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Mitsubishi Outlander Prices Paid



  • outlanderfansoutlanderfans Member Posts: 2
    i just bought my 2007 outlander LS (no additional option) for an out door price
    of $16100. i don't know if this is a fair price. but the dealer was so desperate.
    i made the deal. but i regret i should have cut more.....

    i am in SoCal
  • chisfu1chisfu1 Member Posts: 25
    What is the mileage of your LS and it is a 2WD or 4WD...

    The price should be from 14000 with less than 30K miles to 18000 with less than 2K miles, and also depending on the condition of the car too!

    $16100 is OK if it is less than 20K miles and with the tax and fees, the selling price is less than 15000 already.
  • costello1costello1 Member Posts: 60
    I don't want to sound negative because of the holiday season but ...... I don't understand why people buy a vehicle without checking the numbers first and then come here asking if they got a good deal . Did you check Edmunds or any of the other books before hand ???
  • outlanderfansoutlanderfans Member Posts: 2
    thanks for reply.

    the 2007 Outlander LS 2WD i bought was new. i mean the milege is just 42 miles.

    it was leftover from 2007 models.

    $16100 is out door price, including everthing like tax, fees, etc.
  • judienjudien Member Posts: 12
    stopped in a dealership yesterday. After two hours wrestling, the dealer offered me $22,800 (OTD) for black 2009 ES 4WD w/ convenience package. Not very satisfied with this price. Somebody can give a suggestion about the price?
  • judienjudien Member Posts: 12
    As you well konwn, Outlander is NOT very popular in the market. So, it's very hard to get enough pricing infromation before making any deal. There is very few post tlking about the pricing if you check this forum and this thread.
  • chisfu1chisfu1 Member Posts: 25
    I think $16100 is a very good price due to the fact that it is has the V6 and the selling price is probably less than $15000 plus fees and taxes!

    Would you give me a more detailed breakdown on the pricing like before taxes and fees! What's the MSRP on the window sticker??? Which car dealer you bought it from! I live in the Atlanta area and only Rick Case and Don Jackson are around here and they don't have much choices on the Outlander and I still don't see any 2009 around here for no reason? I hope I can get a 2008 LS leftover for around $19000 Out Door Price! Since the fees and taxes are around $1500 here so the selling price will be less than $17500! I want at least it has alloy wheels, privacy class and bluetooth! But look like the choice is not much unless I go with the ES, the SE or the XLS; I prefer the V6 and 16" tires which is cheaper to maintain than I4 CVT and 18" tires!
  • chisfu1chisfu1 Member Posts: 25
    I believe you can get it for around $20000 plus the fees and taxes whatever it is according to your state's rate is... that means about $3000 off of the MSRP or get $5000 off of the MSRP on the 2008 leftover models; probably $7000 off on the 2007 leftover models if there is any around! Just a rough prediction and it maybe different if you takes their 0% financing then add $2000 back to it!
  • teachermeteacherme Member Posts: 1

    I went to a Mitsu dealer in southern Jersey and the dealer looked at me like I was crazy to expect to get a 2008 Outlander under invoice. Invoice for the vehicle with accessories was about 24K. I was looking to get it at 23K out the door. Is that so unreasonable?

    Any insights would be great.

  • wheel_dawgwheel_dawg Member Posts: 15
    I bought my 08 XLS from a dealer here in CT in the middle of December. The best I could do was $800 under invoice. I took the 0% financing for 5 years in lieu of the rebate. It's by far the best deal I've ever gotten on a new car, but reading all these posts about two or three thousand dollars under invoice made me feel like I didn't do that well. Where I live the choice of dealers is quite limited, and the nearby dealer (that I liked) just wouldn't go any lower, so I took the deal. I'm really happy with the vehicle and look forward to keeping it for awhile.
  • idavidsonidavidson Member Posts: 41

    Bought a 2008 LS with the V6 in black. Break down is as follows.

    MSRP: $23500 (had a few small options)
    -$2000 rebate
    -$2500 dealer discount

    Invoice: $22000 approximately so I got around $1K under

    Didn't haggle, but this was a small small dealership with only
    only a a few outlanders.
  • idavidsonidavidson Member Posts: 41

    Getting on Soapbox ...

    To help compare prices apples to apples, please
    don't specify your OTD price.

    OTD can vary greatly depending if you live in a state
    with no or a high income tax.

    Getting off Soapbox ...
  • judienjudien Member Posts: 12
    Hi idavidson,

    Where is your location? Can you tell your dealership?

  • idavidsonidavidson Member Posts: 41

    I bought it from Fresno Mitsubishi in Northern Cal.
    They have one more LS with AWD in stock.
    Once again a 2008 so selling for $19,999 +Tax and fees.

