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Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues



  • 97 Prix 3.8L V6 AutoTrans.
    The engine has just begun to stall without any warning, no hesitation. Sometimes it will restart initally, other times multiple tries are needed. 2 out of 16 times the "Check Engine Light" has come on but soon went out. I did notice that when I can restart it and while parked, it will only rpm to 4K. At 4K with constant pressure on the accelerator, the rpm's stop at 4K and the engine / rpm's act as if my 10 year old is quickly, repeatidly gunning the accelerator.
  • i had trouble with my 99 grand am 3.4. it stalled while i was driving and would not start for about 20 mins. so i decided to change the FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR. that fixed the problem for me if i were you i would give it a try. the part cost me 50 but not sure about your vehicle...
  • When I start my car, the rpms shoot way up, and after about 3 seconds come all the way down, almost to stall, but not quite. When I put it in gear, it's fine, as long as I drive with both feet; left on brake and right on gas! At idle speed, it seems to almost want to stall out but doesn't. As a result, I need to keep my foot on the brake and press the gas pedla to keep the rpms at about 1500. Not good for the brakes, either! Also, the 'check engine' light stays on all the time now.
    Ideas? :confuse:
  • I have the same problem with my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. The check engine light finally came on when it happened and I was able to diagnose it as a bad crankshaft position sensor..about a $50 part.
  • First off, I purchased this vehicle for a racing application and it was involved in a roll over accident.

    My question is, is there a shutoff switch by the manufacturer in the event of a roll over or high speed accident that will disable the car?

    Please help.... Thanks!

  • A month ago my car battery died, got it replaced and all was good for a while. Then it started to "slip" every now and then when I tried to start it. I would turn it over and I could hear it spin but the engine wouldn't crank, then the second time I tried it, it would start no problem. This has been increasing in frequency the last few weeks.
    Now this past weekend, when I decelerate to come to a stop it feels like it jerks a little when the transmission switches to its lowest gear (thats the best way I can describe it), and sometimes the "service engine soon" light comes on but usually just briefly until I accelerate again and then it goes away. Sometimes when I am idling the engine sounds like it is about to cut out, almost like it is sputtering along, but this goes away when I hit the gas pedal. at times, when it is idling, the service engine light comes on. When it is doing this the car definitely gets louder (with the sputtering..). I'd really appreciate suggestions and more information about what the possible problem could be. Also, since the car is 20 years old, I'd like to get a best guess on how much the repairs might be for this. Obviously I don't want to spend to much $$ on this car. Its done this a few times before in the past (usually every couple of months or so) but it has usually gone away when I added a half pint or so of engine oil. But this time it doesn't seem to be working.
  • I have same issue. it stalls when the engine is warm. whenever engine is cold, it runs fine. i was driving today and engine lost power, so i step on the gas to prevent it. then cop appeard on amazingly great timing. got a speeding ticket. sucks though. im assuming one of the sensors might be bad is it right?
  • gearrgearr Posts: 21
    All the big 3 car makers put fuel kill swiches in them and GM is one
    of them.
  • Okay, do you have any idea where I should start to look? This info. will help narrow the guess work down....

    Thanks again!

  • My 1992 Pont GP 3.4L will not start, no spark. All fuses and connections to ECM look and test good. Timing belt is good. I'm trying to find the crank sensor to test but am having a bit of a problem. I believe I've located it but it appears to impossible to get too! If I've found the right component, it's located mid engine between the rear of the block and the transmission. Can't even get my hand up to that area! I can barely see it! Any idea how I actually get to it for testing and perhaps replacement?

    Great engineering by GM!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • bjmoorenbjmooren Posts: 1
    Car wouldn't start this morning and key won't come out. Dash lit up as normal, but nothing but a click when I turned the key. After that everything electrical turned off and the key would not come out.

    I disconnected the battery, charged it up and reconnected it. Dash lit up again, but then one click and everything electric turned off and key is stuck again.

