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Pontiac Grand Prix Starting / Stalling Issues



  • rodom53rodom53 Posts: 2
    . The car is a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix, loaded with options, including power windows, heads-up display and the radio controls on the steering wheel. The car was originally my brother-in-laws. He purchased it from a friend at the chevy plant where he worked. It was originally a friends wifes car and she passed away. So the vehicle was never hot-rodded and is low mileage at 68000. It sat alot. The problem started with the car dying at stop lights or signs. At first it would restart, but after a short period of time it progressed to the point it had to be towed home. It now fails to start at all. I have checked the fuel log, it has 40psi fuel pressure. The injectors ohm within 1 ohm of each other at 13 or 14 ohms. With a Fluke multi meter it reads .6 volts at the injectors. The ignition has good spark at the plugs, bright and blue. I hooked up a 12v bulb across the injector harness and the bulb glows orange/yellow, very dim but does flicker like it's receiving a pulse to spray. If I spray starting fluid or even gas into the plenum the car will start and run briefly. I have looked at the schmatic for the engine and I don't see anything upstream from the injectors except the ECM. Someone advised that with the car sitting as long as it has the injectors could be gummed up, and failing to spray. Someone else mentioned a "passlock" which I am not familiar with. I'm getting what is probably good advice, but I'm still chasing my tail. Is there another componet that controls fuel discharge?
  • jclanghjclangh Posts: 2
    I just purchased the Crankshaft Position Sensor and I was wondering where it was located. I have a 2000 pontiac grand prix gt 3.8. Thanks.
  • ozzy7ozzy7 Posts: 1
    My 2007 pontiac grand prix is just fine, then all of a sudden the engine will shut off. this happened while on the freeway going 60 mph, it happened in a drive thru at walgreens while sitting, and everytime we take it to the dealer, they cannot locate a problem. It has happened 4 times, and the I have only owned the car for 1 year (23k miles). I am stumped, and the dealer keeps telling me they hook it up to their diagnostic computer and there is nothing showing wrong. has anyone else had this problem...if so, is there an answer?
  • cristyzcristyz Posts: 8
    I have had a complete tune up on my car. From the oil change, spark plugs, fuel line tune up, cool system flush, plus other things. I start my car and it will shut off. So I start it again and then go. This happens every time I turn it on!! Then while I'm driving down the road, it will just suddenly turn off on me. No one seems to be able to find the problem and I'm tired out putting out money with nothing in return. Can anyone help with this?
  • jclanghjclangh Posts: 2
    Try replacing the ignition module and coils, that sounds like it could be the problem.
  • dave_1dave_1 Posts: 2
    smart money says it's the fuel pressure regulator. with a little know how you can do it yourself or if you pay a shop around 250-300 dollars
  • I have the same problem with my 2007 GXP. The car has 12k miles on it and today is the 2nd time my car just shut off while driving for no apparent reason. The same thing happened about 2 months ago just driving down a hill and it shut off. No warning light just shut off. Today I was using TAP shift to go between gears going down a hill and all of a sudden it shut off...No warning lights nothing...The only reason i knew it shut off was because steering and braking got very hard. I told the dealer about this once before and they said chances are there are no codes in the computer. They said dont worry about it unless it keeps happening. This doesnt seem right. Any ideas what I should tell the dealer to look 4. I know they are going to give me nothing but problems and wont be able to find anything. This just doesnt seem safe for the car just to shut off at random
  • I have had everything possible done to my car, still nothing has been found. My car does the exact same thing. Turns off while driving and it turns stiff. The next thing that I am going to have them check out, is the park lock actuator. I'm not sure if this is going to work but since I don't know anything about cars, well I guess I will keep spending the money until I find a solution. The dealer hasn't been able to find anything wrong. I get all my information from Edmund's about what it might be. Good Luck and let me know if you have it fixed. Maybe you could help me out.
  • Sorry all been away alot and I have not had the time to get on and help best I can.
    Being an ASE master mechanic 4 12 years and then moving on to other job " I hate hate cars" After doing it for so long you just can't do it any more.
    Your CSP "crankshaft position sensor" is located behind the Lowest pully and Is the largest one on the crank shaft. To pull this pullt you will need a special puller that will cost you $150 or so most parts stores do not have the right 1 to rent. Good luck finding the right 1. Best bet a stearing wheel puller but you will need to buy very long very small boltz that will go thru the puller and all the way back the the threded area of the balancer. they ar I thin 4" and 10mm head so small stuff.
    The center of the puller is to short so you will need to use a spacer 1/2 inch deep socket 3/8 drive. When threding in the puller go slow and don't use an impact wrench those little 10mm boltz will pop and now you have a new problem. GUILTY Yes I did the impact thing once"once" the I had to fab up some offset boltz when turned 1/4 turn they are bigger and lock in place in the balancer. Ugly idea but it worked and was lucky not to tear the rubber balancer apart. All this can and will just piss you off. Break out the BFH a knife cut of the balancer $250 ouch and pull the old fasion way. Bad Idea. Oh the dealer will not sell you a puller, Snap on has no clue Mac Matco Cornwell There all lost too. Good luck.
  • 2004 Grand Prix stalls when starting, it seems if I give it a little gas it stays running and then runs and idels fine. It runs great once started, it also seems to do it worse when its cold engine start. It has the 3800 and no warning lights come on.
  • my firebird (3.8L) did the same thing, it is in previous posts on this issue (#97). but your problem sounds exactly like mine, it was the fuel pressure regulator after trying everything else. good luck
  • Hi everyone,

