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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • I recently bought one about a month ago, and I'm curious about other opinions.....and I really like mine by the way...
  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    I've heard alot of people say they're not quite sure what to make of the new 2000 montero sport. I recently test drove the 1999 XLS 4WD and the 2000 XLS 4WD, and I can tell you hands down, the 2000 model is better. Not only is the drivers side area nicer, but the new suspension made the ride noticably smoother. With a $2000 rebate on 1999 models it's hard to pass up, but I was so impressed with the difference in drivability that I'm going with the 2000 model. The only thing that is not fair is that the 2000 XLS 4WD model only comes in 2 packages: the base model, or a 'premium' package that is an unreal $2600 MSRP. I've gotten a real good price for the 2000 however so I think I'm going with the premium package also. I'll update you after I purchase.
  • I have been hearing a lot of bad things in regards to the fact that my insurance will be considerably higher.They have been telling me that it is much more expensive to insure compared to other suv's in it's price range.
    Due to the poor ratings that I have been hearing
    from T.V. and insurance reports.
  • I just bought a 2000 Montero sport.It is a very nice truck.I don`t believe Insurance cost is that bad. The reason is I used to pay $132.00/mo.for a trooper `96 model and `85 olds.I took off the olds now and put the 2000 montero sport and full coverage on both costs me $149.00/mo.Of course I had to shop around.Even if U say insurance is higher it`s not because of safety reasons.It`s because replacement parts are expensive.

    Mike Kebede.
  • I too just bought a 2000 Montero Sport XLS 4WD (with the premium package), and love it. Of course, everyone likes their car when they first buy it, but I know I'll enjoy it for a long time to come. In terms of style, no other SUV comes close. Those American SUV's are so boxy and ugly looking. And the 2000 model drives very nicely on the highway. I've already put 600 miles on it in 5 days, so I know.

    As for insurance, stay away from Allstate. I was around $600/6 mos, and my Montero Sport raised it to $947/ 6mos!! I then called around, most other insurance companies gave me $650/ 6mos. an increase of only $100 a year. (my previous car was a Mitsu Eclipse GST).
  • Hi I am seriously considering to purchase a Montero sport 2000 LS 4WD. I ambeing very careful with my buget. I don't want to spend more than I have to. Please let me know how much you paid for yours.You can email me at [email protected] Thank you
  • I know the 99 Montero Sport received a very negative rating regarding safety standards. Any word if the Mitsubishi company made improvements in this area with the 2000 models?
  • I just compared insurance rates on a 2000 Montero Sport Limited 4x4 and 1999.5 Infiniti QX4 with my insurance company (Mercury). The Montero was almost $300 more every six months. I found out the excess cost is due to a surcharge put on the Montero 4x4. Some 4x4's are surcharged and some are not. I guess the the 4x4's that are "more apt" to go off road are surcharged. All up to the individual company. Anyone compared these two SUV's...looked at and test driven both?
  • im looking at purchasing a 2000 4WD limited. It seems that the 2.5L engine is a big boost to this car. Any comments??

    I live in a big city and hit mountain trails on the weekends!!!
  • Hi,

    My wife and I shopped two years ago for an SUV and really like the Montero Sport...the biggest complaint was no torque to the engine. Sure it has horsepower...but without go go from stops. This is important since we live in the country in the Midwest. We have to pull out of intersection obscurred by growing corn. Has the new 3.5L engine get the boost in torque as it needed?
  • Hey Tank2,

    The MS is rated at 228 ftlbs. The Limited for 2000 has 4.90 axle ratio, up from 4.64 for 99 MS.
    I have tested the 99 and it seemed good. The 2000 should be even better yet. I have been waiting for a Limited to show up at our local dealership to give it a try as well. I have driven both the 99 Lim. and 2000 XLX and I prefer the 2000. The ride is much better on the 2000 as well as the cup holders.
  • Dmetzger is correct, the 3.5L will do a great job at getting the MS moving. However, it is only offered in the Limited model which is about 32k w/o leather. Since it is a 2000, negotiation will not be as good.

    Now, I have never driven or even ridden in an MS, so forgive me if I don't know what I'm talking about in the next sentence. With the 4.9 axle ratio, the engine will be spinning at 3000 rpm at 75 mph. That seems a little high for anything but a 4-cyl. I used to own a 96 Dodge Avenger with a puny 2.0L engine, and even it didn't hit 3000 rpm till 80 mph. It could get a little noisy up at highway speed... not to mention what it will do to fuel economy.
  • Blasmir

    I have wondering what the RPM will be at 75 as well with 4.9 gearing. Don't know why the changed from the 4.64. I guess Mitsu decided they needed more low end power. They did change tires from 15" to 16", but the diameter is the same. Fuel EPA rating has gone down to 15/18 campared to 16/20 on the 99. Quote to me from our local dealership, with leather, hitch, 6-disc cd changer, bug shield, engine block heater, is at 30k. There is a $1000 rebate on the limited until 9/30/99. But I do not count on the rebate going away any time soon. The 30k does include the rebate.
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    Where I work we are selling 2000 for the prices listed below:
    ES 20,600
    LS 22,600
    XLS 24,000
    w/lthr 28,200

    Those are all 2wd models. Not sure on pricing for 4wd since we do not get a lot of requests for 4wd where I live.
  • I'm very interested in buying a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport XLS. It looks great not to mention it now has a more powerful engine. I'm 99% sure this is the vehicle I want to be driving. It handles very nicely, the only thing is, in the past it's gotten poor reviews as far as safety, etc. goes. Does anyone know about new ratings or where I could check them out? My e-mail address is [email protected]
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    The crash test that received so much publicity was really misleading if it is the one that I am thinking about.