    I'm sure you can haggle them down.
  • looking4asooblooking4asoob Member Posts: 10
    So. Cal pricing info. (South Coast Mitsubishi, Costa Mesa, CA)

    Just picked up a 2009 Outlander ES FWD with Convenience pkg for $19,600 (including destination). Invoice price is $20,940. $1340 below invoice.
  • idavidsonidavidson Member Posts: 41
    That sounds about right.
    I ended up buying a 2008 LS but
    had a few offers of ES 2WD 2009 + convenience pack
    for between $19,000 to $19,800+TTL
  • Big_AppleBig_Apple Member Posts: 2

    Could you please tell us if the $19600 includes Tax? Did you use the loyalty rebate ($500 for Mitsubishi owners)?

    Thank you very much!
  • bouki1bouki1 Member Posts: 3
    I am not taking the rebate because I want the zero percent, is the invoice price acceptable for a 2008.\? I would be paying 23, 500 out the door with destination charges in New York. I have also been offered around the same price for a 2009 SE with a third row seat. I had heard I could get the rebate and the zero for a 2008 but I haven't been able to find it.
  • looking4asooblooking4asoob Member Posts: 10
    The 19.6k does not include tax or any other discount (I wasn't a past Mitsu owner).
  • looking4asooblooking4asoob Member Posts: 10
    Only you can determine what is acceptable, but if you read the past posts including mine you will find prices going for well under invoice. In my opinion, if you are not taking the 2k rebate you might as well get the 2009 model. You cannot get both the 0 APR and the cash rebate.
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19

    I think you can do much better on price. Why not consider the 2009? If you don't mind shopping around, I suggest you try Mayood Mitsu where I think I got the best deal. Clean, no haggling.
  • judienjudien Member Posts: 12
    I'm just wondering when the 2010 model will be release. Maybe we can wait until that time to get more incentive of 2009 model ;)
  • sheeroberosheerobero Member Posts: 1
    This forum has been of a great help to me in the past, but it is the first time to post here. I wanna buy an outlander 2008 XLS 4WD with luxury, navigation and sun & sound packages, MSRP 30,795.00, invoice 28,730.00, I was offered 24,200.00 + TTL with the 0% for 60 months offered my mitsu financing, IS this a good deal, shall I pull the trigger or not.
    I was also offered 2008 XLS 4WD without any option package, MSRP 25,785 for 21,200 + TTL with the 0% for 60 months also, but this one in a color that I dont like.
    I live in New Jersey, if this would be of any help.
    Please experts I need your opinion on this, any inputs are greatly appreciated.
  • costello1costello1 Member Posts: 60
    Go for it , that is a great deal on a top of the line unit . I paid more for a 07 before the crash of the market with the same equipment . Do it and don't look back , you will love the car!!
  • 71alfa71alfa Member Posts: 19
    Both deals look very good. Those are last year's models that for all intents and purposes are the same. If you are not concerned about resale value and will keep the Outie for a good number of years there is no reason to deal on an '09. However, you may do as well on an '09. No harm in trying. I have an '09 XLS and love it. Had an '05 Endeavor previously. Live in NY but bought in NJ for the best deal.
  • joeyjoejoejoeyjoejoe Member Posts: 68
    I'm seeing lots of local inventory for slightly used '08's in the $16,000 - $17,000 price range. That seems a lot better than a new '08 for mid $20's. I guess you do lose some of the financing benefits though. Just wanted to throw it out there. Cheers!
  • judienjudien Member Posts: 12
    I'm in south california. I just got an offer for 09 outlander ES 2WD with convenience package for $20,500 OTD with 0 APR. But the color isn't the one I like, it's silver, but it's also Okey for me. I wonder if it's a good deal. Should go for it?
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    "I'm seeing lots of local inventory for slightly used '08's in the $16,000 - $17,000 price range. That seems a lot better than a new '08 for mid $20's. I guess you do lose some of the financing benefits though. Just wanted to throw it out there. Cheers!"

    Only thing about used is you don't get the 10 yr /100K warranty that the original owner gets. If you keep a car almost forever like me, that's a major perk to give up
    when it comes to piece of mind. Of course, if the price is REAL LOW and you don't feel major damage is likely to happen while you own it (like say transmission)
    then go for it. (put some rainy day money aside from the savings)
  • llaillai Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a SE 2wd version with navigator. The selling price is $20,500 + sales tax + title with 60 month 0% interest in bay area, CA.
    I originally looking for a 2009 version which come with a rear camera and a little bit nice in appearance than 2008 version, however, it seems hard to find one.
    The dealer push very hard on selling this vehicle and i believed the deal was good so i drove it away.
  • nybrokernybroker Member Posts: 25
    Dont know how much this will help since its about a year ago purchase. I bought a 2007 Outlander XL which was V6 AWD with sun and sound pkg for 20,400 last June. It basically was a leftover similar to what a 2008 is now I suppose. Additionally the dealer gave me a fair trade on an older vehicle.

