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Chevy Tracker



  • I have a 1999 Tracker which now has about 30,000km's and has been in for repairs twice for Synchros. I have been told by my service advisor that this is a "know problem". What will happen once my warranty has expired, will this still be a " known problem " and who will have to pay for this known problem, GM, I do not think so...... ?
  • dayooodayooo Posts: 1
    I am looking for a hard top for my 2001 Tracker. Per GM they no longer supply.
    Anyone have one Anyone know where to get one
  • I have a 92 Geo Tracker. A little SUV with a big problem. The ECM (the computer that controls a variety of engine functions) has died and the replacement cost for the part is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the value of the vehicle! To make matters worse no one can tell me why the part broke in the first place. So if I bite the bullet and buy the expensive part it may get burned out again. One person I talked to suggested that it may be the fuel injectors causing the problem.


    John Miller
  • Sat in the new one last Friday at Luddy Chevrolet in Holden, MA. It was tighter than my '92 Civic. My shoulder actually hit the door frame and not enough leg room. I didn't look at it any further.
  • I own a 1999 scuba blue Chevrolet Tracker 2.0L 4x4 2-door. I purchased the vehicle December 1999. I have had problems with the transmission since I bought it. Downshifting into 3rd gear has been grinding. The transmission was partially rebuilt and now has problems with 1st, 2nd, & 3rd gear downshifts. THIS IS APPARENTLY A PROBLEM THAT MANY OF US SHARE. I also had a squeaking sound that was coming from the engine . . . this required the dealership to replace the entire belt,tensioner,pulley system on my vehicle. I have had numerous other problems, including vibrations, etc. I AM INTERESTED TO KNOW IF ANYONE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN GETTING GM TO REPURCHASE OR REPLACE THEIR VEHICLE DUE TO THE TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS STATED ABOVE. IF SO, PLEASE EMAIL ME ( AS I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO PURSUE REPURCHASE FOR ME VEHICLE AND WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INSIGHT ANYONE COULD OFFER. I also think that it would be a good idea, for those of us who are having this same exact problem, that we begin writing one another and make a group. We should all join together and contact GM to complain of this obvious defect . . . in larger numbers we will have a much better chance of fighting GM and getting what we deserve. I have spoken to one person thus far with the same exact condition to his vehicle . . . we are trying to find additional people via other 'web communities' or complaint boards. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE THOSE OF YOU WHO WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US IN THE FIGHT AGAINST GM . . . THE FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT TO BUY A NEW VEHICLE WITH NO DEFECTS. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL
  • For you Tracker guys:
    I have an 89 Suzuki Sidekick. Its been a great vehicle until the last year it began to die intermitently. Finally tracked the problem to the ECM. The price for a new one was out of sight. I found Auto ECM in Houston on the Internet. They analyzed the ECM and repaired it for $200. They said they a lot of older Tracker/Sidekick are having the same ECM problems. Mine had two bad capacitors. Hope this helps. Auto ECM's address on the Internet is:
  • 2000 Tracker. 4 door, 4WD, automatic, ABS, AC, alloy wheels, roof rack, cruise, tilt, stereo cassette. Dark Green.
    This has been pretty much problem free. Dealer replaced a belt because it was squeaking, and put in a new stereo due to the original being scratched when it was delivered. Other than that no problems. It has remainder of 3/36 factory warranty (purchase date 10/99). MSRP was $20,331.
    It's in outstanding condition. I want to get either an Acura TL, or VW Passat, that's why I'm selling it. I just miss having a car. All I want is my payoff of $12,850. If you look around you'll find this to be a great deal. I'm too busy to handle selling it myself, so Bob Dennis at "Denver Motors" is taking care of that for me. If you're interested please call him at 303-781-3100. Thanks (mileage is approx 13,000 oil changes done by the dealer)
  • I am considering purchasing the 2001 4WD 4 door Tracker with all options. I was hoping to get opinions on the purchase. I like to go 4wd driving in southern Utah and southwest Colorado and wondered if this vehicle can handle that. Has anyone had major problems with this vehicle? Would you purchase another one?
  • woody72woody72 Posts: 73
    We purchased a '01 Tracker about mid Dec, base model, 4 cyl 2.0, 5 speed, 4 door, 4wd. Originally I was considering the Suzuki Vitara but realized these vehicles are exactly the same though the option packages and standard equipment are quite different. Some differences I was able to find were: Chevy puts in a lower amp alternator and a lower capacity battery and uses 15" wheels and a standard size tire, narrower than the Suzuki's 16", though both tires have the same outer diameter, also there is a slight difference in rear end ratios. With the generous GM rebate of $2000 these difference were not that great to me. I tell folks I bought a Suzuki Tracker. It has plenty of power for my needs and climbs our mountain roads in 5th gear. The engine is noisey and the clutch engages quite high, just things to get used to. It took me a while to find the right seat position to feel comfortable. 4wd is great, low range could be a bit lower. With mixed driving (hiway, town, mountain roads and 4wd driveway) I'm averaging 25 mpg. The seats are quite narrow as I think a large person may be uncomfortable. I noticed in the manual it makes a big deal about not using 20W50 oil, anybody know why, I'm using 10W40. I sold my 87 Subaru hatchback with 209K (all mine) and hope to get that kind of life from this vehicle.
  • usaf52usaf52 Posts: 70
    is there anyway to disable the automatic headlight sensor? if I drive under and out of shady areas, the lights flick on and off even when I go under a drive thru bank etc, the lights come on..I also have a smell of coolant when the engine is is a noticable smell but I'm not losing any coolant and there are no leaks..Any thoughts.?
  • We own a 2001 LT 2 WD. We have had it for about 4 months and about 4500 miles. The only problem, the brake pedal squeaked, so the dealer greased the bushing and the noise went away. We have had it up to 90 MPH and it was rock steady, smooth and quiet ride. We looked at Toyota and Honda, but couldn't get close to it in price about 19.3 drive out after rebate. We have gotten compliments on its looks, (once at supermarket, and the other time at the post office.) It only gets 21 MPG highway about 17-18 city, but other than that you can't get a RWD SUV for the price.

