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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • steve35steve35 Posts: 6
    I can't help you with the 4WD issue but I have a suggestion for the revving before it goes into gear. Try this: change the transmission oil and filter ASAP. My 2000 JGC would come out of gear on left turns and would delay in upshift. The vehicle has mostly highway miles; <100K miles on the trans fluid change(it's allowed in the handbook). I had a trusted wrench change out the fluid and filter. When he dropped the pan, he found lots of material, probably from the friction plates. Anyway, new fluid and filter and the problem is 99.9% gone.

    From what I understand, this transmission is an old design, like the 4.0 litre engine. In fact, up until 99, the trans required tightening of the bands(see Haynes). I THINK that the extra material in the pan is related to the design on the design of friction surfaces.

    The moral of the story, try the fluid and filter change before you spend another buck. I think it'll do more than all of the rest of the work you've done. Also, don't rely on the 100k service interval on the transmission. Change the fluid and filter at 30k and no more.

    PS A Durango with the same issue and trans went to the same wrench. They did the fluid and filter and the issue resolved itself. The Durango had 180k miles on it. :)
  • rolljrollj Posts: 13
    I have been having problems with a ticking when accelearing from a stop that i have had in several times to the dealership. I think it is an exhaust leak from either the manifold or the joint where it joins the y-pipe. I was reading your reponse and was wondering if this is similar to what you were experiencing before you had the manifolds replaced. It loudest first thing in the morning.
  • stucker1stucker1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Cherokee Jeep. During the bad weather, someone switch my "2WD" to "4WD" (full time). I want to switch it back to "2WD". Should I be in neutral or park when I switch?
  • jcvedderjcvedder Posts: 1
    I had the same problems w/ my 2000 JGC. Left hand turns. It hesitated almost everytime. Sounded like the most bizarre thing to me. And sometimes when coming to a complete stop it would lurch into gear. I was going to have it looked at and one day decided I couldn't wait, looked at the fluid & it seemed low. So I added just a quart of an ATF+4 transmission fluid. It is what Chrysler puts in all their transmissions, and almost immediately I noticed that the left hand turn issue was gone. Now it hasn't done anything major like stalled on me yet or felt like I've been rear ended but I'm afraid its headed that way. Personally I would have a good local transmission shop look into rebuilding it for you before I spend over $1000 on it again. I then had the transmission fluid completely extracted and replaced fresh, havent changed the filter yet, the guys at the shop advised that it could be bad stirring up all the metal shavings inside. They sucked out the fluid with their fancy vacuum machine and it was supposed to be better to keep metal from getting all jammed up in there. Which it probably already is anyways. But nonetheless it works OK for now. I've recently heard kind of a grinding noise sometimes when stepping on it hard and that worries me, so I've constantly got my eye out for something to start going majorly wrong. But at that point I think I'm going to suck it up and say new trans time. I don't feel like its an electrical problem. Jeeps are known for that issue, but if its anything like mine, it acts more like a mechanical problem, otherwise adding fluid wouldn't have helped. PS transfer case is what engages the 4WD part--transfers power to the front wheels also.
  • doug217doug217 Posts: 1
    I also have a 97 GCL. You are supposed to be able to shift from 4WD(full time, part time, or whatever) to 2WD at any driving speed, according to the manual. But I often shift from 4WD to 2WD when I am sitting still and with the main shifter in Neutral. It also helps if you back up for a few feet afterwards. It helps it disengage from 4WD back and engage 2WD.

    Btw, I have run into some intermittent problems over the past 3-4 years when shifting from 4WD back to 2WD, even though I have only used 4WD occassionally, only about once a year. I like to keep it in 2WD drive unless there is snow on the road, then I use 4WD. Occassionally, after shifting back into 2WD, I can hear a whirling sound coming from the front and the front jerk intermittently while turning. This lasts until it finally disengages from 4WD back to 2WD. Each time this happened I re-read the manual to make I had shifted correctly, and each time I reread where it says that it is ok to shift at any speed. The last time this happened it didn't stop the whirling sound and jerking until I heard a big "bang" sound, and then it was ok. So, I drove it to a trans mechanic and he drove it and told me there is probably a problem with a vacuum canister in the front. I also called (today) a radio show about car repair and the host (pat goss) told me I should have it checked out because the front transaxal can be damaged in just a few seconds. The Selectrac trans is part mechanical, electical, vacuum, and part computer run. I mention all of this so that you will know what to do if you ever have these problems.
  • I have a 96 JGCL. It has 240,000 miles. When I bought it it had 160,000 and it's been doing this since I got it. It slips really bad into 3rd gear (it's automatic), and it's even worse when it's cold. When I try to pass people, it chugs like it's not getting enough gas. It gets worse the longer I drive it. I had it hooked up to a computer, and it came back saying that the transmission temperature sensor was bad, yet my haynes manual has nothing about it and the Jeep dealership told me that there isn't one on the grand cherokee. Any clue what could be going on???
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    what color is it????

    would be nice if you told us the engine type tran type etc
  • parkrogparkrog Posts: 3
    2005 grand cherokee with 3.7 liter, 45000 mile and complete transmission breakdown. Car won't move, grinding noise, towed to dealer. Anyone had similar problem? Hope covered by 7/70 warranty? :cry:
  • vrmvrm Posts: 309
    I am planning to buy a 2007 GC 2WD.

