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Jaguar S-Type Transmission Problems



  • I have a 2001 s type and have had all kinds of problems with my transmission. At least 10 visits to the shop and the warranty co finally fixed problem but cost me every time I took it in. I also had to have the $1600 hose replaced and something with the struts for safety reasons another $1800. Now I'm having electrical problems and the dealer can't figure out what is wrong. Of course at $106 an hour they have been trying process of elimination and can't figure out whats wrong. They're saying it could be one of 4 models or a loose wire. Has any one had problems with this. The car blows the #21 fuse at the passanger side and the A/C radio, all gages and truck release stops while the lights stay on constantly. When you put a new fuse in it goes for about 4 days of light driving and blows again. If any one has any idea what's going on please e-mail me and if any one knows of someone in the Orlando area that works on Jag I would really appreciate it. I love the way my car looks and hate to get rid of it but I'm starting to think I better do something while it's still under extended warranty and less than 70K miles.
  • I have owned a 2000 S-type for the past 3 years. I bought it with 8,000 miles and I now have 45,000 on it. My shifter has been replaced twice, every window has had electrical problems (including the sunroof), the radio screen is intermittent, it overheats easily (the thermostat and hoses have been replaced already)...other than that, I love its is just like having a cheating trophy wife...
    I would like to be included in the list, but hopefully I'll dump the thing soon enough. 2007 Jags have rebates of around $9000 in my area, and I was thinking that having one with a warranty could not be that bad (that to show everyone that I do love the looks), but after reading this thread I could not justify getting another one...
  • Wow, my first time on the Forum .... a bit scary. I bought a beauty Silver 2003 3 liter a week ago, 25K miles, close to white interior. I really thought I had done my home work in selecting this car, first Jaguar for me. We cames out of the Porsche, MBZ and many high-end Street Rods world ... with heavy emphazie with V8's. My wife has pushed me to explore better fuel economy as we have a shoe 49 Chevy Corvette based big block vehicle sitting in the garage.

    Today was my first time on your Forum (maybe I should have started here), what are the tranny problems all about & why aren't the dealers fixing problems in or out of warranties. Guess the Share Holders should start to get senior management salaries back to reality, is supect they're in the megabuck range. Why hasn't there been a recall on these problems, what should I be watching out for?

    My car is out of warranty, should I consider extention. Are Jaguar Dealers across the country like Corvette Dealers, some can set there warranty prices with very good prices.

    I would greatly appreciate hearing from my new Jaguar colleagues. Hope I am successfull getting back onto this forum, took awhile to get setup. I am somewhat of a wrencher, in the Street Rods world, would like to learn as much as possible with this car .... I just had "the big one" last week. So I really would like to make this a keeper, but my wife has heard that numerous time. I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted an older Coupe some day.

