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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • havehadithavehadit Posts: 7
    Another trial run yesterday revealed that the ghost is still there, so I went to the shop that I trust. The owner drove it and for the first time an expert could feel and hear it. He says since there is no error code that a number of electrical items could be the culprit. He suggests we try replacing the MLSP switch and see what happens and that he can't guarantee it but it's worth a try. He's doing that today and I'll give you the results after I drive it some. You guys probably know this but he says the MLSP gets a signal from the computer as to the gear that the transmission is in or should go to. If the switch is faulty it is searching for the correct gear. HAVEHADIT
  • vinny2424vinny2424 Posts: 4
    anybody having problems with there headliners,2005 f-150 crew.
  • krosskross Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a question concerning my 1986, F-150, 8 cylinder, automatic, gas, fuel injected.
    On a mild acceleration the engine will start shaking (assuming its missing?) very hard.
    If I accelerate hard enough and force it to down-shift, it is like a switch is thrown and it is smooth as silk again. (dry road, cold or hot engine)
    Again, I can, for the most part, prevent this by flooring it. But with gas over $2 I would rather do that for fun.
    Been reading my Chilton book for help but it does not cover fuel injected engines concerning these types of problems, just carburetor.

    Searched the F-150 message board, nothing seemed to match even close.
    Any ideas?
  • vinny2424vinny2424 Posts: 4
    My 2005 f-150 lariat crew has a moon roof,the headliner rattles every bump is anyone having similar issues.
  • ajever1ajever1 Posts: 7
    My husband and I just purchased a new 2005 f-150, XLT pkg (same engine). At 1000 miles they've replaced the ring & pinion and now, @ 3000 miles we are experiencing a severe hesitating problem...all "dummy" lights are on, vehicle will only move about 55/60 mph! Dealer is claiming it is the throttle positioning sensor! This is our 3rd new truck in 3 years (all Ford) and each one the dealer has taken back and given an "even exchange" of another new vehicle! We started with an F-250 then F-350 and now...F-150! So far, even though it seems to have numerous problems already, this has been one of the best designs in my opinion! Make sure you get documentation for each visit to the dealer with the complaint and any resolution noted! Good Luck!
  • jbrown538jbrown538 Posts: 1
    My 1994 F150 when you let off the gas and then go to get back on it there is poping noise and the truck jerks real bad for a second or two then lines itself out and runs good.this happens no matter how fast I am going but seems to happen more between 20 and 35 mph.If anyone could give some advice it would be appreciated
  • nokeynokey Posts: 1
    Had a flat today and could not change. No spare tire key. Service manager at local dealership told me he had master but wouldn't let me use unless I had truck towed to his shop. Also that the entire winch assembly had to be replaced if key was lost. That doesn't seem right to me. Any way to get a new key?
  • ammojeffammojeff Posts: 2
    hey thanks it turned out to be that the person who had it before me did his own wire work and half assed it and twisted the wires together and just left it like that then hid it all behind some electrical tape so it all melted together thanks anyhow
  • jrowlesjrowles Posts: 3
    I can't tell you how sorry I am, but in some way I can relate... I also have a 2005 4x4 crew with the 5.4L 3v motor and got it about 4 months ago. Heard the same noise and thought it was a lifter noise in the cam. First time at the dealership, they claimed everything is "as it should be" then the second time I took it, they finally said they were able to duplicate the sound and did nearly $1,000 in warranty work to fix the problem. The sound went away after I got it back ( it took a week ) but has now resurfaced. I can't tell you how frustrated I am with this seeing how this is the first NEW vehicle I've purchased not to mention there are other problems. The tranny or axle is slushy and/or hesitant to upshift from 2 to 3 with noise. They of course couldn't duplicate that at the dealership, but did produce a service bulliten that a clunk noise from 2nd to 3rd is normal ( yeah.. that makes me feel great! ). Anyways, I could go on to a couple other problems but I feel like I'm just ranting. More and more I wish I would have taken the trip to the Toyota dealership and picked me up a real reliable truck.!
  • jrowlesjrowles Posts: 3
    That is EXACTLY the same way I feel and I honestly don't know what to do about it. I have heard that a company called Troyer Performance has a resolution to the problem... but it of course envolves $$$$$ to the tune of $1000 - 1600 to speed it up. Has a chip, full exhaust, and air intake and these work together to get 40-45hp. I'm trying to decide whether to save and get it, or hold of and maybe trade the beast in. I think I payed plenty for it, and it should freakin' move not to mention when I step on the pedal all it does is drain the MPG not bump the speedo.
  • jrowlesjrowles Posts: 3
    When you said you had it taken care of... what exactly did they do? I think I'm experiencing the same problem as a result of the limited slip and it happens on the upshift during acceleration. Any more information would be appreciated because this is frustrating problem to me
  • e1101e1101 Posts: 3
    1994 F-150 XLT, 5.2L (I think) 302, AOD tran, dual tanks, EFI, 235K miles.