    I have an 05 Grand Prix that recently has started stalling out when I first start it up and get into drive it off right away. If i wait for the car to warm up I have no issue with the stalling, however if i dont wait it stalls right out and needs a bit of gas to restart itself.

    Another thing that came along with this issue is a hesitation at higher speeds. Intermittently when I am up around the 65-70 mph area i will give it gas and it will buck slightly, then most of the time when I let off and re-apply it is fine again. I have the 3800 series III V^6 in the car.

    I have recently replaced the PVC valve, and the entire secondary air system due to another issue with a PO411 code. This seemed to start the day after I replaced the PVC Valve, I origionally didnt take the o-ring off the old pvc valve and had to go to the hardware store to get another that I thought ft well. do you think this possibly could be the issue?

  • Recently my car has been giving me problems similar to what everyone else is having. I know if I take it to a dealership, they will tell me nothing that will pertain to the actual problem. When I go to start my car is runs for about 5 sec. then quits. So I have been doing a series of tests to narrow down the problem. I turn the ignition on to the run postion to make sure my fuel pump turns on (which it does). Then I start the car, when it is running I can't hear the F.P. turn on, but if I give a little gas the F.P. will turn on for 5 sec. So now I'm working with this relays issue. Since on my car there two of them, one for FUEL PUMP main, and the other for F/P SPD CONT. I checked the voltages on the terminals on both for the relay coils and found that FUEL PUMP main has 10VDC, and on F/PMP SPD CONT has 12.3VDC available. So then I had my daughter start the car and waited till after the starter disengaged then quick put a wire jumper in the terminals 3 and 4 of F/PMP SPD CONT. Guess what the car stayed running as if nothing was wrong. So now with that I"m going to dig deeper to find out what is causing that 2VDC drop to FUEL PUMP main base. I'll post more when I figure more out tommorow.
  • Should be simple fix. These cars are very sensitive to this. Carbon/varnish deposits around the throttle plate. The engine uses an electronic throttle, and is sensitive to buildup. If you remove the boot between the air cleaner and engine, you will see the throttle plate. Using a rag and some carburetor cleaner, open the throttle with your hand and use the rag and cleaner to wipe it out real well. You can use the cleaner to "rinse" it when your done, just try and keep it away from the electronics. Once back together, you may need to give it gas to start it, this is because of all the cleaner flooding the engine.
  • Well I searched this forum and found a post that said to change the fuel pump resistor. Sure enough, found the resistor and tested it, it shows open lead which tells me its bad. Jumpered the connector ends and the car will now run. It is located under the battery mount on the outside of the frame rail passenger side. I have been trying to locate one from parts stores, but everyone I've talked too has never heard of such a part. Managed to have a GM dealer to order one for $53. Problem Solved AMEN!!!
  • I have a 98 Grand Prix GT 3.8L and am unable to get it to fire. I was on a trip and the car wouldnt start up one morning. Had a mechanic work on it and they replace the crank sensor and it ran fine until I got home. A few days later I have the same problem. I replaced the crank sensor again, cam sensor and it still didnt fire or start. Then I got a code reader and it came up with a P0107 code. I cleared the code and it started up just fine and ran fine. The next day I went ahead and replaced the MAP sensor thinking it may have a short. The car started fine and I drove it around for 20 min or so, came home and turned it off and started it a few times. I come back about 10 min later and I'm back to the start. It is not firing. I tested the volts to the sensors I replaced and its all fine. This thing is really frustrating. I'm thinking I may need to replace the PCM, however dont want to replace a part thats not needed. Anyone have any suggestions or any issues like this?
