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Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues



  • brian04brian04 Posts: 3
    My 04 Grand Prix will not start sometimes in the morning. It cranks and you think it started, but it has not. Then it will stall backing out of the drive way. It also has the same starting problem after driving and the engine off for a short time. I noticed in the replies that the problem could be the CPS, but it was mentioned that if the engine is the Series III that it might not be. What else could be causing this problem?
  • I have the same car and it would stall upon start up , i mean like an infinite # of times the only way i could get it to start was if i gave it a little bit of gas,finnaly we figured out the problem , it was the throttle body plates needed to cleaned . Maybe this could work for you.
  • brian04brian04 Posts: 3
    Thanks, this could be possible. Everytime I change my oil I add fuel injector cleaner. What did having the throttle body plates cleaned cost?

  • i have a friend that owns a 00 3.1 grand prix it bounces at 4200 rpm the only way i can decribe it is like a speed limiter (i know that's not what it is just using it to describe) it doesn't bounce as fast as any rev limiter i have seen, had a hard time starting and might be missing, i am not formiliar with these cars.... i have read this thread and i just want to make sure i did not miss read... it's the cps? and only get the ac delco? that sound about right?
  • i have a 2005 grand prix with the same problem. but when i pump the gas and do to drive off the car shakes a little and doesnt have power until after 3000 rpm's. when i took it to the dealer they first said i was my aftermarket remote start. second was my autolite spark plus. third time was my transmission. fourth time i took it they said it was my thermostat. and my fifth time takin it the dealership said it needed the injectors cleaned. i cant even get the car to fall under the lemon law nor am i havin luck gettin rid off it. did anyone have any luck?
  • bandinbandin Posts: 1
    It will start with noproblem but stalls out in about 6sec. changed the fuil pump and its still the same.when you turn the key you can hear the pump but when you start it the pump stops running. when the car stalls the pump starts up again.(With a pressure gauge on when you turn the key its at 52 and once started it drops to 10 then stalls).Now i but aOBD on and it comes up with code P0452 . but once i cleared the code it will not come up again.

    Totaly lost please help!!!
  • tomb6tomb6 Posts: 1
    I found whenever i am at idle the veh feels like its going to stall, then when i go to accelorate veh cuts out???
    any help would be much appreciated.
  • mclean71mclean71 Posts: 2
    my car is doing the same thing. Have you got yours fixed yet and if so what was the problem?
  • I have a 95 Grand Prix 3.1 and its been having problems lately. It starts hard in the morning. And you have to give it quite a bit of gas when taking off because it doesnt act like it wants to go. If you leave it idling it the rpms will start dropping and it will start sputering really bad. When sitting at a light I have to hold the gas and break at the same time.I can drive it, but I have to leave it off for about 2 hours before I can drive it again. If it hasnt been about two hours it will start then about 7 sec later it will competely stall out. It acts like it wants to stay running, and will try to 'catch' itself when the rpms drop, but no luck. I have cleaned the throttle body, did a tune up, changed the fuel filter, ignition control module, just replaced coil pack and the crank sensor. I am running out of ideas and its getting VERY expensive. Any ideas? Please help.
  • swanny3swanny3 Posts: 1
    i just bought my grand prix from a rinky dink dealership (not much help with problem) and I'm having the same problems. I believe mine has the series III engine, 3.8, 2004 grand prix.

    On cold start it starts fine but after driving for a while and letting it sit, the vehicle won't start unless i give it some gas. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator?

  • thatguy423thatguy423 Posts: 2
    I know exactly what is wrong with your car because I had the same problem on my 2000 gtp 2 weeks ago...The problem is the fuel pump resistor. It is about a 30 dollar part and is located on the frame rail underneath your washer fluid reservoir...I did the same as you and replaced the fuel pump and that did nothing, started doing my research, replaced the resistor and it is good as new. My damn car just died out going 70 on the freeway...real safe! The resistor is guaranteed to fix the problem..

  • thatguy423thatguy423 Posts: 2
    Bandin I forgot to add something in my last post...The supercharged Gtp has a 2 speed fuel pump and the reason that it will start initially and the ndie is because when starting, the relay bypasses the resistor for the initial blast of fuel, as soon as the engine starts it switches circuitry and sends the current through the "now dead" resistor which is why the engine dies...and immediately after it dies the fuel pressure jumps back up to 50 psi...what a design.
  • mclean71mclean71 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your info...we will give it a try!!!

