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VW Jetta Electrical Problems



  • it shouldn't be tood bad. The battery has a plastic cover that snaps off, and you can easily see corrosion, which should be on the "+" terminal. The terminal should be red, the corrosion should be white to bluish crystals. Ignition coil is almost certainly unrelated, just something they replace because of VW recall. You'll have to take your car to a shop to get the CCA checked. The corrosion, if it is present, would definitely affect the amperage, but the amperage could still be low without their being corrosion. Hope this helps. It fixed my car like a charm. Good luck.
  • :cry: I inherited a 97 VW Jetta GLS and am experiencing problems with the security alarm going off.

    I am still trying to pay off credit card debt from college, etc. and cannot afford to keep dumping money into the car unnecessarily and cannot afford a new one either.

    One day last week my trunk light indicator showed my trunk was ajar when it was not, I checked it and still would not go out.

    I drove it the same day then could not get my trunk to open using the button by the driver seat? So, I had to use the keys to open it.

    Then I went to lock the car and the alarm system went off, I could not disengage it using the car door lock, so stood there until it went off by itself, but could not get car to start due to security system had locked engine.

    I ended up having it towed (another bill I could not really afford) to dealer who advised me that I could use trunk lock to disengage the security system.

    Ok, I did not have them diagnose car any further because I am broke, so I left and have been driving it since, but have not been locking my doors for each time I do I have same problem the alarm goes off and have to use the trunk key to turn it off.

    I also have noticed that my clock resets itself each time I now start the car?

    Is all of this related??? I know nothing about cars, which is another reason I have gotten into so much debt for I trusted several different auto repair places to keep my car running for I need it to keep my job.

    Any ideas/help/advise would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited July 2010
    You asked "Is all of this related???"

    It sure sounds like it is related. The security system checks that all the doors, trunk and hood are latched before it will "arm". If the micro-switches on any of these are 'flakey', then the alarm system may not work properly.

    For now, since you are on a low budget, the only recourse may be to not set the alarm.

    I am concerned that your clock resets every time you start the engine. This suggests that the battery may have dirty connections or may be bad. A weak battery could cause ALL the other issues you are experiencing.

    Many autoparts stores will check your battery for FREE. (Autozone.... etc)
  • aubry177aubry177 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Jetta, 114K miles. I took it into the dealership and they are still trying to find out what is wrong. It started with the radio flickering on and off, then the dashboard info would reset (the time and trip mileage) on it's own. Then, the car's electrical would very quickly turn off and on and cause the dashboard info to restart and radio flicker off and on. Now, my car just turns off. I will be waiting at a light or waiting to turn and my car turns off. The engine is off but the auxillary is on, like when you turn the key one click. So I have to put it back in park, turn the key off then back on again and it starts right up. I have a new battery so it's not that. Not the starter or alternator. Luckily my car doesn't turn off while driving....yet. Also, I'll open my car door to get out and my alarm starts going off. The dashboard makes a clicking sound too after I turn it off while the key is in the ignition. Hopefully the dealership can replicate it and fix it as my normal mechanic and VW mechanic couldn't fix it and said i have to go to the dealer as it could be hte cluster.
  • bigtwinbigtwin Posts: 1
    Factory alarm triggers after turning off by key in driver door. Can only shut off by removing negative terminal. Have located black control module attempted to jumper around system but horn and lights still flashing. Have located horn under wiper assembly. One set of wires from drivers side, two wires on pax side of horn . Can
    this horn be disabled , I believe I pulled the correct fuse but horn still active. Recharged battery but no difference.The key will not shut off alarm at all. The power windows now open by themselves, no control at all.Any ideas on disarming this possessed machine would be appreciated.
  • I have a 06 VW Jetta that is having a problem. I am getting the display on my dash saying that my driverside door is open when it is not. The door closes completely but it will not let me roll the windows down or set the alarm with the vehicle thinking the door is open. Any solutions
  • bingo54bingo54 Posts: 1
    my 96 jetta has had the usual stall out when it rains problem and some dry wire or wd-40 has always worked. However, 3 weeks ago we had a big rain and though the car didn't do its usual stall after I parked for 20 minutes It wouldn't restart. the engine cranks. I took it to my mechanic who is very good with foreign and german cars. He said the spark was intermittent so changed the coil. Now all he gets is a 2-3 sec turn over and then it dies. He says he is baffled which for him to say is rare. He says the car is getting fuel. Anyone have any ideas, I'd like to get the car back...
  • 2jetta2jetta Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    On my 2002 Jetta 1.8T, the digital clock, hour digit, continues to advance, counting up to 12 and then starting over. Thinking the clock adjustment knob was stuck I tried turning it all directions to no avail. If I turn the right signal light on the clock stops advancing. As soon as the signal light is turned off the advancing continues. The clock continues to advance even after the car is turned off. On another forum with the similar problem the individual disconnected the battery and reconnected but no change. Any ideas?
  • jmr813jmr813 Posts: 6
    Just wanted to let you know that a new battery fixed the problem completely! I took it to O'Reilley, they checked and said it was "most definitely bad", replaced the battery for me, and I haven't had an issue since!

