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I'm considering the Tacoma Double Cab. Has anyone
bought one of these recently? If so, what kind of
pricing? The dealer offered 600 over invoice. Do
you think I could do better? Thank you in advance
for any advise.


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    Welcome to the Picksups Conference. Here's a direct link to the Tacoma four door forum in this conference that you may want to check out.

    Since your "Tacoma Double Cab" title is more accurate than the other forum ("Tacoma 4-door"), I'll probably freeze that topic and link it to this one.

    Btw, my sister recently bought a double cab. Her cost was about 600-700 over invoice. She lives in the northern California area. Pricing: I think a lot of it will depend on what region you live in, how many double cabs are available in your area... etc..

    There may be others here that have more to add. Good luck with your purchase. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
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    I just traded in a 10 month old Dodge Dakota Quad Cab to get the Tacoma double cab. Just look at the NHTSA pages to see why: Dakota - 3 recalls and 13 pages of TSB's; Tacoma - 2 TSB's, for paint chips and mud flaps. My Dakota had the recalls for trans filler hose fires and front wheels getting loose. Also 4 trips to service for a wheel grind noise TSB which was older than the build date of the truck and they still couldn't fix it. It also depreciated 20 % in 10 months, and at 12k miles that 'new' 4.7 l engine still wasn't broken in!! I got the prerunner V6 and am getting 19 mpg (just over 1100 miles so far) instead of 11 in the Dodge, and the engine is only rated 5 hp less. The interior room is very similar, just (as someone else said here) a little narrower in the Tacoma. I have 2 small kids and their 2 child seats fit just as well in the back seat of the Tacoma as they did in the Dakota, but now there isn't really room for an adult between them, except for a very short trip. I really like this truck. At 5', the bed is even comparable. I'm 6'2 and fit inside just fine. I'll never buy another Dodge...

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    Thanks for your answers. I will be making my purchase in Florida, although I would also be willing to travel a little (southeastern region) to find a good deal. I believe the toyota dealers have extra fees added on this region which makes it more expensive to buy than other parts of the country. Has anyone in this area made a recent purchase?

    Bsparx- I never considered the Dodge, but thanks for you for the warning. Did you get a good deal on your Tacoma?
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    You're welcome. Good luck with your purchase! ;-)

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    Did you say your Tacoma V6 was rated at 5hp less than your 4.7L Dakota V8. I'd like to know what V6 you have in there! The 4.7 is rated at 230hp and the Tacoma V6 is rated at 190 hp. Thats a diffence.
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    The 4.7 with the CA emissions package is 225hp, and I thought Edmunds said the larger (newer) tacoma v6 is 220, but I might be wrong - it wouldn't be the first time. What the tacoma really lacks is low-end torque, for trailering, pulling boats up ramps, getting out of snowdrifts, etc. But, the heaviest trailer I tow is a 2400# compressor, I don't have any boats, and I don't live in the snow. When we go to Tahoe, we take my wife's Subaru anyway, because its more comfortable than any truck.

    Do you have the TRD package? I opted out because I didn't like the choppy Tokiko ride, but swapped my stock shocks and struts for Rancho 5000's all around as soon as I got the truck. Rides great and really keeps the wheels down. Do you have the locking option, or the LSD? I have the stock open diff and might want to change it out, provided I could keep the same gearing as its good for mpg. Do all the TRD's come with the 4.10 gears? My Dakota had 3.92, which was certainly lower than Toyota stock (isn't it like 3.7??) but no good for mpg. Red line diff oil helps a little, especially 1st thing in the morning...
    Do any of you run Mobil 1 or other synth oils in this v6? I've always taken the dino oil out of my trucks, but they have all been big domestic v8's. I really like driving the Tacoma, and the payload is 200# more than the Dakota QC too, so that's another reason I thought the HP rating must be similar - similar gears, tire size, bed size, cleaance, etc.

