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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • capstickcapstick Posts: 5
    I had the same problem so bad that it almost put the truck in the ditch.Ford fixed it(for now) by replacing parts in the parking brake.I only know one person who gave a truck back to Ford. he had a 4x8 sheet of plywood on a stand mounted in the pickup box.It was painted yellow and lisited every problem the truck had.It was parked on a public road right in front of the dealership.I would go to Ford and ask them to look at the parking brake.I think they are trying their best, new truck new problems, it takes a while to find them.
  • capstickcapstick Posts: 5
    I do not have a copy of the vehicle report card for this problem but I will ask Ford what they did to fix the problem.My problem was I would release the the parking brake pedal and some how down the road it would engage and the truck would start to shake all over the road like it had a loose wheel or bent rim.It took just over a week for them to order the parts.
  • jhofmannjhofmann Posts: 1
    I have an 86 F-250 4x4. Battery died, went to get new battery and was told the alternator was bad,so I bought a new 60AMP alt. Had batt. re checked and was tol the new alt was only putting out 14 AMP and only 2.3 volts. Could this be a wireing issue, bad alt or is there some other component that may be bad? Anyone???
  • I just bought a 4.6 L 4x4 F150 and it makes an annoying ticking noise during acceleration like there is a leak in the exhaust manifold. THe noise is definitely coming from the engine compartment but the motor runs like a top. Is this a common thing with the exhaust system, if so is there any way to fix the problem without buying as new system?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I have seen exhaust manifold leaks on the 4.6, plus opn one occasion a cracked exhaust manifold.

  • micomarkmicomark Posts: 11
    stop4it: re: lemon law. hopefully all the 2005 F-150 will comment on this site with any cab vibration, drive-train slack and knocking and gas mileage problems they are having that carried over from the 2004 to 2005 F-150. It appears this platform
    has problems in 2005 that never were addressed by Ford during 2004 model year.
    All the people who comment will help others build their case with Ford that these problems exist on a larger than one customer scale.
  • bobsv10bobsv10 Posts: 1
    New here, had a question about a 1999 F-250, V10 4x4. Started having a problem when I made a left hand turn. I'd make the turn and I'd straighten it out and just as I got the wheel straight, it would jerk to the right, then jerk back to the left. It'd do it a couple of times then go away. It didn't happen every time that I made a left hand turn, but then it started happening when I was turning for a curve in the road instead of just a full 90 degree turn.

    Took it to the garage, had a center link replaced, upper and lower ball joints on passenger side also replaced, then had an alignment done. It's still drifts to the right. I've already put out about $500 for this and seen two different mechanics. The first one had no idea what the problem was. The second one said the center link portion of the pitman arm needed to be replaced. It was, problem's still there.

    Looks like there's grease coming out of the elbows. Normal or not? Could that have anything to do with the original problem? Or could it be something in the steering box? The second mechanic who replaced all those parts says that the center link was the problem and it should be fixed now. I don't really feel like being charged another $100 just to have him look it over and say he doesn't know what's wrong. I'm sort of nervous about taking my kids in the truck because it has jerked hard enough that it even makes me nervous as to what could happen.

    Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • hunter5hunter5 Posts: 2
    I have a '93 F150 5.0L that doesn't seem to have much power. It is very sluggish up hills and on the hiway. Sometimes it doesn't want to go over 50 mph. When under load, like up hills it makes a ticking noise. Just bought the truck. I have replaced the fuel filter, air cleaner, pcv. Next I will look at plugs I guess. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • 1buffalo1buffalo Posts: 1
    I now have an 04 F-150 and have not experienced the vibration/shhutter problem that you have. I did buy a new 97 Ranger and experienced the same problem. After 14 visits to the dealer, new tires several new bearings and several new drive shafts and 13,000 miles later I took the keys into the service manager laid them on his desk and told him I no longer wanted this truck. Ford gave me the MSRP of the 97 toward a brand spanking new 98. I was very satisfied with the deal, that is why I still drive a ford this is my 2nd F-150 since then.
  • pride21pride21 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Ford F-250 7.2 powerstroke diesel. I have antifreeze coming from the rear of the engine. I suspect a freeze plug. Where is it located? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions. Do you have any other information that I might need in repairing it.
  • lima1lima1 Posts: 1
    is it possible for my 2005 Ford F150 supercab to accelerate while pressing the brake without catching the gas padel.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910