    Best regards,

    Gil, Central Florida
  • I bought my 2000 S type 4.0 with 46,000 miles this past July and only got to enjoy it trouble free for 4 weeks!!! I wish I had done my home work more thorough, my troubles started out with my passenger window regulator having to be replaced, Then soon after that my engine light came on, the temperature gauge shot all the way to hot in 15 seconds after the car was started, said engine temp was hot and went into "amber safe mode"... brought it into my mechanic and they replaced what was to be a faulty thermostat sensor? Two days later I noticed large amounts of liquid on my garage floor ( I thought it may be condensation from my air-conditioning ) wishful thinking huh? Sure enough my coolant reservoir cracked...antifreeze all over the garage floor!!! Now Im steamed! This was fixed 2 weeks ago and now the "amber safe mode" light was flashing again 3 times yesterday! I give up! I love this car and have always wanted a Jaguar and now with what Ive read and experienced, what am I in for next? By the way my engine when its cooled (overnight usually) when I start the car up it sounds rather loud (Tapping of pistons or cylinders or something ) for about 10 seconds until it idles down, then its smooth and quiet... is this normal? I hope...I asked Jaguar and they said that the oil has settled over night and its no big deal...I have 52,000 miles on it as of today I noticed all of my troubles started at 50,100 miles, I kid you not!!! Now Im afraid my transmission is going to go next, and I have no warranty!!!! Does anyone know of an affordable warranty? I bought this car second hand from Lexus and when they wanted nearly $8000 for an extended warranty I thought they were out of their minds!!! Thats nearly half the price of which I purchased this car ($13,988)
  • Guess what? As I post this today, my car is in the shop. A warning light that read gearbox fault came on. The car seemed to be shifting a little rough. I am waiting to hear how much this repair will cost me. At the current time I know it is related to the transmission. Prior to this time the shifter would get stuck in park if I parked on an incline. I also had my share of problems with hoses, a.c. and heat. I have a 2001 S type with 68,000. When I called the manufacturer and asked if there had been a recalled I was strernly told, "Absolutley not!" If in fact people are getting ready for a class action suit please count me in!
  • i have a 2000 s type and im having the same transmission , shocks and that broken tube that makes the car shake when started as everyone else. i would love to put my name on your class action if still possible. let me know thanks
  • I've had my 2000 S-Type for a little over three years now. With all the repairs it's pretty much a brand new car under the hood. I've had the entire cooling system done at about 68,000 miles, numerous problems with electrical system, and let's not count the number of coils I've had replaced. Let' see, the car has 8, I've had all of them replaced and a few more than once. I love the style but it has truly been a headache. Does the car really need brakes every 6 months? Mine does. I don't understand it. Even when they're new (from the dealer), they squeak. Anyway, a month ago I had the engine rebuilt at 86,000 miles (and some change) and two weeks later it needs a new transmission. Unbelievable! :cry: Thank God I did have the sense to get an extended warranty on the vehicle. The transmission was getting stuck in second gear, but after turning the car off and back on again, it would reset. Also it was shifting very rough and the car would flash "Transmission Fault" and "Failsafe Engine Mode". The warranty company covered 95% of the repairs I've had done on the car, but with my deductible and some of the things they would not replace because they weren't "broken enough", I've still spent a couple of thousand over the time I've had the car. When I first bought it, I couldn't wait to be able to upgrade to the XJ (yeah right). After this experience I'll never buy another Jag again. When this warranty runs out (another 14,000 miles), the car is outta here! The stress, the time, and the money isn't worth sitting in that kind of luxury! Oh, and if anyone needs a less expensive extended warranty company let me know. You'd be crazy not to get one with this car.
  • I purchased a Primus Care extended warranty for about $2700. It's good for up to 100,000 miles. It was a great deal because they've spent approximately $14,000 on my car's repairs. Hmmm... Jaguar could put them out of business at that rate...Now that's a shame!
  • I purchased a 2003 S-Type with the hopes of avoiding some of the brake and transmission issues earlier model years had. I even purchased a "certified" car. Since Ford decided to intermingle Lincoln and Jaguar parts I did not feel I was purchasing an authentic S-Type by buying anything earlier than 2003. Well I was mistaken. Within 2 weeks of driving my 35,000 mile certified Jag I experienced this annoying squeeking of the brakes an a rubbing sound coming from my transmission. I took the car in and the dealerships reply was ridiculous. First they said the breaks squeeked because someone put non-jaguar pads on but they could correct this by replacing the entire break system for $1800. Second they said the rub was and I quote "No big deal, and common with the new transmission". They fixed the rubbing noise and well a month later it has returned. Now it feels like it is in the driveshaft area and is driving me crazy. Please any advice.
  • New to the forum and bought my jag 1 year ago and having all the same problems everyone else is. Do you have any new news on your action against these problems? I have had 1 headache after another with my jag. Just curious.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm sorry, but it seems that I've accidentally not been tracking this discussion for several months. The CarSpace Forums do not support calls for class-action suits. We would like to help you get your issues directly resolved if possible, but we do not provide a forum for solicitation for legal action.

    Some posts have been belatedly removed.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at the address in my profile.

    I apologize for not clarifying this sooner.

    Pat, Sedans Host
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    if anyone has questions, please feel free to email me at the address in my profile. I'm sorry, but we can't continue to discuss this here.

