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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cjazoomcjazoom Posts: 9
    I went back and looked at my window sticker and I also had satellite radio, $430.00 How could I forget, the first thing I did was go home and have my account transfered from my trade-in to my new car. Oh and the car came with 6 months of satellite.
  • remmibremmib Posts: 32
    Now things add up ;) The rear hatch on the two CX-9s I looked at can be closed with one hand but do need some effort. My wife wants to wait for the power liftgate...

    The dealer said power liftgate option can be ORDERD in April and probably takes another 2 months before it'll arrive.

    Do you find the rear hatch hard to close on yours?
  • cjazoomcjazoom Posts: 9
    Yes, it is hard to close. I'm thinking in the future that might be an option I can have installed. But then again, it's just another elect. component that can break down. I can live with the hard to close.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The dealer said power liftgate option can be ORDERD in April and probably takes another 2 months before it'll arrive.

    FYI...All orders going in this month forward will be for the 2008 model. This months orders will be for Aug/September arrival.
  • 99zoomr99zoomr Posts: 55
    Hi. I've had my GT for a little over a week now. I didn't think the hatch was really that hard to open and close, but I also don't think it's an easy one-handed operation. Mine came with the Rear Seating Entertainment System which my daughter really enjoys. So far it's proven to be a very good buy! I'm having the splash guards installed next week... :)
  • zplnfanzplnfan Posts: 18
    After considerable research and many test drives - 4 of Acadia and 2 of Mazda CX-9 and 1 each of Ford Edge, Rav 4, Santa Fe, and Mirano - I just ordered an Acadia. I was torn on the CX-9, but ultimately the slightly smoother and more quiet drive and the ease of the manual transmission mode sold me on the Acadia. And going from a convertible, I REALLY like the two sun roofs on the Acadia. If you're not in the market for the things that sold me on the Acadia, then I think you'd be really happy with the CX-9 too.

    My comments on the other cars - Rav 4 has many advantages, but the ride was rough - about the same as the Santa Fe (which, by the way, has excellent safety ratings and the new design can compete with the best of them). The Edge's braking was totally UNacceptable. It had been my favorite before test drives (also has two sun roofs) - afterward, my least fav. The Murano was fine, but didn't offer the third row seating. I'm a researcher when it comes to making major purchases, but my choices are driven first by the appearance of the car - I have to like walking up to it every time I go to work or leave the office. So the safest car with the most features at the lowest price has no appeal if I don't like looking at it.

    Hope that helps.
  • srinaldisrinaldi Posts: 22
    The Acadia was a very nice vehicle. I didn't test drive it, but like the looks and the available dual roofs (wish the rear actually opened). My only complaint was the lack of tiptronic and if you load it comparible to the CX-9 it was a little more.

    I based part of my decision on the past ratings of GMC's Envoy which was rated poorly. Either way both the CX-9 and the Acadia are new with no reliability history.

    I can tell you now the one disadvantage of cleaning the CX-9 (washed it today for the first time) is the roof is very hard to reach (20 inch wheels). I had to pull out the ladder and wipe off the roof.
  • wareverwarever Posts: 28
    I took a test drive of the CX-9 today (and am also in So Cal). None of the semi-nearby dealers had any GT AWD's with NAV; based on the comments here, I tried Tustin Mazda. They had a couple. Right on the showroom floor was the vehicle I'd possibly want - deep blue, black interior, NAV, moonroof. It also had the towing package, which I could care less about. MSRP was $38,855.

    I also wanted the tonneau cover and the mirror/homelink which they said they'd add - for well OVER what the options cost (total of $807 - $540 for just the mirror/homelink and installation).

    I first asked about a lease. With $2500 drive-off, 39 months, they quoted me MSRP plus the extras. Money factor was a whopping .00241 (and that was before they even checked my credit; they were supposedly using tier 1 numbers or just under) and a 56% residual. They quoted $643/month including the 8.25% CA sales tax. I calculated it out and got something like $615. Not sure where the extra $30 a month came from - and they couldn't explain it, either.

    Eventually, they came down to $586 a month (they took some off the selling price).

    Then I asked about financing, since it wasn't all that more for a 72 month loan than the lease. Well, they couldn't offer the same discount. They'd give me a total of $1,000 off MSRP - plus the full cost of the extras (which is much higher than if they had been in the car from the factory).
    With the same $2500 down (but none going to acquisition fees or first month lease since there isn't one), roughly $350 in DMV fees (I'm guesstimating) and with 72 months at 6.99%, payments would come out to around $676.

    Personally, I think they should give me a bit more off on the car (I haven't given an ok yet - we went off to dinner (in my OWN car - they wanted to ensure we'd be back by letting us take the CX-9) and didn't return). I also think they should give me the extras for much closer to what they'd be as built-in options; it isn't exactly MY fault that they were stupid enough to order a basically loaded car without something as simple as the mirror/homelink option.

  • wareverwarever Posts: 28
    And adding to my diatribe (grin)...

