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Jaguar S-Type Transmission Problems



  • Solution: See what they don't tell you is when you are parking your Jaguar(or any car for that matter) you need to use your emergency brake before you put it into park, other wise(especially on a slope) the car rocks back and if you just put it into park without using the emergency brake frirst, the rock back in park causes damage to the transmission. In most cases you can see the shifter acutally move a little as you take your foot of the reguar brake, that causes damage to your transmission! and eventualy leads to a major malfunction and costly repairs. So, when parking any car 1. brake 2. neutral 3. emergency brake 4. let foot off brake 5. PUT INTO PARK. and ta da no more transmission problems=) :) :D
  • I to have a problem with my transmission. My 2001 4.0 s type has 63k miles on it. How do we get a tsb or recall of the transmission problem?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    Which problem? There are 4 TSBs for various conditions that might occur.

    As for recalls, there's a ECM re-flash that was finally included in factory S Types starting with VIN M02206.

    There are other recalls but they concern loose ball joints and seat belts.

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  • I am speaking of the slipped transmissions of the S types. I would also like to know of all tsb reports on the 2001 4.0. Maybe my Rosenthal jaguar dealers will repair for free!
  • Slipped transmission,loose glovebox,squeaky breaks,power windows
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    Nope there are no TSBs on a slipping transmission for the 2001 S Type, sorry.

    There's only one even vaguely related, which is here. Perhaps this might help you if you are in the VIN range?



    2000-02 MY

    VIN L00001-M44997

    5-Speed Transmission - Erratic or Harsh Shifts - Valve Body Kit Available - Repair Procedure


    Some 2000-02 MY S-TYPE vehicles within the above VIN range may exhibit erratic or harsh transmission shifts. This can be caused by valve body or control solenoid failure.

    You are aware, I gather, that a TSB is just an advisory to the dealer and he is under no obligation to fix your car. A TSB is not a recall, there is no mandatory repair work dictated by the factory, nor any legal obligation to perform TSB work.

    As for other TSBs for the entire car, the list is very long and I couldn't possibly post all the contents here. If you want all the TSBs in their details, you should buy a one day subscription to, and print them all out. Looks like there are 40 or 50 of them, but not all might pertain to your particular year and VIN of course. Maybe 20 of those would pertain.

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  • mlimasmlimas Posts: 2
    Hello All,

    I am new to the site and was considering buying a 2002 S-Type w/70K miles....The vehicle has been pre-qualified w/a 3-year, 45K mile warranty, which I intend on purchasing. After reading all of the previous postings I am second guessing whether or not I should purchase the vehicle. I only need the car for a couple of years before I buy something else. Should I purchase the vehicle? If I intend on buying a Jag should I put a little more down and buy an '03 S-Type or newer? Obviously I'm sure many of you will recommend the newer S-Type but the dealer I am looking at, who is apparently the nation's leader in pre-owned Jag sales has a price difference from an '02 and '03 at about $4K. Any Suggestions. Thank you for your help in advance,

