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  • david_cheungdavid_cheung Member Posts: 1

    This chat info line is great! It seems like now I know so much more about Montero Sport then ever before.

    I currently leased an Eclipse which expires 10/2001. Just received a letter from Mitsu. that I can return the car a year early if I get a new Mitsu from then. Don't have any great experience from car dealers, anyone heard of this deal before?

    Also, how about the 0,0,0 plan? Does it apply to leasing? or just buying? I also saw a $1,000 rebate on MS 2000 model, too. What the major differences between LTD or XLS besides the engine. I live in NYC and power is really not a big deal. What's the best value? XLS or LTD?
  • rogereldredgerogereldredge Member Posts: 13
    I believe the 2001 financing applies only to purchases. However, if you use the financing you forego the $1,000 rebate. You cannot have both.

    One thing no one has mentioned: it's real easy with such an expensive vehicle to get upside down (owe more than the vehicle is worth). The one year of no payments will only exacerbate that problem unless you are disciplined enough to make principal payments during that period. If no principal payments are made you will be left with one year of depreciation on the vehicle with no corresponding reduction in the amount owed.

    Finally, with respect to the difference between theXLS and Limited, I do not think there is much difference if you get the premium package with the XLS:

    XLS has two tone paint scheme. Limited has bigger engine, heated mirrors and seats, and rear heater.

    I went with the 2WD XLS b/c it was cheaper, I liked the 2 tone paint scheme better and the smaller engine was not an issue for me.
  • jberg3jberg3 Member Posts: 1
    We are looking at the Montero Sport in part because of the great financing deal. I am pleased that so many of you have had positive experiences with this car! Does anyone have any things that we should be aware of before we buy? Any hidden problems or unexpected costs? What about reliability?
    We also test drove the Xterra and I liked the Sport MUCH better. Thought the Xterra was much smaller, hardered to get in and out of the back seat.
  • rogereldredgerogereldredge Member Posts: 13
    As reflected in some prior posts, insurance costs may be significantly higher. I am 36 and have a clean driving record.

    Through AllState, my 1999 Nissan Quest (MSRP approximately $23,5000) costs about $350 every six months to insure.

    AllState is trying to charge me $700 every six months for insuring my 2000 Montero Sport XLS with 2WD. Needless to say, I am shopping.

    However, thanks to this wonderful site, I knew this would be a potential issue if I bought the truck. As such, I am prepared to live with the higher rate if I cannot get a better deal elsewhere.
  • penrosepenrose Member Posts: 31
    Compared insurance rates between 4Runner, Pathfinder, and Montero Sport, (all 4X4 models) with my insurance company, Farmers. MS was $120.00 cheaper per year. It suprised me after all I had heard.
  • jwk5jwk5 Member Posts: 2
    Traded 1998 2wd Isuzu Rodeo on 2000 MS 4wd six days ago. Insurance was only 100.00 more per six month period. I feel much better putting my wife and six month old son in the MS. If you are thinking SUV, don't buy until you drive the Montero Sport!
  • jwk5jwk5 Member Posts: 2
    Traded 1998 2wd Isuzu Rodeo on 2000 MS 4wd six days ago. Insurance was only 100.00 more per six month period. I feel much better putting my wife and six month old son in the MS. If you are thinking SUV, don't buy until you drive the Montero Sport!
  • rogereldredgerogereldredge Member Posts: 13
    For those people who have already purchased a Montero, I would appreciate info on what they are paying for insurance and to whom. I have been looking for a week now and cannot find anything better than AllState which is about $740/6 months with 100/300/50 coverage.

    Perhaps all SUVs are this expensive to insure. However, the difference between insurance cost for my van (MSRP $23,500) and my Montero (MSRP $30,500) seems a bit much. Insurance on my van is $400/6 months.
  • jana3jana3 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the Montereo Sports come with the audio Cassette Player as well as Cd Player?
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    A cassette player can be ordered. Not a standard option on the MS for 2000. Only comes with a CD changer.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    Insurance with home policy, good driving record, and other discounts are ranging from 480 to 525 in Montana. You might want to try an Insurance Agent Agency who can look at several different policies. A real low one here was Hawkeye. Trinity may also be available in your area. Keep shopping. Allstate was high here as well.
  • gconnersgconners Member Posts: 1
    Hello everybody, I'm looking at getting a Montero Sport with the 3.5 liter engine. Does anybody have experience with towing boats with this vehicle? The horsepower and torque numbers look very impressive for this size engine, but can it really do the job? For example, towing a 4000 lb boat on interstate highway, keeping a relatively consistent speed at least 55mph??? TIA

