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Lexus LX 470



  • e33e33 Posts: 8
    I am pulling my hair out deciding to lease or buy a new LX through my business. One tax guy says buy, 2 others say lease. Anyone want to throw in their 2 cents?
    MSRP 63,100
    Can buy for 56,200 plus tax of about 4000.
    Cash purchase 60,200 through my Corp. Would probably keep it for about 4 years. Apparently there is a special depreciation schedule for luxury cars which would limit depreciation to 5,000 in yr 1, 2950 yr2, 1775 in yr 3 and 4. Total write off only 11,500 saving me about $4500 in taxes. At the end of 4 years sell the car for $35,000 (using lease residual value).
    Final numbers
    60,200 cost
    -4500 tax saving
    -35000 sales price.
    20,700 Net cost for 4 years (ignores some interest)
    Lease with 0 down at $1000/month for 48 months. Not a great lease rate, I know. But all payments can be written off. Total tax saving about $16,000.

    Final numbers
    48,000 total lease payments
    -16,000 tax savings
    32,000 net cost for 4 years

    Seems like a no brainer to buy right? Lease write off are higher but net cost is worse. Have I got something wrong here? Why are the tax guys saying lease?
    I would say that the dog loves it but that mutt can ride on the FREE Roof rack and Polished rims for all I care.....
    Been Reading all your postings
    Thanks a bunch Guys and Gals

  • Was there an answer to the ride quality problems you outlined in #1? I have a 2000 LX470 with about 10,000 miles on it which has similar problems. They didn't become noticable until the tires were rotated the first time. They've been balanced by the dealer twice in the past 2 weeks, and although this second time has improved the ride, it's certainly not right yet. However, I will add that this last time included the need to "machine" the front brake rotors due to intense vibration during braking that showed up immediately after the rotation and first balancing. (by the dealer) This seems to have fixed the braking vibration, but still the ride is not what it should be. I guess I need to go to another dealer as I had to argue to get them to rebalance, when the problem was obvious by driving it. ..As a side note, I've been disappointed by the experience. Service was the primary reason I bought a Lexus after having the same type problem in getting responsive service from Lincoln Dealers. Maybe it's just central Alabama dealers.. any dealer recomendations in this area? ..north Florida?
  • Hello all, though I don't own an DX, I do own a 97 THC and just love it. Thought some of you maybe interested in some pictures of Toyota's products. (nexus included)
    I came across this web site by mistake and to my sunrise,you can look at the "car lineup",position your mouse over some of the text,look at the bottom of your screen,if you're using I to see which vehicle you're looking at. All of Toyota's vehicles and some that aren't available here are there. Have fun and enjoy!!!
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Grafcom: I sugg. calling Lexus customer service center 1-800-lexus for answer, good luck, Swiftm
  • Hello all, though I don't own an DX, I do own a 97 TLC and just love it. Thought some of you maybe interested in some pictures of Toyota's products. (Lexus included)
    I came across this web site by mistake and to my suprise,you can look at the "car lineup",position your mouse over some of the text,look at the bottom of your screen,if you're using I to see which vehicle you're looking at. All of Toyota's vehicles and some that aren't available here are there. Have fun and enjoy!!!
  • Hello all, though I don't own an LX, I do own a 97 TLC and just love it. Thought some of you maybe interested in some pictures of Toyota's products. (Lexus included)
    I came across this web site by mistake and to my suprise,you can look at the "car lineup",position your mouse over some of the text,look at the bottom of your screen,if you're using I to see which vehicle you're looking at. All of Toyota's vehicles and some that aren't available here are there. Have fun and enjoy!!!
  • dxrxfxdxrxfx Posts: 7
    I would appreciate any input / advice on where I could get a good deal on a used 470. Dealers? Private saless?
  • cul8tercul8ter Posts: 10
    The vibrations I described in my previous post have not been completely eliminated; however, they have been slightly reduced. After the fifth balance, I took my car to a tire dealer that recently purchased a vibration analysis tire balancer. This balancer presses a roll against the tire, under 700 pounds of pressure, to simulate tire to road contact. This tool indicated that there were no defects in the tire and that the tires were balanced within specification. After I left this tire dealer, I noticed an improvement. Both of the Lexus dealers I took the truck to seem to think that it is not a serious problem ie. dive shaft problem. Unfortunately, neither of them have offered a solution that has completely solved this problem. It is a little more bearable, but still unacceptable. I tend to think it may be a tire problem since there was an improvement when it was balanced the sixth time, but I don't know for sure.