    A good deal? Well, not the best. I got $1500 over invoice at Berkeley Toyota and am happy with the deal anyway. Most dealers in the SF Bay area are adding 1500 to 3000 OVER the MSRP!!!! This very new vehicle is very hot right now. They mostly stay in stock 2 to 3 days. I checked Autobytel and msn, and got a 1200 over invoice deal, any color, or a 800 over deal for white or silver only. I got the dark green for the 1500 over deal, and Berkeley gave me a better trade-in on the Dakota. And the invoice on the prerunner v6 doublecab is 5000 less than the dakota 4x4 sport quad cab. I know the Tacoma isn't a 4x4, but even that is 1500 less than the dakota 4x4 (3500 less than the slt). Easy decision for me. Sorry this post got long, I hope most of it is useful information...

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    Thanks for your feedback. Also, no need to apologize for your long posts. Everyone here welcomes your imput. ;-)

    My only suggestion about long posts is to break them up into short paragraphs. It's easier on the eyes that way. People will be more likely to read all the information posted, if it's easy to read....

    And now back to the topic of the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. Btw, my sister is really enjoying her new Double Cab!

    Talk to everyone later. ;-)

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    idea to hide it.
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    The Toyota 3.4 is rated at 190HP and 220ft/lbs of torque. In now way will it outperform the 4.7 by Dodge, no way, no how... dream on....
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    Thanks Vince, at least I know where I read the 220 number...

    By the way, no where did I claim it outperformed the Dodge 4.7, unless you are talking about mpg or payload. I agree, the 4.7 is quicker off the line, more powerful at the low end, and would probably have a faster top speed without the computer limiting speed to 96 mph. I was posting only that I found the Tacoma to be a better built and more efficient vehicle for me, after not just test driving both, but after actually owning both vehicles. No need to be condecending.

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    Actually I do not own a Tacoma. I own a 98 Mazda B-Series. At the time I registered in the town hall I put tacoma_trd as my name because I had looked very hard into buying one and I was, until I heard about the 2001 Ranger Coming out witht the new 4.0L V6. That is why I opted not to buy the Tacoma, and now I am glad I didnt. The 01 Tacomas are ok but I dont think they look nearly as good as the 01 Rangers. I am just waiting for the 5spd manual tranny to come out in the Rangers before making my decision. I have tried to change my username but I cannot find a way to do it, I can only change my password.
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    There is always the supercharger option. You will find acceleration and low-end grunt better than the stock 4.7L with that little addition. I've seen them for $2000 plus installation and some of the guys don't see much change in mpg. Check out and link to the forum. Lots of off-road stuff, but still great info for the trucks.

    I have a 95 Tacoma 4x4 that I love, but it's an extra vehicle and I'm probably going to replace it. I'm hoping the wife will finally give up her Camry and we'll replace it with a double-cab 4x4. I like the looks of my Taco better than any of the newer ones, but I like things simple I guess.

    Does your wife have any trouble getting the kids in/out of the child seats because of the truck height? That is our only concern, and probably would buy the Tundra instead but it seems to sit higher. Any comment?
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    I saw my first Tacoma 4-door "lotsa cab" last night. Not sure I like the new grill on the new Tacomas, but will get used to it. What are the advantages between this and the Nissan Crew Cab? Is it only a matter of brand loyalty?

    P.S. I had a '00 Mazda B3000 and compared to the imports, it was junk!
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    No problem getting the kids in and out of the car seats. But I'm 6'3 and my wife's 5'9. Although my mom did it fine the other day and she's 5'7. I got the running boards and my 2 1/2 year old actually climbs in and out himself. It seems easy...but my last trucks were all bigger (00 Dakota QC, 96 F150, 92 F250) so maybe its just perception.

    Sebring, thanks for the supercharger suggestion. If I get into any heavier towing, I'ts nice to know there's an option out there. Does that require premium gas? Anybody know what Toyota might charge to install the locking rear diff with dash switch? I've noticed a little tendency to slip in the rain, as the rear end is pretty light and the engine seems plenty strong. Thanks,
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    I don't think you would want the toyota locking rear on pavement. The TRD locker is really for rock/hills/mud. Also, I don't think the TRD locker can just be installed into a normal taco, it takes some modifying and different gears which means bigtime $$$$. At least that is true for the 4x4, not sure on the prerunner. In 4X4, the locker only engages in 4lo (unless you do some tricky wiring) but I haven't a clue on prerunners.

