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  • tc_ridertc_rider Member Posts: 7
    I've been busy driving, but I want everyone to know that I got my ST last Monday. Tuesday I worked for the elections and Wednesday we threw the dogs in the back and took a road trip!

    Some of you may recall that I refused delivery of the first ST I ordered when they installed the Standard Radio instead of the Audiophile system.

    I held out for what I wanted and now own a Red 2wd ST with Grey leather, every other option and no moonroof. I installed the mud flaps myself, about 20 minutes without removing the wheels.

    We folded the back seat down for the dogs and threw their big pillow back there. We stowed all of our luggage and the dog crates in the box, under the hard cover.

    Everything worked great, no problems at all.

    We went from Raleigh, NC to Evansville, Indiana by way of Nashville. I got a very consistant 18mpg except when we went over the smokies it dropped to about 17mpg.

    I'm glad I held out for the audiophile system. The DSP features are wild!! I also liked the Autoset feature to program your buttons in new cities. We did get some messages from stations, mostly call letters and one country station called the "big Dawg".

    The hard cover let me be a hero. We went for my sister-in-laws wedding. They had decorated a bunch of pumpkins for centerpieces and had to move them to the VFW hall for the reception. The decorator was planning on using her hubbies Dakota Max Cab, but there was a hard rain. So the pumpkins went in the ST box, snug under the Hard Cover.

    BTW, it started raining between Knoxville and Nashville and never quit till the next night in Evansville Indiana. There was not a drop under the cover. It does pay to swipe the standing water off the lid before raising it though, otherwise some will definately run in the box. What ran off the cover when opening, exited just as quickly out of the drain holes.

    On the whole we are very happy, the dogs were thrilled and I now own a one week old ST with about 1700 miles on it.
  • thedude1thedude1 Member Posts: 13
    Has anyone else received the gift pack from Ford? I recently received a thank you letter for purchasing the ST, and with it was an Outfitters key ring, 2 folding embroidered chairs with carrying case, and a Victorinox Swiss Army knife with Explorer Sport Trac on it.

    What a great touch!

    Just a few years ago, we had to beg just to get them to spring for the first tank of gas.

    I almost feel like a Lexus owner.
  • rapunzelrapunzel Member Posts: 15
    When I bought my first Ford (not a truck) in '99, I got a gift pack from them too, all stuff related to my 35th anniversary baby. Now you'll get their catalog, which actually has some neat stuff in it. It is a nice touch, I agree.
  • cjhesscjhess Member Posts: 8
    Item #6. When I first got my ST I had problems with the engine starting. Just crank it a few more times and it will start. For me the problem went away.
  • melvin7melvin7 Member Posts: 32
    How long did you have to wait for your gifts? I haven't received anything yet. I took delivery on 8 sept. Don't tell me my dealer is sitting in my chairs and whittling with my knife. Also how did your gifts arrive and did you have to ask for them? Thanks
  • denrichdenrich Member Posts: 8
    I took delivery on 6-15 and still haven't received anything yet. My neighbor received their's about a month after they took delivery. Does it have anything to do with the dealer you bought it from?
  • bmarcusebmarcuse Member Posts: 7
    I bought my ST on 8/7 and just received my gift today. I think they just got backed up after the initial buyers and are behind. I think somebody posted a Customer Service number in a prior posting or at yahoo if you want to call.
  • rverginiarverginia Member Posts: 10
    For all you new owners - new to this board.
    The gifts (chairs,knife,keychain) will automatically arrive at your door about 90 days after purchase.
    They are from Ford, not the dealers.
    They are a nice surprise - act surprised! Don't call Ford and ask them where your free surprise gift is.
  • rb125rb125 Member Posts: 28
    8 months and 17000 miles...maybe I should take it in for service. I would like to read from some us "old timers" on how well the ST is holding up. Has anyone been in the snow and ice yet? To ensure you get your gifts, log on to
  • lasveganlasvegan Member Posts: 53
    that would most likely describe my ST thus far. I ordered mine way back in March of 2000. Finally took delivery in Sept of 2000. It was worth the wait. Every option except sun roof and 4x4. I don't see how some of you out there have racked up so many miles. Wondering if anybody thought about trading or selling to see how much we lost driving it off the lot?
  • spttrcspttrc Member Posts: 14
    I have had my ST since Mid-March. I now have 14500 miles and it is running great! It does not take any time at all driving back and forth to work (50+ miles each day), a few trips to Florida (I live in Georgia), and using the ST for all other family trips (my husbands truck stays idle on the weekends). That is what I puchased it for was drive it, and that I must do!
  • gregdillgregdill Member Posts: 5
    I took delivery of my ST on Nov 4, after waiting about 2 1/2 months. This was the second ST ordered for me, it seems the dealer didn't call me when the first ST came in. Needless to say I was climing the walls. To compensate me they offer an considerable discount on the second ST, WOW..

