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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • I just purchase a 2004 FX4 Crew Cab with the 5.4L engine. The truck is fantastic except for a pinging I hear from the engine. The pinging sound is rare. When it does occur, it happens when I am going up a slight incline. It is as if the transmission wants to stay in the high gear (I'm thinking it is the 4th gear) and not switch to the lower gear (3rd). When I hear the pinging, I press the accelerator a little harder, it then down shifts and likewise, the pinging goes away. It is as if I am using low octane fuel. I did fill up with 89 octane to see if it would help -- it didn't. Since I only have about 400 miles on the vehicle, I'm thinking it may correct itself once the engine is broken in. Again, this problem is inconsistent, I have trouble making it repeat, which is why I am not ready to take it in to the dealer. Any thoughts? Is this a problem, or should I exercise some patience? Thanks for any reply.
  • i have a 2000 f150 5.4 at 70000 miles started getting knocking noise that lasted 20 minutes on cold start took it to a dealer service said it was piston slap when i went to trade sales manager said he wouldnt trade cause of noise in engine made me mad enuff i went to another dealer and gambled on cost of tear down they didnt think it was piston slap ford esp said to tear it down they found bad piston skirts i now have a new motor compliments of ford esp it pays to hang in there thanks for all the help on this site !!
  • I have the same problems and they can not fix it. they have replaced the drive shaft, put a shim between the leaf spring and axle and installed a "dampner" what ever that is and nothing has helped. I am now waiting for new transmission mounts. 10 days so far. If it is not fixed the next time in I am going to start lemon law process. Does any one have experience with this?

    I also know the BBB Autoline will help.
  • Mine is a '04 F-150 4x2, but I get exactly what you describe. It feels like its coming from the rear-end. I haven't taken it in yet. Did the replacement work?
  • Folks, over the weekend a thought occured to me. All of you that have the new F-150's with the shaking - have you altered the shape/aerodynamics of your truck in any way? Have you added a topper, bed cover, truck box, etc.....


    The reason for my questions is this: Years ago I had an '82 Toyota pickup that I bought used. It would shake violently at any speed over 40 mph. Since the tires were old, I thought a new set would fix that. It didn't. The tire store told me that the tires weren't the problem, but that all five of my rims were bent - yeah right. But bought new rims anyway. Guess what, didn't fix the problem. About a week or so after that, I decided to take off the topper that was on it because I didn't need it. You'll never guess what happened. The shaking went away.


    All I could figure out was the topper altered the aerodynamics enough to cause serious wind flow issues with that truck. I never had another shaking problem with that truck.


    I said all that to get to this - If you have put something on your truck and it is shaking, you might try taking it off to see if the shaking goes away.
  • Yes, I do have limited slip rear end. They did replace the differential clutch pack, and on my "request" showed me the Service Bulletin 04-24-2 which referenced several symptons including the pronounced shudder on acceleration from a stop on turns (my problem). The bulletin also stated in bold print that they should caution me not to tow anything for 500 miles. Of course the guy who replaces the clutch pack reads this, but the service advisor who hands you back your keys doesn't necessarily pick up on it. I think I'll always make it a practice to ask to see TSB's in the future.
  • So far so good. No more shudder.
  • Glad I could help. The Piston Slap was kind of a long shot. Your truck was the right year for the problem, but according to the official Ford line from back then, Piston Slap was only exhibited in first the 10-12K miles. If the noise didn't show up by then, then the engine was fine and would never develop it. They replaced a whole slew of 5.4 and 6.8L engines early on, and then the issue just faded away. Guess there's an exception to every rule.

      I'm glad Ford stood behind its engine, though considering this was never an official recall, it makes wonder how bad they messed up on the design originally that they still take responsibility for it at 70K miles. Sounds like they've been seeing the problem resurface in older motors and are trying to nip it in the bud.
  • Hello

     I had the same problem with my FX4 took it in and the they adjusted the clutch in the differential, the truck feels much lighter on take offs.
  • My '04 Lariat Supercrew 4x2 had a 40-50 mph vibration that was corrected by replacing the driveshaft. I was so happy, I put a set of 2" lowering shackles on the rear leafs. Right away I noticed a harshness or shudder type vibration on take off. It's most pronounced between 15-25 mph, then smooths out. Is it possible the new shackles caused a u-joint or driveshaft alignment problem, or is this a rear end problem? It sure seems similar to the vibration others are describing when accelerating from a stop or turning a corner.
  • I bought my 2004 in June. I noticed it starting to vibrate through the steering wheel around 2,000-3,000 miles. The service manager said to bring it in and they would balance the wheels. It didn't help. Then we started hearing a scratching noise in the front wheel and it was still vibrating. They took it back in and kept in for 2-3 days. They said the caliper had come loose and would have to order new hub. They tightened the caliper and said it would be save to drive until the new part came in, that made me feel save! They took truck in again and put on the new hub plus they road balanced the tires. This seemed to help for a while, but the vibration is back, not so much in the steering wheel as it is the whole truck. Day before yesterday I took the service manager for a drive, he felt the vibration up through the passenger seat. I took the truck in again and this time they called and said they were going to order a new drive shaft and it would be another week.


