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Jaguar S-Type Transmission Problems

Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
Please share your experiences with any transmission problems you've had with your S-Type.


  • My mother has a s-type 2001 w/ 39k. 1 year ago she took it in because the shifter was stuck and wouldnt move out of Park. Now, 7 days out of warranty-it is banging loud-and she is advised that the transmission is gone! $4,000.00 to fix. She had it in a few months ago and they put it up on the lift and did not hear the noise. They told her out of warranty-out of luck. I feel she has some recourse. It is and has been a problem-they told her if she considers a new Jag, then maybe that will help her cause! This came from Jaguar Corp. Help! Opinions?
  • rob54rob54 Posts: 2
    Please keep on appealing to the owner of the dealership, Jaguar, Ford,they may cave. Let them know Mom is on a fixed income. It would be best if you had Jag dealer do all maint. or had records.Maybe they will give 50% off.
    Shop around for a fix - I have had 2 cars -Dodge van and Infiniti Q45 with trans gone and dealer both times charged almost twice as much to fix than a private shop-about 5 large v 2000-2500
  • kpalmer1kpalmer1 Posts: 2
    My Father is a mechanic for Bauer Jaguar in California and even tells me that Jags are equipped with the poorest-designed transmissions he has ever seen in his life. They are terrible, he tells me. Almost every day he comes in there are about five S-types on his to do list and every one is a transmission problem. He told me, the the new S-Types use a different material in something and he said that he has found that these ones are great transmissions and should not have that same problems. The transmissions in the past were designed and built by a company in France: BEC Transmissions. The new Jaguar transmissions are designed and built in Norway by Borgen Automobile Technologies. They are of a more friction-free design and are built to last because they are built better. The only jaguar issue is that they made this new transmission company change on every jaguar model except for the XJ's for some reason. Because of this lack of change the 2007 XJ are still suffering from problems but the S-Types are suddenly flourishing and having no problems.
  • kpalmer1kpalmer1 Posts: 2
    The previous Jaguar transmissions were built by Jaguar, but a BEC Transmossions design. The design was the flaw, not the quality. The new transmissions are designed and built by German ZF Friedrichshafen AG, who has been designing the finest transmissions in the world for quite a while. Both BMW, and Porsche utilize ZF for their transmissions. They are much, much, much better in both reliability and performance.
  • axyz1axyz1 Posts: 1
    I leased a pre-owned 2001 S-type in 2004 with 33K - the transmission died on me less than 3 months after getting the car. I had the transmission replaced and subsequently needed 2 additional transmissions within the next 1 1/2. Thanks goodness the car was still under warranty!
    The transmission's in the 2001's are a HORROR... Be Warned.
  • md2md2 Posts: 15
    i just bought a 2000 s type with 31000 miles on it and the dealer gave me a warr for 100000 miles on the motor and trans so far the car runs great i heard great things about this car hope it is as good as people say this is the first time i heard trouble with the trans hope all gos well for you
  • jofujofu Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 S-Type 2.5 and after 112000km, (the warranty
    and insurance dropped out at 100K) the auto transmission
    started going "klunk" when shifting from 2->1.
    Manually shifting from Drive to Neutral at each stoplight
    avoided the problem. I took it in for service (Upsala
    Sweden) and there was no record in the car computer of
    out-of-limit behavior.
    They flushed and re-filled the trans, and zero'd the
    adaptive computer program. Now it makes a REALLY big clunk
    at 2>1 and goes into redlight, "creep home" mode and they
    don't think I should drive it. Thanks a lot.
    They also want me to steer me to a reconditioned unit.
    I suppose it's nice to know I'm not alone.
  • dandkdandk Posts: 1
    I have had my 2000 Jag S Type looked at twice for transmission problems. which only has 59,000 miles The dealership told me both times it was fine!!!! Recently (as in last monday) I was at the Emission Station and after I passed, my car would not come out of park. Four people tried to get it out of park, of course, no luck. AAA towed the car to the Jag dealership, and guess what happened? 3 weeks prior I told the dealership I suspected a problem with the transmission and they sent me home claiming no tranny problem. Then came monday and all the sudden I need a new transmission (SHOCKER) Well now they are replacing the gear mechanism and some switch that they say I broke. No way. I have had problems off and on with the transmission for about 6 months. Now I found out other people have the same problem and Jag will not recall this. I would love to participate in any action against them, this is an problem that they are aware of and won't do anything about. I like this car but I feel they are being deceptive and expecting us consumers to spend more of our hard earned money to stay in the lap of luxury. I do not call having to go in multiple times a month to the service department of my local jaguar dealership luxurious . And the kicker is no loaner car and they have had the car this time so far for over 4 days I do not know when it will be done and what other problems they may try to say exist. Thinking of going the foreign route!
  • amadaussamadauss Posts: 8
    This is a big problem that Jag just will not recognize. :sick:
  • md2md2 Posts: 15
    i have had no problems with my jag s type runs good transmission works like it should so maybe not every jaguar s type has trouble mine is 2000 s type 3.0 hope you guys get yours fixed i think they are great cars good luck
  • jofujofu Posts: 2
    new update
    My car was built 2002-11 with 6speed automatic, so I presume it is the ZF6HP26.
    I'm waiting for a reconditioned trans and driving as little as possible around town.

