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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Regardless of the value, of the diesel motor is in good shape, you'll sell it easily. Those 80's IH diesels can roll up 500K+ miles if they're cared for and there's always someone looking for one as a work truck.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    "You are correct about Fords market share decreasing over the past 10 years. Though than happens when competitors grow as well. Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hundai, are all now much bigger than they were before due to increased product offerings, and yes of coarse, due to higher sales as well. Such is the great world of free trade and competition."

    But that's the definition of market share. It's a percentage of 100, not number of vehicles sold. Ford loses, someone else gains. Now if you're talking cause and effect here, like "Did customers walk away from Ford or did they walk towards Toyota?" then that's another story. Based on my own personal experience and talking with a lot of other current and past Ford owners, quality is at least part of the problem.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    "Based on my own personal experience and talking with a lot of other current and past Ford owners, quality is at least part of the problem."

    I guess it has a lot to do with what vehicles you are talking about. Only rotten 1990's Ford vehicle I am aware of is the 1995-1997 Windstar.

    More Recently the 2000-2002 Focus, and the 2001 Escape.
  • robsrobs Posts: 4
    The computer module was the problem. They had to replace it and now I hear there are problems with the clutch plates in the rear diff. They are the cause of my apparent shifting and thumping on acceleration.They must be fixed as well. It has not stalled on me since the module was replaced and I hope they can correct the other minor issues next week when I take it in. There should be bulletins released regarding those problems and they should be aware of them. Good luck. Let me know how it turns out.
  • robsrobs Posts: 4
    Just advising everyone that apparently there could be an a problem with the clutch plates in the rear diff in the 04 F-150 Supercrew 4x4 with a 5.4 l engine. I dont know if it applies to all models but if you feel like a rear end shift followed by a thumping upon acceleration from a stop, that could be the problem. I'm taking my truck in this week so I will post my findings. Just a heads up if any of you are having this problem. There should be bulletins at your dealer.
  • For those of us who want more power, and for buyers (i have talked to a few) who switched to the Nissan because of power alone, is there any whay that ford could just put the 355hp V10 into the F150??? This should solve all power questions off the bat.
    Do it in a King Ranch or Lariat trim. What do you think guys would this not be a cheap (they already have the engine) and easy way of fixing this mess?
    Just suggesting thats all. I know its the best, just not the fastest. But Ford can fix that.
  • I have the V10 in an F350 - it can be knuckle buster to work on the back half of this engine even in the Superduty engine compartment. Pulling the last two coils and plugs was an adventure. A V10 in the smaller F150 would be real interesting....

    If you want more power - order an F150 XLT with an 8' bed. That allows you to order the "heavy payload package" and gives you the 5.4L V8 with the 4.10:1 rear end. The 5.4 with the higher rear end ratio, should move out quite well in the F150.

    If you want the Lariat or King Ranch trim, then you'll have to come up with $ to change out the rear end with aftermarket gears,
  • Anyone experience front rotor problems with the current generation F150?

    A friend has an 04 reg cab and it already has a grove in the front rotors before he reached 3k miles.
  • I've got just over 4k miles on my '04 F150 and the stering wheel shimmies when braking moderately down hill. It's not a good sign.

    I'm going to make sure I report it with my next oil change cause I had a friend tell me his '02 needed new rotors after 15k miles. Ford told him "it happens" - wound up being a $500 brake job.
  • I have a f150 super crew since the day i bought it has a vibration above 65mph they have replaced 6 tires on the truck and have not come close to fixing the problem. the truck has been in the dealership several times with no satisfaction from them or the factory. I have hired a lawyer and will try and sue ford.
  • there's TSB #0416 on this subject.
    Rear end of 4x4's (2004) is messed up!!!
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    I test drove many current gen F-150 Lariats before I purchased one. Almost all 4X4 models had a steering shimmy issue. In my opinion there is more to it than just wheels/tires, I have a hunch it is drive shafts. I would advice all folks against the purchase of a 4X4 F-150. Instead get a 4X2 with a limited slip. I had a Nissan Pathfinder 2001 4X4, it was plagued with the same vibration issues.

    There were service bulletins to road force all wheels/tires, the max force variation was 10 pounds or less, otherwise if would be felt in the steering, plus some adjustments in the rack & pinion assembly.

    I test drove 3 Toyota Tundra(s) 4X4 before I got Ford, they had the same vib sickness. Look in the Tundra board, search for the word vibration or shimmy, you will be surprised. I got a new 5.4L F-150 4X2 SupCr back in August (this year), I have already got 11k miles on it, no vib problems & I have not balanced or rotated the tires.

