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Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues



  • That's the odd thing, this does not seem to be outside temperature related. It started doing it in the summer, just occassionally. My son had slightly bent my pass key, so we bought a new key, thinking it could be that. Because even according to the user manual, this sounds just like a security problem, where the car is telling the security system it is being stolen etc and shutting the fuel system down. But, the new key didn't resolve the issue. We are at a complete loss now as what to do.
  • I've read somewhere on this forum in the past that it might possibly be a an alarm/ignition system not reading the replaced key properly. It said and I may be wrong that there is a way to teach the ignition/alarm system the new key or old key for that matter. I don't know if the is any way to bypass the alarm to rule that out. Good luck
  • I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix - Base Model (SE). I purchased the car used from RoyFoss in Toronto at 20,000KM. This is as stock as you get mostly because of this issue - no frills or add-on's or modifications.

    The vehicle will be running highways speed of 100 to 120Kph. Does not happen during urban driving. The drive must be long range or heavy traffic. Climate does not have any bearing. It occurs during winter and summer but more likely to happen in closer intervals in the summer. I played with running different accessories - didn't have any bearing. The only thing consistent is the speed and heavy driving (traffic is moderate and speed is consistent).

    I loose speedometer.
    I loose tack.
    I loose power steering
    I loose the accelerator (gas pedal) - I can not accelerate
    I can break (but you don't want too!)
    The engine is running and accelerating at the same speed during the time of crash (computer/ not car)
    I must throw the car into neutral
    Turn the engine off
    Restart the engine
    I won't have an issue for the rest of the 4 hour trip. It will likely occur within the first hour.

    I'm a service rep. that travels 100,000km or more each year. A lot of long range drives. I'll have this issue winter or summer maybe once or twice in a year. Dealer was unable to find an issue and rode me out of my warranty. I reported the issue three times and called GM's care number. I tired to get another dealer that seemed to have more competent mechanics. Ironically, one of my clients is GM, so I talk with a lot of garages. Nobody has seen this issue or has provided an reasonable answer to the problem. The most educated guess by most is a body control module - and obviously - replace every computer on the car.

    I'm going to hit 300,000 on the car next year. The body is in good shape and the engine still runs smoothly. No other major issues other than regular maint. and wear and tear. I don't see the value in dumping 1,000 or so on new computers. I won't let my wife drive the car (she's a new driver) and I won't sell the car - some kid will kill himself on the highway.

    I will not buy another GM car not because of the product but because of my experience working with their dealers. I should have been able to take the car to another GM dealer while it was under warranty but nobody would touch the vehicle because the complaint had been lodged with RoyFoss. I purchase my first North American vehicle with a warranty from a dealer because I expected issues. Had I known that GM warranty means nothing I would have purchased from a private lot I knew and trusted. My work requires me to purchase a vehicle basically every three years due to the KM's I drive - GM has lost a lot of business as a result. Too bad - nice car. If I find a solution I'll post it and consider having the engine retooled as an occasional car, otherwise, I'll have it crushed.
  • Well, since it was doing it first with the old key & continued doing it w/ the new key, the Pontiac dealership ruled that out. I asked about anyway at all to bypass the security system & I was told there was absolutely no way it could be done as a completely new program would need to be written & then flashed into the engine as this security system is completely built into the engine. We tried taking out fuses etc to disable the alarm system, but nothing works. Now, we still are not 100% sure this is a security system issue. It just all seems to lead to that due to the fact that the times it won't crank, the security lights on the dash will not be flashing & according to the user manual the fuel pump will be shut down on times the pass key is not used or the car is being stolen, and we can't hear the fuel pump engage on the times the car won't start.
  • I have a 2002 grand prix, 40th anniversary, and it has stalled on me while driving at least 5 times. Seems like when it stalls, after I put it in neutral and restart it, the "trac off" light is on. Not sure what the "trac" thing means or if it has anything to do with this stalling problem. Any ideas?
  • the car starts fine, it runs for 5 secionds and then stalls, cranks rite back up and does the same thing. i disconnected the battery cable for 30 minutes then reconnected them and it runs fine again. it does this about every 10 starts. does anyone know what could be wrong. much appreciated advice thank you.
  • I own a 2004 grand prix with the series 3 motor and it has been giving us trouble the past few months. The car has been to the dealer and they cant find a problem so its up to us here. The car when it is cold will start and run fine no issues there. When it has been run for say and hour or up to operating temp the car starts but you have to have your foot ever so lightly on the excellerator. if we try and use the remote when its warm it just will not start. I have a good snap on code reader and cannot get any codes or problems to show at all. I was wondering if the car having the wireless drive system is the problem in the throttle body or what Trying to get some help here Thanks
  • Replace the crankshaft sensor.... 10 dollar part
  • Here is an update of something similar to the symptoms I was receiving. I found a post from another forum that suggests there is a GM TSB 05-06-037 recommending a PCM firmware update (something I initially asked the dealer to look into but was instructed on how to use the cruise control instead) along with the high-resistance from the negative battery cable. Here is the complete posting. My issue is similarly different - that is my engine remains running it doesn't stall.

