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    OK I have it narrowed down to two vehicles. The Xterra and ST. Sombeody talk to me about the ST. Are the dealers ok to work with? Are they letting the ST's go for a good price? What ammo should I have when negotiating one? Any above average dealers in the Atlanta area?
    Dont need anything really in depth. Just tell me what you all think about it.


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    I have had my ST for 1 year now and am VERY satisfied with the vehicle and the dealer. I have had no problems with the ST and think the quality is very good. It is a very SOLID vehicle.

    I love the versitility and comfort of the ST. I have the factory tonneau cover which turns the bed into a big trunk. With the cover off, I have been able to carry everything I ever needed to.

    The dealer has been great to work with. Make sure you ask your dealer if they are "Blue Oval Certified". That means they have met certain levels of customer satisfaction as measured by JD Powers.

    As for price, I'd recommend calling and asking for the fleet manager and see how much above invoice they are going for. Its an easy, no hassle way of getting a feel for the pricing.

    good luck
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    Has anybody else experienced some creaking noises in the bed of their truck when going over some uneven bumps? Seems like the bed is doing some twisting. The plastic probably is not providing the same rigid structure as steel would. Also I did eliminate some tapping noises by trimming some of the plastic wheelwell that was vibrating against the body where the body meets the truck bed.
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    My lease on a 97 CRV is about to expire. We really like the Sport Tracks but haven't found a way to lease one. I inquired about one with automatic as the only option. The guy figured a 48 month lease would run me about $440/mo ! Our CRV is mint with only 32,000 miles on it, so I figure it's worth a couple thousand more than the pay off. The "price on it was only about 1000 less than the Sport Track and payments only 318. I understand that Fords are expected to depreciate more than Honda's but that can't be enough to result in the kind of payments he was talking about. I figured he was trying to gouge me so I cut the call short without getting all the numbers. (This was a leasing company not operated by a dealership.)

    An earlier posting (343) mentioned a loaded Sprt Track lease offer of $325/mo. with $1000 down. That sounds great. Any suggestions on how to get a deal like that would be appreciated.
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    My ST has 11K miles and is awesome - except for the annoying "shimmy" between 70 and 80 mph. The steering wheel shakes and if you look at the passenger seat, you can see it shaking.

    I have had the tires balanced and front end aligned three times at the dealership. They do not know how to fix this.

    I recall that there was a service notice on this problem but I cannot find it - any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Does anyone know how to disable the rear radio controls?

    I've had an aweful customer support experience with Ford and the dealership... and the kids are driving me nuts!!!
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    Go to all the info you ever wanted on your ST believe its buttons 5 and 8 held at same time but search that site answer is there,
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    change front tires.
  • ramarantramarant Member Posts: 9
    I order the ford hitch for my st and let me tell you that look really good. I putted myself and took me 2 hours. I recommend getting some help when installing. Price $125.00.
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    I have a 01 ST with a 5 speed manual trans. When coasting to a stop or down shifting it sometimes stalls out. If the RPMs exceed 2000 with no gas and the clutch is then depressed the RPMs drop all the way to zero before recovering. Some times it stalls completely. Took it back to the dealer the first time they adjusted the idle up, the second time they replaced the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve assembly. It will still sometimes stall. Any suggestions?
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    The shimmy you describe will not go away with the change of tires. Mine has had 5 sets since 9/00 when I purchased it. The dealer has added a noise/vibration dampener, lateral shocks because the rear end jumps to the side when you go over bumps, changed the drive shaft, replaced parts in the rear end, changed a wheel assembly, turned and then replaced front rotors. The vibration would disappear for 2 weeks and then start all over again. The Ford Tech came down several times and their fancy machine points to the tires everytime. Even with Michelin's it still does it and now am in the process of a buyback because they can't resolve the problem. It has 26k miles on it in 8 months and the problems have been going on since 3k. The dealership is not the problem--Ford is--they say I will pay for the mileage over 12k which is about $4K. I love the truck--just wish Ford would stand behind it.
  • dwilliams7dwilliams7 Member Posts: 2
    My truck is still stalling after my 3rd visit to the dealer. This time he adjusted the TP to 1.01 volts (up from 0.96 volts). So I went back to the dealership today and test drove anotheer ST that had the 5 speed. It also stalled when I came to a turn with my foot off the gas and pushed in the clutch as I turned. Pushing in the clutch when the RPM's are still around 2K allows the engine to drop far below idle speed then the power steering seems to add just enough pull to kill the engine. I tried a similar menuvure with an automatic and guess what, it stalled also. The service manager has since confided in me that it is obvious to him there is a problem with the IAC programming in the V6 engine. He is waiting to hear back from Ford about a fix...
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    Check with the fleet manager for his best lease price. You can easily do it over the phone with any hassle.