    Now almost 11K miles and a year later I absolutley love the vehicele.
    The V6 power is excellent size just what is needed Fuel economy is good, noise is a little loud but I just pump up the excellent upgraded stereo.
    Black is not the best color or is the best color depending on how much washing and waxing you like to do
    I had no choice of color as well. I got black I wanted grey or white
    I got mine on rt 35 in sayreville NJ dont know if you can mention dealer name here
  • lotzacarslotzacars Member Posts: 9
    I am looking at a 2008 Outlander ES, FWD, with convenience package. The car has 7,500 miles. The dealer is at $14,500. What do you think?
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    It's a question of whether you not having the original owner 10 yr/ 100k mile warranty is important to you.
  • costello1costello1 Member Posts: 60
    I have a 07 xls and to be honest I doubt that Mitisbushi will be around to cover my 10 yr warranty !! I hope they will be but I doubt it in todays auto situation.
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    Hard to say. Mitsubishi as a corporation is pretty diversified ( besides the car company there is electronics, chemical, etc -deep pockets to tap). I guess the same could be said of GM who may go bankrupt any day, but Mitsubishi's roots go back to 1870 and does better elsewhere than in the US, The current economy is bad for all.
  • lotzacarslotzacars Member Posts: 9
    The 5/60 bumper to bumper is the main selling point to me. It equals or exceeds most other manufacturers' warranties.

    The dealer is dug in at $14.8, and I think I can do better than that so I guess I will keep looking.
  • xchen003xchen003 Member Posts: 1
    hello guys, anybody got a new purchase recently? I am trying to get a basic 09 outlander SE. The MSRP are around 25k, most of the quotes from several dealers (Central Flrodia) are 21.5k (net rebate and royalty, include destination fee) plus tax, title, and etc, which result in a rough OTD price for 23.5~24k. Sounds not attractive at all. How do you think?
  • redturboredturbo Member Posts: 3
    hey guys i want to see how much I should offer..

    there is a DEALERSHIP selling a USED 08 for $24k It has 18.5k miles

    It's pretty much top of the line with all the options. Its XLS V6 with AWD and it has the luxury, navi, and sun and sound package. And it has the black leather. The XLS, V6, AWD, sun and sound and luxury are things I NEEDED to even consider the purchase, the navi i could do without, but hey it's there.

    Being used you can get in on any of those special offers and rebates. How low can I go?
  • slobbatechslobbatech Member Posts: 6
    I was just offered a used 2009 XLS today with almost everything (no navigation) for "under $20,000", AWD, luxury/leather package, sun & sound package with 18k miles on it if it helps you out. That is the dealers' first offer prior to me firing back with my price.

    I've been looking for a 2009 XLS with the combination of colors and options I want but it's been difficult to find. I found two 2008 versions that are how I want, exactly..except they are 2009. The two cars were located/owned by "Dealer A" Mitsubishi dealership. That Mitsubishi dealer ship closed down and the two car were titled to "Dealer A" (same owner/dealer) but a different manufacturer line of cars at this dealership location and I"m told these two new 2008 Outlanders now have to be sold as used vehicles. They both have under 200 miles on them and I've been offered a price (I have not negotiated with them yet) of a little over $23k. The MSRP for a 2008 Outlander XLS with all the option packages, AWD is $28,750 including destination fee, no tax, title, registration...just the price of the car.

    The price sounds good to me however I'll try to negotiate a lower price but my question is about the warranties for the car and rebate offers. There is a $3,000 Factory - Consumer rebate (or 0% APR option) available on 'new" 2008 Outlanders through 6/1/09 listed on Mitsubishi's website. They only currently offer a $1,000 (or 0% APR rate) for new 2009 Outlanders by the way. Since the car is being sold as 'used' and more or less changes "owners" since it was given/sold to a different dealership (both owned by same person/name) I do not know what heppens to the warranties or rebate. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    Sounds a little fishy to me. I'd check with Mitsubishi about the warranty.

    Normally the MCO is not turned in and is technically a "new" vehicle until licensed and registered by the first real owner. (dealers swap unregistered cars all the time) Can you run a CarFax on the VIN to check on registration status? The dealer would be a fool to not keep it untitled when moving between dealers (worth of a "new" car.)
    I personally would not want to give up the great bumper to bumper and power train warranties on a 200 mile car. It's one of the strong selling points for me.
  • slobbatechslobbatech Member Posts: 6
    Both of the cars on the dealers website have a carfax report and there are two different VIN numbers. Carfax says both cars are one-owner cars and everything is good. I'll try to post some pictures of the bottom part of the carfax report with the sensitive information blacked. Both cars were originally at "John Smith Mitsubishi" then on the carfax line dated 1/21/09 it shows the car offered for sale to "John Smith Ford" (same owner name for the Ford dealership). Then "John Smith Ford" had the state issue the title to their dealership on the 1/23/09 line of information. So it looks like "John Smith Mitsubishi" didn't have ownership as carfax says first ownership is "John Smith Ford"????