    As for the dealers...try another dealer if the one you are using is not helping you. Also, write a short letter to the dealer letting him/her know about your dissatisfaction and send a copy to Lexus Headquarters in CA. Be sure to let the dealer know that you have informed Lexus Corporate of your dissatisfaction. You will notice a substantial difference in the quality of the service you receive.
  • Thanks for the follow-up info. I wonder..does such a machine test for, or divulge warped wheels? I had that problem on my previous Navigators. A fairly reliable service guy told me that all vehicles with aluminum alloy wheels are sensitive to warpage.. initally by truck drivers who clamp them down too tightly during transit. I'm fairly certain that my problem is with specific tire(s)/wheel(s) since it only really showed up after the first rotation. I've found a local tire store that also has recently put in one of those "force balancers". I'll be going there in the morning, so we'll see in my case. The owner of the store said he would have thought that the Lexus dealer would have one, as well. Interesting thought.. I'll let you know my results.
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Why are you selling your 2000 LX and buying a 2001? Are there any problems w/ it?Or just what I read on theses posts. Are you a dealer or just get a new car every year ( I noticed you got 430 too)- why not trade the 2000 in? Appreciat all your comments. Still deciding between LX and Seq. Thanks, Stacy
  • Hi Stacy:

    If you knew how quickly I cycled through my cars, you would understand immediately. :-)
    It drives my wife nuts!

    I am not a dealer. I just simply like new toys. My 2000 is perfect. But, I want the DVD navigation system. Its new and I have a couple of things I want to add to it. I also want the Mark Levinson system. I am somewhat of an audiophile. That makes a difference to me. I am your lovable guy next door that buys both a pre-amp AND an amp. I buy Krell rather than JVC.

    The Nakamichi system in my '00 is VERY nice but I want the Levinson. For me, its the classic dichotomy b/w 'want' and 'need.'

    Why not trade? Simply because my purchase transaction is less complex and less expensive without a trade. I do suffer a little bit of first year depreciation but then again, I tend to buy cars that have a great and active aftermarket and enjoy flatter depreciation curves while having the depreciation 'loss' nicely offset by tax write offs. I might be somewhat well off but my daddy did not raise no fool.

    best wishes,

  • scifiscifi Posts: 54
    In what area of the NW are you in? (don't be overly specific). I am interested in your 2000 LX470 and am a complete audiophile too. I would definitely rip out the Nakamichi system and personally install a high end system in it with multiple Navs & DVD. To me, the Levinson system isn't enough, but hey, I can't afford a new vehicle either! I'm traveling to the NW very soon and hoping we can negotiate!
  • I have a 2001 LX470 with NAV/GPS/DVD. I want to be able to play movies on the factory DVD player on both the front LCD and on a future mid-row DVD while in motion. Many computer problems must be bridged in order to make this happen. Normally you have to be stopped and parking brake applied to view movies. The quality and sound coming from the factory unit are great. Anyone found away to defeat the system and allow movies while in motion. I can add a second DVD and a mid-row screen - but my wife does like sitting in the front seat and the sound would have to be introduced via a modulator to the existing sound system. I know Lexus is thinking about alternative ideas on the Navigation system - such as allowing the full menu to be used provided someone is sitting in the passenger seat. This would make my wife happy - she is our navigator when traveling and she often wishes for more functions while we are in motion. I didn't want to go aftermarket even though I could get more features including the ones I wanted. Headed to CES this weekend where I'll see just what I need - but I have always hated going aftermarket on a vehicle that cost so much. Thanks for the help - my email account is
  • scifiscifi Posts: 54
    I have not figured out a bypass for the front LCD screen, but the rear screen can be bypassed.

