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Dodge Durango



  • Has anyone had an after-market retractable sunroof installed on their Durango or has anyone done any research ?
    If so, Can the information be shared to direct me Where to look ?
    Any help is appreciated !
  • q8740q8740 Posts: 12
    Dodge is advertising a $1500.00 rebate on durangos with 5.9 and 4x2.

    Question is, dose this apply to 4x4 also or only 4x2
    I called dodge and they said its a regional rebate and they have no info other than the std. $1000 rebate
  • mrstiffymrstiffy Posts: 2
    Erie Insurance lists the safest cars in its experience. Their criteria are listed at tough standards

    and include good records for death, injury, repair, and safety features as well as laboratory test results.

    Durango is shown on their "preferred" list at: sport utility vehicles

    This information may be useful to those concerned about Durango's safety based only on laboratory crash test results.
  • slclark3slclark3 Posts: 18
    Just bought a new Durango with 4.7. It felt stronger than the 5.9 I drove plus hopefully will be better on gas. Both vehicles had the 3.92 rear gear. Has any one else made a comparison?
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290

    You didn't mention what engine was in the Durango you looked at, but I have the 5.9 and replaced my valve covers with Mopar performance aluminum covers. When I did, I noticed that the stock gaskets are very good quality with reinforced rubber, and are not prone to leaking. Sounds like it might be a quality control lapse and someone forgot to torque them down properly.


    For info on A/C, sunroofs, etc., you might want to try the Durango Owners Forum. There is a good FAQ page on all things Durango, and lots of owners to query:
  • jbecker5jbecker5 Posts: 1
    I just bought a Durango (5.9L, 3.92) and was surprised to see that the recommended engine break-in period was only 300 miles. If I recall from a new vehicle purchase about 10 years ago,
    this number was more like 1500. With the Durango, I plan to tow a 3500lb. boat in mountainous areas, and wonder what others know about breaking in the new engine. Any suggestions?
  • ro5ro5 Posts: 2
    i'm going on a vacation in my new D and was wondering: other than a bug screen, what else if anything, can i do to protect the paint from bugs ????

  • jimmyjamjimmyjam Posts: 1
    With the quick turning response of the D,you
    should be able to "DODGE" most of them!!!

  • dwh6dwh6 Posts: 10
    ro5 (#39): One thing that helps significantly is putting a good coat of wax on the vehicle before going on the trip. That way, any bug "stuff" that gets on the car, really only gets on the wax. It is also much easier to remove!
  • donm4donm4 Posts: 3
    I'm currently negotiating a lease and my salesman says the 1000$ rebate doesnt apply with the special chrysler lease plan he's using(the best lease plan available)
    Has anyone heard of this? Does he benefit?
  • q8740q8740 Posts: 12
    I would call dodge, there web site says $1000.00 on all durangos
    and $500 dollars on lease's w a 5.9 motor.

    I did call a local dodge dealer and the fleet mgr did not want to tell me that there is a rebate. I was inquiring on a R/T and he said there is no rebate on that vehicle fore sure.....

    WRONG ......another scam
  • humpyhumpy Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any information on what is new for the 2001 Durango and when will it be available? I want to buy a new D but was curious about the new models.
  • dwh6dwh6 Posts: 10
    I haven't heard much, but I did hear that the model will be "refreshed" and that it will have some additional features, such as heated seats, that were not previously offered.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i'm helping a friend with a possible durango purchase and need some advice. i know that the 4.7l engine and new 4 speed tranny can be had with a full-time transfer case, which i believe is basically the same as the one in the jeep grand cherokee. however, there seems to be quite a few driveline problems with those similarly equipped jeeps. has anyone here had a problem with their 4.7l powertrain including the full-time transer case? thanks.
  • fboykinfboykin Posts: 2
    Anyone with experience towing a 2000 lb. boat and trailer with the standard 4.7l engine and 3.55 axle set up? I'll be towing occasionally and was looking to get the "standard" engine package for all around gas mileage plus that seems to be a common set up at the dealers around Atlanta. I know there are lots of pros & cons; I'm hoping to hear from someone who's actually towed with one. Thanks.
  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    The Jeep had two DIFFERENT full time 4wd setups,the QuadraTrac (the one with all the problems),and the selectrac,just a full time transfer case,no oddball differentials,and no problems associated with it.
    A Durango with the full time 4WD should be as trouble free as one with part time.I was going to buy one,but it was just a LITTLE too small.So I ended up with a full size 4Dr truck.With a bed lid,it's as useful as a Full size SUV,for thousands less!
  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    My friend bought a Durango to tow his 18' boat,it has the 4.7 3.92(i think that's the number),full time transfer case,and 4wheel ABS.I would think twice before going with the 3.55 for towing.His is ok,not spectacular.It does tow better than his late Dakota Club Cab 4x4 5.2 3.55 that was wrecked last year.I have driven both,and ridden in another Dakota 5.9 with 3.55 gears,and it was miles ahead of the other two.I was only a test drive away from buying a 5.9 3.92,fulltime 4wd,4wheel abs.If it had just a little more comfortable seats,and a little more room in the front area,I would have gone for it,in Patriot blue!
    The milage penalty with the higher gears would only be maybe a mile per gallon,and the Durango would be peppier in all conditions.
  • dwh6dwh6 Posts: 10
    I agree with nrd525. (Isn't amazing how BIG Durangos look from the outside, but how COZY they are in the front passenger area?).

    Fboykin: I suggest you go to the Durango Owners' Club forum ( ask your question. Someone there will be able to tell you specifically what your limitations are going to be.