    Question, I have a rattle from the subwoofer, only when the back seat is up. Does anyone know what can be done about this without taking it back to the dealer.

    I have been enjoying this ST so much, I sometime forget to go home, I have several options on order, (ie Ventvisors, Mud Flaps). I ordered my ST with every option except Cover and 4X4. Really enjoying the Sound system. I also gave my daughter a 2001 Explorer Sport, now hers has on the outside mirrors a courtesy light when she ether open the door or uses her remote. You would think that the ST would also offer the same, since its part of the family.
    Thanks for listing in advance.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Are you sure the rattle is the sub woofer? It may be the same rattle I have and the thump of the base may be causing the rattle.

    In both rear tire wells there are 2 pieces of plastic that can vibrate. Mine seems to be only the passengers side right now but I bet it could be either. I do not have the newer sound system but mine vibrates from wind or rough roads. Someone else posted that they could see the mark where the plastic piece was hitting so they cut the plastic to stop it.

    I'm going to put a piece of duct tape on mine tonight just to see if that really is the rattle I hear. I'll let you know the results tomorrow.
  • zack1000zack1000 Member Posts: 84
    Back when people started receiving the director's chairs in May or June, some people that posted to this board received them, and others never did.

    There were theories such as you had to register on the Ford web site, you had to mail back the questionaire, or it was because the particular dealer you bought from arranged for them to be sent out. No one as of yet, has posted conclusive evidence that any of these are the correct reasons you receive the chairs.

    The package definitely comes from the Ford headquarters. If anyone wants to write and complain that they didn't get their package, here was the return address listed on mine:

    Ford Custom Chair Headquarters
    ATTN: Ford Team
    1501 Ha-Lo Drive
    Troy, MI 48084

    Hope this helps.
  • mtrice7mtrice7 Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone know how to adjust the rear window on the ST? My window is lower on one side and service dept. claims there's no adjustment.

    Seems like I remember a msg. where someone had there's adjusted, but I can't find it on this site?
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    YES the rattle is conclusively the plastic wheel well parts on the passenger side of my ST. A temporary piece of duct tape has removed the offending noise.

    Now for a call to the dealer to get and official fix to the problem.
  • gregdillgregdill Member Posts: 5
    I have a question?..Does anyone knows where the 6 speakers are located when you upgrade to the 290 watts Pioneer sound system. Its goes without question that 4 of them are in the doors, where’s the rest. Do you include the sub-woofer if so that’s 5, that leaves one? Help...
  • psp1996psp1996 Member Posts: 18
    Can someone tell me the part number for the 12 v powerpoint located in the cargo area? i need the whole unit. Call my local dealer who was unable to help me out.

    Thanks, Lewis
  • dhart4dhart4 Member Posts: 2
    If anyone in Atlanta area is interested, I have a new set of side-step bars off of my ST for sale for $225.00. They kept getting in the way.
    I think a previous post said they cost $300.00ish.

    E-mail [email protected]
  • melvin7melvin7 Member Posts: 32
    Thanks, Zack for the address. If I don't hear anything in another month I will definitely write them.

  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    If you use the side step bars a certain way they will not get in your way.

