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    Wilson21 you may want to crack open your front windows a slight amount to even out the air pressure. I have a GMC Jimmy (trading this summer for a '00 MS Ltd) and I have the same problem with wind.

    Try that out, but if you have the windows open already then see your friendly service manager.

    Happy trails.
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    Don't you just love the T.V. commercial where the guy is working out at the gym and they anounce "who left your lights on in the Minivan">>>>
    Shoot me before I ever buy a Minivan.....
    By the way I had a 1995 Full size Montero for four years, one of the best vehicles I ever owned..
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    Hi, I'm wondering what type of auto tranny
    fluid is used in late model('97+) Monteros. I'd
    really appreciate it if you can look it up in the
    owner's manual for me. Thanks.
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    Yes, it is an interesting commercial. But, what they don't tell you is that the Montero Sport crash tested <<A HREF="">; with poor results (nearly the worse of the pack; the GMC Jimmy and Chevy Blazer twins were the worse), so its not really in tuned with Mitsubishi promoting it as a family vehicle. I'd take my chances in a minivan (except the GM ones) over the Montero Sport any day. This is all, of course, just my opinion. Those of you that are considering buying this vehicle in the near future should definitely keep this in mind.

    I like the new 2001 Montero with the rear independent suspension much better. But, it is a lot more expensive.
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    Check out You will find some interesting postings/info
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    Big Easy Al,
    Read your note about buying a 2000 LTD. My '98 Montero Sport lease is about to expire and I am looking for a new one (live in Louisiana). Interested in the dealers you FAX'd to in NOLA area & who got the order. Also, heard of the Mitsubishi "loyalty" rebate? One person said it was worth up to $1000. My thanks - jed62454
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    e:mail me at [email protected] for instructions on how to get the best negotiation tactics for buying a 2000 Montero-Sport. You may also want to visit an excelent site that I found after the fact.
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    Considering a 2000 montero sport. Wondering how the power is with the 3.0 ltr engine. All other suvs seem to have more hp.Thanx!
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    I did not care for the power on the 3.0 ltr 4X4. In 4X2 version, it may be better. Food for thought. I have the Limited with the 3.5 ltr. If you are looking at the XLS model, the Limited is not that much more in cost. And it has good power. If budget only allows for the LS model, than your stuck with the 3.0 ltr.
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    2000 Montero Sport Limited 4X4 For Sale...
    Active Duty Military With Orders Overseas...
    3.5 Liter, Red, Leather, All Options...
    1200 Miles...
    Assume Mitsubishi Loan with no payments/interest
    until Feb 2001...Will add financial incentive
    Email me at [email protected] if interested
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    I'm wondering what the best price you can hope for on a 2000 Montaro Sport limited in the northest section can be.would like to know low ball figure befor going to dealer.thanx!
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Member Posts: 29
    keegs read posting # 160 & # 172
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    Have been shopping for an Xterra when I stopped to look at an MS which I love. With dickering and incentives can bring a 3.0L LS into my price range. I've read a lot of negatives posts regarding the 3.0 but the 3.5 breaks the bank. Is this a deal-breaker?
  • iurobz1iurobz1 Member Posts: 3
    Just returned home with a silver 2000 XLS. Thanx for all the useful input on the site. I'm Giddy.
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    What did you pay? what options?
  • reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353
    Give us the details
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    I don't think we will get an answer any time soon, he is busy handling all the trails!
  • iurobz1iurobz1 Member Posts: 3
    With destination it stickered for 29,8-- and some change + Tax. Paid 28,000 + tax. That's with the 0-0-01 program. Was lucky enought to have some sleet on the way home. Can't wait to tack on the hitch, grab the boat and get outta town. (If I can get it back from my wife).
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    Get free pricing and negotiation information on purchasing a 2000 Montero Sport by emailing me at [email protected] And please visit for a complete tutorial on the entire process regardless of what vehicle you are buying.

