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VW Jetta Electrical Problems



  • All,
    I have a 2006 Jetta 2.5 with 88K miles. Over the past 2 weeks, I've had to get a jump twice to get the car started. Once jumped, she purrs along as if there weren't a thing wrong. The first time she was jumped, she started right up and I had no issues for over a week. The 2nd time was this afternoon.

    Both times, the car had only been driven 1/2 mile or less the day before & then sat for about 20 hours. Battery light never comes on, so I don't think it's a battery/alternator problem. It sounds like it could be a short or at least something putting a drain on the battery, but there are no sensor indicators of anything wrong.

    Has anyone else experienced this type of problem?
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    It could be the battery one of the cells might be dying off.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hello Jetta aficionados:
    My 99 Jetta 3 Wolfsburg with 115,000 miles has been having intermittant problems with the instrument cluster. The tach and speedo stopped functioning occasionally, and now have gotten worse (fuel and other guages ALWAYS work fine) Tach/speedo will work only about one out of every 20 or 25 starts. My VW mechanic removed the cluster and put in a different one as a test replacement, and it worked. He advised he could put in a new one for about $400, but the new one would start out with zero miles on the odo. He said there are a couple of companies that you can mail the cluster to and they can repair for about $150, but that means I would have fuel, temp or oil gauges for a couple of weeks (not sure if the vehicle will even start without the cluster). Anyone have any ideas regarding the specific problem or possible solutions?

  • ral93ral93 Posts: 1
    insert the ignition key on the drivers side and turn left and hold for about 10 sec.This will disactivate the alarm,windows should roll down aswell.Let me know if this works.
  • I had a stereo installer do some minor work and he has connected my radio wire around and around a fuse. My automatic door locks and electric mirrors dont work and the abs and brake light stays on, so I disconnected my radio. Now I dont have a radio and still have these problems. Any clues?
  • Love my Jetta up until the Temp out side gets in high 90"s which is almost all summer here in Alabama. Problem: when I'm driving air running on fan speed of 3 and I push in the clutch to come to a stop or turn, the engine dies, it never does it unless the air is running and the fan is blowing on 3. It will start back up with no problem but this is not normal. Any suggestions other than don't run the air fan on 3 and 4.
  • ohiostyleohiostyle Posts: 1
    I have an 02 Jetta, with the exact same problem. really need an answer to this one. This isn't anything that should require a dealership. Someone please help.
  • I don't know what happened but it seems the anti theft went off and now, after I repaired the transmission and fixed the door handle of the driver's side, it just won't start. I have a baby coming and I need my car, if anyone could help, I'll really appreciated.
  • vwinvavwinva Posts: 71
    No longer works after my mechanic disconnected the battery while making repairs. When I turn the radio on I get "MUTE" in the LCD. Checked the manual - nothing about this. No mute button on the console Anybody else had this problem?
  • chris96chris96 Posts: 4
    sounds like when you put the door handle in that it may need to be reprogramed at the dealer since when you unlock the door with the key it sets the alarm and deacivates it you may want to check there !!!! does it crank over ? does it have spark ?
  • traci2traci2 Posts: 1
    Hi I am having the same problem with my 2001 Jetta. My battery keeps getting drained as well and it is only 2 years old. I am curious to know if you found out the problem?
  • I managed to contact my son and he told me that there was a fuse responsible for the car's electronics and he told me to disconnect it and wait one minute; then connect it back, and it worked. He told me that that would reset the computer (ECU). :shades:
  • I bought a 92 Jetta. It does not have power locks. Whenever you open the driver door, it beeps like the key is in the ignition. Does this drain the battery? Also, we replaced the ignition switch but it did not stop the beeping and now the horn doesn't work. The fuse system is quite confusing but it appears all the fuses are fine.
    Thanks for your help.
  • I had a similar problem in my 97 Jetta GLS 2.0 after I (very foolishly) cleaned
    part of the engine with a hose. The dealer determined that a switch in the radiator fan
    was stuck in "high power" mode, even with the engine off and the fan not turning.
    This was placing a drain on the battery.
  • This problem started in about year 3 when I had the oem stereo (basic non-Bose version). It's continued even though I installed a new Pioneer cd unit.

    Frequently the stereo loses power and cuts out, but will always come back on
    as soon as I switch the iginition off. This happens under 2 circumstances:
    1) the car has been sitting in the sun and is hot.
    2) when I hit a bump, even a small one. This is much rarer than 1), which
    happens nearly 100% of the time in hot weather.

    I've checked and reseated the fuse multiple times, as well as quadruple-checking
    the connections for the stereo's wiring harness.

    This sounds like a relay-related problem, since switching the ignition off
    restores power every time - I doubt it would work like that if it was a loose wire.

    I would appreciate any ideas before paying Al & Ed's to diagnose the problem.
  • On my 2000 Jetta, the high beams don't seem to work. The low beams / daytime running lights work fine, but I don't notice any difference when I switch the high beams on. I do notice the high beams come on when I "flash" them (by pulling the lever in towards me). Moreover, the high beam indicator stays on permanently. I replaced the halogen bulbs about 1 year ago. Is this an electrical problem? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hello All:
    My '99 Jetta III instrument cluster was misbehaving. The tach and speedo failed to work almost all the time (they did work maybe once every 25 starts), while the other gauges (fuel, temp, clock, etc.) worked normally. When my mechanic said he could install a new cluster for about $450, I balked, and called the local auto recyclers for a used one. I found one from a '97 Golf, which is supposed to be the same cluster, and plugged it in. Now, everything works, but for some odd reason, the airbag indicator light stays on. I would assume that something wouldn't actually malfunction with the airbags by coincidence, so something in the replacement cluster is causing this. Anyone have any suggestions regarding the airbag light (or with the original malfunction of the tach and speedo)? Thanks!
  • I have a 99 Polo, it is the european version of the jetta. I lost the keys to the car. I took it to a shop and they put a new VW ignition switch on it but the cars computer will not recognize the key. How can i fix this or bypass this system? I am on an island in the caribbean and there is no VW dealership around. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
  • hey,

    I have a 1995 Jetta.

