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2K Ford Explorer Sport Trac's - III. Please
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  • dovette2001dovette2001 Member Posts: 13
    Just got back from Wal-Mart, and they had the Maisto 1/18 scale models of the sport trac, all they had though were the mandarin gold ones, so i didn't get one, since i have a white one,.... darn it,..... they were packaged in road & track boxes, looked pretty cool,......
  • dovette2001dovette2001 Member Posts: 13
    by the way, they were ONLY selling them, believe it or not,... for $2.97,.....
  • dsb2001stdsb2001st Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone installed a K&N Air Filter and if so, did it have an effect on the gas mileage? Also, if a K&N filter is installed, are any other modifications to the exhaust system required?
  • amadeus00amadeus00 Member Posts: 10
    Update on the Check Engine Light.

    Turns out that the thermostat was faulty and it was stuck in the on position. It ran the engine really cool. It was replaced and the problem was solved.
  • stewertstewert Member Posts: 18
    I installed a air filter on my Explorer Sport and I noticed a slight improvement in gas milage. But there was noticeable improvement in acceleration. I installed the box type filter and no modifacations had to be made.
  • paul512001paul512001 Member Posts: 10
    Got a call from the dealer, my silver ST with tonneau cover is in. Can't believe it is here already. Only took 5 weeks to the day.

    Going tonite at 7 PM to pickup. I hope everything I ordered is on it
  • hbcarterhbcarter Member Posts: 5
    I was told when I purchased my ST in July that they were developing a class III hitch for the ST and I would be called by the dealership when it was available. Surely, by now a hitch has been developed and is in production. I find it hard to believe that no one has a hitch. Any ideas on why I got this story? Is there a hitch for the ST that is different from the old style Explorer?
  • rbstern1rbstern1 Member Posts: 11
    hbcarter, I just installed a Hidden Hitch (class III) on my Sport Trac. It's a round tube hitch and it looks awesome. Go to, click on "Member Projects" then click on "Hidden Hitch" to see pictures of the hitch before and after installation on my Sport Trac.
  • rbstern1rbstern1 Member Posts: 11
    We are tracking Sport Trac gas mileage over at The Sport Trac Web Site. We've got 21 MPG reports entered by visitors so far; you can look at the mileage averages by visitor and option averages like 4x4, tonneau, 4.10, etc. We are not tracking K&N as an option yet, but plan to add it. I encourage you to come on over and submit your gas mileage information, so the entire Sport Trac community can benefit from the information. Go to and click on "Sport Trac MPG Log" on the site menu.
  • mike_d_eganmike_d_egan Member Posts: 2
    I've posted this on a couple of other sites, so forgive me if you've already seen this. Ford's website now says that you can only get the 4.10 gears on the ST. That's great because that's what I want. However, my dealer who is ordering the ST for me says that I can't get 4.10 gears with the manual tranny. Which one is right?
  • lambchoplambchop Member Posts: 24
    I just got a customer guide in the mail for the Sport Trac. It says:

    "The Cargo Cage is equipped with a theft deterrent device. To utilize, locate the set screws opposite the locking clips on the center tubular bar. Use a Phillips screwdriver and turn the set screw counterclockwise 8-10 revolutions. This disables the locking clips and prevents removal of the cage."

    Guess they forgot to put this in the manual.
  • paul512001paul512001 Member Posts: 10
    Picked up my silver ST last night. Everything came out fine, no problems. I sure do love it, great vehicle. Ordered it on Aug. 21st, came in on Sept. 25th. 5 weeks excactly. Not bad.
    No gas door rub, no shimmey in the steering during low speed turns. Job 2 vehicle. I love the tonneau cover!!!!!
  • amadeus00amadeus00 Member Posts: 10
    How can you tell if your ST is built on Job 1 or 2. What are some of the fixes between the two.
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80

