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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • First of all, have to say this forum is great. I would have felt lost walking into the showroom without all this great info. Love the internet! Anyhow, want to make sure I'm clear on the incentive program mitsu is offering. I heard the commercial but only caught the words "no down" and "no payments" until 2001. It's also no interest? That's incredible if it's true. Also, anyone recently buy a 2000 LS Montero Sport 2WD with goodies like AC, appearance package and convenience package? That's what I'm shopping for. Don't want to spend more than $25,000. That unrealistic? Curious what some of you have spent on a comparably-equipped Sport 2WD. Thanks in advance.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    I don't know the exact details of the offer in question, but I'd be really careful to read the fine print. Usually "no down" and "no interest" is followed by "for qualified buyers." That often means people who make big $$$ and have little debt. They'll also say things like "tax, title, etc. are extra," so there goes your "no money down" thing. Check it out, though. Sometimes manufacturers offer terrific deals just to push certain models.

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  • jaws6jaws6 Posts: 1
    A dealer has a MS LS for 23,000 with power but not premium package. I got a price of 23,689 for the X-terra yesterday that is comparable. Which is better. I think the MS is more polished but what about reliability. I would like to keep the car between 6 and 10 years.
  • penrosepenrose Posts: 31
    Not to sound like a know it all, but here is what I have learned about the 2001 program. According to Mark Mitsubishi ( Glendale AZ.) your interest starts Jan.1, 2001 and your first payment is due in Feb. 2001. Your max term is 60 months and you cannot lease. It is a true zero down, provided you have good credit. This program is sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors and it is not their intent to have any loop holes. According to Mark Lawson (Sales Rep.) Mitsubishi wants to get as many of their cars on the road as they can, and this is one way to do it.
    Here is the kicker! Mark said that if you wanted to refinance when 2001 rolled around you could. This means that you could seek your own financing (maybe 72 months) as long as you paid off Mitsubishi Motors. According to Mark there is no penalty for doing this. Mark has been very helpful, and he is very low pressure. I, however, have seen nothing in writing and recommend if you do go for this program you read the "Mitsubishi 2001 Program Guidelines" that should be available at all Mitsubishi dealers. Good luck.
  • I test drove the XLS and the Limited this weekend, and worked the dealer to 4% over invoice for the limited. This came to 31,700 for the LTD w/ leather. It rides very nicely, the 3.5 ltr engine has good pickup, the truck looks cool, etc...
    My problem is that I don't see these trucks on the road anywhere in Minneapolis. I see Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan and Isuzu for the most part. I want to dive this vehicle for 10 years, I know I could do that w/ Toyota or Nissan. Any opinions on the reliability of the Montero Sport? Any opinions on the fact that nobody drives these around here? I really want to buy one of these, but I don't know if it will be a good deal at 30K.
  • simstjsimstj Posts: 1
    I am looking to get the MS XLS with a sun roof out the door for 25,000. I am considering also the 3.5L Limited for added power, but don't know what kind of deal I'll be looking at. Any advise?
    What is the verdict on safety for the MS?
  • Any one have any idea what the interest rate is on the 2001 program?
  • dmetzger:

    Thanks for such detailed info -- very helpful. Is it true that you forego a $1,000 rebate if you go with the special financing?
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160

    That is correct. No rebates or incentives if you sign up for the 2001 plan.
  • detngdetng Posts: 5
    I took the Montero Sport Limited 2wd, love the car! Gave my wife the Pathfinder. Had Mercedes 450SE for 17 years prior to Pathfinder. Pathfinder has better road feedback, Montero feels like my Mercedes, still excellant handling for this kind of vehicle. Can haul if you want to!! Tokico shocks and Yokahama Geolanders made night and day difference on Pathfinder. Can't wait to do that to Montero. It's a luxurious SUV, much better looking than Mercedes, or Lexus. No gimmicks with 0 payment. Straight up 8.9% down the road. Everything I"ve heard is that Montero's hold up!! I intend to keep mine for a loooong time. Good luck to all and appreciate a gift horse!
  • Bought the 2000 Montero Sport on the 0 program and did not have to put anything down. Only trouble was having a hard time getting ignition key out after putting in park etc. It may have been a "bug" that has seemed to worked itself out.
  • Thanks for the info Penrose. Coincidentally, I live in Glendale, AZ and planned on visiting Mark Mitsubishi this week, so your info was really timely and pertinent. Jeff.
  • I ordered my 2000 Montero Sport XLS (Black over Sudan Beige)with the premium package through CarsDirect.Com. It was delivered about four days ago. (See post # 280 in the CarsDirect board under the Smart Shopper forum for my great experience with CarsDirect and somewhat negative experience with the dealer).

    The vehicle is great. The fit, finish and ride are outstanding. The inside is very well designed. Everybody who has seen it loves the appearance. I know it's early, but this may be the best vehicle I have ever purchased.

