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Chevy Tracker



  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    figures and then we can try to figure it out. Right now, I have no clue as to what you mean by using more gas than your neon.
    Give us the MPG ok?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    well i did a quick look up on gas mileage for the 2 Vehicles you mentioned. 2002 tracker and dodge neon.. here is what i found

    tracker 22-25 city/highway
    neon 28-34

    i am curious, before you purchased this tracker, did you reseach MPG? these 2 vehicles are also apple to oranges. and with that in mind you have to expect a difference not only in how they operate, but what they are used for and over all sizes & weights. the tracker is built on a Truck frame which is heavier and stronger.If you bought the tracker as a gas Miser then you bought the wrong vehicle. but if you bought it for its room, and ability to drive through all-season conditions, then you made the right choose. my 99 tracker 2-door is a tank. i drive it in places that make others nervous. as a matter of fact, i did so Today. I drove through water so deep it was up to the bottom of the door. and went over rocks that would loosen your teeth from all the bouncing. this is why i bought my tracker. my tracker which is a 2.0 4x4 is about as good if not a little worse on gas than my 2-wheel drive V-6 ford ranger. i roughly get 20mpg in my tracker. but i do have a little bigger tires and aggressive tread which isnt quiet on the road nor made to save fuel. but in snow! move aside cause i am coming through... lol
  • My stock tires are I thing 205x75x15's. It is a 4x4. on the stock steel wheel what would be a good step up and will they affect the brakes as in anti stop wise? I would like to get at least some p225's with out any rubs.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    here is the tire size i use and the tires that i use also. these tires are the best that i have ever had. Off-road they are great and in snow, you move through it like a tank...

    TYPE- - ireModel=All-Terrain+T%2FA+KO
  • I like the tread pattern on them and I am settling in with the Tracker now and am ready for some mudding this weekend in stock form. I will get a good idea for it then. Other than the wheel wells and power add ons in the Zr2 I thing my base model is a great bargin. I have just took so getting used to after having a wrangler for so long. The tracker handles on a dime and I like that, however I am concerned about the breaks, the seem some how unerpowered. I guess I will grown it to it.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    I have had no problems with the brakes on my rig with 19K on the clock. Could not say the same for my 2000 Dakota for which I traded to get my Vitara.
    You'll find your tracker to be a smart investment, a trusted friend, and a go anywhere tank! When I can tell you about a buddy's 94 model still going, with only two timing belt changes and a new clutch all this at 175K, well that is a testament to the good design of these great little suvs. Never mind what the rags say, these are true utility rigs that can go pretty much anywhere, turn on a dime and give nine cents worth of change!
    My only complaint is that Suzuki did not drop the Aerio engine and its 145 horses under the hood of these rigs. 127 HP is a bit weak, especially in W PA with all the hills and stuff, but otherwise, I think its a fine motor.
    How isyour 4WD shifting now? MIne was pretty stiff when new, but has since loosened up a bit and now its a piece of cake to go into 4WD.
    I hear cooper weathermaster tires are good for mud and snow, I have a set on order to mount on the extra rims I got from a fellow yahoo group poster.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473 ck&id=190

    mudders ck&id=28

    i almost bought these tires b4 going with my B.F.GOODRICH all-terrain ones. i am still considering the DISCOVERER STT...
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    I have heard good reports from users of Cooper tires.
  • Today was the first real test of the drive train in some non trial use. I was very impressed with the traction and handling of the Tracker, I did make one mistake though, I opened the rear door to load up a large rock for my driveway and had to push down on it to get it closed again, but considering the terrain I was on and the way the Tracker was flexing it was understandable. The transfer case is shifting cleanly now and really due to advice from here about shifting fast and not slowly. I was a bit spoofed at first when I got to the trails ( in Tennessee they drain the lakes and there are miles of trails to ride and boulders to climb) but after only a half mile I was sold. I am very impressed with the engine tranny combo and well just the whole ride itself. I have been asked not to post any other sites here so I respectfully wont but I have one with pics of the Tracker and one day I would like to show it.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    hey you can send me that link to the site with the tracker pix,. i would really like to see it.