    Can you post a few pictures as soon as you can, so
    I can evaluate the color. I may want to change my
    order. The build time is so short now I may run out of time to change it. Thanks
  • stnewbiestnewbie Member Posts: 11
    Good for you. I got a call from my dealer on Monday and he said he got an ETA date of Oct. 1st so my silver st should be here before I know it. Cant wait-glad you dont have any problems with yours, hope my luck is the same. I ordered leather and also the tonneau cover. Guess I better hurry now and try to sell my 91 Explorer to cut down on the finance amount.
  • bjs3bjs3 Member Posts: 2
    My ST has 1900 miles on it and has developed a strange transmission quirk. When you accelerate hard the transmission shifts fast and smoothly. When you accelerate normal or slowly there is a second or third gear shift that "bounces". It is hard to describe. It is somewhat jerky and makes the whole truck shake slightly. Is anyone experiencing anything like that?
  • dberndtdberndt Member Posts: 45
    I just received my Hints Guide also. I had no idea the cargo cage had a theft deterrent feature. I don't ever remember anyone talking about it on the sites (edmunds and here) and I have been around for a while on these sites.
    For those of you that haven't received your guide yet, this little info on the cargo cage makes it worth it.
    The only problem is, you still cannot 'lock' the cargo cage in. Anyone with a philips head screwdriver can defeat the theft deterrant feature. The old saying, "If they want it bad enought, they're going to get it" rings true here. It's better piece of mind though.
    Thanks Ford!
  • b_ran10b_ran10 Member Posts: 12
    Retrieved my T-Red ST tonite. Finally let them have it for a week to paint the door bottoms and replace the spotted trim pieces around all the windows...those pieces are on order. From what I could tell the paint will be fine..I also picked up the front & rear mud flaps..nice touch..they're black..nice accent with the grey I feel. OH..1 more the showroom is a wedgewood blue ST, grey leather..nice..$29900..and guess what?..No paint on ALL the door bottoms! They probably think I'm nuts for lookin' but I can't help it..I MUST KNOW these things!!!!
    If I can get my son to "allow" me to use the digital video camera I bought him for graduation, I'll post some pics...go Tribe!
  • lasveganlasvegan Member Posts: 53
    Very happy with mine so far.

    RE: kenhri
    I think mine is weak for the so called 290 watts. Im going to put some cd's in it today hoping the quality will show. Im glad my dealer didn't bump my ordered price because of the change of price of the Pioneer System. Maybe we need to install a bigger woofer?

    I applyed for a loan at ( and got 7.5%. Walking into Ford with this when my truck came in I played dumb and asked what could they do for me. The best they could do was 9.5% for 60 months. I said I had prearranged financing at 7.5 After nearing the end of my deal the salesman said let us see if we can match it. They did!
    I too had a 92 Explorer to sell which they were going to offer me only half of what I got selling it myself. I sold in 4 days. ( I used this info and printed it and put it in my back window. It was better than any power bait I have used...... :)

    RE: stexwert
    The KN filter you put in? How much did you pay and what was your part number?
  • lasveganlasvegan Member Posts: 53
    Wondering what kind of tires to put on your ST check out this site I found some time ago (
    Funny my Wilderness tires are not even mentioned in this site. Did I miss something?
  • hbcarterhbcarter Member Posts: 5
    I THOUGHT that I left a similar topic but can't find it. I did see what was apparently one response from an Ranger owner. I'm interested in ST owner's opinions, however.

    According to my letter, I have a few more days to decide about purchasing the cover from Ford and I'm trying to decide. Do ST owners that have it like it? What are the positives of having it? What are the negatives? Is it easy to remove?

    My impression at this point is that it would be great on a trip to protect items like luggage from rain and theft, but you're greatly limited on the cargo space. Certainly, the cargo cage doesn't seem compatible with it and one comes out or off to lie in my garage getting scratched or dented.