  • With the warranty probably a somewhat safe bet, but remember, if you look at all the posts, even a tune up costs a small fortune which would not be covered. The fact is, It is not the prestige of owning a Jaguar that makes you stand out, it is the prestige or ability to be able to afford servicing this car. Every time in the shop the numbers are staggering. And the Trans. will give you problems, they all do eventually. Good Luck
  • The bottom line is there'so such thing as a free lunch. If you like a classic look and have standards, go for the Jag. If you don't want to spend the money on maintenance and repairs buy a little crappy Honda and blend into the crowd. My ex husband is my mechanic and he tells me every car brand has their problems. I would never lower my standards and drive a Japanese car. Wholesale Jag parts are cheap because they're Ford. Find a good local mechanic with a scanner to diagnose any computer codes. A Jaguar trans is a Ford trans. Nothing special or complicated. The Jag dealers will soak you if you know nothing about the car.
    I had a gear box fault code on the dash about 3 months ago. The car went into safe mode so I couldn't drive it. I had it towed. My ex replaced a sensor and reset the computer. No more gear box fault codes.
  • can u ask your dad how muchi should pay for a total rebuild on a 2000 jaguar s type so i dont pay to much? thnx
  • Dear Mr. Shiftright, I feel you are being unfair to you car and your warranty company. This situation is not so much a problem with Jaguar of America, your local dealer, or the extended warranty, as it was a problem of your misunderstanding of your responsibilities under your warranty. I own 2 independent
    auto repair shops and I dont know any manufacturer or warranty underwriter who
    will let you just do whatever you want and then send them the bill afterward. You can do whatever you want with your own money, but, if you want to spend someone
    elses, you need their advance consent. Insurance and warranty fraud require these
    companies to protect themselve by giving prior consent to aftermarket repair shops.
    Particularly rural shops where the traveler is stranded and at the mercy of a single
    service provider. A simple phone call to the extended warranty company is usually
    all I need to do to get approval to do stranded motorist repairs. Sometimes they send a inspector from another shop, sometimes they just approve it. Occasionally
    they say NO, the car must be towed to a manufacturer licensed shop or dealer.(Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, for example). You cant do what you did with auto
    collision insurance, health insurance,or any auto manufacturer I know of. I think it
    is very unfair of you to criticise Jaguar for situation that YOU put yourself into. The
    results would have been the same if it was a Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, or Mercedes.
    Occasionally, I see customers who try to proceed without prior warranty approval, and I always tell them to call the 1-800 number first.(or I call it for them).
    If there is a bad guy here, its the greedy service writer at AAA transmissions. You
    dont handle extended warranties for a living but he does. Rather than take the chance of having Jaguar send a flatbed for the car, he sold you an unauthorized
    repair with the impression that you could submit a claim for it later. Any experienced service writer knows that NOBODY pays after the fact. They all require
    the advance opportunity to inspect. I think you should recind your lengthy complaint
    about Jaguar and just turn AAA transmissions in to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    Hi soberguy,

    I think your comments were for tyggerss about a post that was put up over a year ago.

    I had responded by telling the person (they own the car, not me) that the car should have gone to the dealer as a warranty claim.

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  • Yeah. I figured that out after I read my response. Nice of you to reply though. I
    just get tired of people blaming their mistakes on their car and had to put something on the website. Maybe someone else will read it and save themselves some money. Soberguy.
  • The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I finally traded in the Jag for a pre-owned Lexus. Even with the extended warranty on the Jag, the problems were many - everything from the A/C going out, to needing a new ignition to the transmission locking up and being replaced at 60,000 miles. Not to mention the check engine light coming on once a week. I loved that car, but boy, I hated that car. I'm now hoping for years of maintenance free driving pleasure. It's true the Lexus doesn't have the elegance of the Jag but WHO CARES????
  • chornchorn Posts: 5
    Based on the problems I've had, I believe that if Jaguar had made a recall out of what tyggerss's ex-husband did to fix her transmission problems, we wouldn't be having this whole discussion. Once I shut my car off, it resets the computer and all the problems go away. If you continue to run your car in the mode the computer puts it into, you can cause permanent damage to the transmission. When I get a transmission fault, I let off the throttle and turn the car off and immediately on, and the problem goes away. I think the computer is reacting to a faulty sensor and once that is cleared, it works normally. I really believe that this is the type of problem that Jaguar should take responsibility for. These are too fine of cars to let that type of support not be afforded.
  • chornchorn Posts: 5
    isold 28465:
    I think tyggerss said it best. If you want a Honda, buy one.
  • Helpful tip. Always use the handbrake to relieve stress off the transmission, leave the handbrake on when switching from park to reverse or drive, once in drive or reverse take off the handbrake. Really does help out your transmission
  • drcoodrcoo Posts: 1
    Hello do you mind if i ask about this sensor? what kind is it? and do u know the product code?

    i have a problem please let me explain...

    have a "gearbox warning light" hich comes on no and again, usually when the wife is driving the car.
    I have had this looked at " no issues" £500 later .

