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    Here is what the article said. Note that the
    first vehicle to have a choice will be the 2002
    Explorer, then the choice will spread to other
    vehicles over a three year period a new vehicles
    are launched. Don't think this is going to help you
    right now.

    Sept 28 (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive
    Officer Jacques Nasser said late Wednesday that,
    as a result of the Firestone recall, the automaker
    would offer new vehicle buyers the choice of
    different brands of tires.

    Nasser said that, beginning with the new 2002 Ford
    Explorer sport utility vehicle, the successor to
    the model associated with many of the recalled
    tires, customers would gradually be able to choose
    an alternative to Firestone tires on many new

    ``We'll give the customers whatever they want,''
    Nasser told reporters at a dinner kicking off the
    Paris auto show. ``This is a major shift.''

    Ford spokesman Jason Vines said the tire option
    would be limited to selective new vehicle launches
    over the next three years or so due to the limited
    availability of tires. But gradually, the option
    would be extended.
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    I have had the sport Trac for about 3 weeks
    I noticed a small vibration when moving slowly and cranking the wheel.Getting into parking space and such.
    Any one else have this problem? If so what was done about it? Im going back to the dealer to have it checked out but wanted to know if anyone else had the problem.... LIKE THE TRUCK ANYWAY..ALOT
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    Congrats on your new ST, glad you are enjoying it.

    Yes, the steering 'nibble' occurs at low parking-lot speeds when turning. The sensation goes away after about 1000 or 2000 miles on some STs but for some it has not. From what I have read, some dealers purge the air from the power steering system and that helps most. For those that it does not help, the factory is working on a fix.
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    Actually, those who have not yet finalized the sale (signed the dotted line) on their new vehicles should be able to have a brand choice right NOW.

    I've seen several recent TV news reports saying that if customers being forced to accept Firestone tires will cause a dealer to lose a sale, most dealers will let you choose another brand.

    You just need to do this during your normal negotiations for the ST, before you close the deal.

    Also, I wouldn't be too eager to get Michelins. Over the past 7 years I've personally known (not just "heard of") 3 people that have had tread separation on Michelin tires. All 3 where in a hot-weather state (Texas) and I don't know how well they kept their tires maintained.

    However, it is so ludicrous to me that a manufacturer cannot keep the tread on their tires, that now, I will not buy Firestone, Michelin or Cooper (heard some news reports that they've had some tread separation problems also).

    I've been satisfied for a long time with Goodyear.
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    kidding? They rank slightly, just slightly above Firestone. GM and Ford tend to use cheap tires. Generals, Goodyear, and Firestones. If you own a beater that can't do more than 55 on the highway. The aforementioned tires are the way to go as you will have no problems with heat buildup. Well, maybe if you're running 10 psi...
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    Hi and thanks to all for your good information on the t-cover. We did get a certificate to order one and placed our order on Friday, the 29th after reading all the posts and positive responses from those of you who already have it. Just a couple of questions, how long should delivery take? They quoted six to eight weeks and also about how long is it before they charge your credit card? Thanks for all the information.
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    I received the same time quote. It came in in 16 days. That was two weeks ago and I have not been billed yet for it.
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    How long does it take after your order is in the system before your dealer gets the DORA from Ford?
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    First it was the steering, then the check engine, then brake vibration, now there's a new one!!!! What is up FORD???!!!!
    My problem is while stopped at a red light, the brake pedal vibrates like I posted before. Now there's a new problem. The compressor turns on/of every 3 sec on setting no. 1. This make the car want to lurch forward when the compressor switches on/off. No matter how hard I press on the brake, it rocks the car back and forward. I've only got 600 miles on the car and it feels like it's breaking down already. Very frustrating!! I buy a new car and right off the bat, there are so many problems. Anyone else experience this problem??
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    In response to the earlier posts as to anyone else having a vibration when turning at low speeds and into a parking stall, YES !!!
    I took delivery on a new ST 3-10-00 and have had the truck in 4 times to try and have, what the dealer calls, a "shutter" in the steering corrected. Maybe Ford is working on the problem, but I am running out of patients. Its a cool truck, however I am getting very frustrated. Has anyone found a cure?
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    Thought I would call the dealer today to see if they had received my cover(ordered on 8/29). It seemed like nobody there even knew of the offer. The parts guy said that he received a cover last week and didn't know why, he was just going to send it back. Called my salesman asked if he would check it for me. He called me back and said it was mine, that there was a letter with my name on it. Going to have it installed next Monday along with getting the pinion seal fixed it's been leaking a few weeks. Hopefully the installation goes better than the notification.
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    Got my tonneau letter yesterday. Called
    Brian about 3 weeks ago and was told that
    I didn't qualify because my ST was made
    after 7/24.....7/28. Called this morning
    and was told that the purchase date had
    been extended thru Oct due to people
    receiving letters after the closing date.
    Now, would anyone like to buy a one week old
    used Pace Edwards roll-top cover for their

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    Those of you ordering T-covers should check with the dealer to see if you are the first one they will install. My dealer informed me that on the first T-Cover they installed (I was #2) they found out the hard way that they need a special tool to re-key the cover to your door key. Without this tool the dealer had to call a locksmith.