  • I found this post somewhere else. It is the same issue i am having. Would anyone know if it is the Transmission or something else that could be wrong?
    Has anyone experienced the same? My 2000 s-type 3.0 tends to slip and the engine races intermittently. Had transmission drained and refilled once but still have the problem. Took it back to check level and color of fluid. That is OK. Over time I have noticed two interesting things regarding the occurences. First it seems to operate OK when it is cold, and worse when it is warm. For this reason I suspected something related to the viscosity of the fluid or perhaps an internal transmission pump or controller that weakens as the temperature rises. But then, I also noticed if I pull down on the shifter when it occurs, it seems to help. I did have the shift cable replaced beacause it had broken after parking on an incline. Since then, I have had some close calls getting the transmission stuck in park on an incline. This leads me to wonder if the cable might have stretched ever so slightly, and lengthens even more in warm weather. Could the indexing be off on the selector, and would this cause the slipping and racing of the engine previously mentioned? Thanks for any help with this.
  • Unbelieveable. My Jag S-type (2000 3.0) is in the shop as well, for a transmission replacement. It has 63,000 miles on it. A week ago, the engine warning light came on and then the dreaded 'gearbox fault" warning. Not friendly. I was stunned when I was told the transmission needed to be replaced and even more so when the insurance company (on my extended warranty) only agreed to pay for a rebuilt transmission. The problems I've had with this car are legendary - a new ignition, a/c replacement and now, transmission issues. When my shop called a local Jaguar dealership, they were told there were six new transmissions sitting on the shelf in inventory. What does that tell you?
  • Please feel free to contact in regards to issues with the transmissions or anything else of importance in reference to S types for the years 1998 to 2003. This site has been very gracious in allowing some posts and do not want to cause any concern or issues for them. You will receive an email back with info. Thanks.
  • The info you posted is an email address - not a website. Who handles the email address and what, if any, relationship do they have with Jaguar or these service problems? Thanks.
  • Wow. I have a 2000 S-Type with identical transmission issues. It's been to the dealer 4 times for transmission issues.

    First, it was stuck in park on a *slight* incline. Ended up with a broken 'shift assembly' trying to get it out of park: $750. Took it back because it got stuck in park again, only this time i had someone bump my car up enough to get it out of park so I didn't break the 'shift assembly' again. They told me it was a short with the selinoid that releases the shift lever: $250. They have a warranty on their repairs, but since each trip to the shop magically revealed a different failed component, they were able to charge me for each and every repair.

    Started seeing 'Gear Fault' warning on dash. Car intermittently would slip out of gear on the interstate, etc.; trouble engaging from Park to Drive.

    Took it back again (BTW, I had problems immediately after getting it back from dealer), because it was shifting erratically; they also incorrectly wired the shift indicator so that it only illuminated when the brake pedal was pressed.

    This time, was told that the shifting cable was coming apart, $360. When I came to pick it up, they explained that this latest repair 'made the problem better' but didn't fix it.

    They say I need a new transmission altogether. UNBELIEVABLE. Could they not have determined this previously?? That's why I took it to the DEALERSHIP, rather than some generic repair shop. My car must have been the only one that this Jaguar 'mechanic' has ever worked on. Absolutely inept. I have never been so thoroughly appauled at the lack of service from the dealership for a "luxury" vehicle. Sadly, there is only ONE Jaguar dealership in my state. That's the ONLY reason they are still in business in my opinion.
  • It is unbelievable. And maddening. I'm very worried about a rebuilt transmission, but that's all the warranty company would agree to pay for. A new Jaguar transmission is hugely expensive. It's amazing to me that Jaguar is not acknowledging this problem or correcting it, but Ford is trying to dump the brand to a company in India. Maybe that's why, but it sure doesn't help you, me or all the others who are suffering through this incredibly frustrating and costly repair.
  • WOW ! I have just finished reading all your problems... I too have been dealing with my Jag problems. I just replaced the water pump, I have to change the oxygen sensors, not to mention my transmission has a problem changing gears, I got a " TRANSMISSION FAULT " warning sign and the car wouldn't change gears. The RPM's where @ 3 moving up to 4 and wouldn't drop. I got home safe but the next morning the car was fine. Anyone have this issue? Also I was told by a mechanic that Jags come with a 100,000 mile engine warranty, and that his friend brought up this issue to the dealer and they put in a NEW transmission even though his friend didn't buy the car at that dealer. Anyone know if this warranty thing is valid???


  • Boy, I don't know anything about a Jaguar transmission warranty to 100K miles! When the shop called the "local" Jaguar dealer in Charlotte, they didn't mention it. They did, however, have six new transmissions sitting in inventory!

    I went with the rebuilt since that's all my warranty would pay for. So far, so good. But, I'm going to dump the car before the extended warranty expires in 2009. It breaks my heart because I really love this car. It still makes me smile, after 7 years.

    Good luck!
  • I own a certified Select Edition 2001 “S” type Jaguar purchased in 2003 with the extended warranty as part of the car being a “Select Edition.”