  • My '98 has 215,000 miles. Within the last 5k or so it developed a miss fire on cylinder 1(at least thats what the code reader said) and I have no clue where to go with that. It then developed a loss in power, I replaced the 'front' valve cover gasket. That helped but now seem to have developed a possible exhaust leak and add to that when going down the interstate/freeway I get MAJOR hesitation when giving it any gas. Its so bad it jerks the car pretty hard. No clue on that either. Overall the car has been very reliable. I have replaced 3 alternators since I bought it in 2000, had the tranny rebuilt at 128k, replaced the starter once and the battery 2 times. Done the ball joints and tie rod ends on both sides. So I am pretty familiar with the car, but this hesitation thing has me lost! Could it be something with the exhaust leak?? ANY help is GREATLY appreciated!! :confuse: :sick:
  • I had similar problems..ended up replacing the starter(from a salvage yard) and new battery and has been starting fine since (accept for the problems it has while running). Previous to replacing those parts it would either not start or would stall if running and while trying to start all of the guages on the instrument panel were bouncing..try a salvage yard for the starter to save $$$ and make sure they test it for you before you leave. Hope this helps!
  • I've been pushing the gas pedal to get the engine to stay started (doing this for the last two years). I got on this forum to see if there was a fix. I read that the throttle plate and intake needs to be cleaned (yeah right....this is really gonna work).

    Got a spray can of intake cleaner, pulled the rubber boot off and went at it.

    To my amazement, it now starts right up. TGFI - thank goodness for the internet. I can't beleive this worked and how easy a fix it is. My thanks to all you sharing your knowledge and advice here. :D

    Now to see why my power steering is groaning. I'm going to have to have my eight year old reach in to check the dipstick!
  • jsd07jsd07 Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Grand Prix that i was told has a '98 motor... I thought it jumped time and i replaced the timing chain and timing gears... Then i had to replace the head gasket because it was blown. So after all of this headache i tried to start it and it started but started hard, Once i got it to start it started easy every time afterward. But it now it will not idle. If i feather the gas it will stay running but it will stall if i let up on the gas. If i stay steady on the gas peddle it will act like its trying to choke itself out and will also stall.. Not sure where the problem is here. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!
  • I bought a 97 grand prix se from a friend of mine.. I have worked on cars for years but this one has me stumped.. I knew the car needed an intake manifold gasket and went and got it... I was on my way home to do the job and stopped at a gas station.. when i got back into the car to start it.. all it would do is click.. so i had someone else get in the car and turn the key and the starter, the fuse box (the ignitioln relay switch) and another box that i have no clue what it is, you can feel the click on them... now it also needs a new ac clutch but i was just going to put a bypass pulley on it for right now as a temp fix.. but my lights on my dash go crazy when you try to start the car or even have it in the on position... and my tachometer went all the way over to the other side... past 7 G's... Any ideas????
  • for starters i would check the connections on the battery, i had this happen on my firebird. as it turned out the battery was bad anyways. but after tightening the cables i was able to start the car with a jump start.
  • 2005 Grand Prix GT2. Ever since I bought it three years ago I have had a intermittent problem with starting. When I start it up it turns over, starts sluggishly, and then stalls. This doesn't happen every time but it happens a lot!! The only way to get the car to stay running is to give it gas when turning it over. Of course it revs up but at least it stays running. I have taken it to the dealer several times for this and they have never been able to find the problem even though they have been able to duplicate it. the only response that I got was that there was a shortage of power when starting and since I had my radar detector or cell phone charger plugged in that was causing the issue. Of course when I don't have those plugged in I still have the problem so they were just guessing and that was not the problem.