    Then tried to jump it, same result. Anyone know what could be wrong?
  • I have a 2004 Grand Prix with about 50K miles on it and my car has a starting issue as well. Every day I go home for lunch and my car sits for about 40minutes. When I get back in, the key turns and the car sounds like it starts, but to no avail it is not on. I can turn they key numerous times and nothing but lights come on. Finally, when I give the car a little bit of gas it starts up no problems, besides the engine
    revving very high. I'm not fond of starting the car like this, because it obviously should not work this way. Been taken to the GM dealer few times, but it starts fine for them. (Obviously) Wondering if you ever found out what was wrong with yours?
    [email protected]

    Thanks :confuse:
  • Are Pontiac Grand Prix started stalling while I was driving, after several months we had it put on a computer and they determined that it was the PCM. Maybe this will help. Good luck.
  • booksterbookster Posts: 7
    I see it a lot. Most are asking why is this engine stalling why does it start fine when cold. why in park will it not go above 4k rpm or it does only go to 4k rpm.
    Stalling issue is CSP Crank shaft position sensor. Period. that is your problem.
    If the engine is not running and the CSP is not sending info the ecm Has no way of setting a code. No info no injector pluse ect. the only thing that will run is fuel pump. This is a rare problem fuel pump failing? The CSP is the problem.
    DO NOT Replace with off shelf parts store replacement/ they are cheap repo of a good AC DELCO part. Heat Soak is the issue here where it comes from is diffrent for all. Lower chin spoiler bad missing{curb checked} obstruction in the cooling chin/ bent warped ect. Correction 4" dryer duct from front chin to CSP. AC DELCO CSP only!! ok in park 4k rpm? the engine has a saftey rev limmiter that cuts fuel/spark thus over heating CSP as well. Rad Fans not running so it heat soaks wile not moving.
    Over rev to rev limmiter after start is a bad O2 Sensor /Cat/MAP sensor's they are trickey to find the correct one, start by un hooking each 1 at a time till issue goes away and that is your problem.
    Old oil will heat up faster than new. Dirty air filter will choke motor heating it up as well. This motor is MAP not MAF so it has no idea it is being choked. You will get cyl missfire bank 1 or lean miss bank 1. to over come it will run engine out to 4k hit rev limmiter to heat up cat and O2 to clear problem.GM's idea of self protection.
    ECM reflash is bad idea it adds more peservation codes, ment to keep engine up to date and clean running. air leak in map is caused by age hot cold ect. there is also the vacume line that may rub thru.

    Just My 2 cents
  • In additon, when the car is running, there is a strong smell of gas and/or exhaust coming from the engine.......Even after the engine has stopped running, the smell can be detected by standing near the car or smelling the engine itself. There is no evidence of fuel leaks under the car. Also, the car never really stalls out when idling. It seems to want to stay at about 1000rpms but fluctuates and sputters. I need to have my left foot on the brake and slightly accelerate to keep the rpms at about 1500 to keep it from sputtering. Also, the check engine light remains on.
  • booksterbookster Posts: 7
    there is a strong smell of gas and/or exhaust coming from the engine.
    This is easy the cat is no longer working correctly and the O2 is bad as well.
    Exhaust is backing up cat is pluged. O2 is allowing excess fuel not reading right showing lean condition thus extra fuel killing cat.
  • daniddanid Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix a week ago, and I am having the EXACT same problem...I have taken it to the dealership almost everyday since I got it to see what's wrong, and they can never figure it out. Everytime I take it it starts right up...and just like you said when it didn't start for me, I pumped the gas and it started right up. They said corrosion on the battery, then it was the terminals, now they don't know, so they have my car again. Did you ever figure our what was wrong? Thanks. :sick:
  • daniddanid Posts: 2
    So they think they fixed my car. They said that it had a dirty throttle body and cleaned the fuel injectors, it has been working since tuesday without a bad start but it still sounds funny when it starts. I am being told by alot of people that it could be the fuel pump...I hope it's fixed...anyone know anything? :confuse: :lemon:
  • nlaagernlaager Posts: 1
    I have 02 grand prix that has a check engine light on and tells me to check the gas cap, in addition when the car is warmed up it stalls upon trying to start unless you rev the engine for a second then runs fine after that, I've replaced the gas cap and had a dealer reset the computer, engine light came back on just about right away, still doesn't start right either unless the car is cold. Any guesses?
  • booksterbookster Posts: 7
    This is a common issue with all 3.8L engines
    Unless it is a series III it will be the Cranshaft position sensor Period.
    It will not set a code.
    The engine must be running for any code to set.
    Since the engine is stalling no start Cranking over ect.
    There is no referance for the engine to accept that it is in start run.
    No signal is being sent there for the ecu ecm cpu what ever you want to call it
    feels you are but sitting with key on not running.
    Get an AC DELCO Only part. The off shelf parts at local parts store
    Are pure junk. They will work But will!!! fail in less than 5k miles.
    Why is the CPS failing? Heat soak getting hot and slowly deing. The AC DELCO will fail as well but it is of better quality. 20 to 30K easy.