    It could be computer related.nks all

    Its not worth spenind serious cash on this for a electrical experienced mechanic,
    so does anyone know how i can manually removed the dashboard warning light, " gearbox fault" - can i take out a fuse etc?

    i need an easy life from the wife, she wont have it that i have spent £500 and " nothing is wrong" -

    id really appreciate any adivce.
    Or if i cannot remove it perminately, is it poss to remove it short term, for example just before she drives it?

    thanks all

  • Never will I buy Jaguar again. Water from the front window goes right down from the glass and rusts out the coils/cylindars and spark plugs. I have to have all coil/cylindars replaced according to my repair shop. Not to mention that I had to have the transmission replaced the same year I bought it. It has been nothing but problems from the window gears burning out several times to noisy transmission and you name it. Not a good car sorry I bought it. The air condition went out and the fan had to be replaced. It was still under warranty. The Jaguar Dealer Manhattan Jaguar in Rockville acted like they did not know where the noise was coming from and would not correct the transmission problem. Also I took my car in for brakes and they opted to replace the front brakes but not the back brakes and I thought nothing of it but my husband asked why did they not replace all of the brakes. We found that the back brakes had been welded on because screws were missing from the brakes. Once the warranty goes you can forget it. I bought extended warranty (DS) separtely to cover my car and they refused to pay for window gears which were covered under the extended warranty. The repair shop and the warranty company (DS) could not agree on the price so I got stuck with the bill. I want a regular all american made car from now on. Something my husband can work on. All of these things are not Jaguar's fault however, I never want to see another Jaguar.
  • delorishdelorish Posts: 1
    We are disgusted with our 2005 Jaguar S-type. It has 51,090 miles on the car. i called Jaguar to inquire about the gearbox message and was told it was no longer under warranty. I am still driving the car and do not know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions, I was told by a mechanic at the Jaguar dealer it could be my gas cap. I checked my gas cap and it is disconnected. HELP!!!
  • Gear box fault has nothiung to do with your gap cap. I have a 2002 with 116K miles. When I had the gear box warning, the trans went into safe mode and wouldn't move over 10mph. My mechanic (not a Jag dealer) scanned the code and replaced a sensor. Problem solved.
  • Your problem is that you bring it to a Jag dealer for repairs.The S type is nothing but a Ford Taurus mechanicaly. Most of the parts are Ford. If your hubby can fix American cars, he should be able to fix your car. Just take it to garage to scan any codes.
  • beewarebeeware Posts: 8
    Ahhh Man.... i just bought a 2000 jag, s-type. i love the car and the style. i just started experiencing a misfire as i accelerate. My mechanic,whom i trust and have been doing business with for years now, has just advised me that i'm having transmission problems. I'm considering getting rid of it since reading all of these comments. Say it ain't so....!!! I was told that this car was not influenced by ford. Ford, if you're reading, YOU SUCK. I should have known better. I'm hoping for better luck, but i doubt it. The car still runs far.
  • I feel your pain. I dumped the Jaguar this year and bought a pre-owned Lexus. Smartest thing I ever did. When I traded it in, it had 60K miles. Transmission was replaced, ignition replaced, a/c replaced, and the list goes on. Gorgeous car with amazing style, but it's a heartbreak.
  • amadaussamadauss Posts: 8
    Not so. After 2003 they became Fords. Before that it was British. A Ford Dealer would really not know what to do. Rather than a Jag dealer who will charge you an arm and a leg, try a local small mechanic that works on cars of this type. They seem to know what they are doing and do a great job. Bottom line, the transmission :lemon: is not the greatest and will go sooner than most but I think the cooling lines that take the fluid to the radiator and back have an issue with leaking which you never see because of a heat shield that catches it before it lands on your floor. And not being able to check this fluid with Jag suggesting not to change it until 100,000 miles is crazy because you never can find out if it’s losing fluid until it’s too late. And when they tell you to pay 2 grand to have the water pump system and hoses that need to be replaced because they will go, buy the hoses yourself and replace them. It’s not really the water pump system but hoses that leak after a time and not that hard to put in if you have a little ability or again find that mechanic.
    Remember though, it’s not the prestige of owning a Jag that sets you apart, it’s the prestige of being able to pay for the service charges that really set you apart and stand out. :shades:
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Sorry - Ford never built a 6 speed - rear drive Taurus, or, one with a 4.2 V8 under the hood either. The 3.0 6 cylinder engine the S-Type uses is derived from the Ford Duratec, but, uses different internals, a different induction system, is high compression, and makes more power. The X-Type shared about 20% of its parts with the European Ford Mondeo (much different car than Taurus). I've read that the S-Types shared a few parts with the Lincoln LS - but, have yet to find anything with Ford stamped on it on my S-Type 4.2. I do my own maintenance on mine, but, I armed myself with a Jaguar service CD so I wouldn't screw anything up.

