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Lincoln LS Overheating Problems



  • Cool. Those fans are hydraulic. Maybe a bad connection was keeping the fan from working and signaling low hyradulic fluid, which in turn might tripping the oil light you're seeing??? I don't know, but if it ain't broke now, don't fix it. Good luck.
  • if i were you i would get another opinion, i had my car looked by 2 people who none of them told me anything related to my problem, if u kno someone who knows a mechanic who they can trust
  • It's possibly, but not likely. You'd need a narrow breach in the head gasket between a coolant journal and a cylinder, without it affecting nearby oil journals or anything else. A blown head gasket is rarely so particular or localized, meaning you'd find antifreeze in your oil too (it'd look milky/filmy) or antifreeze would leak from the head gasket onto the ground. Plus, if there was such a breach, you'd certainly be burning coolant (white smooke and/or a sweet smell/taste at the exhaust) in the cylinder. It's not a one way process-if there is a breach between an anti-freeze journal and a cylinder, not only would CO2 get into the antifreeze upon cylinder fire, but antifreeze would also be sucked into the cylinder on the compression stroke, and then burn upon ignition. You'd lose horsepower. You'd likely have a flashing p300 code (cylinder misfire) as the anti-freeze douses the igntiion process. Are you losing coolant?

    I'll tell you what I tell everyone-remove the inner (driver's) fenderwall and remove the degas bottle. Check the seams for signs of cracking. If it's cracked, replace it and that will likely solve all of your problems. When I say that air gets into the system when the degas bottle is cracked, its the air that's under your hood, which contains CO2.

    And it's also possible that Pep Boys is lying to you. Find a mechanic you know and trust. That's how I got my Lincoln-a friend owned it and brought it to a stranger's shop for an overheating issue. The mechanic said the the heads were blown and offered him $500 for the car, which was MINT otherwise and fully loaded. I had expressed interest in the car so he offered it to me for $500. Then I drained the oil (clean), read the blogs and found the degas bottle was cracked. I replaced it and its been running like a top for 20k now. The mechanic was trying to screw my buddy. And yes, I made it up to him...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,000
    Pretty sure they changed to electric fans starting with the 03 models.
  • hi I am haveing the same problem could u tell me exactaly how you fixed this problem and what kind of jeep you got the fan off of to work with this vehicle.

    thank you, Rufus Henry
  • @Happster.

    You seem knowledgeable. I have an overheating problem maybe you can help with. It overheats suddenly when the car has been sitting and I turn it on. It goes to the top of the thermostat guage and the thermo light comes on. I then shut her down and she stays just at the halfway mark on the thermo guage.

    When I looked at the car it seems as if antifreeze dripped or exploded from the t-joint on the upper radiator hose assembly on to the heater valve. It is coming from the small hose at the bottom of the t-joint. I pulled all the hoses and they are fine with no cracks I also checked the t-joint on the upper radiator hoses to see if it was clogged or cracked and it is not. The antifreeze leak seems to be localized to that one hose. Something is cause the antifreeze to spew out of the hose and the car to over heat.

    Any help?
    Any advice.
  • Did anyone anywhere respond to your problem? We have a 2002 LS and are switching to the electric fan but we have a leak in the HFC pump so we cannot just loop the intake and out hoses. We want to bypass the pump also and need info on the belt routing. We were trying to replace the pump pulley with an idler or?????? Please let me know if you found help somewhere.
  • Could you please explain further on Problem #3? We have a 2002 LS V6 and are putting in the electric fan but the pump has a leak so we must remove it and need to run the belt in same general location. If you have pictures that would be great but any explanation on this side of the belt problem would be great.
  • Hows your problem doing now?
    Still gone?
    I am having the occasional overheating problem and trying to figure it out.
  • darl444darl444 Posts: 5
    Did you ever resolve the issue with the cooling fan. My 2000 Lincoln LS is doing the same. It cools fine for many miles, the sort of randomly decides to overheat. Pull the connector off the Cylinder Head Temp sensor, the fan will go to high and cool the engine. I changed the CHTS, but it still does the same thing. Do you know if ther there is a cooling fan control module separate from the fan?
  • darl444darl444 Posts: 5
    Hi Miamidave

    Doesn't look like jaime007 ever replied. Did you resolve the overheating on your Lincoln LS?
  • vinnygibsvinnygibs Posts: 2
    It had nothing to do with the fan at all. There is an engine fill port underneath the plastic ls cover. The gasket on that fill port went bad and was allowing air into the system drylocking it. The gasket was about 10 bucks you will also need an Alan key to remove the cap. good luck
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    edited June 2011
    I've read posts from otherswith yourissue where they replace the hydraulic fan with an electric one with good results. My issue was with the famous cracked degas bottle letting coolant out and air in at high rpms, making it tough to find the leak. And its been great since.
  • lcostellolcostello Posts: 1
    I wanted to thank all of you for solving my overheating problem. I purchased a one owner 2000 Lincoln LS recently and the other day it overheated during initial start-up (with the air one). I changed the thermostat and all was better for the next 2 weeks then I noticed the temp slowly climbing again. I found this site a few days ago and checked my DEGAS bottle last night and after a few cycles found a small drip coming from the seam. I'm pretty sure this is where the cooling system is sucking air and caused the temp sensor to go up so quickly. I ordered a new Dorman Degas bottle last night for $62 which I plan to replace when it arrives.
    Thanks again for having this Forum. You saved me a pricy dealer visit and many headaches.
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    That has to be your issue. Glad to help!
  • darl444darl444 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info on the Degas bottle. I couldn't find any problems with it so have not replaced it. Do you know where the cooling fan controller is located? The fan is hydraulic, and rotates freely, at idle it operates at normal, or low speed, but does not go to a higher speed has the temperature starts to increase with increased engine RPM. But I can bring the operating temperature back to normal by just adjusting the cabin heater fan to high and desired temp to max with the engine at 2000 RPM (in park and A/C off).

