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VW Jetta Electrical Problems



  • I am having problems reguarding my alarm system. It is sporadically going off for no apparent reason. I've tried resetting the alarm as well as cleaning the door latches. I've had no luck yet. I didn't know if there was a way to just disengage the alarm. My VW dealership said there was no way to do that and that I would just have to bring it in to get fixed but it just sounds like a way to suck more money out of me.I can do it myself if I only knew where to start. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • unplug the alrm controller
  • What might cause the key chime when the door open to stop working and also the interior light when key is removed form ignition to stop lighting up?
  • jlkiljlkil Posts: 18
    '02 jetta 1.8T; which I've owned for five years now. When it was new, all the interior lights came on when a door was opened; then it went to a few lights, different ones and now maybe one light comes on when the door is opened. I did have the dealer look at it once, but didn't want to spend a ton on something intermittent. The bulbs and fuses are good. Is this another crazy VW computer problem?
    Speaking of fuses, does anyone know where you can find a cross reference to those fuse symbols? Very few are obvious to me what they stand for.
  • My 2003 GLS 1.8T has had the airbag warning lights on the dash lit up on and off for years. The Monsoon stereo has been replaced 4 times - about every 10 months it fries itself. 2 weeks ago, my Jetta was rear-ended by a cab in downtown Philadelphia and the insurance company has totalled it. I won't know what to do with myself now that I have a nice reliable Honda Civic SI and will not be constantly arguing with numerous VW service depts.
  • Well, I would sure give the Honda the TLC or "preventative maintenance" it needs sos the jetta junk dosen't come back about. But, remember [non-permissible content removed] happens, so any car could have brain wiring or sensor problems. Congrats on the new car.

    Dani ;)
  • my daughter's jetta alarm won't turn off. :confuse: Knowing nothing about alarms, we pulled the fuse for the horn, but that didn't stop it, we unhooked one of the wires to the battery and that stopped it for a few seconds and then it started again. Is there a way to completely disarm it? The driver's side door sets it off and she was getting in on the passenger side even though that was annoying, but now the lock on that side is broke. Any suggestions on how to completely disarm or at least how to make it work correctly? Thanks
  • We have a 97 jetta and the alarm won't turn off. Did you get yours fixed and if so how?
  • hey guys

    i have a 1999 Jetta, and whenever ig et out of the car and go to arm the door with the keyless entry, the car "honks" and arms but the drivers door latch doesnt go down, i have to press unlock then lock again for it to go down, i thought it might be the remote but i to lock it with the key and does the same thing

    anyone have this problem and possibly a solution for it

    any help is appreciated

  • I recently replaced the drivers side headlight in my 2001 VW Jetta GLS. In order to do so, I disconnected the battery. After I finished, I put everything back together and reconnected the battery. Since then, I cannot lock or unlock my doors with my key remote. Also, when I drive with the headlights on, there is a clicking noise in the dash even though no flashers are on and my trunk unlatches. I get out and close the trunk, but it unlatches again if I have the headlights on.

    Before I call the Ghost Hunters - does anyone have a reasonable explaination for this or how I might remedy this problem (Preferably without taking it to a dealer.)

  • I bought a used 2000 Jetta GLS a year ago. 3 months after i bought it the check engine light came on. I had a tune-up done and the light went off. Recently the light came back on. I went to get my car inspected (for North Carolina) and it said i needed 2 oxygen sensors, cost 400 bucks! They tested them and said they were working fine, but the inspection computer said they were not. They explained this difference was due to a computer glitch in the Jetta (3 other people had already had this problem with him). He said replacing the o2 sensors will NOT solve the problem as they are working fine. I can't get an inspection approval and only have 30 days to resolve the problem, after which I cant drive the car....... what can i do?
  • Has anyone encountered a problem with the 1.8 Turbo. the dealership wants to sell me an extended warranty. the cost is $3K. Should I purchase the extended warranty? the vehicle has 55 000 km.
  • raysncraysnc Posts: 1
    I replaced the battery in my 1996 Jetta. When I hook it up, the alarm goes off. How do I reset it?