    I have read most of the messages and have noticed lots of trucks having the same problem. What can an owner do to get this fixed? Has anyone been able to get this fixed at this time? What are the steps to take with Ford Motor Company?
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    I just bought my '04 last week! You guys are making me really paranoid about this shudder problem. I was telling the salesman yesterday about the concerns addressed on this board to see if I could "fish" out anything from him. He said they had some issues with some of the more base tires like Continental but that shouldn't be a concern for me since I had the Lariat and it has the BF Goodrich tires. I also ran my finger along the front disc to see if I felt any significant scoring. It was a tad rough, but seemed to be uniformly worn across the disc. I should note that I bought this vehicle as a demo with already 6,800 miles on it. I was told the parts manager primarily drove it so I'm hoping any flaws were addressed by him. Anybody know the build dates of any of the vehicles that appear to be exhibiting problems? (BTW my truck is an '04 F-150 Supercrew Lariat 4x4 with soft tonneau cover)
  • I had a 1990 4 wheel drive Ranger and had this same problem. We found that the bearing race on the drive train was turning with the bearing. Ths was fixed {replace bearing and race.}

     I have a 1998 f150 that just started a vibration under load from 40 to 55 mph. I have not found the fix yet. maybe the same problem.

  • If anyone has anything they consider a safety problem, (ex. scarred rotors) you need to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Contact # 1-888-327-4236 or I just filed my compliant. The more people who file the better.
  • I hope someone can help. I have a '97 F350 Diesel. While driving to work, I noticed my heater wasn't working. A minute later, my coolant temperature shot up. I stopped the vehicle and checked my fluids. Nearly all my coolant had escaped through the Reservoir. I had changed my thermostat about 9 months ago and flushed all my coolant. Could this be my water pump malfunctioning or just a defective thermostat? The heater hose is connected directly to the water pump. Any ideas?
  • Can you provide more information on Engineering Problem 7-10. Is that the key identifier or is there a Special Service Announcement or TSB number to reference? I've called a few Ford dealers and none of them know what that is?
  • Found out 7-10 really refers to 7-1000 which is a category dealers use to reference or access Special Service Messages (SMM). Can you please talk with your dealer's Engineering Rep and ask him what SMM number the wind noise applies to. Again, I'm not refering to the 'whistle' noise under SMM 17309 - 2004 f150 Whistling noise from front of vehicle above 50mph.
  • bwepbwep Posts: 3
    Well I guess I should have been a little clearer on the 7-10. What I really meant to say was 7 out of 10 trucks have this problem. That was told to me by ford rep. Update on problem. Dealership did seal top of windshield a pillar to a pillar, no change. Next dealership told to replace windshield,maybe a little better. Call to ford stating problem still there,they kicked me back to dealer, said dealership will call me. Still waiting 2 days so far. I drove another 04 no wind noise until 75+. I find that acceptable. So I'm holding out for a fix. Anyone finds anything out let me know.
  • insaneinsane Posts: 16
    Ford OEM cargo cage extender.


    One side of the cargo cage theft derterrent screw free floats in the lock position, and I can't get it back to the unlock position. Is the cover under warranty? Vehicle is 1 year old with less than 6K miles
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Isn't the 3/36 warranty bumper to bumper? I would go ask the dealer.
  • You need to have the bad "engine knock sensor" replaced. Do it quickly, before you end up with a hole in your piston.
  • my '04 4.6L V8 sucks down the gas like a pig too


    pretty hard to break 15 mpg with mostly hwy driving
  • Bought me a 2004 Lariat 4x4 brand new. The engine has stalled 3 times. Once while turning into a parking lot and twice at a stop sign.Dealer can't find anything wrong.Has anybody had this problem and if so HOW can it be fixed??!! I'm wondering if the idle is set to low the rpm is around that normal? thanx!
  • insaneinsane Posts: 16
    roughly how much would it cost for me to replace the rear bumper of a F150 - including labor?

    And will I be able get to it on my own too much hassle?
  • After numerous trips and failed attempts to fix my truck is still vibrating @40-55 mph. The dealer has done all of the service bulletins and the problem is still there. I know this is a common problem in the 04s has anyone got it fixed?

    I am considering lemon law but that sounds like a lot of hassle. any ideas would be appreciated


  • Hi Joeprinter!


    I am taking my truck in tomorrow to have a new drive shaft put on to stop the vibrating. I assume putting the drive shaft on didn't help yours. I am also going to talk to the dealership about what I should do. I have been driving this vibrating truck for 15,000 miles while they have attempted to fix it. What all have they done to yours so far in attempting to fix the vibrating?
  • I've had my 04' F150 FX4 Supercrew for 6 months, and from day one I have been trying to get the vibration fixed. The truck vibrates around 60 mph and the bed shakes. The dealer has replaced the driveshaft and road force balanced the tires. The truck is currently at the dealer for the fourth time and is going to have a counterbalance(dampner) bolted to the frame. Things are not looking good for a resolution at this time. Last word from Ford on the bed shake is that it is a characteristic of the new F150's. I have always loved the Ford products, but this may be my last if they are not willing/able to correct this problem. Note: Something to try with your F150--hit the top of the rear bumper on either side with your fist and notice how much the bed vibrates.
  • daneedanee Posts: 2
    File the Dispute Settlement Board paperwork. You can get the application from your dealer. Make sure you attach all copies of your service reports. Some people are having their trucks bought back by Ford thru this process. Good luck. We are in the process of requesting the DSB to review our case.
  • Things that did not work!

    new drive shaft


    roadforce balance

    new tires on front

    transmission mounts

    body mount kit



    I also am not getting good service from the dealer

    I have called for a dsb form.

    If anyone has experience with dsb please let me know.


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