    I'm also experiencing a problem now with the A/C compressor clutch. After about 10 minutes of normal operation, the clutch will cycle, but not fully engage, all the while making a squealing noise.

    Can the clutch be replaced without taking the compressor out?
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    Sounds like an air pocket obstruction. Note that the crack in the degas bottle occurs on a seam and is tough to see. I'd try a pressure test by pinching or blocking the outlet and overflow lines. Not sure where the controller is. Never had that problem but many others have and wired in an electric fan with success. Also not sure about the clutch, but my guess would be that it is all external to the compressor and can be replaced without depressurizing the system or removing it. Good luck!
  • dezuzdezuz Posts: 1
    ok as everyone else i have an over heating issue with my LS..i've replaced the de-gass bottle, thermostat housing, and thermostat .. bled the air and see no leaks...yet once i get to operating temp it seems to over heat causing the hydralic fans to kick on which at low speeds is quiet but noticeable and at driving speeds it gets louder...any suggestions cause i am check engine light either btw ...
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    I've heard of a lot of people having trouble with the hydraulic fans and many have resolved the issue by wiring in an electric one.
  • What kind of electric fan should I use in my 2000 ls V6??? and how many cfm is needed??? some one please help
  • WHAT kind of electric fan is recomended for this junker??? And how many cfm should it be???
    I put a little 12" pusher with 880 cfm on the condeser and it keeps the temp in the middle but if in traffic long and its hot temp starts to climb and i notice the coolant backing up out of the bottle ,,, SOMEONE please help!!!!
  • lemonlslemonls Posts: 1
    Hi: im in florida, but just purchased a lincoln ls from N.Virgina. it keep on overheating i changed radiator, temperature sender switch, thermostat and housing it is still overheating. what should i do?????
  • Hello I was wondering if someone can help me I have a 2001 Lincoln Ls that has over heated i have replaced the water pump, and the thermostat and it seems to continue to over heat and the antifreeze wont stay in it keep sleaking out.

    Does anyone know what it might be I need to get this fixed before my son starts school please help.
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    Check my past posts about the degas bottle issues.
  • hate to burst your bubble, but my son has a 2000 lincoln ls v8 and has battled this issue for over 2 years. It was overheating very randomly for a long time, but now it is really bad so we figure it is a blown head gasket. We replaced the thermostat twice which didnt solve it. We also thought the overflow resevoir was the problem and replaced it. That helped for a short period of time and then it started getting worse and worse. The air conditioner blows hot heat randomly also. Just dont want you to get too excited about thinking it is fixed. sorry.
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    If his degas bottle was cracked, that was his issue. He should by all means be excited. As for you, it sounds like the fan issues so many are having. Or there is an air obstruction in the system. They're a [non-permissible content removed] to bleed. A head gasket wouldn't cause part-time problems.
  • nickrlnickrl Posts: 9
    I posted this in another forum as well but it seemed dead as this on e is alive and kicking so sorry mods...I am having a overheating issue as well. Heres the trip with mine, In the past 18 months my 02 v8 has had the hydraulic fan replaced, the pump replaced, thermostat changed last week, no airlock or any of that fun stuff. mechanic said theres no leaks (im not sure if he pulled the degas bottle to check for crack but am taking his word for it), the cap seems to be good- nice hissing sound if i try to remove it. have had the radiator flushed and filled by a mechanic. ac is blowing hot air (doubt that has anything to do with it... just adding to the complaint box). It has overheated on me four times in the past two weeks. It only seems to do it on my third consecutive time getting into the car, ex. drove 9 miles to autozone was in there 20 mins. drove 2miles to oriellys was in there 10 minutes, then drove back home with it starting to heat up. when the temp starts to rise i hear a whining sound like theres a supercharger on the car. The mechanic has had the car twice now and cant find anything wrong with the car. When the car is overheating the fan isnt coming on but if i let the car sit for a while everything is fine. Unlike other people I cant just shut the car off and re start it with the guage going back to normal. no check engine light comes on when this happens- so are there codes being stored? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    The crack in the degas bottle doesn't necessarily lead to leaking antifreeze, if it's high on the bottle, but will allow air to get into the system as the car cools and the system is trying to pull the antifreeze from the degas bottle. But it sounds more like you're having the issue with the hydraulic fan. Not an expert on that issue, thankfully (knock on wood) but what I've read is that the type of fan (or whatever sending unit kicks it on) is the issue. Did you replace it with another hydraulic fan? If so, I suggest that you look into wiring in an electric one in. Many people on these blogs have done it with success. I think they convert it to electric using a fan and wiring harness from a prior or subsequent year. They could tell you best...just run a search with the right terms and you'll find the strongs. Good luck!
  • nickrlnickrl Posts: 9
    Thank you for replying! If there was a crack in the degas bottle would it cause the fan to randomly not work (cuz that is whats happening when its overheating)?
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 33
    Doubtful. It's got to be the fan. They suck. It's a miracle I haven't had that issue!
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