    There are a few limited slip options out there that seem to work pretty nice. I think that would suit you better. If you go to the link I posted earlier, ask about who has a limited slip and you'll get some good info. Most of those guys off-road pretty heavily so if it's durable off-road I'm sure it will handle on-road stuff. There are a surprising number of prerunners on the site, cause alot off wheeling out west doesn't require 4X4. Someone can help you there for sure. It's a very active page.

    The S/C does require premium fuel or at least it runs alot better with it. If I can get the wife into a 01 double cab, I'll be supercharging it just to do it. $2000 and I can install it myself so it's worth it in my opinion, but I like to have excess power I guess!

    We also have a 01 Dodge Ram diesel that is used for hauling horses. Our trainer normally does all the hauling with it, but it's still here if I need a fullsize. That really makes having a smaller truck around a better deal. Zipping around town in a 3/4 ton quad-cab long bed just to buy feed is kinda silly! And the wife is 5'7" so she already said she doesn't want to be throwing kids into the back of that all day.
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    I am considering buying either the Nissan or Toyota Double-cabs. Has anyone out there checked the mileage on either vehicle? After many years of 5spds only, I am considering an auto. I'd like to get feedback on the mileage for both. I just helped a friend purchase a 2000 Nissan double cab. It's really nice, but it didn't seem as quality' as the Taco ma.

    Also, I owned a '96 Taco ma which I felt was really unstable, so I sold it. Does the double cab add to the stability of the vehicle? One more question, does anyone know when the next generation' small truck will be introduced in the Toyota line? I know that 2002 brings a new style 4runner, so how about long will that style hold-out? Thanks!!
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    Thanks, Sebring. I test drove Double Cab Prerunner V6's both with and without TRD. The one with TRD had a pushbutton next to the Power / Economy button to engage or disengage the locker. I agree that using a locker on pavement is an awful idea as your inside tire will basically rub the tread off itself on every turn if it has to spin at the exact same rate as the outside tire. On loose dry dirt, though (like we have a lot of here in CA) a locker is usually better than the LSD, as there is no spin before both sides grab. I think the locker gets you the 4.10 gears, though, which is worse for fuel economy. Do you - or does anyone - know what gear ratios Toyota offers with LSD's? Thanks.
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    The new Tacomas should feel more stable, although they really haven't changed much. One problem with most 95 and 96 Model tacomas was a three leaf spring pack on the rear and weak factory shocks. My 95 had the three leaf pack and it liked to dance around on big bumps, especially during a turn. There was a TSB for the 95-96 Tacomas, and if during the warranty period you complained they would replace all four springs/shocks with the updated design. Everything since mid-96 forward was built with the updated springs/shocks. But you'll really need to drive one and see what you think. My Tacoma feels more stable to me than alot of other vehicles I've driven particularly SUV's.
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    Thanks Sebring.............I am really curious about the gas mileage with either the Frontier or Tacoma doublecab 4x4's in basic Northern California hilly driving. I'd love to hear from someone who checked their mileage a couple times. Also, anyone hear when Toyota is going to restyle the small truck line? Thanks, I've already gotten alot more from these townhall responses then anywhere else!
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    I'd love to get some feedback from folks that have had the Tacoma Doublecab 4x4 for a month or more....past the 'honeymoon phase'. What do you and don't you like about it. I'd like to especially get a gas mileage quote. Happy Holidays!!!!
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    akg, I've had my Tacoma Prerunner v6 doublecab since Nov. 25, and have about 2200 miles on it now. I'm averaging a little over 18 mpg on mixed driving. My commute is only 5 miles, but I get on the highway during the day for work some too. I did a 180 mile round trip last week and got just under 21 mpg using cruise at about 69 mph, no wind. I have the snugtop shell - put it on at about 800 miles - and it has no noticeable effect on mpg, unlike other shells I've had on other trucks. Of course, break-in is supposed (per owner's manual) to be 1000 miles, so if I hadn't put on the shell, my efficiency may be even greater by now. Prior to this truck, I had a Dodge Dak. quad cab, drove it 13000 miles in 10 months, and never got over 14 mpg with the 4.7 l / auto. Mostly averaged about 11.
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    Oh yeah, I'm using 89 oct. fuel
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    I'm a Toyota fan, drive a '98 Sienna van and now I'm looking at
    a new Tacoma Double Cab. My brother-in-law purchased a new Dacota
    quad cab 4x4, 4.7V8. I like his truck(don't need 4x4) but have
    never owned a Dodge. The Toyota is cheaper, and I think I'd get
    better long range service out of the Tacoma. I plan on keeping it
    "till the wheels fall off". I don't need a V8 but the Dodge V6 is
    rather low on power for their truck. I've driven the Tacoma and the
    Dodge, the seats are about the same comfort and the Dodge is NOT
    that much bigger. I'd like some real mileage from owners of both.
    Why did "bsparx" sell his quad cab and buy a Tacoma?
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    The folks I know that have had the Dakotas have found the V8's more efficient than the V6. I know in 4X4 ext. cab form, the V8 will get better mpg in real driving than the 6. Also, the V6 constantly comes out of overdrive up small hills on the interstate. I wouldn't put the V6 in anything besides the reg. cab 4X2. The Tacoma is much lighter, and the V6 performs quite well in a truck that size. The advantage to the Dakota is size, so that's pretty much where the extra cost comes in. I think they are closer than you think though in price. That's the only downside to a Tacoma in my opinion is price, but after the flogging I've given mine sometimes ya just have to pay to play:>
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    I'm considering getting a Tacoma Double Cab and was wondering if Toyota allowed you to factory order your vehicle the way Ford will allow you to do. Does anyone know and if so how do you do it. Thanks
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    No, you can not factory-order any toyota vehicles. The only thing you can do is find the closest matching vehicle to what you want in your area and have your nearest toyota dealership do a dealer-swap with the other dealership where you found the vehicle.