    Two weeks ago my truck started dropping then re-gaining normal engine RPM when I shift into reverse or drive. It's worse in reverse. The surge down then up is quick and gets worse the longer I stay in reverse (in a few seconds I am hitting my head on the rear window) and usually stalls if I don't shift into N quickly. When I shift in Drive it is barely noticeable, and stops as soon as I press the gas even a little. If I give it some gas in Reverse, the truck FLIES backwards and I have to SLAM THE BRAKES which results in a thump from the tranny and the engine stalls.

    The truck is running fast. I have to put the brakes on a little harder then I normally do, and after a few seconds at a complete stop the idle will simmer down to normal. When cranking from a cold/warm start, the idle is normal. NEVER surges when in P or N.

    I have needed to replace the EGR valve for several months but for different reason. Evidence of that problem still occurs the same as it always has. (Drop in pick-up at take off, lasts a couple of days then normal for several days.)
  • ritterritter Posts: 1
  • hello new to the group and could not fine a existing discussion on air bag codes. I have a F150 2000 ford with a air bag light on and the code that keeps blinking is 27. Can any body give me what the code means? or even better a list or link to where all the codes are and how to clear them?

    Thanks in advance
  • rjspaethrjspaeth Posts: 4
    Has anyone successfully fixed the steering wheel shudder?

    I have now had a wheel alignment, 4 new tires and now a frame dampening kit installed on my truck.
    The service advisor drove my truck and I also drove the truck home. We both thought this was fixed with the frame dampener.

    About 2 days later the shudder was back. The steering wheel moved almost 1 inch from side to side. The advisor is telling me that this is now road feel from a rough road. I told him I can feel this even on smooth roads and see it in the steering wheel.

    The problem seems to be intermittant but I am not sure. I had someone else with a 2004 SuperCrew and they said they can feel the same problem.

    I am starting to think this truck is a lemon! :lemon:

    Any suggestions or help is appreciated!
  • Hello just ran into your problem as well, mine started comming on after I went and did some really rough off roading, I think the problem is the sensor in the front of the vehicle. so pleass email me backif you found a solution. Hate to take it into the dealer.