    I am looking at a slightly bigger SUV ie Xterra, Blazer, Explorer, etc.

    With the 2,500 rebate on the 2 door Blazer I may go with it. I know there have been problems with them in the past, but my boss currently drives a Blazer with 230,000 on it. I told him about the 3,500 rebate on the 4 door. He will look this weekend at them.

    Please note, I am not a shill for GM. My last three cars have been Mazda 1982 626, 1987 626 1992 MX-6. I owned one of the original Mustangs 67 GT 2+2 Fastback and a 1980 Z-28 Camero. The Mazdas were the best, but the Tracker seems well built.

    If you want more information, just write back.
  • woody72woody72 Posts: 73
    There is a photo eye (light sensor) switch on the far right (passenger) side of dash, the size of a quarter a little darker than the dash. I'm sure a good auto electric shop could bypass this, but I think you may have a faulty one. Experiment with this switch by covering it with a glove (or similar) during daylight and within about 30 seconds you should here a click and lights on, and removing it should click again turning them off. I drive my 01 in dawn and dusk and the lights come on with no problems, in fact I think Suzuki has a great idea. I find I never worry if I should put the lights on and if I think they should be on they already are. As far as drive thrus and tunnels the lights may come on and then again should go off with no flickering. This is a nice feature, have the photo eye looked at. If you are smelling coolant you may indeed have a slow leak, take a flashlight and look and feel under dash for wetness. Good luck.
  • usaf52usaf52 Posts: 70
    Thanks Woody. I guess I didn't explain properly. I smell the coolant outside, by the radiator area after the engine is warmed by a lengthy drive..I can find no leaks under the vehicle, or around any of the hoses, and my coolant level is not dropping in the reserve tank
  • woody72woody72 Posts: 73
    From reading these comments, the Suzuki comments, talking with a Suzuki service manager and mechanic it appears 99 models had some serious problems with front end shake and manual transmission. The front end problems seem to be related to the Bridgestone Dueller tires, perhaps a bad batch as the V6 still has these where the I4 has Uniroyals. 99 was the first year of the Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker change to Vitara/Chevy. From comments here and my '01 experience it seems the '00 and '01 have not experienced problems in these areas, thankfully. If I can be of help to the 99ers by comparing let me know, I'm sure it is frustrating.