    However, after reading all the transmission complaints about the 2005 & 2006 models, I am beginning to get nervous.

    Did Jeep make and changes to the transmission in the 2007 model?

  • parkrogparkrog Posts: 3
    My jeep is all wheel drive unit. I know 2wd will have different transmission. For you probably won't be a problem.
  • nothappy9nothappy9 Posts: 3
    To anyone that is watching. I posted the 2005 GJC lemon posting. :lemon: I solved my problem today. I took a huge loss and traded it in on a different car. :sick: All I can say is that for the last year the intermittent surging, :mad: stalling and the absolute lack of positive response from Chrylser has left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth. So long Chrysler.... In conclussion, if you own the 2005 and newer GJC withthe 4.7 Liter engine (a sweet engine) with the 5 speed transmission...... GET RID OF IT!!!!
  • nothappy9nothappy9 Posts: 3
    I posted the 2005 GJC lemon posting. I solved my problem today (May 17, 2007). I took a huge loss and traded it in on a different car. All I can say is that for the last year the intermittent surging, stalling and the absolute lack of positive response from Chrysler has left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth. So long Chrysler....

    In conclusion, if you own the 2005 and newer GJC with the 4.7 Liter engine (a sweet engine) with the 5 speed transmission...... GET RID OF IT!!!! If you are thinking about getting one.... DON'T!!!
  • bc8396bc8396 Posts: 1
    I am having this problem (ticking sound when accelerate from stop) diagnosed today. Do you have any updated information you could share with me?
  • parkrogparkrog Posts: 3
    Dealer has Jeep. Factory certified mechanic is taking it apart today :sick: but becouse it was grinding and won't move I know its going to be bad.
  • rolljrollj Posts: 13
    I have been dealing with the dealer for about 6 monthes now on the issues of ticking while accelerating. They have given me a array of explinations, but I'll condense it down to what i know for sure. First thing in the morning it sounds for sure like an exhaust leak that goes away as it gets up to operating temperature. Putting an aftermarket exhaust kit on makes the ticking more noticeable. Sum different brands of oil help lessen the noise. Grand Cherokees with the 5.7 and 4.7 both make this noise. When your at the dealer again have the service manager test drive a band new 07 with the 5.7 and the 4.7 with you. Some people claim its noise from the MDS lifters and some say its a characteristic of the restricted exhaust or a oil passage problem in the block. I'm sorry this isn't to helpful but its as far as i've gotten. Every dealer i have brought it to did everything they could to get rid of me. If you have more luck please let me know.
  • troll157troll157 Posts: 17
    I have an '89 Laredo ('90?) - 4.0, 4 speed automatic, 4/WD. I'm having other problems, windows slow, doors (falling off) or refusing to unlock, (to name only a few). I Love my Jeep and I'll overlook the minor things 'til I "have time" to catch-up. About a month ago I pulled a 25-27,000 bus off 101. Wasn't far, 2 or 300 yards all totaled. Low 4, 1500 rpm, (again), all went as expected.