    Learn the tricks of holdbacks, flooring costs, Advertising fees, and what you are actually paying for with the $495 destination and delivery fee. The information provided gives the current pricing information on the Montero Sport ES, LS, XLS, and Limited. You CAN get a Montero Sport for less than dealer invoice! If you have access to a fax machine and MicroSoft Excel and Word software, you can negotiate the lowest possible deal without setting foot into the dealership.
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    See post #89, not 86. Sorry.
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    I am seriously considering buying a Montero Sport XLS. Took on for a test drive and liked everything about it with the exception that the 3.0 liter engine seems underpowered. Has anyone else noticed this? My other choice is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It seems very comparitable in all aspects, and the engine seems adaquate. Looking for opinions if stepping up to the 3.5 liter engine in the Limited Edition of the Montero Sport and spending the extra money would be worth it? We would not be towing.
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    We just bought the XLS, rather than the Limited. To us, both drove pretty much the same. Reading reviews from all ends, it sounds like both the 3.0 and 3.5 are underpowered. At the time, we had to choose from a white or black Limited or a black w/beige trim XLS that included the Premium package. As you stated, we won't be towing either to opted for the "prettier" of the lot. So far, we've been happy with our choice of Montero. Lake Tahoe is just around the bend, so we'll really see what the 3.0 is like.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    I have the Limited model with 3.5 and by no means do I feel this engine is underpowered. I do pull a boat and it does a fine job. Take a lot of the reviews you read with a grain of salt. TRY ONE YOUR SELF and longer than just a test drive. Even the sales manager that I bought my vehicle from and drives a 2000 LS says the 3.5 is a far more powerfull motor.
    I think some of these reviews are biased. Edmunds stated the Limited they tried shifted a lot going up hills. Mine does not. One of the few vehicles that I have driven that does not shift down when going up hills on the highway.
    After 4,000 miles, this vehicle has loosened up and has very good power. I have replaced the air filter with a K&N so it breathes better and this does seem to help. Too bad that Mitsu. does not put the 3.5 motor in the XLS model. I feel there sales would increase a bunch. Maybe next year after they change motors in the new Montero.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    Since I was on the site , I thought I might as well give an update on my 2000 Limited 4x4 MS.

    At 4,000 miles.

    MPG: City 15.5
    Hwy 19

    Problems: Just the dash rattle that was fixed.

    Towing: Pulls 17' boat very well. Maintained 65 mph going uphills in Montana in 3rd. Gave it the gas to see if it could do more and got it up over 70 and was still climbing before hill ended. Mileage was at 13 mpg. Four people. Temp was around 40 with very little wind.
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    Doing a quick calculation it seems that the 0,0,0 deal makes sense:

    If we assume an interest rate of 7.65% over 60 mos for a conventional loan with rebate 1000 vs. 0,0,0 w/no rebate at 9.9% (calculate with 4x4 limited with leather with 9k down):

    Payments (0,0,0):$425
    Payments (7.65 w rebate):$400

    over life of loan, 60 months, the 0,0,0 works out to be (60X25 or 1500 cheaper.
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Member Posts: 29
    No need to talk up the 0-0-0 program, it ended February 29th. Besides, if you qualified for the 0-0-0 deal, you were better off going with the 2.9% financing option instead of the rebates or the 0-0-0.
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Member Posts: 29
    As of March 1st, the Financing deal on new 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport purchases is as follows for qualified buyers:

    $0 Down Payment!
    NO payments for 90 days! and
    No interest on a 36 month loan.
    -- OR --
    Rebates as follows:
    ES $1000
    LS $1250
    XLS $1250
    Limited $1250

    P.S. Anyone looking at purchasing a 2000 Montero Sport and willing to travel to Maryland, I can hook you up with a deal. 1% over factory invoice!
    Email me at [email protected]
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    Assume no payment or interest loan until 02/01...Loaded, red, leather, silencer.
    Mitsubishi will let you assume the loan if you qualify. Will add financial incentive to bring cost down to true invoice (reference Edmunds.
    email me at [email protected]
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    Hi everybody! I just wanted to thank those of you who gave advice, opinions etc. on the MS LS. It helped me a great deal.I purchased my MSLS over the weekend for $100.00 over invoice plus tax & tags through and Fox Mitsubishi/Baltimore, Md. I love it. The kids love it (well, they love everything except the child safety locks!)
    Thanks again.
  • rando1rando1 Member Posts: 2
    I have my MS XLS ( which was the top of the line in 97 ) For three years and 29000 miles.

    Problems Replaced two power antennas under warranty
    Replaced power door lock mechanism under warranty
    Replaced the tires which came with the vehicle due to wear along with front brakes

    RESALE Value does not seem all that good
    This vehicle listed for 33,000. Today the trade in value is about 18,000. The 4 runner has a much better resale value.
  • mikejhmikejh Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone noticed a slight ripple where the upper portion of front bumper valence panel wraps around and meets the lower wheel well flair. My Montero has this ripple on the left side (the right side does not have this ripple). I have taken it to the dealer and the service manager said I had hit something to cause this. I said "Bull" and that it looks like it was made (molded with a defect) this way. Anyhow, I am waiting for the Zone manager to come around, take a look, and make a decision.