    Here is a post from the toyota board:
    As you are likely aware, the NAV available on the 2001+ TLC is also advertised to play video DVD's while stationary. I'd have to look at the shop manual wiring diagrams to get a feel for how easy it is to defeat - that is to view DVD's on the move. I suspect that it is probably difficult to bypass. However, one thing is for sure. You can't NAV and view a DVD simultaneously - something that is possible on the aftermarket Alpine system (with a seperate DVD player). Regarding adding aux displays, or additional aux inputs (for a Nintendo) this also may be really difficult with the factory head unit.

    Regarding the Alpine unit, it will ALWAYS give a video signal to the "aux out" monitor. With this, any video source can be seen with an aux screen - even if the vehicle is in motion. The front screen simply displays the message, "Picture off for your safety."

    To get a video source to the front screen (other than NAV which will always display), the Alpine needs to "see" a sequence of foot brake, parking brake on, momentarily off, then back on again while releasing the foot brake. (It's more natural to perform than it sounds.)

    In my pictures of the back of the console, you'll notice an extra switch on the right side. I've rigged this switch to mimic the parking brake (just giving a ground signal) and it effectively bypasses the Alpine safeguards and lets the video play while you are driving.

    The NAV unit is, unfortunaltely, a little smarter. The NAV unit will not let you access the menu (to set a new destination, for example) unless the vehicle is stopped with the parking brake on. Using the switch above, I can fool it on the parking brake, but it still "knows" the vehicle is moving because of the input it is getting from the satellites as well as the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). I haven't tried to work a bypass.... yet.

    If the NAV and DVD are integrated, then you may be out of luck for the front screen. But it would seem that you can bypass the rear. I did contact janaschicago from the toyota board who states he has bypassed the front screen on a NAV system, but it is very complicated. (he is even more of an audiophile than me!).

    Good luck!
  • PacNW = Portland, OR and Redmond/Bellevue, WA.

    ...and regarding the bypass, I am informed that there IS a solution. A gentleman I know [who exclusively does VERY high end mobile system installations, viz. >$20K] is headed to Japan early next month to go 'study' the process. Go figure!

    I will keep the list posted.
  • I have the 01 lx470 with the NAV system and portable phone. I have the following problems/issues:

    1. SprintPCS is the only provider available for this system. Sprint is fine in major markets or major interstate, but be ready to pay out the nose if you go to the analog side.

    2. The nav/phone system will not allow you to enter any additional digits on the screen after the number has been entered for voice mail, extensions, etc. This will not work if the vehicle is moving or not. This is a major problem. The phone allows you to save additional digits in the memory, however it will not transfer to the nav system screen. However, you can open the center consul and enter the digits on the phone. This is a very dangerous bypass.

    3. The phone/screen is frozen when the vehicle is in motion. This is for safety , but it still needs to be something that can be bypassed by the driver.

    This option is $ 2500.00. I have had phones in my autos for years, This system is the worst I have ever used. The phone (stand alone) is excellent, but add it to the Nav System and it becomes almost obsolete. Lexus indicates that additional software upgrades will be available annually for the Nav system but no one can tell me if any phone upgrades will be included. Lexus has dropped the ball on this option.

    Any suggestions for a frustrated phone guy.
  • kemokemo Posts: 7
    Does anyone have any info. regarding a horsepower increase in the 4.7L V8? I assume Lexus will need to massage another 30hp at least with the release of the 2002 Range Rover.
  • Has anyone gotten their dealer to switch their engine oil to synthetic? My other cars came with it from the factory and their change intervals are about every 15K miles. This 3K mile interval is just ridiculous.
  • e33e33 Posts: 8
    Just checking if I am getting taken a little in my LX purchase.