    Has anyone got any other responses/fixes to this problem????
  • 2005 Grand Prix GT2. Ever since I bought it three years ago I have had a intermittent problem with starting. When I start it up it turns over, starts sluggishly, and then stalls. This doesn't happen every time but it happens a lot!! The only way to get the car to stay running is to give it gas when turning it over. Of course it revs up but at least it stays running. I have taken it to the dealer several times for this and they have never been able to find the problem even though they have been able to duplicate it. the only response that I got was that there was a shortage of power when starting and since I had my radar detector or cell phone charger plugged in that was causing the issue. Of course when I don't have those plugged in I still have the problem so they were just guessing and that was not the problem.

    Has anyone got any other responses/fixes to this problem????
  • Did you get you r starting problem fixed?
  • Did you get your starting problem fixed?
  • I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT that has started experiencing major starting issues. I can drive to the store, long distances etc and get the same problems, no ties to the length of trip, completely intermitant. Go out, crank car up & go to destination. Then come out of store etc and the car won't start. You can hear that the fuel pump is not engaging and also security lights will not be flashing when car won't start. You can then wait a few hours... could be 2 hours, could be 4 hours and try again and car will start right up. We have replaced fuel pump, checked for codes etc... no codes flash up. Dealership had the car on Friday and tried various attempts at diagnosing with no conclusion. They checked BCM & ECM, nothing wrong. There are times you can go somewhere & come out and car will crank right back up, however the times it works properly are getting less & less & we now have just been going to the store, having someone stay in the car and not turning it off just so we can get back home. Any help given at all would be wonderful as no one, even the Pontiac dealership has a clue. Is this a problem in the security system, or something else? Oh, battery, cables etc.. all in good or new condition. :mad:
  • When you try to start the car, does the fuel pump run for 2-3 seconds then shut off. If yes, then does the motor turn over. If yes, then you probably have a sensor or relay problem. Need to know exactly what is happening.
  • On the times it will not crank, you are able to hear that the fuel pump is not engaging. At first the mechanic thought it was a fuel pump issue & replaced it. The car will turn over, but will never fully crank. You can wait a couple hours and then it will start. These things I pointed out, the fact that the fuel pump doesn't make a sound & the security lights on the dash not being lit up on the times it won't crank led some to believe it was in the security system, although no codes etc to indicate that is it. We even tried unlocking & locking the door w/ the electronic button door lock to see if it would indicate it was us on the times it would not crank. You can sit & try to crank it repeatedly & it will never start up... turn over, but not crank. Then there are times you go out to the car, and it will start right up. No rhyme or reason.
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    I can't say it's the same thing, but I had a very similar problem with an '83 GTI. It ended up being a faulty fuel pump relay. It would fail in a particular temperature range (outside air temp, not vehicle engine temp). Below that range it would start and run; above that it would start and run. If the temperature was within that range, hang it up until it either got warmer or cooler. Changed the relay with one from a junk yard (didn't want to pay dealer price for a new part since I was still trouble shooting.) Never had a recurrence of the problem. Good luck. :)
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