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Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues

mylilpontiacmylilpontiac Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Pontiac
Okay so whats new with my little pontiac? Ever since i've got the thing ive had nothing but PROBLEMS. 2002 gt 85,000 miles...recently when i would try to start my car i would hear a loud clicking noise like my battery was would take me a few trys but eventually it would start. so i bought a new battery (it was 4 years old anyways) that made the problem go away until about a week ago it started again. now this time i know its not the battery. we tested it and it is fully charged. it wont take a jump. it wont do anything!! all i hear is a loud clicking noise. im not sure what it could be! i do not want to replace the starter if it could be something smaller.. any ideas?
Also i got a anti theft alarm installed. someone told me that if its faulty it could cause a problem starting the car.. i need help! my only car and i need to be to work on monday!!! =)

See also: (Video, 2:18) 1997-2001 Grand Prix GTP Stalling Fixed


  • it is possible that you car alaram is faulty and not allowing the starter to turn correctly. but i don't understand why it would let it click, if the alarm is using the engine disable feature it shouldn't even click. hate to say it, but your teeth on your starter might be letting it slip. :(
  • My son-in-law had same problem with 98 Grand Prix. He replaced help...someone told him motor was locked up...someone else told him to take all plugs out and try to turn it over...This worked...the cylinders was full of gas and wouldnt let it turn might want to try this....good luck
  • same thing happened to me. i took it to goodyear and they checked the starter, alternetor, and battery (even though it was brand new). anywho they replaced the starter and $431.28 later everything is great (except the camber, stoopid camber).
  • mtgp04mtgp04 Posts: 1
    I own a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix that now has 44,000 miles on it. At about 22,000 my my car would not start sometimes. You never know when it is going to happen, you just have to guess. We've had computer updates on the car but it still does it. Now our DIC computer shows up all the time reduced engine power, low fuel and guage shows empty when gas in tank, no traction control, trip errors and others. Has anyone had any problems like this?
  • I have a 1995 Grand Prix SE. 80,160 miles on it. I went to pull out of my driveway and my left rear tire was locked. the other three rolled. any suggestions what this may be?
  • walliewallie Posts: 1