    when driving cold, the trans works as before.
    when warm, if I gas a little during 1>2, it goes WHUMP and we're in
    "VAXELLADAN DEFEKT" mode. Then I cannot change gears, and we are stuck
    in gear2, which is OK for 40-50km/h.
    Once I stop/neutral with motor running, when I start driving again, the trans
    behaves nicely: the car drives very gently with no thumps at all, although
    it seems slushy going from start to 10km/h revs up to 2K. Gears3,4,5 used
    without problem.
    The mechanic said that the trans was in "slip" mode, maybe some sort of low pressure/
    power mode. I suspect it also starts in gear2 which is just what I asked the mechanic
    to do for me.
    So, actually it is much easier to drive after the first WHUMP.
    Turning the engine off clears the "VAXELLADAN DEFEKT" alarm, and the sequence
    The first time the WHUMP is really bad, the YELLOW engine lights, and
    this light is remembered after the car is turned off and then on.

    Except one night with a thunderstorm, the persistant YEL engine light
    was cleared. It returned later the next day after a sloppy start from a light.

    Driving Experience
    I suspect "Sport" mode makes things worse and avoid it now.
    The simplest way to drive now would be to force the WHUMP each time I start the
    car, stop at next light and enter N, then D and I can drive in slush mode for
    the duration of the trip.
    It feels wrong to try to make the trans panic. Besides, if the motor is cold
    the trans works just fine and I'm not sure I could get the WHUMP.
    It is more sporting to try to get through a day without tripping the "DEFEKT"
    alarm. This can be done (when the motor is warm): accelerate firmly from
    stop up to 2500, then release the gas and wait for the switch to gear2.
    From now on it changes up and down normally (just don't let it go down to gear1).
    To creep from stop, simply enter Drive and release the brake.
    To cause the WHUMP, push just a little gas, so it slowly accelerates to 1500,
    and it will try to change gears by itself. The next two changes will be really
    spectacular. Like being hit in the rear by another car.
    I'd call this ZF_LURCH#2A or maybe ZF_WHUMP#1.
  • atl124atl124 Posts: 1
    Come on Jaguar step up and do something for us on this obvious transmission issue. 2002 with 63,000. Been a great car up until last month. Then engine coil, coolant reserve tank and now the trans is gone. Dealer said, "if you'd just waited 1 more year and got a 2003, they fixed all the issues". Wow, thanks.
  • alyssealysse Posts: 1
    Is this a transmission problem? When I go up an incline, or enter the highway and starting at about 40mph, my car (s-type 2001) starts jerking forwards and backwards for awhile. It happens about 70% of the time. Someone recommended that I get rid of the car (it has 97,000 miles). I'm worried that the transmission will go before I can find a new car. I'd like to do a private party sale, but I think it would be wrong to sell a car knowing that I may have a transmission problem.
  • zx1400zx1400 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 s type jag. I think on the start of transmission problem. Have any one found cure for jag problem?
  • stork99stork99 Posts: 2
    My 2000 S-type 4.0 has developed exactly the same symptom. It started a few weeks ago as hardly noticeable shaking just after it shifts into overdrive. By now it feels as firm jerking forwards and backwards in the range of speed from 45 to 55 mph. It happens only after transmission gets warm – after 8 - 10 miles drive. It is also important to mention that if I stop at intersection engine skips a bit or two within a 10 seconds interval. It runs smoothly though if it is not engaged with transmission, so I can hardly suspect something wrong with engine. I schedule a visit to a dealership for tomorrow. But I am pretty skeptical about their ability to diagnose and locate the problem because there is no signal flashing yet on my dashboard – that means there is no error code to read.