    Another option available in certain areas is having certain items deleted or added at the port when the truck comes in. For example, you may not be able to get find a certain model with power windows because the factory just isn't building them that way right now in response to consumer demand. You can try to get your dealership to add the option on at the port when the truck gets shipped. (For example, in Texas, trucks arrive in port at Houston before being sent to TX dealerships and so in this port, options are added or deleted at the customer's request.)

    Hope this helps.
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    Whoaaa nelly. Since when can you not order a Toyota? I've ordered my last three. There are some limitations by zones as to what options are being sent to certain areas (southwest/east) seems to have some really funky stuff. My newest Camry was ordered because none were available with the options I wanted. At that time a dealer in Columbus OH told me I could not get an LE V6 with Sunroof in Black. So I went to a dealer in Akron OH who searched for one. After none were located I placed the order. 7 weeks later I had the vehicle. In other words, it all depends on what region you are in concerning what you can get anyway. And if the dealer is lying so you'll take something from stock so he doesn't have to fill out all that complicated paperwork and wait 7 weeks for your cash.
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    You are correct. The Gulf States (tx, oh, la, and nm, I think) are limited to what toyota ships them. Their only options are port deletions or add-ons or dealer swaps.

    Thanks for the update, though. I'll try your region next time I want to order and see if they'll truck the vehicle to me for a fee.
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    I read somewhere about that gulf states, how sometimes the port/dist. center will put an expensive option on ALL the vehicles. Then anyone in that area has to buy that option like it or not. Sometime back I guess they put expensive wheels on all the Tacomas. Everyone had to pay extra for wheels that didn't look as good as the factory alloys from what I understand. Talk about a monopoly of sorts.
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    webbd and sebring95 -- thanks for the info.