    When entering the driver's seat, put your LEFT foot on the step bar, grab the steering wheel, then enter the vehicle, the step bars should not get in your way.
  • bennbbennb Member Posts: 143
    The only diffence in sound system is that the tweeter and mid-range are separate components up front. Two in EACH door up front (4), two in back (2), and one subwoofer.
  • jpt4jpt4 Member Posts: 2
    I have had my sport trac for about 5 mos. now I like it but I think ford has slipped with quality a little. I have owned 1 ranger, 2 explorers, & 1 f150. The sport trac seems to have more minor prblems that I need to go to the dealer for repair. I have had most of the problems listed here & a couple extras. Has anyone felt that this vehicle has a vibration throughout the vehicle at around 57-62 mph. also has anyone noticed spots on the rubber trim outside windows.
  • sporttrac1sporttrac1 Member Posts: 13
    First of all some ST's are going to have more problems than others...Mine has none...The spots on the window trim will go away with time...After 5 months and 20 or so washes mine's all gone...I'll admit I thought the spots were here to stay...
  • kenhrikenhri Member Posts: 3
    Just got my free chairs and Swiss Army knife
    yesterday almost two months to the day from when
    I bought the Sport Trac. Now I have four chairs,
    Ford gave me another set two years ago when I
    bought my 1998 Explorer Sport and they are still
    going strong after a lot of use.
    3500 miles and still no problems, other then I wish I had the limited slip axle. It was the only option I didn't have.
    The other day it was raining and I started up
    quickly at a stop light and ended up lighting up
    the tires on the wet road. I didn't have that problem with my 98 Explorer Sport because the 4X4 would kick in as soon as it detected wheel slip.

  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    I have had my ST for 7 months now and have close to 10,000 miles. I have had NO problems. The truck is still tight and rattle-free, runs great, and shows no sign of wear. The engine is strong and the transmission is super smooth shifting. I am more than completely satisfied with my ST.

    I never received any free chairs or knives.
  • tc_ridertc_rider Member Posts: 7
    Like many other posters here, I bounce back and forth between this site and the yahoo club. THis morning, Yahoo says the SportTrac club is gone/deleted.

    What happened??
  • dbeaulieudbeaulieu Member Posts: 2
    After lurking at this topic for a long time, I'm ready to ask a question before placing my ST order. I will likely keep the ST for many years and as a flatlander I don't require 4WD now but may in the future. I am having trouble deciding between 4WD and 2WD (both with limited slip diff.) Any comments concerning driveability or gas mileage would be appreciated.

  • robertc5robertc5 Member Posts: 18
    I, too, am a "flatlander." I don't go off-road (at least on purpose). I have a 4WD w/limited slip. I just drove my ST in the snow for the first time. In 2WD, even with limited slip,it tends to be a little jumpy. It drives like a pickup truck. But when in 4WD, it's solid as a rock. Very predictable. I'm sure 4WD will affect mileage, simply because you are moving more weight. And 4WD's have more stuff that can go wrong and need to be maintained. But 4WD's hold their resale very well (at least where I live.) Bottom line, I'm glad I got 4WD and would opt for that choice again. And I love the vehicle - does just what it is supposed to do and a blast to drive.
  • tc_ridertc_rider Member Posts: 7
    I lived in Wyoming and Colorado for years with a Dodge Monaco and put on chains when absolutely necesary and never needed 4WD.

    I've lived in NC since 82 and have had 2WD SUV since 85. Have never regretted not getting 4WD.

    It adds to the maint costs, the weight, reduces performance and will impair your MPG.