    Bonnie & Sheldon
  • jagrjagr Posts: 2
  • jsprousejsprouse Posts: 5
    I let my 02 sit for about 2 months with the same problem, gassing my exped.every 4 days was to much, so I called the gm dealer asked if they knew what the prob. could be and of course it was the converter, only 700 miles left on warranty, I picked it up today and it has ran wonderful, i even filled up the tank , put 40 miles on it and the gas gauge never moved!!!
  • smitty30smitty30 Posts: 1
    i replaced starting relays.the car wont turn over you can sit in the car for 5-10 min. trying to start it putting it in gear,taking the key out put it back in gear,no certain way,then the car will start.The starter is good,and the battery plus the post are clean and have a good connection this is driving my son @ me crazy trying to figure this out. Any ideas? smitty30
  • trange1trange1 Posts: 3
    Can anyone offer me advice about my 2000' Pontiac Grand Prix GT??? (3800 V6 engine) For over 9 months now I have been battling with 2 issues... The 1ST issue is the can randomly WILL NOT start. It will crank but it will not turn over completely. It will happen 1 day and give me trouble for 15 minutes and then 5 days will go by before it happens again. (it just happened today - Tues 5/27) It would not start (but it would crank) for 25 minutes so I left it, came back 1 hour later and it started right up. 2 mechanics later and they cannot figure it out... (a tune up, fuel pump is good, wiring harness replaced, fuel sensor replaced, etc...)

    The 2nd issue is a major hesitation problem which is ALSO intermittent. I will stomp on the gas and even though it still accelerates, it feels like it hesitates and almost sputters. It's strong enough to actually "feel it" when it happens BUT yet there are times when I stomp on the gas and the car accelerates just fine. It's kind of scary when your passing someone because it doesn't feel like the power is there that should be.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and even replying to this post if you have any answers. I can clarify both issues with more detail if necessary.

    Thank you again...
  • trange1trange1 Posts: 3
    I am from Michigan and it appears that we have the SAME problem and the SAME car. My message post # is 72. I just joined this forum. My car has never stalled BUT IF I hear of anything, I will definitely let you know by replying to your post again. IF you get a chance check out my message post and reply if you want to. I'm not giving up so I WILL find an answer eventually...

  • I too have this problem. It is said to be the CPS (crankshaft position sensor) I'm having my replaced next week. This can be tested at a dealer to confirm. As mine was found to be faulty when warm. I have heard others replacing it, and solved the problem. I just hope so.
  • It was not the CPS (crankshaft position sensor) but the throttle body and plates were gummed up. Cause...K&N filter oil got into the MAF screen and coated the intake.. Total cost at a dealer to clean $145.00 Replaced air filter and so far car is running better. I can only hope this was it.
  • Did you ever figure anything out? I have a 2004 also and mine does the exact same thing?
  • yurybyuryb Posts: 2
    Hello all, I have a 1991 grand prix and this is my problem. The car sometimes starts up fine and then other times it doesn't. Its completely random and not weather dependant. I have a spark, I have fuel and I have air.
    Please any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • yurybyuryb Posts: 2
  • It's been a week, and car has not had a no start or stall. Dealer stated maybe the CPS (crankshaft position sensor) but found I had a K&N filter, and the throttle plates and screen was coated in oil from the filter (it was pre oiled) had everything cleaned and went with FRAM paper filter, so far so good.

    Note..GM discourages use of K&N filters for this reason, unless you very lightly oil the filter. And cleaning the Thottle plates and throttle body at least once a year.
  • 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP that dies mysteriously?