  • slclark3slclark3 Posts: 18
    I too have driven both 4.7 with 3.55/3.92 and the 5.9 with 3.55/3.92 and I found the 4.7 quicker with both ratios of rearends. Both 5.9s felt strong but a little slugglish. I thought since I wasn't going to tow anything the 4.7 was best for me. With 4.7 overhead cam it turn quicker from a lower R.P.M. range. The 5.9 would work better as a tow vehicle but if you want a SUV that accelerates like sports car I would go with 4.7. It is also better on gas. I went with 4.7 with 3.92 gears.
  • terryo2terryo2 Posts: 1
    I am looking at the Durango to tow a small to medium sized trailer. The specs indicate that either V8 should do the job with the 3.92 axle.
    The 4.7 is billed as a next generation engine in the brochure. What is new about it? Is there a reliability advantage with either engine?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    according to chrysler literature the 4.7l powertrain (including new tranny) is designed for a minimum of 150k miles before any internal parts need replacing. i guess i'll leave it up to you whether you want to believe that or not. as for the 5.9l...i have no idea what criteria is was engineered to meet. but we all know that the old chrysler v/8s are legendary.
  • a durango i am interested in lists two charges
    B02 New York - PPA/EB-PF $210 and
    T02 New York - DAA $310

    dealer says that these are advertising charges and must be included in his "invoice cost"
    anyone know? is this true?
    thanks in advance
  • q8740q8740 Posts: 12
    If you are buying from a dealer the ad fee's are standard, I have heard some people getting the dealer to reduce the ad fee's

    You can also check out cars they will locate you a car from a local dealer and there is no add fee's and I think there price is a little below dealer cost.

    I recently bought a new Durango R/T loaded from for $1545.00 under dealer cost and they also took off the $1000 rebate.

    Scott Q
  • When you say that you got your Durango
    $1545.00 under dealer cost,
    did the dealer cost include the ad fees???

    thanks in advance
  • sjdowlinsjdowlin Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a 4.7 w/3.55 and part time 4wd. It is rated to pull 4450lbs. (over twice what you plan to pull) I think the 3.92 takes you up to 5500lbs rating. I pull a 3500lb boat/trailer combination in some pretty hilly terrain. It works very well. Much better than the Explorer it replaced. If you are going to tow a lot, or expect to tow more weight in the future, step up to the 5.9/3.92 combo. Otherwise, the 4.7/3.55 combo should work well.

    Good luck.
  • really appreciate your helpful advice
  • fboykinfboykin Posts: 2
    Hey, sjdowlin, I posted the question on towing with the 4.7/3.55. Could you email me directly or make your email address public in your profile? I'd like to talk with you directly if you're agreeable. I plan to tow from Atlanta to Tampa and back (6 hrs)a couple of times a year. I found a Duranto today close to what I want, except it lacks 4 wheel ABS and has the 3.55 rear end. Your comments make me thing the 3.55 would work fine for me. Anyone have any views on getting 4 wheel ABS? I'm thinking I could be riding in my new truck like real soon
  • sjdowlinsjdowlin Posts: 3
    That's a lot of miles, You need to look at the GCW number. I think it's 9200 on the 3.55 and 10,000 or more for the 3.92. If you plan to have the truck and trailer loaded with people and their crap, you may find yourself close to the rated load limit. That should be OK as long as you don't drive like a maniac or do this every weekend.

    You may want to look at the 5.9 with a 3.55. That would deliver plenty of towing power and I think they are pretty easy to come by. The mileage will be very close to the 4.7 with the 3.92. The 5.9 is a tried and true motor that should deliver years of trouble free operation.

    It is all a trade off. The beefier your powertrain, the easier towing will be ... and the worse your mileage.

    There is lots of good discussion on this and other Durango topics at
  • bigsilverbigsilver Posts: 2
    i have a 200 durango 4.7 with hd coolong. is it normal for the temp gauge reading to fluctuate from 150 to 200 while driving. the guage has not gone past 210 but is it normal for it to fluctuate while driving?
  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    I would pass on ANY vehicle without 4 wheel ABS,it's just too useful to be without.It has been on my last 3 vehicles,2 SUV's and a Pickup.
    As far as the 3.55 rear goes,I'd still advise against it.The Durango you saw without the 3.92 must have been with the little tires/wheels,because that's an automatic upgrade to 3.92 when you get them.To me,it look odd,like it's unfinished,without the flares that come with the bigger 31x10.5x15 tires.Just my opinion.I was trying to keep the cost down,but would never cut the bigger tires and flares out.In overdrive,the RPM's would still be under 2000,so milage wouldn't be affected that much by going higher in ratio.The4.7 is a revver compared to the 5.9,so it would even be more important to go to the 3.92.The 5.9 would still be better with it,and I doubt if you can even find a 5.9 without 3.92's.Everyone I've ever seen had the bigger tires,and the higher gears.
    My combo,and I was going to buy it,it was sitting there in Patriot Blue,and Bright Red,was an SLT(not a plus),5.9,full time 4wd,cloth interior,3.92 rear,4Wabs,Limited slip rear,and the usual toys.It stickered at 33,400,I think,I had them down to 30,400 pretty quickly.But,after sitting in it for a while,it was just too tight in front,and I didn't like the seats much more than the Jeep I was getting rid of,and the seating and driving position was the reason I was dumping it.So,it was a Ram Quad Cab for me,or the GM I bought for me.If only the Ram had the power the Sierra did...
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