    Owners of 2005 Buick
    Allure and LaCrosse
    models and 2004-05
    Pontiac Grand Prix
    models with the 3.8L
    engine may experience
    engine stall accompanied
    by instrument gauges
    dropping to zero. The
    speedometer and
    tachometer may continue
    to operate normally at
    this time. In addition,
    the low fuel indicator
    light may come on.
    The condition is caused by intermittent high resistance between
    the negative battery cable and the right side frame rail. To
    repair, remove the cable, clean the surfaces of any corrosion
    and apply a coating of dielectric grease. The TSB states that it
    is EXTREMELY important that you use a torque wrench when
    retightening this cable. The spec is 89-106 INCH lbs.
    GM is also recommending a PCM software update. Consult TSB
    05-06-037 for details on the software update.
  • I have a 96 GrandPrix. It will not start the engine turns over fine.but has no spark. I've replaced crank and cam sensors. The ignition module and coils have tested fine. The ignition module is getting power but there is no spark. I've tried everything I can think of does anyone have any help.
  • I had a similar problem...I had been doing some work with valve cover gaskets and had to remove the ground wire from the coil pack to the engine block..when I rechecked everything..the ground wire was loose, not visibly but when reconnected and made sure to tighten the nut back started..hope its that simple for you!
  • I have a 2002 Grand Prix as well. I had the fuel pressure regulator replaced and haven't had any problems since then. My car started this way and unfortunately it lead to it just turning off at random. To have the work completed was 234.00. I hope this helps and saves you money in the long run.
  • I have had that same exact problem, My car would start, stall then stop at random. I did a complete tune up, everything included. Just recently I replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator, which is located right in front of the engine. I have not had any problems since it was replaced. My car doesn't stall, stop or turn off any more. It was a total 0f $234 for the parts and labor. Hope this helps.
  • there's a rev limiter that kicks in right over 4k RPM.

    When not in park, you can rev higher (i.e. when driving)
  • I HAVE A 98 GRAND PRIX GT which has no hazard flash. so i went to the car to find a fix for the lights, and i found 1 fuse in the glove box it turns out to be for the hazards. I put in that fuse and the whole car shuts down. i tried to restart it with the fuse in but no luck. I took out the fuse and left the car to sit for an hour. i came back to restart it and BAM it easily started. I pulled out drive and drove fast up/down street engine sounded great. Pulled back in my drive turned it off, and restarted it 5 times while warm with no trouble. I might buy new relays/battery.
  • lapointelapointe Posts: 1
    05-06-04-037:xCertain InstrumentePanel GaugesbGo tosZero and/orsIntermittent EnginefStall (RepairuGround Connectionszand/or ReprogramdPowertrain ControlsModule (PCM))k- CertainoInstrument PaneldGauges Gopto Zeroyand/or IntermittenthEngine Stallz(Repair GroundzConnections and/oraReprogram PowertraindControl Moduleb(PCM))
    Document ID:b1665432

    Certain InstrumentcPanel GaugesaGo ToxZero and/orvIntermittent EnginegStall (RepairgGround Connectionsaand/or ReprogramkPowertrain ControlcModule (PCM))


    2005 BuickuAllure (Canada),aLaCrosse
    2004-2005 PontiacgGrand Prix
    withx3.8L V6uEngine (VINs2 –oRPO L26)

    Somepowners mayecomment thatfthe fueluand theftemperature gaugeain theeinstrument paneleintermittently gocto zeroewhile thehspeedometer anddtachometer continuepto operatepnormally. Inbaddition, somezmay commentvthat theglow fuelcindicator isodisplayed ingthe DrivereInformation Centerx(DIC) whenhthis occurs.gIn aksmall portioncof thesekcases, thehgauges goinguto zerofmay beffollowed bypan engineehesitation orestall.

    Intermittent highxresistance orkconnection ofuthe negativefbattery cablekto thedtop ofhthe righteside framefrail maygcause thebI/P gaugeshto intermittentlysgo toazero.

    The intermittentvstall conditionvmay bepcaused byuthe following:


    Anhinternal calculationoin theoPowertrain ControlsModule (PCM)bwhen determiningsbarometric valuesounder certaingengine loads.pWhen thishoccurs, thezengine canztake severalbminutes toprestart.

    Intermittent highxresistance oraconnection offthe negativeubattery cablepto thestop ofkthe righthside frameerail.

    This was copied badly from gmserviceinfo.
    Basically the gauges going crazy and stalling can be contributed to battery cables and/or pcm needing update. Good luck. I am going to try it.
  • jackrazzjackrazz Posts: 1
    Car wont start.

    Starter acts fine.
    Battery is fine.
    Fuel Filter was replaced.