    Oh, you wanted to know how? :blush:

    Well (assuming you have a vacuum brake booster), if it develops a fault that allows part of the vacuum containment to access the atmosphere while the brake is applied, you have the equivilant to a temporary inlet manifold leak, and an inlet manifold leak will allow the engine rpm to rise.

    It's not common, and it's not like full throttle, but it can happen. Usual result is that you come to a halt and wonder why the engine is racing.
  • keithl1keithl1 Posts: 1
    I'm new to this forum - I have a 2003 F-150 SuperCrew automatic transmission. While gradually accelerating between 45-50 mph my truck "lugs", which feels like going over a bump in the road. This never happens when I accelerate quickly. This speed range must be the point at which the transmission goes into overdrive, but it seems confused sometimes. Is this a concern or just a symptom of this truck?
  • Guess I'll have to get underneath and check it out, hopefully manifold isnt cracked.
    thanks for the imput
  • coultsd73coultsd73 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 F-150 super crew. Just recently the oil pressure on first start up will fluctuate from 0 pressure to normal operating pressure.. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Oil level is normal.
  • tmp888tmp888 Posts: 20
    Could be the gauge. I had similar problem to my 93 Probe GT.
  • jrekjjrekj Posts: 5
    My 1987 F-150, which I bought new, has served me well over the years. Just recently the truck has developed a exhaust leak on the passenger side exhaust header. The Forder dealer wants $300 to $1500 to repair the exhaust leak (note: the truck sounds like heck for the first few minutes after a cold start. But, once it's warmed up, the sound/leak goes away). The wide range in the repair cost is due to the potential of the mounting bolts breaking off due to rust. I found a replacement exhaust header on the internet for $55 and I'm thinking about repairing the vehicle myself. Hence, I'm looking for any suggestions or recommendations before I get dirty.
  • russjrrussjr Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 ford F-250 5.4 auto. limited slip. I get a shudder when I accelerate froma dead stop or making a turn and get under moderate to heavy acceleration. I was told it was just the clutches in the posi rear but I was wondering if it could be the tranny. this is the only Ford I owned that I experienced this with. The shuddering stops once the truck is moving. can anyone enlighten me?
  • capstickcapstick Posts: 5
    Hey Tom
    I told you I would get back on the park brake problem.On the report card it says removed park brake shoe replaced L/E brake actuator.My truck was a factory order and built at the KC plant. I am still having problems with the 4 low trying to engage on its own.Other problems I have had-------tailights repaired,tailgate repaired,catalytic convertor,remote start, windshield wiper motor, engine noise (engine dismanteled A/C and both cam gears replaced.I am really P that the dealer has to hear the transfer case noise and loud bang as it trys to engage the 4 low.I told them it could be the vac control and still nothing.They are a good dealership but have their hands tied on this problem.I can see another problem on the horizon if the problems keep up the glove box won't be large enough to hold the work orders
  • gcullumgcullum Posts: 1
    have a 2004 f150 supercrew and have had it in the shop twice. once they replaced the clutches in the rear end and when they gave it back to me it lasted about three months. the next trip to the shop they put anti friction treatment in the rear end and ajusted the computer . i still have the vibration and the slack is getting worse. the service dept says they have never heard of this problem!!! trade it in on a chevy before warranty expires.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    A good breaker bar to try to turn those bolts. Lotsa Band Aids for your busted knuckles, and a good set of drills and taps to replace the busted manifold bolts. ;)
  • chevykevychevykevy Posts: 2
    have same problem- I have a 2004 F150 SuperCrew FX4 4X4 3.73 gears fully loaded! - was told it was the lube/grease in the drive shaft itself - some part slides in and out of drive shaft when the torque converter locks up - dealer re-lubed it 2 weeks ago (they needed to order some special grease from Ford) but I noticed a very light rumbble a few days ago - the exact same rummble that happened 2 months before the violent shudders started - also noticed problems with rear brakes when I release my emergency brakes (cracking noise when I put in in drive or reverse) - I crawled underneath and found that on the passenger side - the emergency brake cable has come off of the caliper ( cable has a little slot that hooks onto caliper) - taking it back for service/warranty work this week - well worth the $48, 850 sticker price eh? (I'm lucky, my budy runs the dealership so I got it at his cost and he treats me like a king- just a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] always taking it in for work!
  • huntr52huntr52 Posts: 2
    :cry: I have an 03', 250, 4x4. I am having problems with severe front end shaking when braking at 55-60. Truck has 80k w/original pads in good shape. Dealer says warped rotors. This is the third time it has happened. I took it in other times and selling dealer fixed, no questions asked with nothing stated on repair ticket. I cant believe that the rotors are warped again. I live in Texas and there is never enough high water to drive thru just mud!!!!!!!!! Anybody got any ideas????? :confuse:
  • skipkskipk Posts: 1
    I'm trying to replace a cracked driverside, telescoping, heated mirror with a turn signal outside edge. I found they have just the glass. Has anyone replaced just this part?
  • canadianacanadiana Posts: 2
    Hey Jim,