    My wife and I drove from our home in CA, to Fort Worth, TX on September 28, 2006. Because of time restraints, we had to be in Fort Worth in two days. We have taken this trip several times before with no problems whatsoever. The car was under warranty when the transmission blew just before Eloy, Arizona. We were crossing the desert area of Arizona when I noticed that the RPM had been continuously high. My wife and I both noticed that car had been starting making some odd “lurches“. Approaching Eloy, Arizona the car began to make strange noises, jerking, and not accelerating properly. We quickly exited Route 10 and rolled into a Love’s gas station/mini-mart where the car died. At that time, the car would not go forward, only in reverse. Trying to go forward jerked and killed the engine; the tranny had blown completely. We called AAA for a tow, which Jaguar uses. The driver stated that there was no Jaguar Dealer anywhere nearby, but there was a Ford Dealer in Casa Grande, AZ, approximately 20 miles away. (We did not want to be towed to Phoenix/Scottsdale, which was the “closest” Jaguar dealer and be stuck there for 2 days as we needed to be in Fort Worth before the end of the weekend.) I talked to Linda at the Ford Service Center of Jones Automotive, and was told that even though Jaguar is owned by Ford and uses Ford parts, they would not touch the vehicle. She then recommended AAA Transmissions also in Casa Grande, AZ. We then had the car towed to AAA Transmission, where the manager stated that they indeed do warranty work, and we would be reimbursed from Jaguar. He would provide all of the needed paperwork. Due to our time constraints, it was necessary to rent one of only two cars available in this small town for interstate travel in Casa Grande to meet our schedule and leave the car with AAA Transmissions. Our intended first night was El Paso, but we missed our reservation and ended up staying in Las Cruces, NM. The next day we pushed our drive to make up our time, and arrived in Fort Worth in time for our son‘s birthday. The towing charge was $70.00, the bill for rebuilding the (Ford) transmission was $2,095.39, and the car rental came to $587.25.

    After arriving back home, we contacted Jaguar regarding the warranty. The following is our ordeal to receive some kind of recompense from Jaguar.

    Being a Select Edition car, we expected to be reimbursed for the charges incurred. I contacted Kathleen Viccaro, Jaguar Customer Service Representative, on October 16, 2006, and informed her of our ordeal. She explained that she would get back to me. We received a letter dated November 6, 2006, informing us that Jaguar would not honor our warranty. This does not seem acceptable as we purposely chose a Select Edition car, for our peace of mind, in case of just such a breakdown. I then sent a letter, dated December 23, 2006, to the Jaguar Board of Appeals to state my case as to why I felt that I should be reimbursed for the repairs to said car. I received a letter back from the Jaguar Appeals Board, dated January 18, 2007, that, though they had reviewed my concerns and I was valued as a customer and that they appreciated my business and patience, they, again, refused my request for reimbursement of the tow/repair of said car.

    I then received a letter dated January 30, 2007 from our local Jaguar Dealership, where said vehicle was purchased, reminding us that our vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance check was due, as these checks “keep our car operating at peak performance and that Jaguar is committed to ensuring us a carefree driving experience“. The timing of this letter was impeccable.

    On February 12, 2007, I sent a letter requesting that my Jaguar be taken to the nearest Jaguar dealer and be repaired to their specifications so that the car would meet their high standards as so lauded in their correspondence. The next letter I received, on March 5, 2007, was dated February 27, 2007, stating that since the warranty was up February 28, 2007, the repairs needed are now the responsibility of the owner. !!!!
    This correspondence had been going back and forth for 4 months, well within the warranty. Jaguar had belated a timely and satisfactory conclusion of this dilemma purposely to the point of the expiration of the warranty, and therefore, the end of their responsibility and any possible recompense in my favor. I am not impressed with their car or their customer service.