    Good luck
  • brian04brian04 Posts: 3
    My 04 Grand Prix will not start sometimes in the morning. It cranks and you think it started, but it has not. Then it will stall backing out of the drive way. It also has the same starting problem after driving and the engine off for a short time. I noticed in the replies that the problem could be the CPS, but it was mentioned that if the engine is the Series III that it might not be. What else could be causing this problem?
  • I have the same car and it would stall upon start up , i mean like an infinite # of times the only way i could get it to start was if i gave it a little bit of gas,finnaly we figured out the problem , it was the throttle body plates needed to cleaned . Maybe this could work for you.
  • brian04brian04 Posts: 3
    Thanks, this could be possible. Everytime I change my oil I add fuel injector cleaner. What did having the throttle body plates cleaned cost?

  • i have a friend that owns a 00 3.1 grand prix it bounces at 4200 rpm the only way i can decribe it is like a speed limiter (i know that's not what it is just using it to describe) it doesn't bounce as fast as any rev limiter i have seen, had a hard time starting and might be missing, i am not formiliar with these cars.... i have read this thread and i just want to make sure i did not miss read... it's the cps? and only get the ac delco? that sound about right?
  • i have a 2005 grand prix with the same problem. but when i pump the gas and do to drive off the car shakes a little and doesnt have power until after 3000 rpm's. when i took it to the dealer they first said i was my aftermarket remote start. second was my autolite spark plus. third time was my transmission. fourth time i took it they said it was my thermostat. and my fifth time takin it the dealership said it needed the injectors cleaned. i cant even get the car to fall under the lemon law nor am i havin luck gettin rid off it. did anyone have any luck?
  • bandinbandin Posts: 1
    It will start with noproblem but stalls out in about 6sec. changed the fuil pump and its still the same.when you turn the key you can hear the pump but when you start it the pump stops running. when the car stalls the pump starts up again.(With a pressure gauge on when you turn the key its at 52 and once started it drops to 10 then stalls).Now i but aOBD on and it comes up with code P0452 . but once i cleared the code it will not come up again.

    Totaly lost please help!!!
  • tomb6tomb6 Posts: 1
    I found whenever i am at idle the veh feels like its going to stall, then when i go to accelorate veh cuts out???
    any help would be much appreciated.
  • mclean71mclean71 Posts: 2
    my car is doing the same thing. Have you got yours fixed yet and if so what was the problem?
  • I have a 95 Grand Prix 3.1 and its been having problems lately. It starts hard in the morning. And you have to give it quite a bit of gas when taking off because it doesnt act like it wants to go. If you leave it idling it the rpms will start dropping and it will start sputering really bad. When sitting at a light I have to hold the gas and break at the same time.I can drive it, but I have to leave it off for about 2 hours before I can drive it again. If it hasnt been about two hours it will start then about 7 sec later it will competely stall out. It acts like it wants to stay running, and will try to 'catch' itself when the rpms drop, but no luck. I have cleaned the throttle body, did a tune up, changed the fuel filter, ignition control module, just replaced coil pack and the crank sensor. I am running out of ideas and its getting VERY expensive. Any ideas? Please help.
  • swanny3swanny3 Posts: 1
    i just bought my grand prix from a rinky dink dealership (not much help with problem) and I'm having the same problems. I believe mine has the series III engine, 3.8, 2004 grand prix.

    On cold start it starts fine but after driving for a while and letting it sit, the vehicle won't start unless i give it some gas. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator?

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