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Chevy Tracker



  • lt007lt007 Posts: 1
    Hello I have a both (passenger and driver side) side body porter mouldings broken. They are the plastic (cheap) moulding that you hook up the convertible top to. Because they are plastic , they are very weak and have both broken (possibly due to the heat in Florida). Now I am faced with getting 2 new ones. I called the dealer and they want $100 a piece for a piece of plastic that does not cost more that $5. Now I am a reasonable guy but $200 is rather excessive. OUCH!!!!

    Does anyone have suggestions or alternatives. I have thought of going to a metal shop and see if I can get these fabricated.

    I am disappointed with GM for producing such cheap and inferior part .. especially when it has to handle a strong load, and very mad at the price!

    Thanking anyone in advance.
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    I hear that the NOAA is predicting a more than average number of hurricanes and severe storms this year. Tracker owners in Florida should maintain their tire pressures so they don't get blown off the road. ;)
  • michconmichcon Posts: 1
    I have a 2 dr.conv.99 tracker. I read meters with it,its runs great but in the winter while using my 4wd,ive experienced my front wheels becoming disengaged while under power as i'm backing out or pulling in to driveways on a sharp incline.I have automatic engage now but i feel that i should buy locking hubs.Is this possible or a answer to my problem. Tim :confuse:
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    If that engine has a timing belt it could be what broke. I had an old Toyota where the ball bearings fell out of the timing belt tensioner and the balls were rattling against the plastic cover. The race of the bearing stayed on and the belt did not fall off so I was able to drive 3 miles home to fix it there. Your belt is probably off (if it is designed the same being a Suzuki) and therefore it will crank but not turn over because the timing is off. Just a suggestion, of course if you have a timing chain I don't know what the metal on plastic sound is you are hearing.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    hey is your 99 a 1.6ltr or a 2.0 engine? i also have a 99 tracker, but i have the 2.o engine with the 4 speed auto. im at around 72k miles. only problems i have had is 2 wheel bearings and a/c no longer working. "didnt have it fixed yet"
  • shark38shark38 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 2D-4WD that I purchased last year. I really love it. I am looking for the Shop Manuals for it. I have a chance to buy the 1999 shop manuals and wonder if there is much difference between the 99 and 2000 Tracker. Would the 1999 manuals give me pretty much the same information or should I buy the 2000 books? There is a $40 difference in the pricing. Thanks
  • shark38shark38 Posts: 2
    I bought my hardtop from a maker in Canada. If I were you I would look at the one in Ebay right now. I believe it is available around your neck of the woods for a great price. I really like my Hardtop. I live in Seattle and am about to take it off for the summer. I had a roof rack put on mine so I could put skis and kayaks on it. I had them install rack rails on the front and rear tops so I could remove the rear top and still have the rack. You can take the front top off removing 2 screws and just stow the roof behind your seat. I don't think I will ever put the front canvas back on because of that. It is a lot quieter and looks great on the Tracker. The price may seem high but I really wouldn't have bought my Tracker without ordering the hardtop.
  • vreyvrey Posts: 1
    today i switched the fan motor for the a/c and nothing came out. could it be the fan or the switch? please help. i don't know if you realize how hot and humid it is down here. we're already at record heat. thanks
  • ladydiladydi Posts: 2
    Aloha everyone, I'm thinking of buying the above vehicle and when i drove it today I couldn't get it out of low 4wd(the one you push the lever forward to get into). Grinding gear sound was aweful. Came to a full stop, car running, put it in neutral and tried to shift it out of 4wd.. Was I doing it wrong? Ended up turning car off and trying several times before success. Salesman had siimilar trouble when he started the car for me initially. When I came back (early) from test drive and told him what had happened; he said it was me, not the car. Then he said it is "normal" to have to turn the car off to get it out of low 4wd. Would appreciate comments. This would be my 1st 4wd and I'm excited! I live in Hawaii and am hankering to go down those deeply rutted dirt and lava field roads. By the way, in Hawaii asking price for this vehicle, with 33,000 miles in cherry condition is 14,500. Called every lot on island and this is only one for sale.
    Much Mahalo
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i know i cant shift out of 4wd (low) Unless i am completely stopped. I think where the shifter is, there is instructions on How to use the shifter. did you see that when you were trying to get out of 4-low? i hardly ever actually use 4-low. i think i might have used it a few times off-roading or maybe in very deep snow. but for my 1999 tracker, i believe there is a warning message about Not going faster than 35mph in 4low, so i rarely use it..
  • ladydiladydi Posts: 2
    Aloha & Mahalo for the feedback. I'm going to look at it again this afternoon and will research more on using the feature.
  • calvocalvo Posts: 1
    Daytime Running Lights would not go off. Replaced DRL module and DRL now okay. Since DRL module replacement, headlights will not come on. Fuses and relays checked okay. Does anyone know if the module controls the regular headlights? And the new module could be partially bad?
  • wvjdtuckwvjdtuck Posts: 3
    Has anyone installed a transmission cooler on their Tracker? I have a 2001 ZR2, which has a 6 cyl. and I am planning on staying within the 1500# weight limit. GM does not have a listing but I have found a few coolers that are rectangular and might fit behind the bumper and get air from the hole in the guard. Any ideas....
  • okrafeetokrafeet Posts: 14
    Help! I have a used 2000 Tracker. I live in the HOT South, so now, in the morning, it starts fine and runs fine until I stop somewhere. Then it turns over but won't start. After a 20 min cool down it may start but then gets NO compression...just spits and backfires until I pull over and let it sit again. Then it will start. I've had it to three different mechanics the last two months and it cranks every time for them. The diagnostic tests say nothing is wrong. The day I take it home it does the same thing. Any ideas, anyone? Also, freezing weather is NO problem. My tracker loves it. I just can't afford to move to Colorado though I wish I could. :cry:
  • mommajmommaj Posts: 1
    I'm from Canada - just signed up to get some info on 1991 trackers. I own at 1998 Chevy Blazer which is great but a gas pig, so I'm looking for something that is a little bit more fuel efficient for getting around town, 2 and from daycare, work etc.
    Trying to get some info on their reliability or any other comments offered.
    The one that I'm looking at has pretty high k's ~ 250 ~ but all highway. It's in excellent condition, and so I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about the high klm's and if its worth buying. Asking $2500cdn.
  • westcwestc Posts: 1
    My front windows drop forward when opening them, then when I engage the power button to close them the motor either stops or drags. It seems the windows tip forward and have to be pushed back to the proper position to close again. Any ideas. The dealer told me it would probably take at least one hour of shop time to take off both front panels am thinking this could be expensive. :confuse:
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I have not installed one on my 2004 but, on my 97 Astro I added a universal cooler in front of the radiator it works fine and the van still stays between 160-190 deg while pulling 4000# trailer at 75mph on an 85 degree day. You shouldn't have any problems. Just get the smallest one that is available for the 1000-3000# towing range that way you won't block too much of the radiator.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Depending on the top (hard top or convertable) and is it auto of 5 speed and does it have a/c that works? The value for the 1991 with that may miles here in MI would be around $1000-$1250 USD. I am not sure what the exchange rate is but if it is an auto and with hardtop and a/c it may be worth $1500USD.
  • rontracrontrac Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how much it would cost to have ac installed in a 1999 Tracker?
  • rem05rem05 Posts: 3
    I am having the exact same problem with a 99 tracker. The first thing I replaced was the fuel pump relay, but it did not fix the problem. Right now I suspect the fuel pump or fuel injection. Maybe someone will reply to this that has found a solution.
  • okrafeetokrafeet Posts: 14
    Out of the three mechanics I've taken my Tracker to, one changed the fuel pump and I am getting better gas mileage. But it's now dying if idling too long. A friend had problems with a coil that would expand in hot weather, changed it and all was fine. Someone else suggested the oyxgen sensor.
    I don't know why my tracker won't act up at all for the mechanics. Just me. I'm going to take it to my fourth mechanic next week and if they can't figure it out...I'll have to trade it upside down on payments, but as a newspaper photographer, I have to depend on being able to get places in the hot south.
    Rem05, hopefully we'll be able to get this problem solved.
  • carmen05carmen05 Posts: 1
    I agree with you... the front ones were a breeze...
    Can you give me hint on how to remove the rear drums in order to inspect the rear brakes?
    I know they possibly don't need changing, but I want to inspect them anyway and adjust them.
    I may be doing something wrong because I am unable to remove the drums...
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    to be honest. im not sure what i did to get them off. i remember I broke a craftsman screw driver and i remember it was a total pain in the rear!! but with 70k miles io had about 45% life left on the rear pads. I do remember beating the rear drum with a hammer and trying to pry it. it worked. but i thought there had to be a easier way.
  • magoo5magoo5 Posts: 1
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I recommend turning off your CAPS LOCK because people tend to ignore messages typed in ALL CAPS.