    Also, there is a lot more detailed info on the Sport Trac at than is on here.

  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    The August 01 Consumer Reports compares the ST to the 4 doors from Toyota, Nissan Frontier, Chevy and Dodge. The ST was rated number 1 and got an overall rating of Very Good. They rated the STs emergency handling highly. The Dodge was not recommended because of poor showing in reliability. The Nissan and Chevy were rated in last place, the Toyota rated as having a "terrible ride"
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    What does everyone think of the power sunroof option?
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    Saprtan.....Everyone from this board has left for the following site:

    Check it out.

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    My husband just bought a 2001 FWD Sport Trac. Does anyone know where we can purchase an aftermarket tonneau cover and if so, how much?
  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    You can find most Sport Trac info at the following link. Its a great site with tons of info on the Sport Trac.

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    I'm thinking of buying a 2001 ST leftover MSRP is 28,010 have a quote of 25,000. Is that good or bad? What about the reliability of the ST, anybody have anything that will help in my decision. Mike in PA
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    There aren't that many differences. They are adding some new colors: Zinc Yellow Clearcoat, Silver Birch Clearcoat Metallic, True Blue Clearcoat Metallic and Aspen Green Clearcoat Metallic.

    The gas tank will hold 23 gallons; up from the previous 20.5 gallon tank.

    A standard 16-inch cast aluminum wheel will replace the 15-inch wheel.

    Also, the Sport Trac will have an electrochromic rear view mirror.

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    Guys and Gals, my lease is coming up on my 99 Expedition (was $2000 down and $325/month) and am now looking to purchase a Explorer Sport Trak. I've seen many deals in the paper, but am curious as what is possible. Looks like $100 over invoice and great financing. Pls share with me your successes in negoitiating a great price.
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    I've experienced the same thing, but mine is a 2001 with 5 speed auto. I've heard there is a TSB on 1999 with the SOHC, but I haven't looked it up yet.
    From what I've heard, it is a valve sticking, but I'm skeptical because this is a 1999 problem and I would think that the problem would have been solved on the SportTrac during manufacturing.
    I'll look it up (I have a buddy that has all the ALLDATA records, and if I find the TSB, I'll post it.
  • jacknimblejacknimble Member Posts: 171
    No luck on finding a TSB or with the dealer service department. I guess that I'll keep driving it until it quits completely or fixes itself. It does seem like it ikles a bit low when cold, and a buddy that has another 2001 says his seems to idle low too. Anyone experienced this?
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    I read your two entries with reference to your sport trac stalling. Are you still having this problem? I see the last entry you made was in june so what was the final result? I too have had this problem with a 2002 sport trac, manual transmission!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm thinking about buying the Sport Trac. I live in Colorado, one of the questions I have is, how does it handle going up mountains. Can it hold a reasonable speed going up those mountains. Other than that are you happy with yours.
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    I want to keep the rear window vented (open about 2 inches at top) during rain. Anyone know where I can find something to mount above and across the top of the vent window to prevent rain from coming in? Maybe I missed it in Thank you.
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