    I have been getting quotes such as "$1000 over invoice". However, what my research is showing as invoice cost is $768 (1.25% if MSRP?) lower than what these dealers are saying. They say this charge is part of the invoice cost of EACH car. Sounds like a "Lexus Customer Advertising Charge" to me.

    Any ideas? Should I be paying for the dealers ad costs (at least directly)?
  • Update to my previous post on the vibration problems.. I went to a Michelin tire dealer who just put in a brand new force balance machine made by Hunter. He let me watch as they checked each tire and wheel. All the wheels checked out perfectly. None were warped. However, the tires were a different story. Two were fine (the ones which came on the front) with a "run-out" reading of 8 and 10. One of the remaining rear tires was OK (within allowable tolerance according to the machine recommendations), but had a "run-out" reading higher in the scale of 16.(measured in "lbs".. 0 - 19 was within allowable levels, but 10 or below was stated by the technician as desired). However, the last tire had a reading of 21. Breaking the bead on the tire and spinning it around on the rim managed to lower it to 19, but that still was high. I had them check the spare since it is a full size complete rim. It measured 7. So, I had them put the worst tire as the spare.

    This has made a tremendous difference. The vehicle now rides smoothly as it should. So, it appears that the problem is a Michelin tire quality issue only detectable by the poor ride quality and a force balance machine. Perhaps my situation is abnormal, but for anyone else experiencing the same problem, maybe this information can help you, too.
  • I heard of a dealer in South Florida that had several LX-470's remaining in the 2000 model year.

    One would think that this dealer is inclined to give MORE than generous deals on any remaining 2k model.

    Now I am not absoltely positive of this but I heard of something like 200.00 (two hundred) over actual dealer cost!!!! (Cost as we have already established id 54,773.00)

    If this post is of intrest to you; e-mail me and I can give you more information on this 8 time "Elite" of Lexus Dealership.


  • I would imagine any left will go for LESS than 54,773.00. I purchased blk/ivory one from a Florida dealer back in September for 54,773.00 including delivery to Michigan. (wood/leather steering wheel & shift knob, roof rack, NAK. system, towing package, floor mats, & wheel locks)
  • The following message was posted yesterday, January 5, on another Lexus-interest forum. Does anyone here know anything about this price increase?

    "Lexus announced a 1% increase on the invoice of all vehicles the other day. This will effect the vehicles in transit or on order, not the vehicles already on the lot. If anyone is looking to purchase, now is a good time to do so. RX's went up around $300, LX470's over $700, etc."

  • I am looking for a new LX470. The invoice price is 52,716. Anyone can help me find one at a reasonable price that is close to the invoice price?

    Thank you in advance
  • Which Lexus dealer in NJ will provide free loaners even when the Lexus was purchased else where. I know for a fact that Prestige and Ray Catena will not. I wonder if others would. Thanks.
  • khoi1khoi1 Posts: 1
    Dear Cyberdealer:
    Please send me info regarding the Florida dealership that still has some LX470's.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Does anyone know 00 LX can be program to lower the truck when it in park position? TIA, swiftm
  • Just go to Lexus's website and look up all dealers in FL! Email them to check!!!
  • png1png1 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    We are looking at a 2001 LX470 fully loaded (dvd, mark levinson, etc. Dealer in NJ (Princeton area) is telling us $63,000. Does this seem like a good price. It's in our range and when we were looking last year, the dealer was getting MSRP, so we are happy to see that there is some room now.

    My other question, is there a new LX470 on the horizon? I know Range Rover is bringing out a new more powerful engine in 2002, is Lexus planning to follow? If a new LX470 will be coming out for 2002, we will probably wait and get the new model. I heard something about a LX500. Anybody know???

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