What's wrong with my car

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ok so my car would not start no sound. replaced fuses for starter and oil sensor was fine and everything was functioning fine. I was driving and the car randomly shut off no weird sounds nothing. the message screen said low oil pressure but the oil pump is indeed good. I checked my oil and found this. radiator is new and has all new hoses. also isn't spittin out codes. everything was checked a week ago and everything was clean and functional, was running smooth but after that I checked to see the oil and check the radiator and this was in both a weird brown sludge, the oil was replaces 3 weeks ago at best. What is going on?


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    I've seen that in cars that have the PVC system clogged.

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    Mixing of incompatible coolants can cause the additives to “drop out” of the solution and form radiator sludge or slime. Contaminated coolant: A bad head gasket or cracked cylinder head can allow oil and coolant to mix, resulting in sludge.

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    The head gasket broken and the coolant in oil. What is in the cooling system?

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