    What is the most common cause of this issue?
  • About a month ago I went to start my 2001 Grand Prix and it wouldn't start. Tested for a spark and came up with nothing from the coil pack. I had the coils and the ignition module tested and they were all fine. I also replaced the ECM and the Crankshaft position sensor and it still won't start. Does anyone have any other ideas for me?
  • burgeoburgeo Posts: 1
    i was wonder if you were able to find out if you got a response to your question my car is doing the same thing yours was its the 40th anniversary also
  • angcanangcan Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Grand Prix with about 72000 miles on it... I've had no problems with it whatsoever and I actually love it haha

    Anywho... when I start it, it completes the cycle and sounds like it in fact fully started and is fine but in actuality, it doesn't stay on and I'm forced to continuously turn the key a few times eventually having to pump the gas peddle for it to actually start and stay started... that can't be good for the car right!?...

    it's becoming a frequent daily hassle so I had the fuel pump replaced and no dice... same old story...

    After reading through everyones advice I'm going to try cleaning the throttle plate as suggested in message #112... it's worth a try since i can do it myself for virtually free which I like! Soooo I'll definitely update you all ASAP with the results of simply cleaning the throttle plate... I REALLYYYYY hope this is the simple fix to this ever growing annoyance!

    any other suggestions with some do it yourself maintenance that may help??
  • cristyzcristyz Posts: 8
    My car was turning off at random until finally it wouldn't start. I had the same problems with it and replaced the same parts. I finally figure out that it was the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Ever since I had that part replaced, my car runs smooth. I turns on right away and never turns off unless I turn it off. I hope this helps!!
  • cristyzcristyz Posts: 8
    For anyone that has had a problem with their car not starting or turning off while driving. I had the same problems with my car and finally had the Fuel Pressure Regulator replaced. After I had it done, I haven't had any problems!! It is a small inexpensive part that was located in the front part of my engine. I have a 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix. I hope this helps anyone out there with this same problem.
  • cristyzcristyz Posts: 8
    Try replacing the Fuel Pressure Regulator. I had the same problems with my car. After I replaced that one part, I haven't had any problems since.
  • arenburgarenburg Posts: 10
    I have an 05 grand prix and it stalls when it is warm and warm outside, maybe cause it heats up a lot quicker in the warmer weather. So far it only stalls when the car is in park. This too would be the crankshart position sensor? IT seems to run rough after it has stalled and restared and appears hard on fuel. Please let me know if this is the CPS .

    Thank you

    John Arenburg
  • It started as a transmission that went bad. I had it rebuilt by AAMCO and they also replaced the plug wires and fluids while they had it. After I got it back there were issues with shifter interlock not releasing so I couldn't put it in drive without the key override. After the replacement of the shifter assembly and the computer module under the center console I'm back to having the same sort of electrical problems.
    1. the Traction control light comes on and stays on.
    2. The tach and speedometer will intermittantly fluxuate while driving.
    3. The Airbag light comes on.

    AAMCO after the first instance adjusted a selenoid having to do with the shifter assembly. The problem is occuring again and I want to know if anyone has seen this issue?
  • smunziesmunzie Posts: 6
    If your SES light is on or flashing, have it checked like at autozone..for free..could be vacuum leak..also try the fuel pressure regulator as mentioned in the last response..thats an easy fix but you'll need a snap ring tool for removal.
  • prochieprochie Posts: 11

    I notice that my issues also occurs in warmer weather with a high level of humidity. Only once did it happen in the winter and that was after a very aggressive emergency maneuver. A recent post about the tsb I posted in #139 mentions that computer is looking for barometric pressure - which might be why the issue is weather related.

    While the stall at highway speeds is my greatest concern, I also have problems similar to yours. I'll find that the first start of the day can be just fine. I go pick up groceries about 5min down the road in light city traffic and the second start in the lot will be rough or stall completely. I dismissed this as bad fuel the first time - but not the case. Here is one more thing I will mention. At the same time the engine runs "rough" or stalls when I do get it running it looks like the transmission is resetting or "defaulting" it doesn't shift smoothly and sticks in gear longer than normal. My solution is to the turn the car off and back on and this resolves the issue - so this I think definitely points to a computer issue as well or it would not be so easily dismissed with a restart. I have not implemented the TSB I posted in #139 but will do so in the coming months and will report back.

    Have a look at my previous posts after you read this. I'm curious to know how many people are having this problem. My work brings me in contact with a lot of GM dealers all of whom are not very knowledgeable about issues with the GrandPrix. The standard response appears to be that the car is "bulletproof" and there are no such issues like the one I mentioned. I'll try the TSB solution and report back any findings.
  • arenburgarenburg Posts: 10
    I assume you need to see your dealer for this, I just think its interesting because I've never herd tell of a software update for a car computer before. Will this help with my stalling Issue? It seems to me that a fair amount of people are have this similar issue. (starting and stalling).
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