  • gregdillgregdill Member Posts: 5
    When I opt to purchased my ST I looked at during the 4WD thing again. I replaced my 4WD Ranger with my ST and during the whole time I had my Ranger I never had to use or take it off road. As others had mention, with 4WD there is a maintenance factor to consider. So to me it was a waste and I averaged around 13 to 14 mpg. With my 2WD ST I'm getting about 18 mpg. For what ever it’s worth unless you need 4WD I would go with 2WD. You can still the height with a 2WD buy getting the Sports package adding the 16 inch wheels. My opinion only.
  • scotthawscotthaw Member Posts: 6
    I recently bought an ST as well and after owning a 95 2wd Explorer XLT I knew that my next would be 4wd. For me it was about resale value. Of all the options that you pay for on a car, 4wd holds it's value. Take a look in an NADA guide. It's tougher to sale 2wd vehicles in the used market in my opinion. Since you plan on keeping yours this may not be a consideration and wasn't at the time I got the 95. But the fact that you will be keeping it for while means that there will be more instances where you wish you had gotten. Maybe you'll be at the beach, maybe a freak snow, maybe some trail riding once the vehicle is older. That's my experience. More people regret not getting 4wd than those who wish they had not gotten it
  • dbeaulieudbeaulieu Member Posts: 2
    Thanks to everyone for the quick responses to my question about 4X4 vs 4X2. I've decided on 4X2 with limited slip differential. The added gas mileage and reduced maintenance made the difference. Thanks again.

  • lasveganlasvegan Member Posts: 53
    Out here in Vegas their are a few taxi cabs which are Sport Trac's. I have spoken to the guys who are driving them as they pick up or drop off at the hotel I work at. One has 50,000+ miles on it and the other one had 70,000+ miles on it. The drivers really like the ST. Their still running strong. I have seen a 2002 Explorer as a taxi. The most impressive thing I have noticed is the door handles and the closure of the doors. Sounds like closing the door of a Lexus. Very nice! I think this is an area Ford should have considered in the ST. Beefing up the weather stripping would be a plus and most likely eliminate the wind noise we hear around or doors. It would be great if Ford came up with an over the counter package of weather stripping to add to the doors. Well anyway thats a few thoughts. Great site!
  • zderfzderf Member Posts: 44
    Mine is now 7 months old with 5300 miles. Most is well except for the mileage... 14 -15 no matter what. My 1998 Explorer EB V-8 would get upwards of 20 on the hiways, and 15 around town. Ummm. What's up?

    I've also got a funny sounding buzz from the front console area at certain RPM's (1800 - 2200 or so). You can make it change volume with slight throttle changes. Strange.

    And now, my fuel door is starting to rub. I always felt good reading posts about that problem which I never had until now.

    Where is the woofer actually located??


  • greg2828greg2828 Member Posts: 2
    Subwoofer, located in rear behind the Drivers side passenger rear compartment.
  • nochevyagainnochevyagain Member Posts: 2
    I see a lot of ST's in the lots with this: "422-California emissions" listed on the invoice. I know California is tight on these standards. Will this effect performance? Why would this be on a ST in NJ.
  • firstford3firstford3 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone been charge with a "Ford assessment" fee? I place an factory order and they say this is require for every buyer. It's $ 190.00. Or is this another profit tool from the dealer. Help.
  • moose21moose21 Member Posts: 14
    What ?? An assessment fee ?? What will they think of next ... on second thought, don't answer that. What are they assessing, how much the consumer can be hood-winked ?!? I would ask for WRITTEN details of this assessment fee, then tell them that if they want your business to waive it; don't let them use it as a bartering tool. Just remind them that it's your money & you can spend it at one of their competitors if they really want to keep 'blind-siding' you...
  • jdumasjdumas Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the warning. I will pick mine up this week and be prepared for the "assessment fee" which was never mentioned during my three hours of negociations with the salesman. It took more than a half an hour to persuade him we would not pay a $295 D&H fee.
    Next we will probably be assessed a "recount fee" to help Ford count the number of recalled firestones. By the way mine came in with firestones contrary to a written agreement. The dealer is now busy looking for replacement tires.
  • melvin7melvin7 Member Posts: 32
    When I let my window up or down I can hear popping sound coming out of my speakers everytime I touch the window button. Is anyone else having this happen? Is this normal or because I didn't pay an assessment fee?
  • kkd001kkd001 Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if the dealer's are marking down the ST's. I'm looking for a 2WD..Dallas Area
  • bigmellonbigmellon Member Posts: 3
    I have read a few articles speaking of a strange vibration. I have this problem with my Sport Trac and thought I would inquire as to if any one else had had a similar problem.