    Of course....that was a few weeks ago and now my check engine light is on. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I love this car to death, but if it's not one thing, it's another!!
  • well I am glad that at least it starts. The check engine light is just related to mileage and is to prompt you to do a service every 20k or so. Nothing wrong, probably.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I am pretty certain the check engine light is not turned on based on miles on the odometer. However, I would not rush in as it may go off again after a couple of days.
  • My 98 volkswagen jetta lights were left on. Jumped started it but transmission would disengage when driving. It would crank then and run but acted like transmission was out.Dis connected cable,turned key then replaced cable and after a few days car began running normal but would not crank with out jumping. Now it will not crank with out jumping and will not go over forty miles per hour. have exhausted ideas. Can anyone help?
  • I have a 2001 jetta TDI. When I turn the key to start the car , the horn comes on and won't shut off. I don't think it is a security alarm issue as that turns on separately in conjunction with the horn. I pulled the fuse and that took care of the horn problem ,but of course no horn, but the security system still works. Any ideas?
  • In the old days that would clearly be a distributor cap problem. Does a 96 still have one? If not,whatever it's been replaced with would be the place to look.
  • having similar issues with my 2005 Jetta - went to get gas and fuel door switch would not work. Little by little everything controlled by the driver side door electrical panel stopped working! Any ideas out there?
  • I've got a 2006, and similiarly I've got issues with the electrical connection to the front driver side door. Sometimes the lights don't even come on like normal which makes it look like the battery is dead but once the ignition is turned everything comes to life. There is also a light at the bottom of the door that comes on and sometimes it's flickering. This car just has too much electrical components!
  • joe303joe303 Posts: 1
    Having the sameproblem. How did you resolve the clock spinning?
  • This morning an indicator light came on that shows the back of the car with what looks like the gas cap unscrewed. I know the cap is on and tight and is not loose. Would you happen to know what that means? I bought the car used so I don't have the owner's manual.
  • Hey I'm having that same issue.. did the dealer ever fix the problem? What did it end up being? I'm thinking I'm going to end up selling the car for something else soon because I hate all the problems it's had.. Def a love hate relationship..
  • check the CCA on your battery. Perhaps a super quick diagnosis would be to look at your battery terminals, is there corrosion? If so, it is leaking acid and if it has been doing that for some time, it has lost power. If that's the case, it could be affecting the electrical system and causing the problems you're having. That IS what was wrong my with 2005 Jetta and now it's good as new.
  • Hi-
    I bought my wife a used 2002 jetta wagon VR6 and have started to have all the same symptoms as you listed. massive electronic failure while sitting at a stoplight, dash resetting, radio and lights flickering, etc. At first we thought it was a battery or alternator problem, but have now eliminated both of those. I wanted to know if you ever solved your problem or figured out what was causing it? Thanks
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Have you verified that car does not have the dreaded Coolant migration Problem

    It is easy to check for and easy to prevent... but if antifreeze allowed to wick (migrate) into the entire electrical system, it is VERY expensive to repair.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Some other thoughts...

    I would simply plug a voltage monitor into the cigerette lighter and see what the voltage is doing when the problem occours. (Walmart carries this voltage-monitor in the auto section for less than $20)