    Lance :confuse:
  • tgarrett3tgarrett3 Posts: 3
    I have a 95 ford F150 302 v/8. When I switch to max air, the door that closes off outside air doesn't operate, also if left on max a door will close when accelerating and air comes out on your feet, and stays there. I can switch to normal air and it blows from the dash vents and occasionally will switch but not as often. I replaced the switch on the dash that has the electrical vacuum distribution attached and it didn't do any good. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it. Thanks Tom
  • hbremishbremis Posts: 1
    I'm trying to locate the cam and crank position sensors on my wife's 2000 F-150. I assume the cam sensor is a hall-effect type sensor? Any help would be appreciated.
  • I have 12k mis on my '05 Powestroke. Since the odometer hit 3k mis, when driving at altitude I get loud flutter/banging when I let off the gas at lower speeds. I've been into 3 different dealers for a total of 4 times and told the flutter is normal, although they addressed several codes on different occasions. The problem seemingly has progressed. I now get a lesser flutter off and on at sea level and a constant one at over 3 or 4k feet altitude. I contacted Ford 3 weeks ago and said I wanted a buy back and was told I would be contacted in 4 or 5 days....NOT. I've owned 20 Fords....this is my first Powestroke. I wish I got the V10 again this time. I can't believe Ford engineered this loud racket into these expensive engines. Any feedback on your experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  • golobogolobo Posts: 1
    My husband purchased a 2005 F-150 extended cab last week. While driving it home from the dealer lot, it accelerated when I pressed the brake. I never drive pick ups, so I thought I must have done something or pushed some button to make it rev up like that. Then my husband drove it and went in a ditch because when he applied the brake it tried to take off! We called Ford and they sent a wrecker & picked it up. We talked to the Ford repair center where it was towed. They have not gotten it to repeat the problem yet...but I'm sure they will. This truck has less than 80 miles on the odometer!!!
    It must be rare but I wonder if anyone else has had this experience.
  • racer55racer55 Posts: 4
    does any one know about fuel pressure regulators? i was wondering if the diaphram goes bad in one if fuel would be pumped into the plenum via vacuum hoses?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    You've got a vaccuum leak somewhere else in the system. When you accelerate the (especially when you really romp on it) the vaccuum pressure drops. Since you've got a leak somewhere else the vaccuum pressure goes to zero. As a result there's not enough left to control the ventilation so the air switches to your feet.
    Go through the rest of the truck and check all the vaccuum lines, and the little t-connectors for brittleness and/or cracks. Vaccuum hose is fairly inexpensive, you can just go through and change them all on a 10 year old vehicle....the truck will probably run a little better too once you find the leak(s).
  • fromjavafromjava Posts: 1
    I just purchased a F150 5.4l it has less than 1400 miles on it, my problem startyed the first night with noise from the rear they said just bring it on Satarday so i did,they said come back later we don not have enough techs so i did but now they said this is normal operating noise and will not give me any documentation that i have brought the car in. I need help
  • runjimrunjim Posts: 4
    I would go straight to the showroom, start asking for the owner or manager, describe the issue in a louder and louder voice, until they decide to help you.
    Just my 2 cents.... good luck.
  • chelseechelsee Posts: 2
    When you go before the board state that you want a buyback and not a replacement.
    They bought my 1999 Expedition back in 2000 but I agreed to the replacement this time and then found out they wanted me to pay manufactor's listed price without the rebate for a new truck till i went to the State Attorneys office who got me a better deal with Ford. Try the Arbitration board or your State Attorney's Office first. Good Luck.
  • ajever1ajever1 Posts: 7
    As long as your vehicle is under warranty, you can go to any Ford dealership of your choice and it will be covered! I would suggest a new dealership & contact Ford directly and complain about the un-professional service (or lack of) that you received! I would also suggest that each time you bring your vehicle in for service that you receive some type of service authorization form...with the complaint listed! Good Luck!
  • lucasredlucasred Posts: 2
    Any thoughts appreciated. 1994 F250 5.8L While driving at 25-30 mph the truck died. No spark coming out of coil. I replaced the coil - nothing. I replaced the ICM - nothing. I replaced the stator/pickup in distributor - nothing. I finally replaced the EEC-IV engine computer - still no spark coming out of coil at secondary (spark plug) wire. I do have power to the coil during start at + terminal. Pretty much ran every test I could find in chilton manual. Everything seemed to test out OK, but no spark coming out of coil. Any ideas?
  • havehadithavehadit Posts: 7
    Have driven 103 miles since replacing the MLPS with no problem. Apparently this was the problem. Total cost $143.00. (for mvhammy and runjim and others with a similar problem. Ford issued a TSB on the problem in 1995. You can find any TSB at HAVEHADIT
  • jroachjroach Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone!

    I too experienced the same thing Tom did with his vibrating truck. Mine is an 04 F-150, 5.3L, 19,000 Miles . I have both types of the vibration that is going around. I have the 48-58 MPH constant finger tingle vibration from the steering wheel. It has been back to the dealer 4 times for this type(balanced tires, rotated driveshaft, added counter-balance weight, etc.). No improvement yet. Vibration is worse under load.

    The second vibration is the insidious one as it is intermittent. First appeared in Jan of 05. Very cold day so I forgave it. Two months later it does it again. No check engine light or codes found by the service dept when returned with description of mysterious vibration. It comes on at odd times and lasts for about 2-3 miles. When I stop the truck and shut it off and restart it the problem goes away. It is starting to do it about once a week. I think this truck is going back to Ford. No problems with the dealership or service as they are trying to fix this truck. I can't fault them because they did not design or build this vehicle, Ford did.

    If anyone else has this type of problem please post it so that we can find out how wide spread this is.

  • rich3457rich3457 Posts: 1
    Have you had it back to the dealer? I am lookinmg to buy the same model with moon roof.
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