    My truck has a strange vibration that come in at exactly 83mph. It also has a "ringing" sound that can be heard at speeds as low as 35mph. The vibration gets greater if speed is increased past 85, and is virtually un-noticeable below 83 mph. I have had all of the tires and drive shafts checked and re-checked for balance. Nothing is out of the ordinary.

    I just had a factory engineer look at it this past week. (It took a month just to get them out here!) The results were this: The shape of the trasfer case front flange (bell shaped) amplifies the transfer case noises. A coating was applied. It seemed to have worked, but two days later the ringing came back. No vibration was able to be found. (Speed limit was 55... no where near the speed needed to induce vibration..)

    Any suggestions? I love my truck and am trying everything possible. I also spend half of the year in Michigan. (Where i need to be able to go over 80 mph!!)

    Has anyone else had this problem or felt something similar?? Please let me know...

    Thank you
    [email protected]
  • texasteasiptexasteasip Member Posts: 3
    Just ordered ST from Middlekauff Ford with pwr. moonroof, auto. tran., convenience group, leather comfort group, cargo cage, tonneau cover, and limited-slip for $100 over Edmund's invoice listing. Out the door cost was $27017. Edmund's TMV was $26198 vs. my sale price of $25130. Went through internet and offered $250 over invoice. Both Middlekauff and Bankston Ford in Frisco offered same deal upfront ($100 over invoice). Both dealers were going to have to order. Expecting delivery around first of year. Make sure you go through fleet sales!
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    It's probably a filtering cap in the stereo circuit. My '94 Ranger also does this--
    more so on the left side window than the right.
    Shame on Ford if they haven't solved this by now!
    I will be taking delivery of my ST in Dec. and I
    will be checking for this along with the other
    problems posted on ST websites.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300

    I've been trying to solve the ringing noise for a while now. Your the first person to say that Ford even had a clue where the noise was coming from. There have been a few rattles posted but everyone of those has a fix already. The ringing is the only outstanding noise problem. Mine starts at about 40 MPH.
  • bigmellonbigmellon Member Posts: 3
    The ringing is aparently an amplification of normal transfer case harmonics. A rubberized undercoating was applied to the inside and outside of the bell shaped flange on the front side of the transfer case. It worked for a few days, but I believe it may have come off. It is aparently hard to get the coating to stick...

    The transfer case is a borg and warner. They gave us the idea to do the coating. Good news is that it isn't a mechanical problem (i.e. she still goes forward)

    My main concern is the vibration. Any clues out there??
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300

    Thanks for the information on the ringing. Sorry I have not noticed a vibration at 80 MPH yet. I have to admit in NJ when we hit 80 MPH we're not thinking about vibration we're thinking about the radar trap around the next corner. I'm not saying I don't drive at 80, but when I do, my mind is focused on not getting a ticket. :-)

    Next time I get on the HWY I'll check the vibration for you.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Just got my ST back from having the Rattle and Gas door fixed.

    The gas door looks great. They fixed the small amount of paint damage so well you cannot tell it ever happened.

    To fix the rattle they epoxied the flange in the wheel well in place. It looks good and I think it will last cuz they used a soft epoxy. Although its black, it's shiny so it stands out just a bit but its in the wheel well so I don't mind.

    Next I need to have my T-Cover repaired or replaced. I have several small cracks on the outer edges of the drivers side. A few freezes and the cracks will be a problem.
  • smittypasmittypa Member Posts: 1
    Got a 2001 ST in October. It's been back to the dealer three times already. First a bolt sheared in the rear differential after about one week. Now twice in one week - engine lights come on, and all power goes out. No power steering or brakes and engine quits. Consequently, two towings to the friendly Ford Dealer. First time they recalibrated a module.

    Any similar problems out there, particularly power losses while driving?
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