    tidester, host
  • okrafeetokrafeet Posts: 14
    Rem05 - I had my fuel pump replaced...although they did it without my authorization. I have no idea if they replaced the fuel filter. I am SO not mechanically inclined as a female though I should take the time to learn this stuff. Just this morning, I took my tracker into the local Chevy dealer. This will be the last (of four) places I take it to. They say it has to act up when on the machine to be diagnosed. Well, naturally it doesn't for them, only when I drive it in hot weather.
    I told them to keep it as long as possible until it quits starting. Also, when I leave it it park and let it idle, it dies. After this, I give up. I'll keep you updated on what they say.
  • polmsteadpolmstead Posts: 1
    Hi Calvo,

    I'm having the same problem with my running lights staying on. I'm also looking at replacing the DRL. Looking at the schematic for the exterior lighting system the pnk/blue (Head lamp sig) wire out of the DRL goes directly to the Ambient light sensor (light sensative diode) and to the high beam indicator and the head lights. It's the round black thing on the top right of the dash. I would check with OHM meter to see if you don't have an open circuit or bad light sensor. But let me know what you find since I'm just begining the battle here. Thanks, good luck :confuse:
  • okrafeetokrafeet Posts: 14
    Well, after a week with no word from the Chevy dealer, I called. They said the hot weather starting problem was the cam shaft position sensor. Then he said he'd keep his fingers crossed that the machine would be clear and show nothing else. This is to the tune of $727.00. Fourth mechanic now. Hopefully,, this will solve the problem or I'll have to blow it up. Too bad I still owe 7K on it. :sick:
  • tatchisontatchison Posts: 2
    I searched the forums for my problem, but I couldn't find anything related to it. My 1999 Tracker's air conditioner just started blowing cool air, not cold air. I brought it to be re-charged, but the service technician couldn't do anything since the compressor (condenser?) wasn't coming on at all. I would press the A/C button, the light would come on, but the compressor would not start. I then brought it to the dealer, and now they are tracing the electrical system. It has been 3 days going on 4 and they still haven't found the problem. Could anyone have some idea what the problem would be?
  • tatchisontatchison Posts: 2
    I was wondering if you were ever able to track this problem down. It sounds like I have similar issues.
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