendale Mitsubishi. I bought a 2008 SE from him for $1,200 under invoice. The XLS's are more expensive so I bet he could do $1,500 under for them.
  • tuskenraydertuskenrayder Member Posts: 2
    Those of you claiming offers of $1500 under invoice on a 2008 XLS must be getting it taken on the back-end with your trade-ins or financing. I've pretty much determined that I'm the only one shopping for an Outlander in my region since all 20 something of the dealerships I've contacted have not moved any inventory since I started looking 4 weeks ago. The best deal I've been offered is $1200 under invoice with the $1500 rebate from Mitsubishi and I'm a little skeptical of this offer since there is no $1500 rebate on 2008 Outlanders. Other than this pretend offer, all others are offering between invoice and $300 over, and not budging. I guess that's why I have yet to see a single Outlander on the road. With all the incentives being offered by other manufacturers, I'm about ready to walk away from these overpriced wagons.
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    Maybe it depends on the region your in. Where are you located? I know out here in SoCal that these are legitimate deals. I had no trade-in and did not finance with the dealer so it was a cash deal as far as that was concerned. Almost every dealer I contacted in SoCal gave me below invoice pricing when first contacted. I just went back and forth until I got the $1500 below invoice.
    I looked for over a month and I saw the same thing. The same vehicles were just sitting on the lots. That is why they will eventually come down. You will find a dealer that will take the offer. I can tell you this. I looked at the competition(Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4) and they don't even compare to the Outie. This vehicle has so much more for the price. I like the fact that you don't see many of them because it makes it stand out that much more. These vehicles are awesome. The V6 alone drew my attention.
    Be patient and go out and get your great deal!!!
  • cooljwcooljw Member Posts: 47
    Nope, the deals are legit. My $1,200 below invoice was also a straight up cash deal like avalanchez66's with no trade in and no financing.

    In SoCal the dealers are routinely pricing the 2008s below invoice and they know that these vehicles move slowly, that is until they hit the road =)
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    Hi, I went to All-Star at S. Amboy, NJ for a 2008 XLS 4WD with S&S, Luxury packages. The invoice they showed me was $27500, I offered $25000, hope they will come back to me somewhere around $26300, but they just rejected. Any suggestion ? Also, how are the NAV and DVD, are those options good to have ?

    An Outlander fan to be
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    Try a different dealer. If you're in NJ then I'm sure you have plenty of Mitsu dealers in the area. You should be able to get one of the dealers to take $1500 below invoice for an 08' Outlander.
    As far as the factory NAV, I am a little disappointed with it. I have a Magellan portable unit and I like it better than our Outlander's factory NAV unit. The factory one has led us more than once to the wrong address and a few times it didn't even have certain streets listed.I am going to contact Mitsu about the missing streets. Maybe there's an update? Personally, if I knew what it was like before we bought it, I would have not opted for the factory NAV. I just wanted to get my wife a decked out XLS since we've never had a car that loaded before. I didn't get the DVD system so I can't comment on that.
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    I'm glad to finally see TV commercials for the Outlander. I'm in SoCal and for the past 2 weeks or so I've been seeing commercials for the 08' Outlanders. I guess corporate Mitsu is finally spending some money to try to get more exposure for these vehicles. Like I've said before, I really don't mind there not being too many on the road like the CRV's and RAV4's because it makes them stand out even more. I think we'll start seeing more on the road after these commercials.
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    It's a new rebate period, but there's no new info up at Misubishi's page. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on an xls, perphaps a 2007, if I can find one in the color/packages I want. Anyone know what the new rebate plans might be for April?
    I find it crazy that the outlander seems to be the only small cuv with no dealer incentives, especially since it sells way fewer vehicles than the other manufacturers.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606

    It will be of great help to tell us the dealer name/contact where you got the $1200 under invoice. So far I have four dealer's names: South Coast Mitsu, Poway Mitsu, Riverside Mitsu and Glendale Mitsu.

    What car did you buy? a 2008 XLS or 2007 XLS? and where (Dealer's name)

  • rhuangrhuang Member Posts: 10
    You should try calling few dealers regarding the incentives before making the move. For my personal experience, some salesmen would purposly hide the incentives to maximize their earnings. As you know, Mitsubishi currently offers grad/military/return buyer for $500 each. I was able to negociate the final price then mentioned I qualified for the $500 grad cash back to maximize my saving. I received the check yesterday, which I only waited for three weeks.

    I bought the 2007 XLS loaded w/ navi/S&S/Lux in early March and I qualified for the $1,500 factory incentives. End up paying $5,000 below invoice, which thanks to all the brothers in this forum. So I'm sure there are plenty of rooms you can negociate.
  • rhuangrhuang Member Posts: 10
    I bought in South Coast. I believe they have two fleet managers. So skip the salesperson and go straight to the fleet managers, as they would be more straight forward.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    Sam from South Coast quoted me $800 under invoice for a 2008 Outlander XLS AWD, no options, cash payment but when I answered his email to close the deal his emails stop coming. Perhaps he is trying to get me the car, who knows.

    Could someone explain how a Flee Manager manages to offer prices below Invoice and normal or "poor" internet employees (always consulting to the "fat money" manager in the second floor) if he/she is allowed to reduce the price for $100 for example?
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    The term "Fleet Manager" seems to be an oxymoron to me when it comes to Mitsubishi. (A term I could see for like a Chevy or Ford dealer with rental car accounts)
    At least in this part of the country (northeast) Mitsubishis are not that common.

    A "fleet" would be 5 cars ;) so much for the management!
  • rhuangrhuang Member Posts: 10
    According to my own experience, many time on the internet or phone, the salesperson don't know if you are a serious buyer or just some kind of spy from other dealers. I suggest you go down to the dealership, sit down with the fleet manager, and go straight forward to the rock bottom price. By talking to you in person, they are willing to consult the "desk" and give you a good deal. But again, you're looking for a 08 model vs. I bought the 07 model in March 08. Consider the depreciation I have, don't expect to get the same deal like I did. However, push for $1,000 - $1,500 below invoice is definately possible.
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