  • detngdetng Member Posts: 5
    Hi detng,
    Posted earlier about 2000 MS. Still love the car, Since posting, I had Lojack and brush guards installed. Since then, at initial startup, on first forward movement, a slight ping noise occurs, almost like a flexible antenna brushing, never reappears till next cold startup. I haven't asked any one at dealership yet, never had a Lojack before (is this something a Lojack does?), nothing is loose on the brush guard (Not crazy about the bulkiness of the front guard, feels and looks like a snow plow), otherwise still love the car. Anybody experiencing any noise like this? Please post, if it's lojack let me know. Insurance for 92 pthfndr, almost as much as 2000 MS`.approx. $2060 both for the year Burbank, CA.
  • batter99batter99 Member Posts: 3
    May I ask where you obtained the Montero Sport LS (including and security and premium packages, tags, title, destination) for $25,200? Did you have to pay an advertising fee? Name of the person you dealt with at the dealership, please?
    How do you like it? Saw one on the road yesterday..looks nice.
  • heidigreenlawheidigreenlaw Member Posts: 26
    Just got a quote on a MS 4x4 LS for $599 over invoice (no options added on). I thought this was pretty good (at least in CT it seems to be the best I can do!) - where did you get the $25,200 price from? I got this price from a dealer online here in CT. Really love the MS, but want the best deal I can get! Thanks for the info!!
  • napoccianapoccia Member Posts: 1
    Been looking to purchase a MS 4x4 LS. I live in CT and would be interested in knowing which dealer you purchased your MS from. Thanks!!
  • breidenbaughbreidenbaugh Member Posts: 1
    I noticed that many people are interested in the upgraded models but I thought I would add my experience in buying the Montero Sport ES.
    I bought the ES (only 2WD in that model)for $20,593 plus tax & licence($100 over edmunds invoice).
    I did not pay for Destination charges or advertising costs that I know of. We were not totally impressed with the MS over Isuzu Rodeo but we own a 93' Rodeo 4X4 and have been very satisfied (over 100k miles)since there have been no real mechanical problems.
    The MS sport automatic seems under-powered to me and the RPMS are high at 65 mph. I hope to develop better feelings about the car as I bond with it .
    At least the 0,0,0 makes you feel pretty good.

    The dealer said they would let the truck go at $100 over invoice because 2WDs are slow movers in northeast Ohio. I know for a fact that this vehicle was on the lot over 45 days because I had seen it before.

    Haven't checked the insurance issue yet.
    I was glad to read that others are quite happy with the M Sports they had bought.