    I have had my car to the dealership & of course it did not die on them.....when they connect my car up to the computer it throws back no codes.....My car dies with out warning sitting at an idle or going 55 mph......any ideas what is the cause? So far my car always starts back up after waiting a minute or so....
  • light36light36 Posts: 1
    That's a difficult issue to solve. There are several different things that could cause the problem. I've seen it happen w/ a faulty ground to the fuel pump on a similar car. It could also be a faulty relay, bad crankshaft position sensor, or some other electrical problem. Either way it could be very expensive to fix unless the problem makes itself evident, whence leaving you stranded. A lot of intermittent problems can take a long time to troubleshoot w/ all the electrical stuff on these newer cars which makes the price very high unless you can troubleshoot it yourself or have a good friend that can. lol.
  • mitchfmitchf Posts: 3
    My wife's car. Sometimes when she uses the car, and drives a short distance and shuts down the car it won't restart. I does it often after she gets gas for it. The car will turn over and try to start then it will choke down. Then after repeated attempts to start it, it will finally start. It's almost like it's not getting fuel. I've replaced the plugs, wires, and fuel filter. It shows no codes on the computer. Could the fuel lines get air in them and cause this? I'm lost. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't. I need some help bad.
  • mitchfmitchf Posts: 3
    Wrong year. It's a 02.
  • trange1trange1 Posts: 3
    Hi. It's sounds like you have the same problem that I do with my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. DID you figure out why your wife's car won't start at times? I replaced the plugs, wires, and fuel filter on my car as well but it did not help...

    Any ideas? If I figure out something, I will reply to your post & let you know as well!
  • mitchfmitchf Posts: 3
    No pump hasn't been changed. It just started out of the blue. It won't do it all the time, just when there is a line of people behind you at the gas pump. :)
  • headachheadach Posts: 17
    The car runs fine. It has a new alternator, plugs, wires and batt around a year old and tested fine in the car. The volts read fine when it doesn't start. It makes a click noise and doesn't turn over at all. I turn the key back and try again and it will start but the engine will rev up high then idle normal. I cleaned out the idle air control valve and even swapped it with my other car which was fine and it still does this. The only thing it does idle a little rough under load of turn signal. I just bought the car for a good price and don't want to put too much money in it right now. It has the 3.1 Multi port engine with around 93000 miles. Please can anyone help i am afraid of getting stuck. Thank you!
  • eddie40eddie40 Posts: 2
    I have 94 3.1se with same problem. Starter will click periodically and not start, play with key, shifter, security lock then it will decide to work (sometimes), this has been an ongoing problem for a few years. Seemed to be a starter issue - Pontiac dealer changed starter 2 times, my mechanic thought it was starter also, changed starter again; problem still re-occurs after short period of time. After checking the web have noticed others with the same problem. Checked different forums on the web and found someone who said it was a control module reset problem due to a weak battery. Replaced batt. on July 5th, car has not had problem since. Hopefully cured!?! In your post you stated "idles little rough under load of turn signal". I have noticed a difference in my idle when turn signal is on also. Maybe electrical ground draining batt. during turn signal op.?? Love my GP 94, runs great dispite starting problem have 206k miles and still going like a top!! Good luck with problem. Also curious if anyone out there has a solid answer to this problem.
  • kgnpenykgnpeny Posts: 4

    My 98 Grand Prix (145k miles) failed to start, happened with no warning, in between errands. The engine would start but immediately die. Giving it a little gas to keep it going sounded like it was running on half the cylinders. Had to have it towed to a local repair shop (had been there twice before over the years when the battery went dead out of the blue). The shop called today and said it was a bad Air Flow Meter, $350 part !! I browsed the forums but no mention of an Air Flow Meter. (may be called something else?) Does anyone know what that part is? Sound familier?

    Coincedently two weeks ago I had the car in the shop (dealorship, not the same place it is now) for routine maintence and state inspection, that incuded replacing the air filter. Is this AFM located in the area of the air filter?

    Appreciate knowing if replacing the part will fix the problem or could it be something else that will pop up "out of the blue" again?

  • eddie40eddie40 Posts: 2
    Do not know what an Air Flow Meter is, maybe they are talking about oxygen sensor failure which is a common problem with many cars.
  • wwpattewwpatte Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 GTP which is having starting problems. We went shopping and came out of the store, put the key in and when I turned the key i can hear a click that sounds like it comes from where the fuse box is. We took the starter off and had it tested and it is perfectly fine. The starter does not even attempt to turn when the key is turned but it is getting power. I think that there is a relay inbetween the ignition switch and the starter but I am not sure if that could be the problem. it is possible it is a fuse but once again I am not sure which one, can anyone help me???
  • jagrjagr Posts: 2
    I previously posted a message about my 04'Pontiac Grand Prix GT. I came to the conclusion that my car could not be completely fixed so I GOT RID OF THE S.O.B.! It felt really good to know I will never have to deal with the drama again. You know when your car is towed more times than average and you have certified Pontiac mechanics constantly working on the car telling you this and that needs to be replaced each and every time....hundreds of dollars adding to thousands....thinking your car is fixed...but, again the car starts to have the same issues...STARTING OR STALLING all over again. Your driving down the highway sunroof open...listening to your favorite music....Shittttt....the car stops(stalls)...luckily I was not in a fatal accident........You are at the go to start the car......Shittttt......the car will not humiliating is that....FYI if you continue to start the car over and over again the starter will get hot and burn out and will need to be replaced...more money to dish out.....I think the cars are made as a money trap.....the car owner contiunues to dish out money hoping this part will fix the car or get this or that part cleaned out and the starting / stalling issues will go away....HA!!! GET RID OF THE TRASH......THAT'S THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION. AND NEVER BUY A PONTIAC AGAIN....the problem seems to be the same for different models......