    Call your dealer and have them verify they have the tool required for re-keying the T-Cover.

    I had the cover installed last week. Its great!

    I'm thinking of moving the emergeny release handle or making my own. The cover has a handle that releases the forward section of the cover from the inside. I think its a new law incase a child locks themselves in. But when opening the cover and tailgate you need to unlock both. It would be easier if the rearward side of the cover could be opened from the inside. It looks easy to add a release handle under the cover. Open the tailgate twist the handle and flip open the cover.

    Also, there's a spot of Velcro to hold the front release handle out of the way. But Ford should spec a bigger piece of velcro cuz it barely holds the handle.
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    In Feburary 2000 I ordered my ST and paid invoice at Chapman Ford in P.A. As we all know the tonneau cover was back ordered. At that time I would have paid $502.00 for the cover + 6% sales tax. The selling dealer would also get 3% hold back on this option. Now I must pay $590.00 and spend a day at the Ford dealer. I may be missing something but FoMoCo seems to be making the same profit on this option and at my inconvenience.
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    I am thinking about buying a Sport Trac. I was wondering if the hard cover is easily removable for loading the truck?
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    Hey Everyone. I was thrilled to read post #66. Jim is correct - the order date has been extended to Oct 31st. I was undecided about ordering and let the 9/30 date slip by. Now it seems that I have been given a 2nd chance (Oh - the DRAMA!) I ordered mine today.
    Anyway, pass the word that those who got letters can still order until 10/31.
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    It took 3 weeks for my hard cover to come. The dealer set-up an appointment and came out and picked-up my key the day before to have the locks keyed before installation. It only took about 40 mins and I was out the door. Once installed, it takes no time to remove or install it with help (weight is around 85 lbs). I have notice my ST handles better with the cover on. The [non-permissible content removed]-end seems to hold the road more so. Has any one thought about installing lift supports?
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    I just my ST, and I love it!! There are a couple of things that I was thinking about doing though, and I need some input from my fellow owners.
    First, I used to drive a Mustang GT, and the power issue is bothering me just a bit. Now I know, jumping from a sports car to an SUV is a big change but... Some of the options I was thinking about are a supercharger, or changing the "chip", any advice?
    Second, the stereo system that I got was the standard single CD and Tape, I want to but a nice, good sounding system in that's not going make me go deaf or the poor-house.
    And finally third, while I've had no real problems with anything yet, I do get that shudder at low speeds while turning. Anymore news on a fix?
    Thanks for any info you got coming!!
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    From what my dealer told me, they will first try to purge any air from the power steering system. That may fix the problem. If it does not fix it, then the dealers are being told to wait while engineering completes a solution. Might be another month.
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    Thats the sounds Im getting from the rear of my ST. Im not worried thus far but going to take it in after I get 1000 miles rack up. Other wise Im very pleased with the truck.

    Any body who has the Ford Tonneau Cover installed a light on the underside of the cover to light up the inside?
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    I had the same problem w/not enough power. Go to
    www.explorerexpress web site for a supercharger kit. They have a lot of parts for Explorers--many of which will fit the ST and they are working on many more.
  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    I had the same problem w/not enough power. Go to
    www.explorerexpress web site for a supercharger kit. They have a lot of parts for Explorers--many of which will fit the ST and they are working on many more.
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    I ordered my cover Aug.21th and it hit my credit card Aug 24th and no cover received to date.
    I have seen several post concerning this but if I am correct most have said they were not charged for several weeks.Can any of you who have received their cover let me know long from time of order to receive date at the dealer.
  • tigerstutigerstu Member Posts: 4
    I've looked VERY hard at the Nissan Xterra for months now. However the Sport Trac has now caught my eye. How does it compare to the X in reliability, comfort, affordability?
    What is a fair price for the loaded Trac without leather? Any great prices out there?
    What options are a must for the Trac?
    I could have gotten a loaded Xterra XE out the door for a final offer of $21,500. I Probably should have taken it, but felt like I needed to look around some more.
  • gsyounggsyoung Member Posts: 27
    Anyone purchased the bike rack that mounts into the bed? I saw one installed on a ST, and it looks great. Looks like it locks down, and it's installed using the existing holes that are used for one of the internal "tie down" brackets.