    [email protected]
  • I like the look of your vehicle and you really keep it clean (most times haha) My days are coming as the lakes are going down by the day here and more and more paths are returning for the winter.
  • Please send me the link too.
    [email protected]
  • I have a 2.0 in my 2003 4x4 Tracker. The engine appears to be sitting in a twisted position with the drivers side rear corner being lower than the front corner by about 3 inches. I may have just noticed that it sets like this but it only has 1700 miles and if there is a problem I can take it back for sevrice. Most of the lots have the 04's on the lot now and the 4 banger was ended in 03. I know this is a crazy question, but do I need glasses? lol
  • I have looked at a few Trackers with the 4 cylinder and things look like they should.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    drugs are bad.... m'kay...
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    maybe its the mobil 1.
  • While my ride has not had its first oil change yet, I want to go to synthetics as soon as possible. I hear it takes about 5000 miles before it is considered a good Idea. Any thoughts or opinions.......Drugs are bad, did I miss something??
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    switch to synthetics.
  • I just used 14.9 gallons to drive 361.7 miles and that averages out to 24.2 miles per gallon. That is a combination of city and highway driving. My vehicle has only about 1800 miles on it and is a 4 cylinder engine. Hope this helps some.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    you do not have to wait until 5k miles. many cars come standard WITH synth oil! Mobil1 synth to be exact. I use synth oils in my engine, transfer case, transmission and both axles. i changed them all over at one time. and Shifting my transfer case became extremely easy and smooth. and my tracker even drifted downhills easier also. In my case i used ALL amsoil products. But you will have much luck with mobil1. in my tracker i was using 0w30 weight synth, but i just recently went with a 5w30 synth Deisel oil. the oil i have now is approved for cars/trucks a.k.a. gasoline engines. But it has a higher cleaning agent and allows the engine to be ran longer between oil changes. with you want to see the products i mean go to . But like i said with mobil1 you cant go wrong..
  • If there was a time to change I would like to do it as soon as possible, with it still being new and clean inside. Mobil 1 sounds like the way to go, question though, the newer type you use is OK for oxegyn sensors too?
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    combined with either a Purolator or NAPA filter, its a combination that will assure your rig runs a good long time?


    Friend's 94 tracker, two timing belts and mobil 1 since 34K now has 175K on it. Compression, amazingly, is still completely within specs. It burns no oil and starts and runs well.