    I was just at my mechanics this evening, and as I suspected after a prolonged period of irritating ticking in my 97 f150 (4.6L)......the manifold is cracked. The ticking is particularly pronounced when the engine is cold, then dissipates as the engine heats (manifold expands and seal crack partially). Anyway, I was told that I should replace both the left and right at the sam,e time as the other one is likely to go sooner or later. Apparently the process is quite involved as the inner wheel wells have to be removed to get at the manifolds. My father has an 01 f150 and had the same problem. He had his replaced in Texas while touring with a house trailer. I was told I could live with the noise, but I think I have heard it long it looks like new manifolds. Other than that the engine runs great.

    Hope that helps

  • canadianacanadiana Posts: 2
    One more thing....

    There is a technical document curtesy of good ole' Visteon availible to all avid googlers':

    This document is mostly technical jargon concluding no correlation between manifold cracking and engine run time. Most of the data is plotted using a Wiebull function (transforming data points to percent rank) and analyzed with basic statistics. It is interesting that there seems to be a clear linear relationship between failure and engine run time, yet the extrapolated conclusion is no causality. The tests were done using a lab simulation hot cold cycle for 10-10,000 hours. Unfortunately as with many other applications, there seems to be some serious lab to field extrapolation error...cause my truck has less than 150,000 miles and I definately have a manifold leak.

    My 2 cents

  • hunter5hunter5 Posts: 2
    I have a '93 F150 5.0L that doesn't seem to have much power. It is very sluggish up hills and on the hiway. Sometimes it doesn't want to go over 50 mph. When under load, like up hills it makes a ticking noise. Just bought the truck. I have replaced the fuel filter, air cleaner, pcv. Next I will look at plugs I guess. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    You forgot the book "1001 bad words".
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    I wrote that book a long time ago when I tried changing my own ball joints. :P
  • Overall, I would have to say that this truck is an impressive truck. But I have not driven the others, only read reviews and I have only had this one for a bit, so time will tell on the quality. But my Biggest gripe, seat design. Bump in the very lower back portion without even cranking up lumbar. Causes aches in my back. Other models don't have this or not as pronounced. Isn't this what Lumbar control is for ??

    Has anyone ran across this ?? I would think that my options are to Trade for different Ford with seats more to my liking or swap these seats out. I don't even know if I can, I would need to go to Ford site to check.
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