    Awhile later I noticed engine reving from 2000-3000 rev's, cruising 65 or so. More throttle = 2000 rpm. In and out of O/D? Only seems to be happening at a very light throttle. Seems I remember shifting manually into 3rd, (a day or two later 35mph or so, same symptom?), different speeds, diff. rev's., (Possibly It may've been an erratic, or unusual shift point), just can't say for sure. I tend to pull shift lever back 'til it stops, i.e. "D", not sure what happens w/selector in third. Anyway... Couple weeks ago new tires. Got onto the freeway, thought U-joint had suddenly gone. Too fast a vibration for tires. Reading about t/converter lock-up etc. Maybe the two are related. Regardless, anyone out there got any ideas? 230 k on the odometer. I can't lock the driver's door and windows are sometimes too slow, but as I said, "I Love my Jeep", I only need for it to keep up w/me. Cheers
  • kmitch1kmitch1 Posts: 4
    At 160K mi. I suddenly started started leaking ATF. ('00 GCL 4WD, 4.7V8). Shop says cracked xmission coil inside radiator. Replaced radiator and transmission, $2400! 200 mi. later, a "low coolant" warning. checked radiator & found a "milkshake" of coolant and ATF! Bad radiator again!
    Obviously ATF contaminated coolant thru the cooling system.
    Question: How concerned should I be that my new transmission, if they balk at replacing it, has a problem with contaminated ATF, (clutches, seales, etc.), and should I insist on changing the transmission...under warrantee.
  • subystisubysti Posts: 2
    2006 Limited 5.7 hemi, 65000 miles. Car would get stuck in 3rd gear. Also had times when it wouldn't go in to gear. Engine light came on and when I put it in drive it would stay in 3rd gear. Had to have transmission solenoid pack replaced in transmission $700.00 with parts and labor. I've also had starter replaced, had battery die for no reason anyone could find and many other little problems. For $40,000+ I paid for this piece of dung I should've bought a Toyota truck.
  • rolljrollj Posts: 13
    I have an 05 limited 5.7l and have so far had only had a few "concerns" with engine noise. Be careful what you wish for with the new toyotas, they have been having problems with them snapping intake camshafts ( ). Besides the QuadraDrive II system is the best on the market in my opinion.
  • gdziedzicgdziedzic Posts: 1
    I am having a similar problem. Did you ever find out what the problem was?
  • troll157troll157 Posts: 17
    Seems that I have. Changed-out the O2 sensor & TPS. No more shifting problems. I had done 02 for smog and noticed, since my last post, that there were two "spots" where throttle-plate angle gave trouble.....
    At 35 mph, (give or take), and 65 mph, (give or take). The two most common speeds I travel.
    Somewhat expensive, however, it's a good feeling knowing my Jeep's happy again.
    I'm 600 miles from my home computer so I haven't access to other posts I had saved, somewhere I found INVALUABLE information on the Renix system, (1989?). Keep searching posts and links. Best I can do for ya at this time. Regards.
  • troll157troll157 Posts: 17
    Water/coolant in trans. is NEVER a good, (or tolerable), thing. Spools and whatever else move in very close tolerances, no room for rust/corrosion.

    Yes you should!
  • troll157troll157 Posts: 17
    5.7, what's that? 327 ci or so? AND Hemi design. NICE!
    Find yourself a trans-axle that will bolt up to it, drop it into the bed of a "Toyota truck" and enjoy your "Toyota truck", (Organ-Pipes and all).
    It's like saying, "I should've married Mary or Shelly instead of Jody", (perhaps I should've), no matter. Just not ready for a Jeep, huh?
    My Aunt bought a new Pontiac Gran Am years ago and of 422 days, It spent 96 of them in the shop. She traded it in w/24k on the clock. What I'm trying to say is, @#$% happens.
  • eric091572eric091572 Posts: 13
    SH*T may happen but less often in a Toyota! It's different than marriage, one can change cars easier and quicker and one can refrain from purchasing that brand in the future and tell others to avoid the brand too. U.S. cars aren't losing market share for no good reason--it's the product. Is GM or Ford even going to be around in 5 years? I own a 5.7L JGC by the way and am disappointed with it as well.
  • troll157troll157 Posts: 17
    Sad but true.....
    Only "relationship" I have is with my Jeep now 'cause of my smart-assed attitude.
    1987 Celica GT, 380, almost 400k.
    '73 Datsun p/u finally choked w/418k.
    Jeep's starting to give trouble w/over 200k, (I DO tend to stress her just a LITTLE-bit though)....400k?, not likely, I must admit.
    How 'bout a big-block Olds and trans. from an old Toronado behind the cab?
    Chrysler IS pretty-much in better hands, I guess.
  • rolljrollj Posts: 13
    GM and Ford not being around in 5 years?!?!. Guess who owns 80% of the European car companies!!! The corvette Z06 will price for price blow the socks off any car out there (European and Japanese).The japanese aren't innovators, what revolutionary ideas have they every come up with? Its one thing to pioneer and another to simply copy!!
  • eric091572eric091572 Posts: 13
    Toyota's new 5.7L is a Hemi-killer at 381 HP and better gas mileage without MDS.
  • rolljrollj Posts: 13
    .........camshaft killer!!!!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I like that. And to add on to that, it took Toyota 20 years to produce a decent truck V8.

    They shouldn't celebrate to much though, with the new HEMI in the pipeline for the '08 Ram, it will one up the Toyota in power and efficiency.

    Judging from the problems I've had with my previous Toyota products, it's not all cake and ice cream there either.
  • tebertsteberts Posts: 18
    My transmission has not been engaging properly when cold. Yesterday the Trans OverTemp warning came on while on the highway so I put it in neutral and coasted for a while and it went off.
    Anyone have any idea what might be going on here?
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