    I'm at a loss as to whether to get a CX-9 or a Lexus RX350. I'm at the end of my lease on an RX300.

    I don't have kids so realistically, the 3rd row of seats is pretty useless - however as a computer consultant, the extra space (100 cu. ft. vs 80 for the Lexus) is useful.

    I think the CX is prettier. My current vehicle is that deep blue as is my fiancee's Lexus IS. Getting that same blue CX would be nice - I just love that color.

    The RX gets a bit better gas mileage. It has better acceleration and better braking; the CX just "feels" heavy. I think the Lexus seating is more comfortable, especially with a 10 way driver and passenger seats versus the Mazda's 8 and 4, respectively. The ride in the CX isn't bad at all, but the Lexus just feels more "luxury." Wouldn't be bad if the CX were trading some off-road capability or something but it isn't, in fact, the specs I saw rated the approach and departure angles as being much higher for the Lexus than the Mazda (that's how steep a hill you can go up or down). The Mazda has that nice 6-speed manual-override transmission versus the Lexus standard 5-speed, but I think it would make more of a difference if the Mazda actually could "zoom-zoom" (but being as heavy as it is, it doesn't).

    Lexus has a better warranty all around - 1 year more on bumper to bumper, 1 year more on drive train, 1 year more on corrosion (which isn't much of an issue in California).

    I can lease an RX350 AWD for $574 a month for 48 months. Certainly, leasing a CX-9 for $586 for 39 months isn't a good deal - more money for what amounts to a cheaper vehicle. Buying an RX350 would be way too expensive. I'm way low mileage so leasing isn't an issue - and with my own business, leasing is an easier and greater tax writeoff.

    So it seems to boil down to leasing an RX or buying the CX. And whether I want more space in a bigger car that's probably not quite as nice.
  • srinaldisrinaldi Posts: 22
    It seems you would be happier with the Lexus. You really don't need the extra space and the accelaration is better on the Lexus with more of a luxury feel-that seems to be the way to go.

    The only reason I would not go that route is the fact it is a business writeoff. Since that is the case and it is not really costing you the same as "you" paying for the payments, it would be a nice way to "test out" the CX-9.
  • srinaldisrinaldi Posts: 22
    I would try to negotiate a better deal. I got $2600 off on a GT stickered at $35000 and worked a deal on adding the Homelink mirror and a couple other options/accessories.

    The real issue right now with a new car/model is there is not a whole bunch of crazy deals to be had. If you really love the car and have the funds, is an extra $1000 or $1500 off really making a difference? I always want to work the best deal, but sometimes I wonder if it is worth the aggrevation just to get that extra $$ off. Over a 60 month term the monthly difference is minimal.

    You can get a better deal than that, but if you really want the car and that is the best you can do-buy it.
  • We have S-Plan pricing through my wife's employer. Which is nice b/c we don't have to negotiate - we get the dealer's invoice price with no haggling, whatever options and add-ins we get are also under the S-Plan price.

    Found the CX-9 we wanted in another dealer's inventory on the internet. GT FWD with moonroof & Bose upgrade. Those were the only features I really cared about, don't need the AWD or Nav., and could benefit from the slightly better mileage since I drive 40 miles a day. I asked the local in-town dealer to have the car I found located here. They wanted me to put a $500 deposit down to make sure I was serious...

    Yeah, right. :confuse: What's up with that? Of course I'm serious, I wouldn't be there asking them to get the car for me if I weren't! I decided it wasn't worth the trouble and walked out the door but not before I had filled out a credit app.

    So I called the dealer who has the car in their inventory and am going to deal with them directly. They're only 45 miles away so it's not that big of a deal. Turns out the car is still in Seattle, not even unloaded from the container. Hopefully it will be here soon! Anyway, this has been a bizarre buying experience. Even with the non-negotiable pricing, it's been a hassle. But I still want that car! :)
  • laker34laker34 Posts: 27
    I test drove the CX-9 and the Saturn Outlook...the CX-9 felt so nimble compared to the Outlook. My wife drove the CX-9 as well and she loved it. After she drove the CX-9 we went to the GMC dealer and the moment she sat in the driver's seat she said it felt too big. I'm still going to wait and see how reliable both cars are before I make a decision on which one to purchase.
  • srinaldisrinaldi Posts: 22
    Can I ask what you paid? That was the same options I went after and my brother has the S plan, but I think I negotiated a better deal than the plan.
  • Haven't bought it yet... but the MSRP is $35030, and the S-Plan price is $31279. $3750 off the sticker price isn't too bad in my opinion! ;)

    BTW, we also test drove the Outlook and Dodge Nitro (I know, not even in the same ballpark here). I had the same impressions - CX-9 is much more nimble and fun to drive, the Outlook seemed ponderous and sluggish. And the external dimensions are a bit bigger so it wouldn't have fit into my tiny garage... The Nitro doesn't even compare to the CX-9 in performance, fuel economy, or cargo / passenger capacity.
  • shlaflafshlaflaf Posts: 2
    CX-9 Touring
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Towing Package