    Any pricing, manufacturer, part # info, and comments that anyone may have would be welcome!
  • kdaroskdaros Member Posts: 19
    I received my letter for the cover on August 30th and ordered it that day. It arrived at my dealer on September 14th and it was installed on the 15th. I just was billed for it today. $590, no tax or any other charges.
  • stinhoutxstinhoutx Member Posts: 47
    Quite a while back someone brought up the issue about the turn signal lever not staying engaged if the wheel was not completely straight.

    I have noticed that if I turn the wheel ever so slightly in the direction I am turning while the lever is down it will hold. If you get accustomed to it, it becomes a natural motion.
  • stinhoutxstinhoutx Member Posts: 47
    One of the corner latches of the Tonneau cover doesn't seem to catch completely. The center looks like it is adjustedly properly and I haven't yet had time to investigate.

    I wanted to go ahead and ask the group to see if anyone has adjusted the cover to improve the latching? It may be obvious when I look at it, but just in case...

    I didn't want to find out too late of a specific way to fix this, like the folks that cut the rubber bumpers off the cage or cut holes in their bed mat to get them to work together. :)
  • moose21moose21 Member Posts: 14
    Recieved the letter for the cover on 8/30 & ordered the same day. Arrived at the dealer on 9/13, installed 9/14 - bill still not posted to my Visa account (as of 10/6) ...
    Re: Nissan Exterra - took one for a test drive back mid-spring & didn't think much of it. The interior felt cheap (materials, including dash, instruments, seats, door materials, ...), and the powertrain was WEAK (felt like I had to get out and push if not at full throttle). The bang for the buck easily goes to the Sportie in EVERY category !!
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    I had read on here that a number of folks were told that they couldn't get in on the offer for the Tonneau because their Sport Trac was built after a certain date and I now I just read where the offer has been extended.
    Well I just got a letter in the mail today (10/7/00) offering me the cover for $590.00 "because it was not available when my Sport Trac was built". I don't think Ford really knows what is going on because my Sport Trac came loaded (except for the limited slip axle) and YES it did have the tonneau cover installed on it from the factory! Which by the way I think is really great option!
    My Sport Trac was built August 7th, I bought it on September 9th (someone had ordered it and cancelled the deal) The letter was sent out on September 29th with a deadline of September 30th. I guess they figured the mail would get to me before the expiration date. At least I don't have to worry about ordering it.

  • jlurksactojlurksacto Member Posts: 17
    Ken, offer has been extended to end
    of Oct. Might be good investment for
    selling later.

  • kdaroskdaros Member Posts: 19
    Just received a second tonneau cover offer on October 6th. I already took advantage of this offer once. Great cover. I don't think I could sell this coupon because it is specific to my name and VIN #. Too bad. Also thought that I might order a second one and sell it but my dealer has already been in contact with Ford to get their installation money. I would bet that Ford would deny the second one because of this.
  • scotthawscotthaw Member Posts: 6
    Hey folks, been following this board since ordering by Sport-trac June 1. Dealer reports that it is on the way, currently on a hauler and will be here any day. I ordered a white 4x4 loaded with all options except the 6 disc changer (have one in my 95 Explorer, never use it) including the tonneau cover. It seems I have read the dealer needs to key the locks on the cover and someone suggested getting addt'l keys made.

    Can someone give me a checklist for what the dealer does b4 I get it? He's about 1.5 hrs away so I need to be squared away.

  • upstate_nyupstate_ny Member Posts: 2
    Hello All.
    I took a test-drive of a Ford ST 4WD and really liked the vehicle. The MSRP was $29,195 which seems expensive to me.

    I would like to get an idea of what this group has paid for their ST? Basically, what was the percent over invoice?

  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    I paid $500 over invoice in May.
  • scotthawscotthaw Member Posts: 6
    100 bucks over invoice. had to order it though. That was in June, now I would imagine you can get em for that off the lot.
  • wlukuswlukus Member Posts: 7
    I paid invoice for a Sport Trac that I ordered in 02/00 . I bought it from Chapman Ford in South Central P.A.. Mine was the first ST that this dealer received.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Paid $750 over invoice when they were hot and difficult to find back in March. I expected to order one and wait but I found one by accident. It was on the lot for only 8 hours.
  • denverdavedenverdave Member Posts: 13
    Paid $500 over invoice (bought in Colorado in April).