    We have seen numerous other complaints regarding Jaguar car transmissions on the internet, and you can bet that this is our first and last Jaguar. :lemon:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I realize that Monday morning quarterbacking is the last thing you want to hear, but I think your miscalculation was not towing it to a Jaguar dealer. This was the loophole and they jumped through it.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • kige97kige97 Posts: 1
    I too have $5500 transmission problem! I was told that the $5500 covers a rebuilt transmission. I have been told that a rebuilt transmission is better than a new one. If a new one costs more than $5500 then whew! I have been exploring other options. My 2001 S-Type is no longer under warant so I have to take the hit. So did TATA motors go ahead and buy Jaguar? When I was in India I read about them possibly purchasing Jaguar. How do we raise enough cain that somebody puts us on the recall list?
  • knowlegeknowlege Posts: 1
    Hello, I am posting my message on this website because I have noticed that I am not alone when it comes to having some type of transmission problem with my 2002 S type Jaguar. I have just passed the 62000 miles on my Jag when the car is starting to buck as I start to excelerate. I've also notice to have some type of oder that smells like something is burning after about half hour of driving my car. The bucking started this morning as I traveled to work but then the condition got worse as I drove it home from work while stopping at the grocery market. Could I be in denile by assuming that I do not have a problem with my transmission. I am afraid to take it back on the road for fear that it will leave me stranded o n the side of the highway with the neareast Jagaur Dealership being two hours away. Please I need some advice as to what I should do and how should I handle my situation. I do like my car but it does me good if it just sits in the driveway for looks. Thanks for your time and help in this matter.
  • jaymzsjaymzs Posts: 16
    HI Buddy, I have a 04 v8 S Type, It has tbe Z Trans which should do the trick, does yours? BTW mine run out of warrantee this month but the dealer extended bumber to bumper to 85,000 miles and an additional 3 years. I fet the 2,300 is well worth it since I want to keep this car. Also transferable. Private companies gave me a quote of 3,400 to 4900 dollars, so I am glad about it. Now one of my employees has a 99 V8 5 speed auto, it has a 100,000 on it with no problems.
    I'm sure that don't hear the good newson here only the bad, with 85,000 being sold a year it might not be as bad as it seems, but get the warrantee!
  • IMO, don't wait to get the transmission serviced/replaced/rebuilt. But unless you REALLY TRUST your local Jag dealer, find another qualified mechanic. Their labor charges are astronomical for sub-par service (at least at my local dealer).

    I took mine to the dealer multiple times for the same issues you're having (in addition to other issues with the trans) and they fixed many things - none of which were necessary or had any affect on the issue.

    Ultimately (4th visit to dealer) I was told that the transmission needed to be replaced. This was despite the fact that I was told at the previous appointment that the transmission itself was fine and these were 'collateral' issues.

    By the end, just before i had it towed to a mechanic, they transmission was slipping badly. Engine would rev up and eventually slip into gear, but wouldn't stay in gear. Would usually just seem to slip into neutral while driving down the road. To get going again i had to turn the car off and wait for a few minutes then start it again and PRAY it would go into gear.

    Good luck. I wish I had better news -- it's not a fun place to be in. BTW, after 2 months of not having it, i should be getting my car back with a rebuilt transmission for around $2200.00 I've heard others say you're better off going with a rebuilt than new transmission on this car. And yes $2200 sucks, but it's far less than the $4400 the dealer quoted me for a new one.
  • runyonndrunyonnd Posts: 2
    Howdy All:
    (2000 S-Type 3.0) I've had troubles getting the transmission to come out of park before while parking on an incline, steep inclines and even a flat parking spots if the front wheels were up against the concrete parking block. You'd have to have someone rock the car before it would come out park.
    I was told to put the car in neutral with your foot on the brake prior to putting it into park, that it releases all the built up stored tension on the transmission, driveshaft and rear end. I've made a habit with this technique and haven't had a problem since.
  • blonddie66blonddie66 Posts: 7
    My 2002 S type had the same symptoms, but it was not the transmission. The car would hesitate and buck during acceleration. It was difficult going above 40 MPH. I also smelled something burning. My ex husband is a transmission rebuilder and general mechanic. It turns out that one of the valve cover gaskets was leaking oil onto the heads, plus I needed a tune up. He scanned the computor and cylinder # 6 was missing. Coil pack #6 was bad and the plug was fouled due to the leaking gasket. The motor is a ford so all the parts were either generic or Ford and cost be only $250. The Jag dealer wanted $1100 for a tune up.
  • iroadkingiiroadkingi Posts: 1
    What was the final result of the rubbing you heard in the transmission?
    I too hear that sound at 40-50 mph, Jag dealer said 4th gear missing teeth, how they can say that with out opening the tranny is beyond me. AAmco transmission says that it is in the rearend not the trans any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
    By the way great car I always wanted one , got it now want to get rid of it back to the BMW for me.
  • jaymzsjaymzs Posts: 16
    The New ZF trans is great but after driven awhile, there is a bit of program drift, if the trans does not syncronize exactly there is a bit of squeel or scrub between 3rd and 4th. You can hear it at almost any speed. Flushing and reprograming will only help for 5 to 10 thousand miles. I don't consider it a problem any more. Its a sturdy trans with a good rep. The new ones have the coverter adjusted correctly.
    There will be another Jag in my life.

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