    Price Paid: $31,978 (Invoice Price)
    Internet based negotiations with several dealerships.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    That's exactly what my wife said, only with the Acadia! :D

    I'm waiting to see the new Veracruz before I make any decisions. It has all the same legroom (more headroom) but less cargo space. It's wider than the CX-9 but shorter by 9". It has a bit better power to weight ratio and turning radius. They both use Aisin 6-speed automatic transmissions. It doesn't have nav or bluetooth available, but that's not important to me. You can, however, get the moonroof and entertainment system together.
  • laker34laker34 Posts: 27
    I can get the S-Plan price through my work as well and it is not as low as the price you have ($31,279). Is it possible you're forgetting to include something? Here is a breakdown of the MSRP and the S-Plan price that I can get:

    MSRP Car: 32,675
    MSRP Moonroof & Bose: 1,760
    Destination: 595
    Total MSRP: 35,030

    S-Plan Car: 30,215
    S-Plan Moonroof & Bose: 1,514
    Destination: 595
    Total S-Plan: 32,324

    So that's 2,706 off the sticker price, not 3,750.
  • srinaldisrinaldi Posts: 22
    I agree, I don't think the S plan is that much off. I had my brother check into it and they were ball parking the best scenario was around $2500 off. I negotiated $2600 off the same vehicle (MSRP $35030) and went that route.
  • jodonyjodony Posts: 4
    forgive my ignorance, what is the S-Plan? Thanks!
  • srinaldisrinaldi Posts: 22
    The S plan is the ability to buy at invoice through a work program that is somehow related to Mazda.
  • I didn't have the pricing sheet in front of me when I typed that up - I transposed the 7 and the 2. (Kind of a big difference there...) :blush:

    I also didn't include destination charge in my calculation, which you have to pay for but I didn't really consider part of the price of the car, since it's not something tangible and doesn't show up on the S-plan pricing sheet except as a footnote. So after all of that's accounted for I have the same numbers as you.

    Regardless - it's a great deal and I didn't have to negotiate, which is what I absolutely hate about car buying.

    The S-Plan is basically a program where the customer pays the dealer invoice price on the car. So the dealers don't lose out, Mazda will reimburse the dealer for a certain portion of the difference between the invoice price and MSRP on the vehicle. It's a win-win-win because Mazda gets the sale, and the dealer gets a known profit, and the customer gets a good deal. The dealer and Mazda still make money on it, though I'm sure Mazda takes a small hit on their margin and the dealer doesn't get full sticker (though they probably wouldn't anyway - especially if they're dealing with srinaldi). ;)

    I believe the "S" stands for "Supplier" as in Supplier Pricing. My wife works for a state university which buys whole fleets of vehicles from Ford, and Ford owns a third of Mazda, hence the S-Plan pricing for university employees. It's just a marketing deal designed to keep the big purchasing partners coming back to Ford to buy their fleets, and to hopefully get the employees to buy Ford/Mazda vehicles. The corrollary for Ford vehicles (and other divisions like Land Rover & Volvo) is called X-Plan.
  • jodonyjodony Posts: 4
    Folks, one dealier in CT told me that there are simply no CX-9 FWD models in stock in the entire Northeastern US... either in Sport, T or GT versions. Mazda's online inventory seems to confirm that. Any insights on that? I am not so hot on sinking $1,200 or so on an option that we may use a few times a year at best. Thanks!
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    Don't believe the dealer BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! has a Sport and GT in FWD.

    Took about 30 seconds to find...........
  • srinaldisrinaldi Posts: 22
    Don't buy it, shop around. I wanted a GT FWD in Copper Red with tan and the bose/sunroof. Dealer found one at another dealer less than 2 hours away and did a dealer trade. Had it in a couple days. And that was looking for a specific color and options.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    one dealier in CT told me that there are simply no CX-9 FWD models in stock in the entire Northeastern US... either in Sport, T or GT versions. Mazda's online inventory seems to confirm that. Any insights on that?

    Yoru dealer is not telling you the truth.... Re-check the locater....they are limited but I'm looking at two fwd sports right now in CT.
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    CX-9 Grand Touring FWD with Moonroof/Bose pkg. in Seattle area.

    First at $100 over Edmunds invoice price, second one at invoice price.

    That will be pretty hard for the other dealers who respond to beat..........
  • ocalaocala Posts: 11
    Newbie questions.
    I have done a thorough search around the central Florida area. I am looking for a GT or touring with Nav + entertainment. I can't find any.

    Can the dealer install this option after factory?

    Do I try to get him to search all over?

    I'm trying to accumulate all info before I dive headfirst into the dealership. I want to sign and drive, and can't wait for a long shipment.
  • I do believe that the DVD option can be installed at the dealership. However, I don't think that you can get the DVD with the moonroof. At least that's what I was told when I was shopping around. Not so sure about whether you can get the nav system post-factory.
  • The dealer's trying to sell me on some auto finish protection, called Auto Armor. Here's the URL:

    Is this worth an extra $300? I'm leaning toward not buying it. Seems like a rip off...
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