    I would greatly appreciate if you can keep me updated. I can promise the same from my side.

  • litmuslitmus Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 s type 3.0 with 109,000. I have had problems getting it out of park, especially if I let it rock backwards on an incline. Dealership told me its a problem with all 2002's. They told me to set the parking brake before I release the brake or take it out of drive. Then I don't have a problem. To get out of park, pushing the car forward a little will usually work if you forget to set the parking brake. Now I'm experiencing some slippage in the transmission. Up to now the car has been great.
  • I have the same problems like everyone else. Am worried this car is going to die out on me one day. Please email me any updates you have on this class action suite and offcourse sign me up.
    How much is it to fix the transmission anyway. I need suggestions. A
  • i have a 2000 s-type which had the same issue. the problem is that Jag uses a little plastic clip to hold the shifter nob to the gear box. the plastic clip is broken, or cracked, and prevents the car from shifting out of park. mine broke completely, and they had to open up the entire center console and replace the clip - like i said, a little plastic clip. to prevent it from happening again, park on a decline as much as possible, and use the parking brake all the time. it takes the strain off of the clip. if you ask me, jag should do better than using a plastic piece to hold drivers in gear.
  • Here is Aus. 5 grand is the cost to replace the transmission. We have just replaced ours and the installer said that we now have a later version without the problems that the original transmission suffered. If you can notice a long pause before the gears take up from a standing start after you put it into Drive then it is on the way out. Seems that the oil pressures take longer to build up and eventually ours wouldn't change into the top gear ratio's. We have a one year unlimited klm warrantee on the reconditioned trans from the installer (not the dealer). At the moment it seems to be OK, and we are not expecting any further trouble but agree that this situation should never have occured at our expense. Any compensation would be most welcome.
  • After extensive research I have solved my "problem with transmission" that used to show same symptoms as yours by replacing ignition coils. My 2000 V8 with 100,000 miles on it feels like a new car now. Try it :)
  • Thanks Stork99. Wanted to clarify that this probably is one of the many symptoms that are causing these transmissions to fail. On my car, it was the cooling lines that take the transmission fluid to the radiator and back. Their is a heat shield under these lines so if they start to leak at a very slow rate, the shield stops the fluid from landing on your garage floor or wherever you park the car. So you don't know its happening. Then while driving it blows off the shield. This is why they made a terrible mistake of not allowing the owner to check the fluid levels. Sealing the transmission so the fluid will last 100,000 miles and stating this as ok is a real problem. Really needs to be changed sooner as I saw noted on another post. This owner claimed all kinds of junk in the fluid after 60 thousand miles.
  • yanek1yanek1 Posts: 1
    Another one of unhappy owners of 2003 S-type jags. Have all of the above mentioned problems and then some. Can't afford to fix it anymore. Something has to be done and I'm happy some one is doing something about it. Please keep me posted.
  • I am amazed at all the Jaguar owners that are actualy having the same problem as myself. I will say this I love my car from the ride to the design and especially the look. I get so much respect in this car I feel that it is classier than the BMW, Benz, and Lexus. However, the transmission problem needs to be addressed. My 2000 Jag is hard to get out of park on inclines, and takes atleast 3seconds to move after puting it in park. I'm hoping I can get it fixed before it goes out. I'm going to have my mechanic look at changing fluids, changing the ignition coils and checking for leaks from the trans to radiator. Please let me know about the lawsuit. I dont want money I would just like to be able to go to a dealership and get serviced.
  • marksemarkse Posts: 2
    Add me to the list of screwed S-Type owners. I got the "Gearbox Fault" warning on 10/19/07, although the car still ran okay. Took it to the dealer on 10/20/2007. Transmission started crapping out on the way to the dealer -thankfully I made it okay. I was told 4th gear was gone and new transmission was $3,750. I will be contacting Jaguar corporate. Below are some names in Jaguar North America I plan on contacting about this issue. I'm realistic about my chances of getting a response here. But I feel I must try something.