    to usaf52; what became of your auto light problem? Your coolant smell baffles me, are you sure it is coolant (open the reserve tank and smell), if it is I would suspect a small conceled leak, otherwise a new engine can emit various smells.

    I bought mud flaps from Suzuki Accessories, they fit and look good, some minor drilling, a bit pricey at $52 front and rear and now I have the Suzuki 'S' logo on my Chevy. I'm trying to get the skid plate package kit from GM accessories with no luck, they say it is not available. Anybody have any luck here?
  • As mentioned by someone earlier, there is a round "eye" on the far right side of the dash. Gently take a small screwdriver and pry it out. Simply unplug it. The daytime running lights still work, but the headlights are now manual only.
  • If anyone needs a copy of the General Motors: 1999-2000 Chevrolet Tracker with manual transmission Bulletin on Synchormesh Transmission problems you can find it at

    Chris Murphy

  • woody72woody72 Posts: 73
    I emailed CAMI Automotive (the manufacturer of Trackers and Vitaras in Canada) regarding the '99 manual transmission problems mentioned in the above discussions. They admit there was a problem in '99 and made changes to solve the problem starting in early production months of '00 through present. These folks got back to me right away and answered my questions directly. This might be a better resource than dealing with Chevy.
  • Concerning the Transmissions in the 1999 Trackers and the problems which many of us have experienced, is GM going to be doing anything about the 1999's which are out there now with transmission problems, their Synchro kit I/N 91176347 does not fix the problem.

    I have had transmission work done twice and I only have 32,000 km's, and since the last time I now find it difficult to shift into 1st and 2nd as well it seems that the counter shaft bearing is gone. While driving in 5th and excelerating between 90 -100 km/hr I hear a wining noise, only in 5th gear.

    Looks like it's time for it's 3rd transmission re-build.
  • njtednjted Posts: 3
    I took a 2001 LT automatic trans for test drive this past week and while driving 55-60 noticed a low constant rumble noise. Not grinding. Since it was my first experience in a LT I wanted to know if anyone has heard similar noise. Not sure if it was tires or possible wind but the experience turned me off a little. Have also driven Escape & RAV 4 but have not made up mind yet. RAV 4 was very quiet on the highway at 60MPH. The information being exchanged here is excellent for any one trying to decide which way to go. Any comments/input comparing 2001 LT to 2001 Escape, RAV4, CR, etc. is much appreciated. Has anyone heard on a 2001 LT recalls? Any problems with the auto trans model?

  • greenlemon2 I feel for you. I have had transmission work twice on my 1995 Sidekick. There is no way I can recommend a Tracker to anyone (same car, different name). Suzuki is probably the transmission problem, not GM. It is such a misconception that they are calling them "Chevrlolet" Trackers now. Suzuki is still making them.
  • See my message number 222. The 2001 Tracker CT we have has 5,300 miles on it. So far, it is working fine. We have had the tracker to 90 MPH for short periods of time, without any problem of vibration or noise. But, I would test drive another and see if you get the same experience. But when you do, notice how the transmission shifts. I think you will be impressed with how smoothly it does shift through the gears.