    Sebring95 -- from what you said it sounds like we might actually be talking about two different things. When I said factory order I meant the truck would not actually be built until I ordered it and it would be built the way I specified. Ford has a program like this for some of its cars.

    It sounds to me like you asked the dealer for a certain car and when they didn't have it they kept an eye out for the car and directed it to you when it came in. In other words, they didn't tell the factory that you wanted a certain car and then the factory built it but they kept an eye on production and when they spotted one that matched what you requested they grabbed it. VW won't let you factory order cars the way Ford will but they will allow dealers to view the cars in the build process and flag ones that meet customer criteria and have them shipped to them.

    Of course, I could be completely misunderstanding what you said and the way Toyota does it. :-)
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    Well, mine was actually ordered. By your title though, sounds like you are in the gulf coast region, so you may not be able to order one. And if you mean order anything you want, no toyota doesn't do that. In other words, you can't get a grey interior with a tan colored car, or special order a color/option that isn't available. They have packages and option requirements/deletions that the order must adhere to. I'm not aware of any cars that you can special order anymore, but who knows.

    I also have doubts about getting a vehicle ordered that is built in Japan. We looked at a Lexus RX300 a year or two ago, and it was basically a take it or leave it on what was available. Those are built in Japan, but most Camrys and all Tacomas are built in the US. All three of my Camrys were built in the US and ordered the way I wanted. My first one was a 92, and I wanted a V6 LE with Sunroof. The sunroof wasn't really common on the LE, but it was an option so they ordered it for me. My next was a 94 Coupe V6 LE with Leather. There was one in 1000 miles but was missing a couple options I wanted so they ordered one. That one took about 14 weeks because they just didn't build very many coupes. I think they waited on orders and ran several at a time.

    Alot comes down to your dealer and what region you are in. Grab a brochure and if it's listed as an option one way or another you should be able to get it.

    I know a guy up in NE was looking for some specific options (limited, ABS, cruise, TRD locker 5-speed i think) and they had a helluva time getting him one. He went to about three dealerships and the last ordered one. They told him 15 weeks, but I think they diverted one going to another dealership and he got it in ten. So they can divert/trade them, but they ordered one as well.
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    Took delivery of my Tacoma Double Cab V6 day before Thanksgiving. Been loving it ever since. First tank of gas got me 19 mpg, but has been hanging around 16 mpg ever since. People are surprised how much room is available in the back seat and the comfort of those seats. More leg room and comfort than Chevy Silverado extended cab with swing out doors that's for sure. Enough room for large adults and small kids have room to squirm too! Didn't come with keyless remote and will cost about $500 to purchase and install at the dealership. Purchased rubber floor mats from dealer for just over $100 front and rear. Kind of concerned about the long term hold up of black fender flairs, etc. Nothing but great remarks from friends, family and strangers about the new design. Any other owners out there?
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    Well, I guess its true. You do learn something new everyday. I had no idea that the Taco was built in the US. I was working under the assumption that they were built in Japan. If that's the case I now understand how you were able to order one. Where in the US are they built?

    You're right. I am in Houston and am stuck with this Gulf Coast cartel deal for the time being. Although I'm considering buying one from a dealer in Kansas City (where my sister lives) and driving it down to Houston to escape the Gulf Coast cartel. My parents did this when they had a hard time finding the particular Honda they wanted here in Texas.
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    I got the Taco brochure a few days ago and noticed a few pics of the snug top. I've also seen one on the road and really liked it. The brochure said it was a dealer option. Does anyone have one and about how much do they run? How difficult are they to install? Is there any place to buy the same thing at a discount type place? Thanks
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    They are built in California at a GM plant (gasp, cough, I need air). In addition, it's a union plant. The Tacoma is more american than apple pie...well maybe close.