    P.S. My body shop said I would have had much more extensive damage in other places of the bumper if this ripple had been caused by hitting something. In addition, the bumper valence panel is plastic and is supposed to flex. This worries me, because if a small tap on the bumber did cause this, it may drive up insurance rates even higher.

  • jeffragjeffrag Member Posts: 4
    I just returned from a 1500 mile trip in my 2000 Montero Sport LTD. It performed very well.

    There was one problem some of you may have experienced.

    Severe wind noise! I mean a high-pitched noise that given enough time could drive you crazy.

    After several stops to diagnosis the problem I discovered the noise was coming from the windshield and coming into the cab from under the steering column.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Is Mitsu aware of it?

    What are they doing about it?
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    100% agree with you! In my area Limited 4Runner is $39500
  • reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353
    I went by the Mitsubishi dealer and he had a Royal Blue 2000 Montero Sport LS the color which is not listed anywhere in their brochures/info. This is the color I'm looking for but in the XLS, now I talked to the salesmen and they said they had not seen any other blue in any model come in and couldn't tell me why this one had come in. Whats the scoop, I thought the last blue came in on the 1999 models, its what I'm looking for but I don't know if I should make a offer on this one or wait to see if any blue XLS are coming in. I would appreciate ANY info on this one.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160

    I have a 2000 Mits. Limited 4x4 Sport and have no wind noise.


    Under your topic #202, Not all suvs have leaf springs. Pathfinder, 4Runner, Jeep, have coils. But, as you, I did a comparison of most of the suvs, and bought the Sport because of bang for the buck. Only have I seen Nissan Pathfinder with better prices on the 2000. But a weak engine and some other items I did not like.
  • mon2000mon2000 Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone.

    I am planning to buy 2000 MS Montero Sport LS and got a good deal in a different state.Does someone have a buying experience?
    What would be PRO's and CON's doing that?
  • reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353
    It was my understanding from the dealer that the blue is only offered in the LS model. According to the dealer, it was a new color in middle 99 model year, was going to be eliminated for 00 but was added late in the decision process. As such no one knows it is available. If anybody knows anything on the blue I'd really like to know....
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    I read somewhere that Mitsu Sport is burning lots of oil, is it truth?
  • johngiordanojohngiordano Member Posts: 8
    Assume no payment or interest loan until
    02/01...Loaded, red, leather, silencer.
    Mitsubishi will let you assume the loan if you
    qualify. Will add financial incentive to bring
    cost down to true invoice (reference Edmunds).
    email me at [email protected]
  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    johngiordano, why are you selling your MS Limited already?

    Just curious.
  • johngiordanojohngiordano Member Posts: 8
    md2002: Selling because I have military orders t go me at [email protected] for a great deal!
  • reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353
    Just heard from a Mitsu manager, Blue is back on the 2000 Montero Sports LS and XLS. Not sure why it was brought out so late but there are dealers who have LS's on the ground and XLS's on order.
  • zhenliuzhenliu Member Posts: 11
    I am looking for MS LS/XLS, which have no ABS. Is ABS very important? When will 2001 MS come ?
  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    I was told the 2001 models will arrive in mid to late August, so you may see some hot deals mid summer. If you are planning on controlling that big SUV you should get ABS, and I believe it comes with it standard at least on Ltd model.
  • zhenliuzhenliu Member Posts: 11
    The dealer told me that Miti remove ABS from ES/LS/XLS/ since few people use it correctly. The dealer also offer me $4,000 off from LS. Is it a good deal ?
  • zhenliuzhenliu Member Posts: 11
    I want to buy my first SUV bwteen MS LS and Nissan pathfind. I use it in city insteaf of off road. Which is better fro me ?
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    At 6,000 miles:

    Problems: Just a rattle under the dash that was fixed under warranty.

    Average over last 1000 miles.
    Mpg City: 16
    Mpg Hwy: 19

    Worst: 14.5
    Best: 21

    Options added: K&n Air Filter and opened a hole in front air pod that goes into air filter box so it can breath more air. Plan to remove pod and add a second air intake like the Larger Montero has.

    Otherwise, it has held up and run flawlessly.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    I have read in some other posts that claim the Montero - Montero Sport is using oil. I just changed mine, 2000 MS LTD with 3.5, and showed none used. Has anybody have this problem and with what engine.
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    Consumer Report provides THEIR OPINION, the CHOICE belongs to the consumer. There are no perfect cars that have everything (maybe ML series are close to that). If CR suggests that Kia Sportage is better than Forester, will you buy it? or you will buy something that you LIKE?
  • reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353
    If the Subaru Forester wasn't so ugly , I might go look at it, but it doesn't look like a car or truck, its in a twitlight zone all of its own.
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