    Interestingly, many people who ask me what kind of SUV I got without seeing the vehicle) have no idea what a Montero looks like. Those few who know what a Montero looks like always have very positive comments. Perhaps the Montero merely suffers from a lack of a good marketing campaign.
  • I agree with the fact that Mitsubishi has done an awful job with giving the AWESOME Montero Sport good press. I am the proud owner of the 2000 LS 4WD with leather/CD. Everyone who sees it compliments me on it,and it drives great! I am very pleased, and if Mitsuishi hired a good PR firm, they would sell a hell of a lot more cars. Maybe they should give Burson-Marstellar a call.
  • Just purchased a 2000 Limited 4WD for $99 under invoice. Used the no payments/interest until 2001 deal. Very impressed with the vehicle so far. Think it compares to the 4Runner Limited but for less $$$.
    Only dissatisfaction I had from the dealer was the $550 adevertising assessment from Mitsubishi tagged on to the price. Doe this sound Kosher?
    Will probably sell right before payments kick in hoping resale is not too bad.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160

    I live in the Northwest as well. I am dealing on a 2000 MS Limited 4x4 right now. Where did you find such a great deal? Is it a friend! Would you please let me know. If you wish to keep it private, please e-mail me at (day) or (night)

  • Johngiordano,
    You received an excellent deal. Was the $550.00 advertising charge above your $99 under invoice price or was the $99 under invoice including your advertising charge. Also did you drive a 3.0 liter model before you bought your limited. I'd like to know how big of a difference there is. I drove an LS model and thought it drove nice up to about 55mph,then it seemed a little loud, and the rpm's were way up. Thanks
  • The advertising fee from my dealers invoice from Mitsubishi Motors was $545.50. So, johngiordano, it seems as if it is correct. A fee that is added on to your $99.00 under invoice price. Correct?
  • A good bench mark for the value of PR efforts is the Nissan Xterra (one of the commercials was just on).

    Apparently, demand for that vehicle is really high in large part due to the PR campaign. I am not a Lenny Kravitz fan and am out of the target group for that vehicle(mid 20s), but the ads really grab your attention.

    In contrast, until I saw the commercial again tonight I did not realize that the tough dog/pretty dog commercial was for the Montero. I recalled the commercial, but not the product. I imagine many who have seen the ad do not even recall it.

    Obviously, increased demand would help our re-sale value down the road. Given that, why is the 2001 finaning program not heavily advertised. My local dealer's radio and print ads make it sound like he is the one offering the program.
  • Penrose,
    The advertising fee was added to the $99 under invoice price. I also purchased my wife a 2000 LS two weeks ago so had the opportunity to drive the 3.0 liter. Since hers is a 2WD didn't think it was too underpowered although the 3.5 4WD did have more power. Rpms are also high over 55 mph on the 3.5 liter.

    To all,
    The $99 under deal is being offered by Sheehy Mitsubishi in Manassas VA. Don't know how long it will last.
  • Hi,

    This chat info line is great! It seems like now I know so much more about Montero Sport then ever before.

    I currently leased an Eclipse which expires 10/2001. Just received a letter from Mitsu. that I can return the car a year early if I get a new Mitsu from then. Don't have any great experience from car dealers, anyone heard of this deal before?

    Also, how about the 0,0,0 plan? Does it apply to leasing? or just buying? I also saw a $1,000 rebate on MS 2000 model, too. What the major differences between LTD or XLS besides the engine. I live in NYC and power is really not a big deal. What's the best value? XLS or LTD?
  • I believe the 2001 financing applies only to purchases. However, if you use the financing you forego the $1,000 rebate. You cannot have both.

    One thing no one has mentioned: it's real easy with such an expensive vehicle to get upside down (owe more than the vehicle is worth). The one year of no payments will only exacerbate that problem unless you are disciplined enough to make principal payments during that period. If no principal payments are made you will be left with one year of depreciation on the vehicle with no corresponding reduction in the amount owed.

    Finally, with respect to the difference between theXLS and Limited, I do not think there is much difference if you get the premium package with the XLS:

    XLS has two tone paint scheme. Limited has bigger engine, heated mirrors and seats, and rear heater.

    I went with the 2WD XLS b/c it was cheaper, I liked the 2 tone paint scheme better and the smaller engine was not an issue for me.
  • We are looking at the Montero Sport in part because of the great financing deal. I am pleased that so many of you have had positive experiences with this car! Does anyone have any things that we should be aware of before we buy? Any hidden problems or unexpected costs? What about reliability?
    We also test drove the Xterra and I liked the Sport MUCH better. Thought the Xterra was much smaller, hardered to get in and out of the back seat.
  • As reflected in some prior posts, insurance costs may be significantly higher. I am 36 and have a clean driving record.

    Through AllState, my 1999 Nissan Quest (MSRP approximately $23,5000) costs about $350 every six months to insure.

    AllState is trying to charge me $700 every six months for insuring my 2000 Montero Sport XLS with 2WD. Needless to say, I am shopping.

    However, thanks to this wonderful site, I knew this would be a potential issue if I bought the truck. As such, I am prepared to live with the higher rate if I cannot get a better deal elsewhere.
  • Compared insurance rates between 4Runner, Pathfinder, and Montero Sport, (all 4X4 models) with my insurance company, Farmers. MS was $120.00 cheaper per year. It suprised me after all I had heard.
  • jwk5jwk5 Posts: 2
    Traded 1998 2wd Isuzu Rodeo on 2000 MS 4wd six days ago. Insurance was only 100.00 more per six month period. I feel much better putting my wife and six month old son in the MS. If you are thinking SUV, don't buy until you drive the Montero Sport!
  • jwk5jwk5 Posts: 2
    Traded 1998 2wd Isuzu Rodeo on 2000 MS 4wd six days ago. Insurance was only 100.00 more per six month period. I feel much better putting my wife and six month old son in the MS. If you are thinking SUV, don't buy until you drive the Montero Sport!
  • For those people who have already purchased a Montero, I would appreciate info on what they are paying for insurance and to whom. I have been looking for a week now and cannot find anything better than AllState which is about $740/6 months with 100/300/50 coverage.

    Perhaps all SUVs are this expensive to insure. However, the difference between insurance cost for my van (MSRP $23,500) and my Montero (MSRP $30,500) seems a bit much. Insurance on my van is $400/6 months.
  • jana3jana3 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the Montereo Sports come with the audio Cassette Player as well as Cd Player?
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    A cassette player can be ordered. Not a standard option on the MS for 2000. Only comes with a CD changer.
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