    GM and Toyota have this thing going and they share a plant of some sort out in Cali. I don't know much more about it, but several parts on the Tacoma are GM/Delco such as batteries and alternators. I think the Corolla/Chevy Prism are built there too, but not positive. I know Toyota builds the Prism for Chevy somewhere here in the states. A few years back, Chevy sent some Cavaliers to Japan and they were sold under the Toyota name. BTW, that pretty much flopped.
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    I have had mine since the first week of November and love it. Hard to negotiate on price but well worth extra cost. Cajunfan I am in New Orleans and am curious where you are. My e-mail is [email protected].
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    It was easy to get rid of my Dodge Dakota QC in favor of the Tacoma Double Cab. I'll try not to bash Dodge Dakotas in general, as I know many people are having a good experience with theirs. My local dealer in Oakland, CA was the worst part of the experience, but my particular truck was pretty bad too. I had 2 out of 3 recalls - for possible fires in the trans filler hose and possible front wheels falling off. I also had warranty claims (known tsb's) for a wheel grinding noise, electrical malfunctions, squeaking seats, and door weatherstripping falling off. Every time, I would make an appointment, had to leave the truck all day, then I'd go pick it up, and they would tell me, "Yes, you have a problem. We'll order the parts and let you know when they come in." So every repair took a minimum of 2 visits! The wheel grind took 4, and its tsb notice was older than the build date of the truck. For that much $$ I needed more peace of mind than that. I was also only getting about 12 mpg, even with the airaid system and 40 psi in the tires and a fully broken-in (13k miles) 4.7 l / auto / 4x4 drivetrain, mostly city driving. I don't tow heavy trailers or race at green lights so the power and acceleration won't really be missed.

    The Tacoma DC is almost identical inside. I'm 6'3" and we also use 2 child seats in the back, so every inch is critical and we all fit just as well as we did in the Dodge. The bed is 1.5" shorter, but my hauling is heavy , not large, and the Tacoma actually is rated for about 200 lbs more payload. I have 2500 miles on it so far and am averaging over 19 mpg. Couldn't be happier with it. I have the snug top ($1400 installed, out the door, incl tax) and the fit is great, water tight, quiet, and isn't affecting mpg like other shells on other trucks have.
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    I bought a Tacoma sr5 double cab 4x4 in OCT. has 1800k on it. mpg is 14 in town/19 on highway. The same as my 99 Denali. So I guess size doesn't matter. I find my 6 low in power,I hit to get up to speed on merging on to the interstate,I sometimes fear it not going to get out of it's own way! then it finally gives me the speed I need. When I bought the truck it felt good,but of course you have a short period to try it out. I've had 17 operations on my hip and after driving for a short distance it kills me,also I'm 6'1" and really feel confined in it now with the heavy winter coat I'm wearing now. Also went to see what id' get for a trade in on a new Tahoe,boy was i shocked!!! New 2 months ago it was $26,500 now worth $20,000 not bad loss for 2 MONTHS!! i know they depreciate when you put your plates on.This truck was loaded up TRD,sr5,everything but leather. Dissappointed BIG TIME. Oh yea dealer told me they were hard to get only 1 available till Spring. Now their all over the place. Also dealer wanted me to pay sticker,you know what i told him on that.
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    Tacomas are built in Freemont California.

    Corollas and Prisms are built there, too.
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    Interesting on your Tacoma Doublecab experiances..Sorry it's been a drag.....Jealous that you have a Denali!!!!......I am looking for a used 4x4 doublecab, what state are you in? I am in Northern Cal. I am however kinda concerned with the poor gas mileage on 4x4's. Seems the Pre-runners get alot better. Keep in touch if you are close by and want to sell a little higher than the dealership offered you. I'm a girl on a budget, but I like the idea of a small truck with 4 doors.
  • akgakg Member Posts: 85
    Are you really getting 19MPG on a 4X4, or is it a Prerunner?
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  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    The noise you hear could be resulting from the air filter cover not being screwed on tightly. I had this experience with my '98 tacoma. Also, if you have the automatic, the engine starts at a higher idling speed in order to warm the engine up quicker. If you have any questions about this noise that aren't solved by these two explanations, visit this link:

    You can register your vehicle and then check out the FAQ's which refer to the item your asking about here. As far as too much oil in the crankcase and the misalignment, how did you discover this, and did that dealer fix it without hassle?