  • heidigreenlawheidigreenlaw Member Posts: 26
    I got the quote of $599 over invoice from Countyline Mitsu in Middlebury. I spoke to "Carlos" - very helpful. Unfortunately after crunching numbers last night with my hubby, the price is still out of our reach. So, I'm looking into (again!) the used 1999 with 9,500 miles for $23,995 (price not negotiated yet). I really like this car. I've been in negotiations with an Isuzu dealer over a 1999 new Rodeo too, but I like the ride in the MS better. MS seemed to ride more like a car and the Rodeo more like a truck - just MHO. I've been doing research and the MS has really poor crash test ratings. That worries me since it will be our "family" vehicle for the next 10 years! Anyway, (I'm rambling) - any opinions on a good price for a used 1999 MS with roof rack package? Thanks everyone for your help!
  • batter99batter99 Member Posts: 3
    I certainly don't know your credibility, however, I'm beginning to doubt your deal of $25,200 (with all inclusive items, tax and tags included). In checking with several dealerships in the Washington DC, Virginia and Kentucky markets, I can't come close to what you paid. To be frank, I believe the price you paid is BS.
  • terpol8dterpol8d Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone been pricing the limited with leather?
    What type of markup can I expect from the invoice price. From what I can see the invoice price including dest. charge is $29,987. Is it possible to get it for invoice price with the holdbacks the dealers get?
  • jsp36jsp36 Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased (11/17) new Montero Sport LS 4WD w/ preferred package and security/keyless entry system for $25,800 not incl. tax & tags from dealer in Delaware w/ 0/0/0 option until 2001. Best offer I found.
  • maggiegirlmaggiegirl Member Posts: 2
    Price on Limited w/ leather and sunroof was right at $27K before taxes here in PA. Seemed righteous to me. Might have had better angle then some folks. This was the second 2000 Mitsu purchased from this dealership in less than 3 months. Love the truck. Can't get my wife out of now. Poor me. Stuck in the Eclipse GT!!
  • batter99batter99 Member Posts: 3
    Where did you buy the car? Was it a 4WD?
  • marina0514marina0514 Member Posts: 4
    Just got my Insurance quote for the Montero Sport we have NOT purchased yet. We have Geico and live in Northern va. We were quoted 310 every six months. Yep you heard it right. I called them back today to make sure I did not hear them wrong and what they meant to say was 310 every 3 months.
    As for the price of the SLX... CARMAX is offering the SLX for 24,968 (inludes dest) the only things added on after that price is tax, which in Va is 3% for cars, paper work fees -120, and also tags (which is about 40 dollars). on top of that they are offering the 1,000 rebate or 0,0,0. offer.
    Anyone still looking... check out
  • lstangolstango Member Posts: 2
    Are you sure that was the Acura SLX and at Carmax? I checked out the Carmax site, but they don't have any Acura's listed. 25K sounds a bit too good for that SUV.
  • marina0514marina0514 Member Posts: 4
    As sure s I can be. I live in Va. Check the one listed in Dulles Mitsubishi. We are looking at the 2WD. But I will check again.
  • terpol8dterpol8d Member Posts: 5
    you can't get power seats with the Montero Sport... can this possibly be true? Also, I have been told that you can't get a cassette player / CD player combo. Why is this???
  • tburns1119tburns1119 Member Posts: 2
    How long is the 0/0/0 until 2001 going to be available?
  • SergeichSergeich Member Posts: 54
    It is still available today...
    I test drove the 3-liter with AT today.
    Pickup from a red light is ok for me,
    but highway passing power is not.
    What do you think is the minimum price
    I could get a 3.5 liter with automatic
    transmission regardless of other options for?
    I also test drove a Forester S and 99 Rodeo
    today. What other SUVs would you recommend
    to try? I liked very much the way MS's
    suspension works, BTW.
  • SergeichSergeich Member Posts: 54
    I forgot to mention. I want a 4WD.
  • terpol8dterpol8d Member Posts: 5
    seats? do they work quickly? Do they get that warm?? Is this feature that big of a deal? I am seriously looking at the MS limited but I am also considering a Durango with the SLT plus package.
  • attorneykwattorneykw Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2WD LS with Preferred Package and keyless entry for $23,174 plus tax and title transfer of $100. Runs great and have received many favorable comments.
  • maggiegirlmaggiegirl Member Posts: 2
    Bought both vehicles at Misano Mitsu/Mercedes/Lincoln in Reading, PA.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    Purchased a 2000 Limited Sport 4x4 at $500 over dealers cost. Costs figures are as follows:

    Invoice: $28,524
    Destination Charge 455
    Mits. Advertinsg Fee 545
    Leather 1,008
    Mits. Hitch & Harness 275 (Dealer Cost)
    Mits. 6-disc CD Changer 435 (Dealer Cost)
    Engine Block Heater 30 (Dealer Cost)
    Flooring Interest 280 (Approximately)
    Over Dealers Cost 500

    Total: 32,052

    If you order one in, the flooring interest is zero. Or the dealer can eat it. Flooring interest starts as soon as it shows up. Not a 30 day grace period as I had thought. The advertising fee is a fee that the factory charges, same as destination fee, so it is a cost to the dealer and it has to be paid. By you or the dealership. The hitch, in-dash CD changer, and block heater were dealers cost and this does include installation.

    So, when you make a deal over dealer cost, know what to expect.

    The heated seats work real well. If you live in a cold area, it is nice with the leather.

    And , NO, the Limited does 'not' have Power Seats (Yeah, in my case - KIDS!!!), or tape deck. And if you try to get an aftermarket CD changer to work with Mits. factory stero, the controls will not operate. Has to be compatable, or other words, a Mits. CD changer or tape deck.

    I will let all know how it holds up and fuel economy.
  • tburns1119tburns1119 Member Posts: 2
    Does the 0/0/0 deal end soon or will it be available throughout all of 2001? I am assuming that Mitsubishi is looking to put more cars on the road and will keep it for awhile. In fact, I saw a sign that stated 0 down, 0 interest, and 0 payments for all of 2000. What should I expect to pay for a XLS with the standard options? Why is the insurance rates high and where are some good options besides Geico to look at rates?
  • kingg1kingg1 Member Posts: 2
    I bought my 99 Montero in Oct 99 in Atlanta, GA at Northpointe Mistubishi (Actually Alpharetta, GA, amd they are now a member of Autonation). I bought it for $100 under invoice ($29,995 after $3000 rebate) had all the bells and whistles except adjustable shocks and chrome wheels. I din't have to pay a flooring fee or advertising fee. I did pay roughly $200 for document processing. Had Carmax had one in stock in the color I wanted the document processing fee would have been $99, at least that is what I was told. They would have matched the price from Northpoint. I don't know if Mitsubishi has dealers charge flooring interest or advertising, and not the Autonations and Carmaxes. I thought the dealer hold back was there to support this very thing. Looks like to me they can sell the car or continue to pay the interest themselves. After all you are helping them out by buying the vehicle from them, and not going to another Mitsubishi dealership out of town or state.