    Best Regards and GOOD LUCK with your Pontiac!

    Oh yeah....when I turned my defroster on the fm signal would go out and when I made a left turn the car would make a weird noise each if something was going to break in pieces.
  • I change the engine on my 02 grand prix, put in a used one, reconnected back to original and now it wont start. I disconnected the fuel lines and there's plenty of pressure, but when i crank it, it sounds like its not getting any fuel in the combustion chamber. Maybe there's a fuel shut reset somewhere, but I cant find it. Can anybody help me with this problem. I'll be looking for posts, thank you.
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    He may have been referring to the Mass Air Flow sensor. The MAF is typically installed between the air filter and the throttle body. It senses the volume of air moving thru the throttle body and tells the computer how much fuel is required for the proper air-fuel mixture. It is one of the critical components in the intake system. It is possible that it was damaged, or an electrical connection was loosened, during the changing of the air filter. It may be dirty and just require some cleaning, but be careful; they are easily damaged. Good luck. Clark
  • rodom53rodom53 Posts: 2
    I have a very similar thing going on. I have checked fuel pressure, it's approx 40lbs, the injectors ohm in about 13 or14 and I have good spark. It turns over but will only start if I spray starting fluid into the plenum. I have checked for error codes, it had a prior IAC code so I replaced that and the TPS sensor. No codes, but no starts either
  • I had a problem with my 1999 Firebird with the 3.8L V6 not starting, which I am having the same problem with my wifes 2004 Grand Prix not starting. Anyways, the problem with the Firebird was, it would start fine when it was cold but after being warmed up it would take a few cranks to get it to start and it would also backfire when letting off the gas. I took advice from the shops and other mechanics over about 9 months, changed crank sensor, coolant temp sensor, o2 sensors, checked the ignition wires, spark plugs, fuel pump, fuel pressure etc... everything checked out fine. I had no trouble codes other than 1 misfire from #2 cylinder. After it was cleared it never came back but still had the same problem. So finally I thought about it and went ahead and changed the fuel pressure regulator, even though the pressure was within tolerance with the engine off and the engine running. It fixed the starting problem and the backfiring problem, which hasn't came back yet. It took less than an hour to change, still a pain on a Firebird since I had to remove the fuel rail. But on a front wheel drive it should only take about 15 minutes with a pair of lock-ring pliers and about $50 for the regulator. I'm not saying this will definitely fix your problem, but with it happening to my wifes car after about 50,000 miles, its the first thing I am going to change.
  • rodom53rodom53 Posts: 2
    . The car is a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix, loaded with options, including power windows, heads-up display and the radio controls on the steering wheel. The car was originally my brother-in-laws. He purchased it from a friend at the chevy plant where he worked. It was originally a friends wifes car and she passed away. So the vehicle was never hot-rodded and is low mileage at 68000. It sat alot. The problem started with the car dying at stop lights or signs. At first it would restart, but after a short period of time it progressed to the point it had to be towed home. It now fails to start at all. I have checked the fuel log, it has 40psi fuel pressure. The injectors ohm within 1 ohm of each other at 13 or 14 ohms. With a Fluke multi meter it reads .6 volts at the injectors. The ignition has good spark at the plugs, bright and blue. I hooked up a 12v bulb across the injector harness and the bulb glows orange/yellow, very dim but does flicker like it's receiving a pulse to spray. If I spray starting fluid or even gas into the plenum the car will start and run briefly. I have looked at the schmatic for the engine and I don't see anything upstream from the injectors except the ECM. Someone advised that with the car sitting as long as it has the injectors could be gummed up, and failing to spray. Someone else mentioned a "passlock" which I am not familiar with. I'm getting what is probably good advice, but I'm still chasing my tail. Is there another componet that controls fuel discharge?
  • jclanghjclangh Posts: 2