    I have 89 grand prix. Problem started when car felt like losing power and car smoking and pulled over and smoke coming from engine. found hole in raditor fixed with jb weld and flushed the system out. car will not turn over. what are we missing.
  • kyleraykyleray Posts: 1
    This last week Ive had a problem with my 99 grand prix gt. Im on my way to work get off the highway and get stopped at the red light. While im sitting there with my foot on the brake waiting, my rpm would rise like the car was trying to go. A day later still doing the same thing the rpm would go crazy then the car would die on me. I have already taken the car to two shops and they both said they fixed the problem but it is still happening. If anyone has had this problem or know anything about it that can help me fix it that would be awesome.
  • I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged with 88,000 miles. It just started stalling while driving along. The battery light comes on and it stalls. It will re-start after. This seems to happen at slow speeds (around 35 mph) and city driving. It has also happened just coasting down a hill. We have replaced the spark plugs and wires and the alternator. I am still having the problem. Has anybody had this happen and fixed the problem? I would really like to know how. Thanks
  • Did you get your problem fixed? I am having the same issue with my 1997 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged. The spark plugs and wires and alternator have been replaced; but the did not help the problem. Please let me know if you have figured it out.
  • I am having the exact same problem on my 2004 GT GP2. The only difference is I am not having the DIC issue. What was the solution to your starting problem. The dealer I have purchased the car from is not a Pontiac dealer, and all they have done is cleaned the injectors and reflashed the PCM a few times. I am still having this issue and am getting a little tired of it.
  • my 99 gt did the same thing. it turned out to be an old mass airflow sensor. $240 later it runs great. This happened because of my intake. There was also a problem with my body control modulater. But i got that fixed as well.
  • 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix L 3.8 SII POS.
    Bought in 1999 for a grip of cash. 3 Weeks after I. Got it, it started to die for no reason at all. I would wait for a few min and it would start. Had someone with me when it did it, so popped hood checked for spark NOPE! Check for Fuel Yep! so the is an issue with ignition system. Then it would start wile I was searching for problem. Run for a week or so then start it stalling crap again. Off to dealer it went $$$$ later no problem found new dealer $$$$ later no problem. this took me to PEP Boys where they Changed CSP Crankshaft position sensor mega $$$ Week later it's towed back in to PEP Boys under warranty new CSP and Module $$$ 8 weeks later towed back to PEP Boys for CSP MOD and 3 new coils. 2 yes 2 FN hours it died back to PEP Boys "Why well under warranty and cheaper than dealer"
    Was told when 1 part fails it takes down many OK Now new ECU CSP coils module plugs wires oil filters water temp oil sensor and a battery. [non-permissible content removed] did I get a new Car. Warp to 2007 I have put 1200 miles on the car since then It sits till I get home Over the road truck driver
    so it gets little use, But hey it runs with a battery minder on it, it has not let me down for 5 years. So I trade the hoe in on a new 2006 GP 3.8 SIII that has absolutely no guts at all.
    Well, the 06 has to back for warranty work on brakes, Damn thing. They did a lot of recall work on it as well. Well, I am now an in town truck driver so need a car. What do I see? My old hoe right there, There going to scarp her out for parts. Why she looks brand new 67K on her and I loved her. What an [non-permissible content removed] I was to sell her. So I buy the hoe back and will park the 06 for you know good dates and what knots. Bad idea the hoe has started her crap again. Now I dive the 06 to work white out side white parchment inside am get her messed up so I have to fix the 97 soon 2 car payments and a truck payment too. Don't ask yes semi truck $567 a week ouch. Oh and I failed to tell you I'm an ASE certified master mechanic with 190K of tools and I hate to work on cars LOL.
  • kish81kish81 Posts: 3
    Hope you can help. My 98 GTP witch is great car, has been shutting off and staling hear and there, for the last year. let it sit and it is fine. it has been getting worse. It has fuel but no spark. done all of the tune up stuff. It runs great when it is running.
  • I purchased an 04 Grand Prix in January 2007 and have had problems with hard starts intermittently since I've had it.
    The GM Repair shop can never duplicate it.
    Recently an 02 sensor in the manifold make the engine light come on. When the 02 sensor was changed the new one was defective and shut down nearly all the gas right after I left the shop, I made it back to the shop on very little power.
    I'm still not sure if there are more problems with the engine or not.
    I have always liked Pontiac until this one.
  • OK the price of parts have escalated out of control the module is $485 from dealer and $278 from parts store, The CSP is still $35 coils $120 ect
    I do have a new question and it pulls up every time I look for parts. Camshaft Position sensor. I can find one on the car and the part locator can not tell me where it is.
    Does the 3.8 S II have one?? Oh on another note I will be paying the Hoe off soon and parting her out.
  • Check your BATTERY, If It's old change it!!! I've been having starting and shutting off problems on my 98 GTP off and on for almost 2 years. Every time I worked on my car it would be OK for a little while. It would come and go but always come back. Then I read something on wikipedia about ECU's. Pontiac's are called PCU's. It reads "With advanced age, a failing ECU can cause seemingly random starting and driveability faults. For example, a vehicle may refuse to start when cranked with the starter motor, but may respond easily to a push start. Failing electrolytic capacitors in the ECU no longer smooth the power supply to the microprocessor, and the varying load on the starter motor causes sufficient line voltage fluctuation that the computer reboots repeatedly while attempting to start the engine" This started to make sense. Every time I would work on my car I would charge my battery, and It would run fine for a while. So I charged up my battery again and hooked up a volt meter to my cigarette lighter port to monitor my system voltage. It ran fine. As I would drive my car my voltage would slowly creep down. While trying to start my car the voltage would really drop. after a couple of days It wouldn't start again. the voltage was dropping below 9.5 volts while the starter was running. It was turning over fine but the computer will reboot if the voltage drops under 10 volts. The Ignition will not fire while the computer reboots. So I went and replaced my Battery. It's been 3 weeks and not single problem starting or shutting off while driving. The voltage is holding fine at over 12.5 volts and stays over 12 volts while starting. If this doesn't fix the problem you may have to change out the PCU (about $300). But try the Battery first. It is a cheep fix compared to all of the other things that most of us have tried. Hope It works for you. It has made my wife very, very happy.
  • I had that problem on my '02 gt. It got progressively worse til the car would barely get out of its own way. turned out it was the catalytic converter. replaced it and no probs since. :sick:
  • dainzdainz Posts: 1

    I was wondering if you had discovered what the problem is with your grand prix.I have a 97, grand prix and mine is doing the same thing.I noticed if I drive in 3rd it does not stall while I am driving anymore.. Also, when I was driving it had like jerkyness to it and the mph meter jumps all over the place...Mostly in Drive!
  • i have a 1994 pontiac grand prix that has had problem after problem cinsce i bought it in 2003. it had like 67.000 miles and within a week i had to take it to the dealer to install a 400.00 EGR valve. now with 114,000 miles the problem are still coming. during last year i noticed a strong odor of gas then to realizes that gas was puring out the filler neck when i pumped it in. i ignored it because it was a small leak. i had to take it in for inspection to find that from the gas tank back was rotted out. a little thing the dealer neglected to tell me. never the less i pulled some strings to get it to pass. i knew the guy and i plan on trying to fix it. but with more problems it decided to not start. i turn the key, light stay strong and nothing. no click roar or anything. this car has that chip on the key could that be it. please can anyone help.
  • My Grand Prix gave me a shock the other day. I came outside and it started turning itself on and off, and it would stay on for at most 5 seconds. Of course no one was in the car and there was no key in the igniton and it doesnt have a remote start. But it was starting itself. Now have I either bought myself a Transformer or is there some major electrical problems going on somewhere that i dont know how to find. Any suggestionsfor where the problem is occurign from?
  • Hi I wonder if anyone can help?

    I imported a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix to the UK as the begining of the year, had no problems until recently.

    The car starts, however as soon as it is running it starts too stall and sucks in load of air, blows back through the exhaust and dies, very odd, fuel is fine!!