    What does MCO mean?

    Yeah Mitsubishi's warranties are very good!


  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    MCO = MSO is a Manufacturers Certificate ( or Statement) of Origin. That document is surrendered to the registering state in turn for the first title.

    If it's really been titled, I'm surprised. (seems strange to me fro a 200 mile vehicle moving between dealers as they give up the "new" status, Why would this be done?) The bank may still call it "new" for the loan rate, but it's what Mitsubishi calls it that counts for warranty and I'd personally want that warranty (or a serious amount off ) Whatever you do, get it in writing and verify with Mitsubishi if you are being told a "new car" warranty will be in effect.
  • slobbatechslobbatech Member Posts: 6
    Sorry, I had a typo/lapse of memory when I posted the post I have copied below. The year should be a 2007, not 2009, everything else is accurate.

    "I was just offered a used 2009 XLS today with almost everything (no navigation) for "under $20,000", AWD, luxury/leather package, sun & sound package with 18k miles on it if it helps you out. That is the dealers' first offer prior to me firing back with my price. "
  • slobbatechslobbatech Member Posts: 6
    I just got off of the phone with Mistubishi. I gave them the VIN # and mileage and told them the story about my previous question for the warranty and they said that all of the warranties are still good/valid btu with exception(s) The powertrain changes from 10/100,000 to 5/60,000. starting on the service date of 12/1/08. Then I think I lose about a year or so on the rest of the warranties offered on the car.

    What do you all think of this? The price is 5k or so below invoice which is great, the car is exactly in the configuration I want. Only cons on this is it's a 2hr drive to the dealer for me and I lose some warranty coverage.
  • redturboredturbo Member Posts: 3
    mitsubishi is pushing me hard to get this brand new 2008 XLS they have, has all the options.. sun and sound, navi, and luxury, XLS V6.. black leather!!! BUT no AWD =*(
    Can't by anything unless it has that. Sticker price was 29-30k, they were offering it to me at $23k

    Guess not bad for those who dont mind not having AWD, but for me, its a must.
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    Yes, a 2008 without AWD for 23K doesn't sound like a deal to me. When you start talking about non AWD (actually it's 4WD) there are a lot of options out there.

    That's really the only reason I was looking at Mitsubishi because 4WD/AWD was
    a must have for me.

    If one goes back to just FWD the market is wide open.
  • sbuhlersbuhler Member Posts: 119
    I don't think 23K is that bad if they are offering it with the 0% for 72 mos that is available on 2008 leftovers in the US.
  • slobbatechslobbatech Member Posts: 6
    I went ahead and got the 208 Outlander from out of town. It is XLS with 210 miles on it and has everything (nav, sun&sound, luxury/leather packages), 4wd. The price of it was $23,000 for the car + tax/title, etc... The final price was $24,791 with all of that stuff included. The 'cost'/invoice of a new 2008 Outlander including the $3,000 rebate and subtracting the dealer it's the actual cost of the car, is $25,246 for the model/package configuration car I got. I originally wanted a 2009, but paying about $5,000 more just to have a 2009 that is pretty much the same as the 2008 isn't worth it for me.

    Just some info for you all. I'm happy with it, hopefully no surprises come about down the road from the car justifying the low price for it.
  • chisfu1chisfu1 Member Posts: 25
    Just wondering what colour, MSRP and location of your dealership is...
  • slobbatechslobbatech Member Posts: 6
    The color is white (can't remember the elaborate Mitsu name for white), MSRP from dealer/listed on their website (Google Roby USA & search used cars on their site) is $23,250. So I didn't get it for much below the dealer price, but to me I thought it was cheap for a new car (2008) especially when I was looking at 2009's. It's located a little outside of Columbus, OH.
  • redturboredturbo Member Posts: 3
    you got a good deal there slobbatech.

    it is HARD to find an AWD model XLS. Just like when they had the 95-99 GSX eclipse with the AWD/turbo, it was the fewest made.
    That's why I was like HELL NO I won't pay $24k for a used 14k miles XLS with AWD, sun and sound, navi and luxury. It's used. I don't care if its certified mitsu.

    I went to a local dealership, and they had a NEW 08, offering it to me for $23, it had everything but AWD. I called the dealership with the used one and said look I can get a brand new one for the same price. having AWD doesnt make the price stay at 24k when it has 14k miles. They did not budge on the price.
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