    I've never had a cover and just don't have enough information to make a decision. I'd appreciate any thoughts!
  • amadeus00amadeus00 Member Posts: 10
    Same thing happened to me when I went to finance my ST. First they were spitting out numbers about $100 over my target and with 60 mo. finance!! On top of that, they included all this stuff I didn't want. I was already POed for waiting over an hour to talk to these guys. I finally told them, "look, I don't want any of this sh*t that you are tagging on. I don't know what kind of math you are using but here's what I want. 20,000 finance @ 7.95%." He looked at me like I was crazy and left to go talk with his boss. Later he comes back and agrees to the deal. That's not all. I had to come back the next day because I couldn't get insurance for the car. When I went back, they told me they couldn't do the 7.95%. WTF!! I signed everything and the deal was closed. They said no bank is offering that low of an interest. I told them, you just lost a sale. I went back a few days later with a check from e-loan for 7.31%. Tell you what, Ford is about to get a bad review for their finance department.
  • stewertstewert Member Posts: 18
    LASVEGAN- I paid $43.00 including tax from a speed shop around my way. I do not remember the part number but i told the guy at the shop that the filter was for a 2000 explorer since he did not have a 2001 parts list at the time. The engine in the 2001 Sport & sport trac is the same 205 HP 4.0 litre SOHC engine used in the 1998-2001 explorers. The filter used in these explorers will fit right your 2001 sport trac.
  • weteverwetever Member Posts: 8
    I went to the Ford website, under Finance and was pre-approved by Ford for 36 months at 6.9% for 21,000. I walked into the dealer and handed him the authorization page that I printed out and the deal was done. I also got $400 off after the price was negotiated by being a Grad student. You can get the same $400 off for being an undergrad. All this info is on Ford's webpage. They had never seen the Grad stuff before so I'm glad I had the printout to prove that Ford was going to pony up. The dealer just kept shaking his head yes as I kept handing over Ford's own documents.
  • moose21moose21 Member Posts: 14
    K & N Filter part # is 33-2106; couple of minutes to swap, & worth every penny.
    Had the Ford hard T-cover put on 2 days before going on vacation - 2 golf bags, 3 duffle bags, a large cooler, 2 SportTrac R/C cars & room to spare (with the cage & bed mat still in) - worked great, with no leakage observed ... highly recommended !!
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    I will get all that and then some. I have a check/voucher from FORD for $1300 from my CitiBank
    Ford card and another approx$600 coming from CitiBank Drivers Edge card ( it used to be a Ford card. Everyone should get a card from them--it's free money. Anyway, I already warned the dealer about this, so he won't be surprised when I pick up my ST in a few weeks!!!
  • dberndtdberndt Member Posts: 45
    If I took Ford up on the tonneau but didn't want it, do you think it would be easy to sell to someone? Of course I would want to make a little on it. Since people are going to start paying full price for them, I probably could make something on it right?
    Thoughts anyone? Any buyers out there? LOL!
  • lasveganlasvegan Member Posts: 53
    If anybody looks at what other companies offer in the way of tonneau covers (snug top, etc.) The Ford cover beats them all. The cover closes like a door. Not like some flimsy fiber glass cover 1/8 of an inch thick. Sure there's comes in colors but I'll give up the color for the heavy duty tonneau cover Ford offers. I don't know how they sale them for only 590 on first offer. Im very happy with mine and would recommend if you can get it, do it. To me it's even worth the parts counter price some have been saying around 1100.00.....:)
  • kdaroskdaros Member Posts: 19
    I agree with you (lasvegan). This cover is well made compared to others I have seen. There are cross members molded into the underside much like a car hood or deck lid might have. This makes it very strong. There is a good seal if installed correctly and the weight is just right. Not too heavy but much better than many fiberglass models. The cover is probably worth the $1100 price tag. I feel lucky to get it at the $590 (yet to be billed) price. I have had it for two weeks but only time will tell if it is durable enough. I suspect that it will hold up very well.
  • melvin7melvin7 Member Posts: 32
    Ford is going to start putting michelin tires or giving consumers a choice on the suv's. Saudi Arabia has banned all Firestone tires from entering the country.I had heard about a tire problem with Firestone from somebody that worked for Michelin in Greenville S.C. at least a month before the news broke on national t.v. I had just ordered my st about 2 weeks before. when I asked my dealer if he had heard about it he said no (yeah right).I was'nt to worried about the tires until now that Ford in a round about way is saying those tires should'nt be on the the suv's. Okay you good letter writers get busy and give us something good to send to Ford. thanks
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    Does this mean I will get 16 Michelin's on my ST?
    It should be here in the next month. I spoke to Ford marketing (ST brand manager) a week ago and they said I was getting Firestones. Now I'm confused as usual and I know my dealer will not know anything about this either.
  • gsyounggsyoung Member Posts: 27
    dberndt & lambchop, you mentioned getting a "Customer Guide", or "Hints Guide" in the mail. How soon did you get it after you purchased the ST? Was it helpful?

    This is the first I've heard of this guide.
  • amadeus00amadeus00 Member Posts: 10
    I've noticed that there is a very noticable vibration comming from the brake pedal when engaged. Has anyone ever experience this problem? I've never seen this problem posted anywhere.
  • hybridhybrid Member Posts: 1
    Does any one have ST pictures (specifically in Estate Green or Harvest Gold)? Do you know any sites with pictures?
  • sporttrac1sporttrac1 Member Posts: 13
    If you really want to see a fully and I mean fully accessorized ST all you have to do is go to user name harvestgold
    password harvest
    This is Bob Kunkle's beautiful Harvest Gold ST...

    OH, Try not to slobber...LOL
  • doctorzoomdoctorzoom Member Posts: 2
    I am negotiating right now for a fully loaded ST. The dealer started at $750 over invoice. The next day he came down to $150 over invoice. Can I get a better deal??? Thanks
  • bennbbennb Member Posts: 143
    If you have the chance to get the tonneau for $590, DO IT! It has made me enjoy my ST all the more. It looks nice and functions well and seems to be very durable. I've had no problem with a leak after I adjusted the pins' position in the pre-existing holes. I think this cover is a great bargain for $590. GET IT!