    Anyone have any ideas?
  • Hey,

    I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix and it has insane problems. The Service Engine Soon light came on a few days ago and has yet to turn off. Also I get the Tac dropping to 0 and then about 5-10 seconds later the Traction Control turns off. Also when the car is cold it seems and if I am going around corners or up a hill the car will stall and sometimes it will start right away and other times it takes 5-10 minutes for the car to start. Any ideas? The car has regular oil changes and when I bought the car (summer 2004) I had the thermostat fixed and later on (mid 2005) the servies engine soon light was on forever and it turned out I needed a new Catalytic Converter and a tune up. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I have been having stalling issues with my car 136, 000 miles.The car would not start, if you waited sometimes it would. Then it started stalling while driving, took it to the mechanic had bought a new battery, did a tuneup. Installed new plugs, wires, fuel filter, bought a new battery, reset the computer, then the stalling started happening on the highway!!!
    I used to be able to put in nuetral & it would restart and I would put into drive and keep going. It wouldn't happen for weeks then it would get worse, then stop and start again. Now when it stalls it won't start for a good 20 minutes, too dangerous to drive, My mechanic has had it 5 times over the past 6 weeks. He said there's nothing wrong with it.My husband thinks it might be the crank shaft sensor.
    I also have problems with the heater only working on 5. I did find the threads regarding the blower motor assembly & the ignition wires. Any feedback on the stalling issues would be greatly appreciated!!! :cry: :confuse: :lemon: ">
  • Hey,

    I have a 2004 Grand Prix and I'm having similar problems. How much did it cost to fix the thermostat and a new catalytic converter?
  • Cars stalls but starts right back up. No codes in the system. Replaced the theft control mod.
  • kerribkerrib Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone has heard of issues of amber engine light on, reduced power, and traction control light on, before. We have had it to the dealership, and they never find anything wrong with it. It just feels like I have a LEMON!! This is not the first problem we have had and this car is brand new off the lot June 2007. The dealership also did not offer any solution, and just said, it was like finding a needle in a haystack.
  • Ok here it is answers to alot of questions.
    None are cheap.
    Stalling and not start up right away, But will after a few minutes?
    Oh it will only get worse. It will soon take up to hour before re start!
    Dealer even pontiac will fine no issues.
    It will subside in cold weather to a point.
    Answer.......... Crank Shaft Position Sensor Is Getting heat soaked.
    And slowly diying.
    Heat soak send bad or no info to Modual under coils Thus Over heating it
    And it goes out as well. Random misfire. Lean bank 1 Will show
    just b4 it all dies. When it does die for last time is sends mass of High voltage
    spark form coils Back thru system to ECU and Camshaft position sensor.

    [non-permissible content removed] [non-permissible content removed] [non-permissible content removed].
    Well pontiac Admit to this NO!!
    Where did I get INFO Had Car On dyno 3/4 throtle for 2 hr 45 min with Sun Diagnostic Hooked to all the above Parts, and more when it all gave loose.
    No I did not hut motor. New Checker auto parts a Cool 1K and all is good
    Oh dynoed it again to See CSPS at 140 degrees and climming to 273
    after 1 hour. Where the hell is is getting it from.
    Serp belt is getting hot from who knows where?

    FIX? Replace CSPS ASAP with what? Dealer delco part.
    Make sure the lower chin on bumper and air flow to lower engine is good
    I could see some one getting some duct work down there.
    Then Sell the hoe!! lol
  • I had the problem with my 2000 Grand Prix stalling while it was running. Typically it would happen when accelerating or idling. The problem was that the Air Flow Sensor in the Air Intake (near battery and air filter) was bad. Later the Check Engine Light finally came on. The Sensor had a low voltage reading at that point. Once replaced the car ran perfectly (I did end up with a bad replacement part from NAPA the first time). The second one fixed it for good. Note that I was having the stalls long before the Check Engine light ever came on.
  • I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT w/3800 V6. Has about 89,000 miles. It seems to always start when it is cold. After it warms up completely, if you turn it off (to go into a store, etc.), and try to start it again, it sometimes will not start (happened about 3 times in the last month). It turns over, but won't start (sounds like it is flooded). It will sometimes eventually start after numerous tries, but will always start when the engine cools completely.

    We took it into a decent local shop, but they told me it hasn't thrown any codes. They said it could be the crankshaft sensor, ignition module, or fuel pump. They don't want to just start replacing parts as each repair can be costly with the fuel pump being the most expensive. We were hoping that it would start failing more often, especially when they had it (it always started for them) as they can't really do much as long as it always starts for them. We thought the car problems were consistent (always starts when when cold, sometimes won't start when warm, but will eventually start when engine gets cold), but it threw us a curve the other day when the engine stalled while my wife was turning into our development. Luckily, she was able to coast it a half mile to our driveway. Again, after it cooled, it started.

    I have heard that a bad battery or one that will soon fail (or one that is defective) can possibly cause this (the battery in the car is 4 years old), so I might take it to a shop and have them check it and maybe replace it anyway as this would be the cheapest fix that I can do myself.

    Has anyone had this problem w/the 3800 V6? Any advice? I'm hoping that if the battery doesn't do it, the car will start failing so the shop can fix the problem.
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