    I know the radio needs to be reset too. Can that only be done by the dealer?
  • i have a 1999 Jetta, and whenever ig et out of the car and go to arm the door with the keyless entry, the car "honks" and arms but the drivers door latch doesnt go down, i have to press unlock then lock again for it to go down, i thought it might be the remote but i to lock it with the key and does the same thing

    i have the exact same problem. is there a fix for this?
  • I am in the same situation. I have an 03 which I purchased two years ago and have been having the same problem. The check engine light comes on and I have literally spent thousands of dollars on this car replacing things that did not need to be replaced. HELP!!!!!
  • I have a 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition and as of two days ago the remote lock doesn't work (the unlock does) and the car constantly thinks the driver side door is open. I wouldn't be to concerned about the door if it wasn't for the extensive beeping. Also my check engine light keeps coming on...I've taken it to a mechanic and afterwords its off but it repetedly comes on in the coming says. Any help would be great in particular the door problem.
  • rob104rob104 Posts: 1
    i just bought a 95 jetta gls. It was running fine untill this mornning. It wount start!! :sick:
  • I have no power to the cigarette lighter outlet. All fuses in the 22 fuse fusebox are good. Is there another location for additional fuses? Brian
  • rg39631rg39631 Posts: 1
    Car indicates drivers side door is always open. Where is the sensor located?
  • tnbaxtnbax Posts: 1
    I own a 1999 Jetta. Last week I dropped my remote key in the snow and it stopped working. So from there until today I was just usung the key manually. During that time the alarm would not come on. But today when i manually locked the door the alarm was armed. When i returned to my car i was able to get in using the key manually but the alarm light was still blinking. I tried to start the car then the alarm went off. I opened the hood the alarm went off. I opened up the key remote and tried to buy a new battery at a few auto stores and none sold the CR1620 battery needed. So i had to get me car towed home. But before i left that spot I was able to turn the key in the ignition to the start postion but it would not start . The man tried to jump the battery but the battery would not take charge, although all the internal and external lights works well.
    Can anyone tell me what I can do?
    I didn't know having a foriegn car would be this difficult...LOL :confuse:
    oh yeah .. my car started acting out in the winter (other problems not the above issue)
    has anyone heard of the california cars? because i had no problems until the winter season hit
  • triggr4triggr4 Posts: 1
    I have been having some of the same problems. doors lock and unlock fine. however just driving along and the door warning light in dash comes on and all interior lights as well. open and shut door and it stops. do i need a new door sensor? only happens to drivers door.
    help anyone? :confuse: ">
  • shmeghshmegh Posts: 1
    Where is the comfort control module located on a 2003 Jetta??
  • I recently bought a 2000 Jetta gl, it didnt have a factory cd/radio deck inside, previous owner had a JVC cd deck. I was changing the deck and installing a new cd deck(sony) I notice i needed a new adapter for the deck. So no deck in the car, i drove to advance auto parts to see if they had one, car started up and went, when i reached the store and ready to come back to the car. the alarm wouldn't disarm to open the doors up, i tried useing the key manuely to open it, it didn't work either. I was wondering, if the anti-theft system has somthing to do with it? does anyone have some advise, how i can open my doors up?? I also replace the battery in the remoter, it still doesn't work
  • mnpcanmnpcan Posts: 1
    i have 92 jetta tdi low voltage and dragging alternator down . had alt tested its fine new actually fuses good . need an idea of where to start checking .
  • Do you have a specific fix for the issues that you have had? I have a 2003 Jetta, the radio has been replaced twice and is starting to go again.

    My engine light came on last year and I had to replace the serpentine belt and the thermostat. I was out of warranty by this time and spent ~$400. Two weeks ago my air went out and had to replace the fuse assembly for another $400. Now it is back in the shop again because the engine light came on. I am afraid now that it's paid off that the car will start nickel and diming me if I don't get VW to admit to an electrical problem!
  • skyguy88skyguy88 Posts: 1
    My engine light kept turning on and I replaced the O2 sensor. It hasn't come on since. I here its common for them to fail after 50,000 miles
  • ankur_s2ankur_s2 Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    you may not believe, I won a 2007 Jetta with 15000 miles on it, yesterday when I was driving on the highway, stop at a red light the engine starrted behaving somehow WIRED. The engine light came on and the Battery light too, for no good reason.
    I do take my car for the 5K, 10K and 15K service to the VW dealer. Now I think, the electrical circuit of VW may not be good.

  • harriganepharriganep Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 jetta. the passenger parking light and tail light will not go out. any advice?
  • kattmarlkattmarl Posts: 1
    Hello there!
    I have an 04 Jetta which seems to be having the same problem. I put the key in, turn the ignition and get nothing. The lights blink, the dash ABS, OIL lights come on, and the starter click, click clicks, but no joy. When I press the brake key, I notice the gear selector light turns off and I hear a click, but that's it.
    Did you have any luck? what did you try?
  • enkenenken Posts: 3
    What was wrong with my 99 Jetta was the keyless entry. It would send out a signal to the engine not to start - don't ask me why. When they put a new one in, my car would start everytime.
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