    What they did was compare cost of repair and found the Sport to have a slighly above average repair cost in accidents. If you compare it to the other suvs in the class they were all about even.
  • The price that I stated in post #12 was the MSRP including destination. I got the information from

    Looks like the prices you quoted in post #14 had about a $3000 discount, give or take a few hundred. Not too bad, but 4x4 models in the snow belt probably will not get such a discount.
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    Then it may be worth it for some people to fly Valujet down here and buy one and save 3,000.
  • ..I believe the 2000 XLS has the same exact engine as the 99... it always been a 3.0L V6. The only difference in the 2000 models, engine-wise, is the lowest model, the ES, now has a V6 like all the others instead of that piddly V4. And, as always, the Limited has a 3.5L (I have NO IDEA why they only put the 3.5L in that model.. should have at least 2 models with the 3.5L).

    I've had the 2000 XLS 4WD now for about a month, and the 3.0L is good, but I wish I had the 3.5L.
  • can you get the limited in a two tone like the XLS?
  • cimteccimtec Posts: 2
    My dealer has a Montero factory rep vehicle avaiable. All options except towing package. Sticker is $38044. I figure cost at $33467. Less the 2500 rebate, cost is 30967. My question is: vehicle has 11,600 miles on it. What is a reasonable offer?. Also, since it was a factory rep vehicle, is it reasonable to assume it has been taken care of? Thanks.
  • What kind of warranty are they offering on the factory rep deal? I would go for lowest price you can get along with an Extended Warranty, like six years and 100,000 miles bumper to bumper. That will care for things that the rep did or did not do.
  • bjm4bjm4 Posts: 1
    A dealer demo like this would still have full factory warranty. The warranty does not start until the day the consumer purchases it - those miles and weeks won't count against you at all.
  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    According to my 2000 brochure, the Limited only comes in 1-tone colors. Very unfortunate because the 2-tone looks sharp. I myself was considering a 2000 Limited but went with the XLS. The big difference is the 3.0L vs. 3.5L engine. If you're not concerned about the engine, just get the XLS with the premium package.

    Another thing about color. The dorks at Mitsu did something so stupid, I can't stand it. I really really liked the new black/silver and black/dark gray 2-tone colors available on the 2000's. The problem is, they only offer tan leather. Soooo, if you get the premium package on an XLS, it automatically comes with leather, which automatically made the 2 new 2-tone colors not an option!! I had to go wit the black/beige, which I like, but the black/silver is much sharper. If you see any black/silver 2-tone XLS on the road you already know they didn't get the premium package. Pretty dumb, huh? I bet they offer gray leather for the 2001 models after they realize their mistake.
  • Has anyone seen or driven a 4X4 Sport LTD? Every dealer I have contacted seems to be in the dark about delivery. It seems that Mitsu is steering potential customers to the smaller engine XLT.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Hey Jeffrag;

    Just tried a Limted Sport 4X4 yesterday (finally). Had it for 1 1/2 days, so got to put it to the old test. It performed very well. Off the line it is ok, but would not break a tire loose. Once up to speed, runs well. I live in Montana so took it on the freeway, up over some steep hills, and to my surprise, at 80 mph, did not shift down and dropped off only 2 mph before gaining it back. Did the same at 75 and 70. The 3.5 litre engine definately has more power than the 3.0 litre.
    Also, it has 4.90 axle ratio, lower than the 99's 4.64 which I thought would hurt fuel ecomomy. The 4x4 is rated at 15/18 for 2000 and the 99 was rated at 16/20. I tried both the 99 and 00 over pretty much the same test and the results were 18.3 mpg for the 99 and 18.1 for the 00. The lower axle ratio did not seem to hurt the fuel economy. At 80 mph, the engine is turning 3250 rpm, which is pretty high, but it seems to be more into the engines power band. At 70, it is 3000 rpm.
    The vehicle is quiet. Transmission shifts extremely smooth. Better riding than the 99. Comfortable leather seats. Has great rear passenger leg room. More than most SUV's in this class. Funny, the brochure shows less than most SUV's. Must be where they measure from where the front seat is located. And the rear seat reclines! Build quality seems very good. Noticed a lot of little things to make this vehicle smooth and quiet, vibration dampners, intake hose pods, insulation, etc.
    I also found out from our dealer that Mitsubishi credit is offering 0 payments, 0 interest, and 0 down unill the year 2001. Yes thats right, '2001'. They do have the same plan for the 99's going till 2000. So you could possibly have the vehicle for 14 months before you have to make a payment. Unheard of in this industry.
    My suggestion to you is to wait and try a Limited before you buy one and check out their new program.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160

    Another interesting discrepancy, is that Edmunds review stated that the Limited 3.5 engine was weak climbing up mtn passes or used in high altitude. Shifted down from overdrive. The one that I tested did not. Hmmmmm!!!
  • Hello guys, I am thinking in getting an ES or maybee and LS 2wd Montero Sport. Specially with the 0 payments, 0 interest, and 0 down unill the year 2001 program. Can anyone give me a resonable price to pay for either one. And do you guys know if the rebate if any will qualify with this plan. Any comments are welcome at [email protected] , Thanks
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160

    No rebates or incentives apply on the 2001 program. You waive them when you go for this plan.
  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    Visited a Mitsubishi dealer today. They said both "99" and "2000" models qualify for the 2001 program. As mentioned before, the rebates do not apply.It's one or the other. He did say they were willing to get close to invoice. Drove both "99" and "2000" and both drove very nice. I couldn't tell the difference, but both test drives were on very smooth roads.
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