    We bought the tracker only due to price. The escape is larger, and so too is the RAV-4, but both will cost several thousands more. Compare a V-6, auto transmission, 5 mag wheels, luggage rack, spare tire cover, full body cladding including running boards, key-less entry, power windows and door locks, tinted glass, and armored gas tank, and a SUB built on a truck frame. I think you will have a hard time beating the price of less than $19,000 drive out.

    As for people having transmission problems with 6 year old vehicles, imagine that. I know there were problems with manual transmissions in 1999 this has been corrected.

    Last year Suzuki sold 1.8 million cars and trucks. Someone other than me is buying them.
  • Just to clarify-I put a transmission on the car when it was only 2 years old the first time, 5 years old the second time. I just got a lemon. My sister has a 1994 that she absolutely loves. Mine was great at 5300 miles,too. I started having problems after 50,000. Both headlights went out at the same time. Coincedence?? That is what the dealer told me. I only took it in because I was afraid that it was something electrical. Both tailights also went out at the same time. I understand that everyone has their own opinion about cars. My sister was lucky, I wasn't.
  • I generally agree w/houstonman that you should choose another Tracker or Grand Vitara and compare the ride and noise. These vehicles do have some road, wind and engine noise but what you describe is suspicious. As for the Escape, CRV or Rav4; these are more car like with no 4wd low range. The Tracker/Vitara is built on a truck like frame with better suspension for off road use. The Tracker still has a rebate between $1500 and $2000 available.

    Found out the DRLs switch off when you apply the emergency brake.
  • I have been reading this forum since before I ordered my wife's 2001 Black, 4 Door 2001 Tracker ZR2 I/ roof rack, ad player and AS brakes, AT, V6 (including all other standard items) in September '01.

    I finally picked it up on Thursday Feb. 1st. We have put 500+ miles on it so far... We'll see about the long haul.

    Great Forum by the way.
    My decision to buy was swayed here.
  • Wow, I thought I waited a long time when I ordered a '00 Toyota 4Runner in Dec'99 and picked it up Apr '00. That's the family car, my commuter is (as noted in above posts) a '01 Tracker, base, 4 dr. 4wd. You may recall I'm not having much luck finding the skid plate package thru GM accessories. If I remember correctly the ZR2 has this as a standard feature. I'm talking about the front (front differential and engine) and transfer case plates. The latter being quite small. I'd appreciate it if you could describe these the best you can. GM wants about $200 for both as a kit which I'm sure is high as most manufacturer accessories are. Haven't seen a ZR2 around here yet. Keep us posted.
  • In mag # 8 a question was asked about flat-towing a Tracker but I didn't see any responses. I have a 2000 4dr with auto cranny and auto hubs. I was wondering if anyone knows if this particular vehicle can be towed with all 4 wheels on the ground? This question is being asked here because I have found conflicting information from various sources. According to my Tracker manual it is towable in this fashion but with limitations on speed and stopping to run the engine. The manual doesn't mention limitations on auto hubs but elsewhere I have found conflicting info on the hubs.

    Also, we found a low-pitched rumble when we first bought the vehicle at speeds above about 20 mph (roughly). Sometimes it sounded like it could be coming from side panels or exhaust, but it was hard to pinpoint. After being told that it was road noise, we found some reference to this on the internet (can't remember where, maybe here) and decided to take the cross-members off the roof rack. The sound went completely away, and it drove smooth as silk thereafter (haven't driven over 60 mph). We really like it, it seems to be a good vehicle for around town as it is fairly economical yet comfortable to us. We bought it, though, rather than the other competing makes, because of two things 1) its low range gear which we thought would be very handy for our back-road sight seeing and fishing trips and 2) the lower initial cost.

    Any posting that have good info on flat or dinghy-type towing with auto and auto hubs would be appreciated.

    Also, does anyone have an e-mail address for the supplier in Canada where questions can be asked and answered? (I found their website but
    I couldn't see any place to send technical questions).
  • In msg 237, although probably obvious, in the second sentence, please read "cranny" as "tranny".
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