    I'm guessing there's only one model of Jetta's made in 1995 because that's the year it says on the Owner's manual.


    the car alarm system goes off ALL THE TIME. It's so annoying. You open the door, with the key and it goes off. Why would it go off when you open the door with the key??

    My question is, how does one turn off a car alarm. I know you have to enter the code. But I'm not sure the sequence that you must follow to turn it off.

    You have to press MODE and then punch in the number, but its not that easy...

    you have to press 1 and 1 twice for 11, because there's no 11 button.

    Thats why i get confused.

    can anyone tell me the sequence you're supposed to follow when shutting off the alarm. I'm pretty sure my brother knows the code.

  • Help!!! I need to find the exact location of the cls fuse for a volkswagen 2002 jetta vr6. The owners manual does not show the exact fuse location for this in the fuse box.
  • I have an 01 Jetta. Recently, when i turn on the left hand blinker, it blinks really fast, much faster than normal, but the right is ok. i noticed that the left tail blinker bulb is out. does anyone know where the blinker fuse is?

  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hello redfearn jc: I previously owned an '01 Jetta, and I don't think you need to be concerned about the fuse. My recollection is that the reason the left signal is blinking fast is specifically to warn you that the signal bulb is burned out. I think if you replace the bulb, the blinker speed will return to normal. On the other hand, if you do need to access a fuse, the panel is on the left side face of the dash. Insert a small screwdriver into the slot on the bottom edge of the panel cover and pop it off. The challenge then is that each fuse is labeled with a symbol, and some of the symbols are a bit cryptic. I think you can google "jetta fuse panel" and access some descriptions of what the symbols mean. Good luck! vwdawg
  • I have a 2005 Jetta, the other day the car just turned off and said battery was dead, later on in the day it started fine and drove fine. The next day it happened again and the ECP light came on, since then the engine light has come on...

    Any idea's are greatly appreciated
  • In my past experience (2000 Jetta TDI), when I had similar and intermittent Check Engine light turning on/off, it turned out that the battery was near the end of its life -- the voltage levels were borderline for sufficient operation. I would recommend having the battery checked as a first step.
  • andrea45andrea45 Posts: 15
    I bought an 03 Jetta 6 mo ago & the check engine light has been on & off ever since. I just had a diagnostic done & it came up w/2 possible problems; it's either the control fan module or the temp sensor. We replaced the temp sensor & it tests fine. Just had the control fan module replaced & it was fine the first day, but the check engine light just came back on! UGH!! I supposed I should have taken my car to a VW mechanic, maybe they would be more familiar w/this seems to be a quite common tleast w/the 03 model's. Can anyone tell me what the problem could possibly be?? I have to pass DEQ & only have 2 wks before my tags expire. (you cant run your car through DEQ & pass if the check engine light is on) Which is totally stupid because it passed the emissions part of the test. Help!!!
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Andrea: I own or have owned five VWs and an Audi over the last five-six years. Sounds like you used a "general repair" shop for diagnosis. Not a bad idea considering that most VW dealers are charging $125-150 per hour. However, many VW and Audi issues require a special diagnostic setup called a "VAG", which can pinpoint the problem quickly and more accurately. You don't have to use a dealer, but probably at least a shop that specializes in VW, Audi or German autos (you still might pay $100-125 per hour). First, however, you should check into bobcatmat's suggestion regarding the battery. Good luck... VW Dawg
  • hello, I own a 2000 4 cyl. jetta and it has a dead battery nearly everyday. I have replaced the battery and had it and the alternator checked and they are ok. There must be a slow drain somewhere is there one system I should check on first?
  • andrea45andrea45 Posts: 15
    Hi VW Dawg, thanks for the advise..ill call around & see if I can possibly get in to see a VW/German auto mechanic. I replaced my battery a few month's ago, so im pretty sure that's not the problem. If I had known Jetta's were so touchy, I wouldn't have bought one! But at least I got my car through DEQ, so now it's just to get this problem fixed & then sell it. Im too afraid to hold onto it much longer, probably continual problems. It's a shame too, because German car's are usually really nice veh's...I appreciate your help! Thanks!...Andrea
  • just today we were driving and when I used the turn signal, it just kept on making the sound it makes. you know, the ticking sound. although it was at a faster pace and at different timing. then it would stop. next time i used the signal it would continue to make the noise. then it would stop. for just a little while then sporadic ticking. is this an easy fix or something difficult.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Andrea: You are very welcome. Personally, as the owner of three Jettas and a Passat in recent years, I would say "Don't give up on your Jetta so soon!". With my '99, '01 and '05 Jettas, I have to say that I have had very minimal problems. I do most of my own work, though, so that makes my repairs considerably less painful. Jettas are basically fun cars to drive and pretty economical over the long run. As with any brand, there are occasional lemons, but I think if you got to know a good VW shop that seems trustworthy and reasonably priced, you would end up being quite happy with your vehicle. Good luck, whatever you end up doing. vwd
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