    555 MacArthur Blvd.
    Mahwah, NJ 07430 United

    President, Aston Martin Jaguar Land Rover North America Mike O'Driscoll

    Purchasing Director, Jaguar Cars and Land Rover Ermal Faulkner

    Manufacturing Director, Jaguar and Land Rover Jan Gijsen

    Product Development Director, Jaguar and Land Rover Al Kammerer

    Manager, Corporate Affairs Rosemary Mariniello

    Director, Global Marketing, Jaguar Connell O'Donnell

    Director, Legal Affairs, Jaguar and Land Rover Jon Osgood
  • marksemarkse Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention on the previous post - My S-Type is a 2001 with 79,000 miles on it. After reading some of the other message boards about this car, I'm actually thankful I got to 79,000 miles before it crapped out! Of course, this is my last Jaguar. In fact, I was planning on purchasing a Range Rover next year, but I may look elsewhere now since they are all run under the same company.
  • The problem is corporate America does not look at it the way they did in the past. The exec's were paid a good yearly salary and a bonus if business increased. Today, that president is around 2 to 3 years tops, his bonus is predicated on bottom line profit because they have to feed that ever hungry shareholder. So to do this they cut costs, stop really caring about their customers, deny any problems, and at the end of the year, get that fat bonus check that could feed a small third world country. With that much at stake, the ride is very short to the promise land. In order to do this, they do spend more in two departments. The showrooms, which rival billionaire homes and marketing. And now here comes the holidays, we will sit at home and watch Its a Wonderful life and Scrooged and for one fleeting moment we will think, yeah, We need to be nice to our fellow man and everyone makes mistakes and we just need to admit them and correct them and the sun will come out tomorrow. Then January hits and its back to business as usual. Thank god that the checks and balances thing allows us to have enough lawyers today that when they smell blood, will pounce because they have to eat to.
  • zx1400zx1400 Posts: 2
    bought the car in june drove for three week and transmission went out. lucky I took out extended warranty. rebuilt the tranny it needed new pump,converter,parts inside of tranny. price 2300.00 so far so good. keep you posted.
  • I have 85,000 and my 2000 stype is starting to display what seems to be transmission problems.
    In may I had a problem with my fan and overheating. The engine still feels like it gets too hot too quickly.

    I have yet to replace my heater and a/c that went out last november. I have to replace a cst and heater vlv because the heater pump leaks when I use my a/c which blows the fuse AND is very oxidated from leakage.

    I love my car but it has been very expensive to maintain.
  • Please keep me informed on your progress. I too am experiencing
    transmission problems with my 2000 S-type. shifter gets stuck in
    park on an incline. The dealer wants about $900.00 to fix the problem.
    Jaguar has to admit to their mistakes, please keep informed. THX
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