    There are pictures of an Estate Green ST on the Yahoo Club page somewhere. It looks even better than I'd imagined!
  • sporttrac1sporttrac1 Member Posts: 13
    hybrid, Sorry that's the old pics...Try this site
    Then click on Owners Gallery...
    You'll see some good pics of Bob's harvest gold ST
  • bmarcusebmarcuse Member Posts: 7
    My sport trac picture is located in

    Sport - Trac Photo Album on the yahoo club site.

    This is the Link.
  • lambchoplambchop Member Posts: 24
    gsyoung, I got the guide this week, bought ST in April. I think they are trying to answer common questions that have been ask. I imagine everyone will get one.
  • stnewbiestnewbie Member Posts: 11
    Surprise,surprise--Got a call from the dealer on Monday saying he had an ETA date of first of October then yesterday (Wed) he called and said "ITS HERE" Couldn't believe it. I love the silver color and the leather interior. No gas cap rub, doors are fully painted. Turned the AC on and it gets real cold but it seems noisy, much more so than my 91 Explorer. Also doesnt seem to me like it shifts quite right, maybe just because it is new and tight. I'll wait and see. It has somewhat of a whinning noise(sort of sounds like P/s when I came up a small hill in my neighborhood. I am going to look back over the old posts and see if these are some of the things others have noticed. Went to the bank to sign loan papers and the Pres/Vp and loan officer all had to come out and see it and went crazy over it. They could see how it would be real easy to get a 4 man golf team with their clubs into it! Oh yeah and guess what kind of tires it has on it--the 16inch Firestones(not recalled) We are working on a deal with dealer as we dont want the Firestones=could be fine but rather have Michelins which is what I run on my 91. Some of the noise Im hearing could be coming from the tires.
  • zack1000zack1000 Member Posts: 84

    Actually you don't need to remove the cover to use the cargo cage as you suggested. You can tie the back panel of the cover to the front tie hooks and with your tail gate down and cage extended, you still have a good amount of cargo room if you need it for tall items.

    Plus, the cargo cage makes a nice divider when it's in the stowed position. And the cover protects the cage for theft which is also a plus.

    So they can both work together.
  • hbcarterhbcarter Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for all the responses! I'm sold on it.
  • brianuhlbrianuhl Member Posts: 5
    Well, after 7 weeks of waiting, I finally squeezed some useful info. out of my salesperson.
    My silver frost ST was assigned a build date of Sept. 21. It was like pulling teeth trying to get this info., and I finally drove to the dealer last night to speak one-on-one with the individual. He talked a good game when he took my order, but has not followed up and kept me informed.
    Does anyone know where I can get a set of fog lights for the ST? The dealer quoted me a price of $379, which I thought was double what they should cost. Also, does anyone have the Ford part number for the mudguards?
    Thanks in advance for any and all help! This site is a great way to learn and help others!
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    Can you tell me who makes the Full Front End Cover-19A414-$100.00 for FORD? Also do you know where I can order a catalog like this. Please don't say FORD CS because so far they have been useless.
  • mike_d_eganmike_d_egan Member Posts: 2
    I just ordered my ST yesterday. Since I got the stick shift, I couldn't get most of the options, including foglights. However, the dealer can do DIO's (Dealer Installed Options) for most anything you could get from the factory. I was quoted a price of $200 for the ST foglights, installed by the dealer. I ordered my ST through the fleet dealer at a great price, so I think he was giving these to me at cost.
  • dovette2001dovette2001 Member Posts: 13
    Brianuhl,... the parts number for the molded splash guards for the ST, is as follows,...
    16A550 they only come black, but can be painted if you want,..... confused me, i assumed they came in the 'gray' like the molding and running boards, but i was WRONG! lol,
  • dovette2001dovette2001 Member Posts: 13
    oooops, forgot,... they are 20.00 a pair,....
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    They are sending me a catalog and I ask Rusty who makes the bra and he said LeBra. I don't like theirs and I have a few other vendors to check, so when I find a suitable bra/mask I'll post it.
    Thanks, again
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    I just read in the local paper that ford is going to give buyers the choice of Michelins or Firetrash when they order a 2002 Explorer. I called my dealer and Ford C.S. and they said they have heard of it but have no particulars. The article also implied that if you were ordering a vehicle now that you would also have a choice, but again C.S. said they no info yet if the ST will be included. I told them that my ST wasn't scheduled yet and that I can wait a few weeks if I can receive my truck with Michelins. I will call Ford marketing on Mon. Maybe they have an answer. Can anyone out there find out the scoop on this? In addition, how do I find out my VIN# without the dealer.
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