    Recently found out that ford's college graduate incentive program applies to graduate degrees (got my mba in '99) so I stopped by the dealership two weeks ago--received my $400 check in the mail last week!
  • upstate_nyupstate_ny Member Posts: 2
    Thanks to everyone who responded! Looks like most folks paid between invoice to 1% over invoice.

    My local Ford dealership is adamant that customers pay 2-3% over invoice. I priced the exact ST 4WD vehicle through and found that my dealership was quoting me "his" invoice that was $750 over the invoice being quoted through Carpoint. Now, he wants me to pay 2-3% over "his" invoice which really turns out to be 5-6% over the real invoice. Plus, the 3% dealer holdback from Ford on this ST for the first 90 days on the dealer's lot. The dealer would make a killing on this purchase, which I am not willing to do.

    Bigger problem is most dealers in upstate ny try this same routine. When I try to explain the info and research I find on the web, most dealers don't even want to discuss it. They normally say, "Well, that's just a ballpark figure, its not the real price."

    Anyone else run into the same sales tactics? Any success stories dealing with it?

    Thanks again.
  • mikeysmommikeysmom Member Posts: 18
    Where in NY are you? I live in Buffalo and paid $200.00 under invoice. Several dealerships in the area will sell at invoice. In fact most of the dealerships I have driven by lately including where we bought ours have several ST's on the lot in different colors.
  • amadeus00amadeus00 Member Posts: 10
    I paid $2.00 UNDER invoice. I was lucky enough to have the exact color and option at my dealer (Joe Myers Ford, Houston, TX.)
  • buzzworthbuzzworth Member Posts: 3
    If you're looking for the Maisto Die-cast models, check at I ordered a model from a dealer and then they told me they were shipping July orders now and it would be awhile. I cancelled that order and told him that I could get a real one faster than that.

    Ebay has many at auction and I got one for less than it would cost from the dealer......go figger.

  • buzzworthbuzzworth Member Posts: 3
    I placed my order for a wedgewood blue ST on 9/18 and received word that it would be built the week of 10/23. There is a program for the ST that you can go to the factory and drive it off the line. Since I live in Louisville, I thought this might be a kick.
    I have since had a friend in Florida roll his 99 Exploder (34000 miles) because of a front end problem...either tire or steering link. (16" Wilderness) (he broke his wrist)
    I told my dealer to make arrangements so that I never saw the name Firestone on my ST. Whether the factory or the dealer handles this, I don't care. I will walk before I take delivery with Firestones. Friends on the line say that Michelins are there and are being installed on 2002 models.

  • bjohn1225bjohn1225 Member Posts: 16
    I also live in Upstate NY (Rochester) and the dealers here will rip you off. I made the 1 hour drive to Buffalo and got it at Dealer invoice. Larger volume dealers out there so the deals are much better.
  • silverst01silverst01 Member Posts: 2
    Hey Buzz, how long did it take for you to get a build date? I ordered mine a week after you did. Also, where did you hear about the Sport Trac program and driving it off the line???
  • scotthawscotthaw Member Posts: 6
    You've seen me post that I ordered my Sport-trac on 6/1/00 fully loaded. White with everything but the block heater. Well it came in Monday...DAMAGED IN TRANSIT!!!!!! Something hit it where the cowl, front fender and hood comes together. Seems like some kind of heavy rigging fell on it. It was also hit below that spot behind the wheel. Needless to say I said keep it, dealer wouldn't have kept it anyway, now it cannot be sold as new and has to go back to Ford. (for those thinking, I asked about getting it and Ford compensating me generously-no deal=has to go back and go through auction). made me sick. Way to go Ford :-( Anyway, the dealership has been working hard and found me one just like mine at another dealer and is getting it in the morning. We'll see.
  • buzzworthbuzzworth Member Posts: 3
    I placed the order on monday and had the build date on friday. The dealer told me about the program....said it was only for the ST. The plant will give you lunch or dinner, you get to watch it come down the line, and then you can drive it off.
    I had visions of raiding lunch-boxes of the guys on the line (or worse), so I told them to keep the food.
    It remains to be seen whether this will come to fruition, anyway.

  • fordnutfordnut Member Posts: 80
    Yeah, but I spoke to Ford and you will not get Michelins on your ST. Only 2002 models will get a choice of tire brand, a first for Ford. I was hoping they would not put those junk Firestones on
    our ST's but I guess we will have to take this up
    with the dealers after we get our ST's on the lot.
    Additionally, I ordered my ST ther last wk. in Aug. and still no build date!!!!! The dealer said I was priority 11 and it should be scheduled soon.
    I called Ford CS several times and all they did was call the dealer. They are no help what so ever!!!
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