    I highly recommend synthetic oil for your rig!
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    I have used Mobil One for 25 years in both new and used vehicles although I have also tried Valvoline, Amsoil and Castrol. I have almost always got a mpg increase of 4 to 5 percent on 4 cylinder vehicles and 2 to 3 percent increase on a V-6 or V-8. With K & N air filters I have added another 4 percent increase. Synthetics are so slippery that you have to break a new engine in first before using a synthetic or else the rings will rarely seat properly. It will take 1200 to 3,000 miles depending on engine design, tolerences, transmission and gear ratios and make sure you arent using any oil before making the switch. Some vehicles will use a pint or quart in the first 2000 miles until broken in. A few high priced cars come with synthetics but thay are no doubt built to tight tolerances and run in for a longer period of time on the test and adjustment stands at the engine factory. Cheaper vehicles cant afford the extra time. 5W-30 is for most new cars, 0W-30 works fine in cold climate winters and most older vehicles will take 10W-30. This stuff is thin so dont put in an old oil burner or one with gasket leaks or you will really go thru oil. It is great in hot or cold climates, extends engine life, has 5 or 6 times more shear strength and can actually extend oil drain schedules as the ball bearing type molecules last and last compared to long chain molecules in conventional oil. However, when a car is still under warranty you are almost forced to stick to the factory schedule and save all receipts to sarisfy them in case of a claim. I buy synthetic and my Suzuki dealer puts it in for me and lowers their normal oil change price. Not many places will do that. Hope this helps. I put in my wifes Suzuki Aerio at 1400 miles and am now putting it in my 95 Sidekick at 95000 miles.
  • I am going to buy the lubricants in advance and have them all by the time I can install them. I will wait till the second oil change and then install them. I am very interested in the t/case and transmission as well as the differentials first. We dont get much snow here but the hills and long way to travel to get anywhere is why I am looking for a superior lubricant. It is killing me to have a new vehicle and not being able to do anymore to it other than wash it or sweep the floor matts off. LOL
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    I had a French car that you could barely shift at zero degrees and below and synthetic in it made all the difference in the world. However in an old Tracker I used to have I switched the transfer case, differentials and transmission over to synthetics and it was all very slick and nice but the shifts were too easy and if you shifted too quickly there was gear clash. I think the syncro cones were turning too fast and easy to mesh properly with the gears so I had to remember to shift more slowly at least in the summer. However that vehicle had about 70000 miles on it when I changed over and the wear factor might have made a difference. The K & N air filter made a slight difference in my wifes new Suzuki Aerio with the 2 litre engine but made a huge difference in my 95 Sidekick with the 1.6 liter engine. Much faster and gas mileage on the 4 door, 4 X 4, automatic is a consistent 26 mpg around town and that is higher than it is rated at (22 city mpg and 25 highway). On Monday I am going to put in Bosch Platinum plus 4 plugs and Mobil One. Our 2 litre Aerio came with Platinum plugs. Yours might have them too. Check out the air pressure your vehicle calls for. These are light weight vehicles for a 205-75-15 tire and often only call for 23 pounds. That same size tire is used on some Dodge Grand Caravan 4000 pound vehicle and they call for 32 pounds which makes sense on a much heavier vehicle. I carry 26 pounds (3 pounds over) but if you go much higher these vehicles will really steer and handle strangely. I have driven a few Trackers with 225-75-15 tires and 35 pounds of air and they felt weird and dangerous. Experiment with different air pressures and always check them cold. Have fun.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    IF you do decide to go synth like i did in my transfer use ONLY GL4 OIL (NOT!) GL5. 4 is harder to find. 5 is more slippery and could interfere with the engagement of the transfer case. BUT that is not why i didn't use GL5.. i Didnt;t use GL5 because 1) transfer case calls for GL4 unlike the axles which call for GL5. 2) THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE... the inside of our transfer cases have brass. I have heard GL5 is corrosive with brass! I even had my local advanced auto parts tell me about the brass issue and GL5. anyways, i just wanted to give you a heads up
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Another "brass" post fyi:

    mac24 "Jeep Wrangler" Oct 8, 2003 12:07pm

    Steve, Host
  • The information on the synthetic lubes is invaluable and I am sure glad I found this forum. Thank you for the genuine thoughtfulness and sharing of your experiences, I really do appreiciate it. I have learned a lot about my ride right here.
  • Hi,
      My wife just bought a 2001 Tracker 4dr. 2.0liter, 4wd. It sounds almost like the defroster is on high, but isnt, and also goes with engine RPM's. Is the intake in the dash? Dealer says its a normal sound. Doesnt sound right to me. Noticed the intake is in the inner/outer fenderwell, just like the trucks. Maybe sucking air in through the firewall.....seems like a K+N kit would solve the sound. Do they really all do this? Its really annoying!!!!
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    The air intake for the engine is usually in a fender well near the front of the vehicle and you normally dont hear it. The air intake for the heating cooling system is usually at the base of the windshield and the fan blows the air out the interior vents. Which system are you talking about and are you refering to engine noise or ventilation noise with the fan on?? An underhood pad or insulation helps.....there is a fair amount of wind noise around the front windows and mirrors and some cooling fans are noisy or I have had leaves get stock in the air intake by the windshield and then vibrate. Is the exhaust system all original? Try to find another one with the same engine to test drive and compare. These never have been the quietest engines around but they sure are rugged and dependable.
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