  • jaymzsjaymzs Posts: 16
    Well I can tell you that I and one other RE agent own a 2001 and 2004 respectively, The 2001 has over 110,000 miles on it with only minor probs, my 2004 ofcourse has the new XF trans. It's been in the shop a number of times but nothing major. All under warrantee and the best of service. I love the power of the V* and the economy. Recently I drove from Salt Lake City to Palm Springs and back and got a combined 26.5 mpg. ONe week driving ;around in PS included!
    You know how fast that free way is? I got a speeding ticket LOL ,,,
    Good Luck to you , I want my 3rd Jag after this.
  • Dear beeware, In answer to your question quite a bit of information would needed to advise properly. However, there are very few cars more expensive to keep on the road than an old Jaguar. My experience is that the ones with the most miles on them are more dependable than the ones rarely driven. of course the ones rarely driven can
    still look brand new. In response to all this stuff about Ford, Ford purchased Jaguar
    in 1990 and continued production in Coventry, England. They revamped the whole company and produced the first "Ford" Jaguar, the XK8 in 1996. This and the XJ8
    were released as 1997. In 1996, Jaguar had an owner satisfaction rating of "much
    worse than average", second only to Land Rover in owner dislike. For 1997 their
    customer satisfaction was "much better than average" about the same as Honda.
    Ford owned Jaguar and Land Rover for 18 years and never made a profit. They did
    however revitalize the marque by building super posh cars that are surprisingly dependable. Dependability for a car with high performance, multigear trans, auto
    suspension and auto cruise and wipers is unfortunately going to be worse than on
    a simple car. That's why Honda is taking such a hit on their 2008 Accords. When you have more features, there are more things to break. An old car with a lot of features can be expensive. Especially when considering that people who are selling
    their car tend to put off maintainence. I had a '97 xk8 from 2006 to 2008 and it looked and drove like brand new. I only spent about $900 on it total and absolutely
    NOTHING" Ford" would work correctly on it. I had to convert one of my Ford factory scanners to Jaguar to read anything but the OBDII codes. Then it wouldn't work on
    Ford,Lincoln, or Mazda. I have a 2006 s-type v-8 4.2 that I love better than any car
    I've owned, but it has the 6speed ZF transmission and not that somewhat weaker unit in previous models. Try to buy all your ignition and other parts.
    You can't use ford spark plugs in the Jag engines. The harmonics are different. Internal parts for the 2000 Jags are expensive and not available from anyone but Jag. Best of Luck, Soberguyjaguar.
  • beewarebeeware Posts: 8
    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not a mechanic, but my instincts never fail. After 2 short months this car is giving me problems already. Hey, i know its not a new car, but i can't stand problematic cars. 8 out of 10 messages on this forum have nothing good to say about these cars. I keep reading about how trashy transmissions they have.......i don't know, but they sound pretty convincing. You sound very informed... should i just get rid of this car or what??? I'm about to trade it in.
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