    I would also clean and tighten all the connections for the +12 distribution. This is located ON TOP of the battery.
  • I have had electrical problems with my 06 Jetta from the time I bought it brandnew with 2 miles on it. The EPC light goes on and off the Check engine light goes on and off. Pretty much every light in that car has gone flickery. I have been dealing with arrogant people at the volkswagon dealership for almost 5yrs. The car has been in their shop over 20 times for the same problems. Ive had power steering go out in which vw kept my car for 2 months and had to order a new steering wheel. I've been told the last 5 times in which they just wiped the code and gave me the car back only for the problem to return again, and for them to tell me it is a phantom code. I am a firefighter/medic that needs reliable transportation volkswagen people depend on me to be at work. just alittle vent back to the problems. Recently on my way to work i start going 1st then 2nd then 3rd then the car takes a crap and shuts off. Very unsafe my firetruck is older then this car and has less problems. I missed work from that one. Volkswagon seems to be great people to give you the run around. Also, everytime i take my car to their dealership they charge 108.00 just to look at the car doesn't matter if its under warranty. So, the problem they told me this time #30 The wiring harness has to be replaced along with the purge valve also I have had to replace the battery 3 times since i bought the car new. The car would not go over 20 mph and that was with the pedal pushed to the floor. They say it is a gas saver. well with bills that total 1,000 dollars almost everytime you go in. Do you think that is savings? I will not name the dealer but will say I wish they would do their job right in the first place because as a firefighter/medic i'm scrutinized 24/7 for people looking for one slip up. If i'm able to get rid of this car after i pay the 888.00 this time i will. Also, if your looking to get extended warranty DONT not because the car is a piece of crap, but because dealing with a third party warranty something the Great VW wont tell you is extended is not through them it is through third party. Anyways Third party will give you the run around until your blue in the face, they will argue with vw to say your not in the system to telling you that your extended expired even after you show them the paper work with the date you bought the car and the extended warranty. All in All I will have to say that my only way to get rid of the problem is to get rid of the car. Also, I will never buy a vw again. I have a 20 yr old chevy that has had less problems then this vw jetta 06. list of problems still going,
    Steering wheel replaced
    all lights in car on airbag, check engine, steering wheel light, cars a/c shutting off, the wiring harness has to be replaced, battery draws a charge from some where, radio faulty electrical, dash lights faulty electrical, ignition coils replaced, EPC light comes on and the car shuts off doesn't matter if your going 65mph or 20mph still the car shuts off pretty nice when all electrical shuts off in rush hour traffic including engine. I've done all regulary scheduled maitenance and have paid the car off, but am at still a loss. As, a firefighter medic I have to give great customer service in which i enjoy doing no matter if people are cussing or spitting on me i still keep my composure. But VW as a whole is really ticking me off. Bad customer service from VW and not correcting the problem even after 20 times in the shop and thousands of dollars spent and time lost from work. With all the problems I have read on here I would have to say that VW is a piece of crap and I will for warn everyone I know to not buy from VW.
  • you should look at lemon laws for your state. In NC we had a law that said if you've been to the dealer 5x for the same problem in a year and they cannot fix it, it's a lemon and VW owes you a new car. Of course, I had to write a letter to the Atty Gnl for the state, but it got me a new car very quickly. Just write VW North America the letter you sent your AG, and substantiate your proplems with receipts. You should get a new car. Look up lemon laws in your state.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    anonymous478: My deepest sympathies for one of the worst lemons I have ever heard of. I have owned six Vdubs, most of them decent cars ('05 Jetta TDI wagon on of the best cars I have owned), but your horrid Jetta sounds far worse than even my '02 Passat 1.8T (probably the WORST car I have ever owned...constant CEL problems, failed CV boots and joints, coils, failed cat converter, premature brake wear, and the damn thing only has 89,000 miles). alohaveedub took the words right out of my should have pursued your state lemon law long ago. Also, have you contacted VW of America directly, in writing? Vdub dealerships range from fairly helpful to outrageously bad...sounds like yours is the latter. To VW of America's credit, they DID provide reimbursement for most of the cost of my cat converter, since my bad coils were allowing unburned gas to contaminate and ruin it with less than 60k, sometimes they can be helpful. Good luck! vwdawg
  • I have a 02 VW Jetta GLS manual transmision 2.0. 121K. I have been having some electrical problems. When I take a left turn my headlights and radio/dash lights dim and sometimes completely cut out. This only happens when i turn Left or when i hit a bump in the road. If i am turning left and shifting gears during the turn then the dash lights and radio completely cuts out until i am done turning. This happens on every left turn but does not happen on right turns. I have taken it in to the VW dealer and they said that there was nothing wrong with it and "could not recreate problem" i have taken in to another mechanic and they acknowledged that there was a problem but could not find the source of the problem. Other than this problem the car is running just fine and no other weird electrical problems i have noticed yet. Any suggestions/solutions
  • southern_hicksouthern_hick Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    I have a bad ECU on a 1993 jetta gas 2.0 4 cyld can you replace it with a used one? I heard the vin number is in each one and you cant get one at a junk yard.....
  • I am having same issues with 2005 Jetta 2.5. Even though the door is shut, the display shows it is open, therefore beeping alot. windows will not work, nor trunk or gas tank open!!
    One person tells me it is the wiring in the door and the dealer thinks it may be the door lock control module? Appreciate any feedback!!
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    mariacesta: I think I read in one of the past Passat or Jetta forums that there are microsensors in the door, and wires can eventually break. Someone posted a link that explained the problem as well as a fairly easy fix (if you are willing to do it yourself). Check past Edmunds postings. Good luck... vwdawg
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