    Whenever I'm looking for a vehicle I go down to a Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Tower Books, etc., and buy a couple of Sunday papers from cities that are within a couple of hour driving distance to look at the vehicle advertisements of the vehicles I'm interested in. This gives me an idea of what to think about offering in addition to what I get from Edmunds and other web sites.

  • terpol8dterpol8d Member Posts: 5
    I haven't heard any talk regarding the quality of the stereo system in the car. How nice is the speaker system in the car? ANY COMPLAINTS?? Would appreciate any and all opinions.
  • kcnuonkcnuon Member Posts: 2
    Jim, can you give me the name and number of the dealer where you bought your 2000 Montero Sport LS? Thanks.

  • vwestvwest Member Posts: 1

    Are you talking about 99 Big Montero? If so, how did you figure, that you bought it for $100 under invoice? The invoice price is $32,258, including destination, less the premium package. After $3,000 rebate invoice comes down to $29.258. Am I missing something here? Could you please clarify.

  • aidan2aidan2 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a base XLS around $24,400 excluding taxes etc. at a dealer in Irving, TX. They giving $3000.00 off the msrp even until now. The rear speakers are unacceptable and disappointed that a relatively expensive vehicle like this would even try to put a piece of junk component.I replaced those rear speakers with a pair of Blaupunkt 652 and it made a big difference. Now I can enjoy listening to the base stereo which is 0k.CD player is quite good too.I'm happy with the vehicle,quiet and comfortable ride. Handling is good too and about the engine I dont think its underpowered especially a lot of suv drivers are not hot-rodding and pulling trailers or boats.For everyday use and long distance travel this is perfect for me and my family. About reliabilty,I know I will enjoy years of trouble free driving since I've got a mighty max 2.4 since 1990 with 181,000mi no problems. The same powertrain.
  • rogereldredgerogereldredge Member Posts: 13
    I thought the standard stereo system in the MS was incredibly poor for a vehicle with an MSRP in the high $20K range.

    I wanted a leather interior also so I went with the premium package that has the upgraded stereo, which is a pretty good system.
  • rogereldredgerogereldredge Member Posts: 13
    I have had a 2000 MS XLS (w/ premium pkg.) for about a month. Any time I drive it very far (more than 20 miles) I notice a strange faint, burning type of smell after I park and get out.

    The smell is much fainter than burning motor oil, but does have a very light oil-like smell to it. The odor seems to originate near the back wheels, but it does not smell like burning or hot rubber.

    The vehicle has 2,000 miles on it, and the temperature guage is always normal. It's done this since I purchased the vehicle. I have not had the dealer look at it yet.

    Any ideas? Anybody have a similar experience? Thanks.
  • kcnuonkcnuon Member Posts: 2
    The /0/0/0 program ends on 30th of this month.
  • metzgerdmetzgerd Member Posts: 2
    The stereo system that I have in the 2000 Limited Sport is good. I have no complaints.
  • bagodonutsbagodonuts Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2000 Montero Sport XLS for a 28,000...used the 0 0 0 option and look forward to an even BIGGER down payment..I was able to get a 7.4 % rate starting 1/2001...not bad. I was able to get 6.9% from my credit union..hope it will last because I can payoff Mitsu in 2001. Anyway, love the truck so far with 19 miles but what is that burning odor? Does anyone know if will last? Also, should the stick that controls the 2L/4H/4L be vibrating so much? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!
  • jbeanz1jbeanz1 Member Posts: 2
    I imagine that the heated seats would be a wonderful feature if they really work. My boyfriends is always warm and wants the air conditioner on, I am always cold and want the heater on (especially when we drive to Colorado). The heated seats could really make our road trips!!!
  • jbeanz1jbeanz1 Member Posts: 2
    You might test drive the Nissan Xterra. I haven't driven one yet, but compared to the 4-Runner they are very roomy.

    I am not buying until June '00, but have started looking. I am undecided between the 4-Runner, Xterra, and Montero Sport.

    Any suggestions/comments anyone?
  • jeffragjeffrag Member Posts: 4
    They work very well!
  • jeffragjeffrag Member Posts: 4
    The dealer told me that it was the undercoating. Supposedly use a heavy coating for the long slow journey on the salty sea.

    I have also noticed a black oily substances that continues to get on the paint and that cannot be removed with plan water.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    They work extremely well. Has two settings. Low and Hi. Choose you comfort.
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