    I just purchased the Crankshaft Position Sensor and I was wondering where it was located. I have a 2000 pontiac grand prix gt 3.8. Thanks.
  • ozzy7ozzy7 Posts: 1
    My 2007 pontiac grand prix is just fine, then all of a sudden the engine will shut off. this happened while on the freeway going 60 mph, it happened in a drive thru at walgreens while sitting, and everytime we take it to the dealer, they cannot locate a problem. It has happened 4 times, and the I have only owned the car for 1 year (23k miles). I am stumped, and the dealer keeps telling me they hook it up to their diagnostic computer and there is nothing showing wrong. has anyone else had this problem...if so, is there an answer?
  • cristyzcristyz Posts: 8
    I have had a complete tune up on my car. From the oil change, spark plugs, fuel line tune up, cool system flush, plus other things. I start my car and it will shut off. So I start it again and then go. This happens every time I turn it on!! Then while I'm driving down the road, it will just suddenly turn off on me. No one seems to be able to find the problem and I'm tired out putting out money with nothing in return. Can anyone help with this?
  • jclanghjclangh Posts: 2
    Try replacing the ignition module and coils, that sounds like it could be the problem.
  • dave_1dave_1 Posts: 2
    smart money says it's the fuel pressure regulator. with a little know how you can do it yourself or if you pay a shop around 250-300 dollars
  • I have the same problem with my 2007 GXP. The car has 12k miles on it and today is the 2nd time my car just shut off while driving for no apparent reason. The same thing happened about 2 months ago just driving down a hill and it shut off. No warning light just shut off. Today I was using TAP shift to go between gears going down a hill and all of a sudden it shut off...No warning lights nothing...The only reason i knew it shut off was because steering and braking got very hard. I told the dealer about this once before and they said chances are there are no codes in the computer. They said dont worry about it unless it keeps happening. This doesnt seem right. Any ideas what I should tell the dealer to look 4. I know they are going to give me nothing but problems and wont be able to find anything. This just doesnt seem safe for the car just to shut off at random
  • I have had everything possible done to my car, still nothing has been found. My car does the exact same thing. Turns off while driving and it turns stiff. The next thing that I am going to have them check out, is the park lock actuator. I'm not sure if this is going to work but since I don't know anything about cars, well I guess I will keep spending the money until I find a solution. The dealer hasn't been able to find anything wrong. I get all my information from Edmund's about what it might be. Good Luck and let me know if you have it fixed. Maybe you could help me out.
  • Sorry all been away alot and I have not had the time to get on and help best I can.
    Being an ASE master mechanic 4 12 years and then moving on to other job " I hate hate cars" After doing it for so long you just can't do it any more.
    Your CSP "crankshaft position sensor" is located behind the Lowest pully and Is the largest one on the crank shaft. To pull this pullt you will need a special puller that will cost you $150 or so most parts stores do not have the right 1 to rent. Good luck finding the right 1. Best bet a stearing wheel puller but you will need to buy very long very small boltz that will go thru the puller and all the way back the the threded area of the balancer. they ar I thin 4" and 10mm head so small stuff.
    The center of the puller is to short so you will need to use a spacer 1/2 inch deep socket 3/8 drive. When threding in the puller go slow and don't use an impact wrench those little 10mm boltz will pop and now you have a new problem. GUILTY Yes I did the impact thing once"once" the I had to fab up some offset boltz when turned 1/4 turn they are bigger and lock in place in the balancer. Ugly idea but it worked and was lucky not to tear the rubber balancer apart. All this can and will just piss you off. Break out the BFH a knife cut of the balancer $250 ouch and pull the old fasion way. Bad Idea. Oh the dealer will not sell you a puller, Snap on has no clue Mac Matco Cornwell There all lost too. Good luck.
  • 2004 Grand Prix stalls when starting, it seems if I give it a little gas it stays running and then runs and idels fine. It runs great once started, it also seems to do it worse when its cold engine start. It has the 3800 and no warning lights come on.
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