  • I have recently purchased a used 2002 F-150, 4X4 and I also have the shimmying in the steering wheel when I break. It is significantly greater at higher speeds and breaking downhill. My guess is a warped rotor. Will have dealer repair under certified used vehicle warranty. I also from time to time notice a pop in the tranny when I accelerate and drop a gear, particularly dropping from 3rd to 2nd. Anyone else?
  • Have you had a problem with the truck shaking over 50 mph? The dealer has a list of about 8-9 on a fix "wait" list since they do not know what is causing the problem. Our F-150 was purchased less than 30 days ago and they did not disclose this to us! Anyone have any suggestions?
  • We have 2004 F-150 bought less than 30 days ago. It doesn't shimmy, it shakes! Anything over 50 mph and the steering wheel starts shaking bad. I took it in only to be told that it cannot be fixed and was put on a wait list for when they figure out what is wrong with the truck. I was livid. "You sold my husband a truck knowing there were problems with it?" I asked. I was told that salesmen would not know of any problem. The door to the showroom was less than 15 feet, I would think they could communicate. I have lodged a complaint with Ford, the dealer and checked our lemon law for Ohio and contacted a lawyer. I have no intention of driving a truck that could be the next "Explorer" with wheels falling off! The dealer was unconcerned, with an "oh, well, we will let you know if Ford figures it out". Can you believe it?!
  • are you driving a 4x4?


    can I believe a car dealer would sell you a car without telling you there might be a problem?


    why yes - you're talking about one of the lower common species that walk the planet.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    What your dealership said was absurd. I would take the truck back and tell them to road force balance the tires. Shaking at higher speeds is a big indication of unbalanced tires. Especially when it is mostly felt in the steering wheel. Since your F-150 is a 2004, that tell me that it has been sitting on the dealers lot for at least 4 months (2005's come out in Sept 2004). This leads to flat spots in the tires when vehicles sit in one spot for a while with a lot of weight on them.
  • I bought an '04 SuperCrew 4x2 in August and beginning with the test drive felt a vibration at 40-50 mph. The salesman explained it was likely from "flat spots" on the tires from sitting in the lot so long. I bought the truck. The vibration continued. I had a dealer check it twice and both times they rebalanced the tires but the problem remained. Next I bought a new set of tires and wheels, and it still vibrated exactly as before. Now the dealer would not check it again because it didn't have the original wheels and tires! They suggested I take it back to the dealer where it was purchased. I did. Immediately they told me it was the driveshaft, and they would replace it. This SOLVED the problem. Drives smooth as butter now. (And I'm the happiest guy in Harris county.)
  • I have a 2004 f-150 with 3800 miles. Already the rotors are scared. I brought it back to the dealer and they said they won't fix because it preforms up to Fords standards. So if you are thinking about buying a new f-150 or already have one CHECK THE FRONT ROTORS!! Ford has a bad batch of rotors & they want to stick you with the bill. I also have problems with my idle, a/c, & radio? What's next? Oh Yeah, your brake warranty runs out after 1yr. or 18,000 miles.
  • swampdog


    what do you mean by "scared"?


    and why isn't is covered by the "brake" warranty?


    btw; I've never heard of a brake warranty - where did you find info. on that?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    LOL, I think he means 'scarred', as in deep scratches and grooves.


  • anne2anne2 Posts: 1
    I have lost faith that a truck can be built to last. I have had 3 Chevys now a Ford and I am lost. My truck just blew the #7 spark plug out of the aluminum head causing the head to have to be replaced. Why with as much compression as these trucks put out would you make something out of a soft material. $2000.00 and it could happen in the other 9 cylinders at any time???

    Sorry this is not acceptable. I lost my rear end in my Chevy at 3000 miles again at 12,000 and again at 24,000 needless to say I got rid of it and bought the Ford and am now in the same position. I give up! Ford sucks too!

  • The brake warranty for your automobile is located in the warranty book that comes with the vehicle.
  • contact me if you have an 04 with vibrations...I just bought an 2004 3-4 weeks ago...about to make ...or not make 1st payment because I have not had it in my possession yet. They have tried numorous times time stop the vibrations with no success. I may start a petition or ??? We have to get something done here. I have contacted the BBB and am ready to submit all information to the Attorney Generals Office. I have test drove about 25-30 trucks in my area all 2004's they all had the vibration except two or three border lined acceptable. The Dealers/salesmen are lying to the customer to get rid of the stock.
  • I have an '04 F-150 4x4.


    I've been getting vibrations (shudder) when accelerating from a stop and they are more pronounced when making a turn at the same time as I accelerate.


    Took it in to the dealer yesterday. They tell me that the problem is the differential clutch pack and that it is "too tight", so they are replacing it. I haven't seen this particular problem on my brief scan of this forum, but I understand there are a number of these Ford has replaced already.
  • I searched All-Data TSB's and found the following:


    04-1-6 JAN 04 Driveline - Clunking/Grunting Noise/Shudder


    I'm not a subscriber... yet, so don't have access to the text of the TSB. Anyone?

  • I take it from your description that you have limited slip rear end on this truck?
  • I just purchased a new Lariat 2004 F-150, 2 wheel drive, and I have the same vibration from stop nd turning as you. I'd be interested to know if their "solution" solves the problem. Please post your results...thanks
  • i went to dealer to see if they had a truck i could trade on and the sales manager wouldnt take my truck cause it had a noise in the engine. i told him his service dept said it was piston slap. he said he talked to them. got me mad enuff i went to another dealer and told them to check it out. they found piston problems. ford esp had them do a tear down. i now have a new remanufactured engine compliments of ford esp. thanks for your help wpalkowski
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