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Lincoln LS Overheating Problems



  • Where is the hydraulic reservoir located?? I am having the same problem that you are describing, my car is the same year and also around the same mileage. Going to try your fix, just need to know where to look for the reservoir!! Thanks
  • I'm also having the same overheating problem. Where is the reservoir? What's it near?


  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    It's the power steering reservoir IIRC.
  • mahaliadaimahaliadai Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    THank You all so much for the helpful info on Overheating Issues on the Licnoln Ls. I been dealing with this for a while. It was always so RANDOM! Had Thermostat replaced, was fine for several months then one day just randomly overheated again. Fine for a few weeks. Now, it overheats every first start up. Like clockwork about 7 minutes into driving it overheats. I plan my route so I can pull off and let it sit! It often gurgles and then, it is fine the rest of the day! Almost like an airlock everyday. Information has been extremely helpful, my car guy has been quite perplexed and this gives us somewhere else to start looking. My question though, is, I noticed several people also mentioned their ac blows hot air. Mine also blows super hot air straight off engine even with air off. We assumed it was the blendor and I just choose not to fix because i am poor :) I am curious what the connection is with the overheating if there is one?
  • tbug1964tbug1964 Posts: 3
    edited September 2011
    I need a hydraulic cooling fan hose, that is what Ford called it. According to Ford dealer we called the manufacture of the part and Ford are fighting over the price of the part. Ford says they are charging to much so they stopped making this part. Dealer said he could put us on a waiting list but there is no telling when they would start making the part if ever for that matter.

    I really need this hose, any ideas where to locate one? This hose is the pressure hose. Of course the one I need shows a price of 358.00 but no one has one.
  • I have the same problem with the hydraulic fan pressure line. My wife is heading to a place here in boise to try to get it made. Fluid connector producs.. I hope i can have it made. I cant afford 352 dollars.. I will try t o see if they can make it. I will post later if they can make it..
  • We tried several machine shops and a couple of places that do hydraulics but no one was able to make it. Please let me know if you are able to find someone.

    We can't anyone with the part to order.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Might be a good time to try switching to an electric fan if the steering is ok.
  • I spent years and alot of money working on the intermittent over heat problem. IT WAS MY RESERVOIR located in the engine compartment in under the hood in the driver side right under the windshield
  • Yup. See my earlier, detailed post on this issue
  • I have a 2000 lincoln ls. It has been overheating. Mines blows cold air but doesnt blow hot air. I had the resevoir replaced. Im currently waiting on the radiator to be replaced. Can you tell me what that problem sounds like. I see everyone else has problems with getting cold air. Mine won't blow heat.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Blend door not moving, bad heater core, thermostat stuck open, HVAC controller.
  • Hi Zeto I had the problem for a while Try new radiator cap and alot of those cars have a bad coolant reservoir I speny count hour and thousands of dollars at the lincoln dealer just find the problem my self by accident. I have done alot of research from other people who have had the same problem with the reservoir having a fine leak at the seam. Its located in front of the front windshield on driver side just open your hood.
  • I have had an over heating issue b4 on my 02 Lincoln ls. But talking on here I found a way to fix the issue. Change the hydraulic fan for an electric fan a 16 inch with 3000 air pullbut a 2700 air pull can work just as well. I been driving my car nonstop for a month and it hasn't overheated on me since. Im so happy now with my Lincoln. Just giving an update on my issue. Warning u may have to have an electrician rewire the fan so it works when u have the ac on. Cause I have to do it to mine but since summers over it can wait a while.
  • Yup. Not sure if it is a casting issue or a design issue, but they crack along the seam. I was lucky enough to find it on a blog before throwing money at the issue!
  • Damien there are alot of sensors on the fan does your check engine light come on . I want to go electric fan for performance reasons and lose the hydraulic pump for better of the line performance.

  • Nope my check engine light never came on. There really isn't any censors for"> the fan.
  • Did you notice any performance difference and did you remove your hydraulic pump. Damien where did you get the electric fan from?

    Thanks for taking your time to post
  • I put a new thermostat on my car Because it was overheating and the heater didn't blow heat so that might be a problem to.. Where is you antifreeze going cause its gotta be going somewhere?
  • Found a mechanic who braised the end where it was spilling fluid and then my husband said he put a "T" and went around. I really have no idea what that means. The mechanic is in Pine Bluff Arkansas. It is not perfect as it has a very small leak now but it the car is driveble.
  • after reading numerous threads i see many have spent the money to replace hydraulic fan with elec. and some have spent upward of 100 bucks on a fan that will cool yet put extra load on the alternator. after a lot of reading i have decided to bypass the pump cylinoid function with a aftermarket fan control.
    this controller was intended for an aftermarket electric fan assembly. no need for the elec fan i just grounded the cylinoid brown wire thru the controller which senses water temp on it own by use of the typical temp probe slipped under the end of the radiator hose.
    fired it up and it activated the fan so i will find out how well it works in the coming days.
    have been wondering why noone has tried this. 17 dollars at autozone. we will see.
  • Hey scooterup,
    How has the bypass been working for you? Im having the same overheating problem and Im thinking of converting mines.

  • ldogg2ldogg2 Posts: 4
    Well after all the money spent, the problem turned out to be the hydrolic pump, my mechanic who did not do the work advised against the universal fan assembly,but now
    that the overheating problem is solved my heater is not blowing any heat any suggestions?
  • i am having the same problem, my radiator fan, hydraulic pump is broken. where did you buy your part from and what was the coast? any info will help. thank you
  • I bought it online on or try depending on the fan speed and style the price varies. Also u need to get a temp control to activate the electric fan.
  • jen0jen0 Posts: 10

    My heat sucks too in my Lincoln (LS 2002) Idk what's up. It all started about two years ago when I had my radiator power flushed, (supposed to do as part of the "maintenance") All the crap in there made my thermostat stick so I had to by a new one. Ever since then my heat sucks! I live in New England and I need heat! I start my car and let it run for 15 minutes in the morning and my temp gage is right in the middle but it's blowing barely even warm air. Once I start driving it eventually will blow warmer air but it's still not right. It really sucks. Could it be something simple like adjustng my thermostat? did you ever get your heat working again??
  • They are susceptible to air pockets and have a very intricate bleeding procedure. I suspect that, since it started when work was done that required bleeding. Top it off and follow the procedure to a T for a possible free fix. If you had that much crud in there, consider a heater core flush before bleeding.
  • It sound like your secondary pump I forgot what it was called but had to replace mine . Its a pump that pumps water through your block at low speeds or at Idle mine did the same thing for years.until I took it in and found it wasn't working . I replaced now my car heats the cabin normally .
  • Sorry to hear that but I had an overheating prob with the radiator fan. I never had the heater not work. My car blows good heat all the time. Sorry I can't help u with ur issue.
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