    Hope this helps.
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    My combined 19 mpg is in a Prerunner V6. I found one without the TRD package as well, although I wish I had the pushbutton locking diff. option. I didn't like the MPG loss of the supercharger (or the 91 oct. fuel) or the choppy ride of the Tokiko shocks. I replaced the factory shocks with Rancho 5000's at all 4 corners (shocks rear, struts front - same fit as '00 4x4 extracab) and the ride is very nice on roads or off. I'm in N. Cal, so not much mud or snow here - my off-road use is mainly limited to dirt and gravel roads here and in Baja. I'm still having a good time with this truck - nearly 3000 miles and counting...
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    I live in the Southeast region (AL). I, too, was told that "Toyota does not allow you to factory order" vehicles. Of course, that was 3 years ago when I got a Tacoma ext cab. Maybe things have changed.
  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Member Posts: 159
    Has anyone out there been able to find a double
    cab with limit-slip rear without getting the TRD
    package? What is the axle ratio?
    The first dealer I asked about it, said he could
    only get that axle with the TRD package.
    I was also quoted a price of 1.9% over dealer?
    I think I can get one for less than that, if I
    hold out a few months.
    I purchase a new '98 Sienna van and have used
    synthetic lubes in it since 12k miles. It has
    54k on it now. Not one bit of trouble. We've
    owned 4 Toyotas in the past. Looking forward
    to a new double cab.
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    Does this sound right? I was looking at the Tac Dual cab and the saleman said that you can not get a base model without the alloy wheels and TRD pack and all the other power everything....Does anyone know how they are optioned out? I am in Buffalo...anyone seen any on a lot within a reasonable distance?
  • gatorfan1gatorfan1 Member Posts: 5
    Went by toyota dealer today and saw the double cab for the first time and liked what I saw. I am very interested in it. I will be driving 100+ miles daily, need to put a car seat in the back and would like to tow a small boat with this vehicle. can this vehicle handle this comfortably and is v-6 necessary? I never heard of the double cab until I went to the dealership today. if anyone has any information they can send me about this truck that would be great. I live in central florid and wonder how much these trucks are selling for. of course the dealer said he could get me in one for $400/month, but I'm more interested in the purchase price. Can anyone tell me if there are any deals being given? are they selling above, at, or below sticker? I haven't decided just which options/package i want yet.
  • getatoyotagetatoyota Member Posts: 4
    First the options. As far as getting a factory order, don't plan on it being easy. In some cases, you can get one just the way you want, but don't be in a hurry to get it. It generally takes about 4 to 5 months to special order. I don't know why, but that's just the way it is. Toyota has a build schedule they follow, and it varies by region. New model releases are even harder to get much diversity in options. With new models they build them a limited number of ways, so they can get a few of them to the dealerships as soon as they can. The only real options at first are the port or dealer installed ones. {ie. cargo nets, floor mats, bed extenders, things like that.} It will be easier to get one closer to the way you want after the initial launch is over and the production catches up. buffsnow your dealer was telling you the truth about not being able to get a base model right now, but he should have explained to you that if you were willing to wait for a while you could. mtrialsm the axle ration is 3.91:1 The Tacoma doesn't come with a limited slip option, I think you meant a locking diff. That option is only available when you order a Tach., and either the chrome or the styled steel wheels. It is also available when ordered with one of the 2 SR5 packages or the Limited package.
    As far as the price goes. For now the 4X4's that I've seen, they are from the low $25,000's to a hard loaded Limited at $28,890. If you can get one at 1.9% over invoice, JUMP ON IT. That's a killer price and its not going to get any better. I can't get one for that and I sell them! If any one has anymore questions or wants to contact me my e-mail is [email protected] Hey gatorfan1 send me your e-mail and I'll send you all of the options.
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