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Lexus LX 470



  • tierradtierrad Posts: 3
    Let me know what your service department come up with. I took it to another dealer and they too acknowledge the noise and have received the same complaints from other 2000 LX owners. The fact they cannot give me an explanation for this noise is unacceptable. I have placed a call to Lexus customer service (1-800-Lexus) and am awaiting some feedback. I'll keep you abreast.
  • 123461123461 Posts: 2
    I own a 01 and I've notice a slight tendency for the truck to go towards the right. I have less then 3000 miles and have already had a alignment done by the dealership under warranty. I'll probably bring it back when the 5000 mile service is due, so they can rotate the tires. I personally think its the tires, but not sure.
  • khuynh1khuynh1 Posts: 1
    I owned a 4runner before trading it in gor the LX, and noticed the same problem of veering off to the right on the 4runner. I had it aligned many times without effect, and finally balanced the tires, and the problem resolved. I don't know if this also applies to the LX, but it is something to consider.
  • spessardspessard Posts: 5
    Now that we're apparantly heading into recession with consumers increasingly holding off on major purchases, even the Lexus dealers should be more flexible, right?

    I'm just curious to hear about other people's experiences in buying over the last 3 or 4 weeks, and how close to invoice the dealers are getting these days.
  • wood190wood190 Posts: 4
    It might be dirty, try cleaning it with a damp rag.
  • rewyllysrewyllys Posts: 24
    I've now had my 2001 LX470 for almost 3 months, and have put just over 2000 miles on it so far.

    Right, most of the mileage has been in town (Austin, Texas) or to nearby cities (San Antonio and Waco). We were planning to go to my mother-in-law's this weekend--about 450 miles roundtrip--but my wife developed a cold, so we've postponed what would have been our longest trip to date.

    But though the mileage is limited, my delight in the car is not. I find myself enjoying it more and more. Some unexpected nice features have turned up: for example, I use a dark parking garage at work, and with my previous car, had to turn on the headlights manually each time I entered the garage, and had to remember to turn them off when leaving it. In the LX470, I just leave the headlight switch in the AUTO position and never have to bother with turning headlights on or off, whether in the garage or not, whether driving from dawn into day or day into twilight. Another nicety that has turned out to be unexpectedly pleasant is the heating of the front seats; my wife, who has back problems from time to time, has developed a fondness for turning on the passenger-seat heating even when the air-conditioner is running.

    And as to basic driving, the transmission is the smoothest shifting automatic I have ever driven. The engine power, while not putting the LX470 in the 0-60mph in 5 seconds class, is more than adequate for my driving style both in town and on the highway. Partly because of NAFTA, and partly because of the explosive growth of Austin, I-35 between Laredo and Dallas-Fort Worth has become one of the most crowded sections of interstate in the country. The heavy congestion makes for frequent need to get quickly past trucks, and the LX470 responds very nicely to a heavy foot on the accelerator when that is necessary.

    Best of all, though, is the superb noise insulation within the passenger compartment. I've caught myself exceeding 80mph more than once just because the engine noise is so low. (Fortunately, so far I'm the only person who has caught me doing that. Knock on wood!)
  • dwrichadwricha Posts: 24
    Rewyllys..That's great!! Glad to know that you're enjoying the LX450. That's one SUV that I'd love to own one of these days. I know how you feel finding the little features, I was finding little things myself when I first got my 97 Land Cruiser. These are some very well made SUV's, inside and out. They're pricey, but in this class of SUV's, you get what you pay for.
    In my opionion, they're the best SUV's on the road.(and off) LX470/TLC
  • bmw5454bmw5454 Posts: 3

    I have a 2000 LX470 and noticed a 4" crack at the bottom of the windshield (approx in the middle). Never taken offroad and only my wife's daily city driving - this crack appears to be a defect. She swears that no rocks have hit the windshield!

    Anybody out there experience the same? Will take to the dealer soon.

  • jgts1jgts1 Posts: 32
    If you know nothing has hit the sounds like it could be a stress crack, from flexing to much.
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    I own a '00 ES300 so I happened to stop by the dealer today and checked out a "new" '98 470. It has been used by the owner's wife and has 6500 miles on it. This would be sold as a new vehicle as it has never been titled. The asking price is 51k+. Edmunds and KBB price this vehicle USED as 39-41K trade-in, 44-46K private sale, and 48-50K dealer retail. What would be a good price for this "new" LX with remaining new car warranty? (I would especailly like to hear from Bill M. or any other dealers.) tia
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381

    Will there be any changes to the 02 lx470?
  • Hello all. I always keep one SUV (for long trips, and to get through snow in the New York winter.)I had a LX470 for a little while, but (and yes I have a pattern of this.) about three days after I bought it, I thought I should get an RX300, and save the money. Well now I am unhappy again (only about 6 months latter) with my choice. I would like something larger, with some of the higher end options that the RX doesn't have. My Lexus dealer is usually very good with prices, and he said to expect about 58k for a loaded LX. Is it worth the 5-6k premium? Thanks in advance.
    E-Mail me
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    What's going on for 02, will lexus put a diesel in the lx470? where's the market for 12mpg lx470 with premium?
    As far as the rx300, lx430, you may have to look outside lexus, or wait till 02 for any changes. the toyota highlander is better than the rx300, a few less luxo items but it is bigger. the ml320 gets great mileage (ours gets 19-20 city, 24 hwy) next year they will have a totally redone interior (dash etc.) we like it's size. what about a sport wagon, volvo (spotty quality) A6 quattro, passat awd.
    I think the market is moving back to hybrids, station wagon types that look like suv's etc. highlander, mdx, quattro wagon, etc.
    People want utility, car like ride, safty, and better milage. when the explorer, trailblazer was compared to the highlander, the HL won. Women want something like a cross between a sedan and an suv, that will grow and the suv market will decrease. i hear ford will use the volvo underpinnings for a new taurus and taurus wagon.
  • gbhopper2gbhopper2 Posts: 25
    I don't see a diesel. Would love to see the LS430 engine in the LX for 02. I don't think that most people buying a 67,000 SUV worry to much about 13 mpg.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Hello all: I, also waiting for 02 LX info, sold my 00 LX with 8k in it. No complaint at all. Swiftm
  • coolmatt44coolmatt44 Posts: 54
    I think that the 2002 will recieve the rummored 5.0 litre, because it is respectively underpowered right now (Come on, 240 horse power, on a huge truck?). If I were on the design team I would add the ls430 engine to the RX300 for the upcomming remodel. Offering both the 3.0 V6, and the 4.3 V8, to better compete with the mercedes ML, and BMW X5 V8 engines, because people that want a smaller, luxury, V8 SUV are leaning twards thoose models right now.
  • I think toyota should go ahead for an LX500 because there movin up the liters on all of their sedans, why not give more power to this great luxury truck?

    Has anyone else heard the rumors that Lexus will get a version of the Sequioa? I think that would be great, but it will take away from the LX sales.
  • skimmelskimmel Posts: 43
    I was surprised to find that the LX470 does not have side airbags (or even head air bags for that matter since other Lexus cars have it), park distance control, or stereo controls on the steering wheel.

    Does anyone know if these are going to be added for 2002?
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    Has any one installed a Jaos Roof rack II in a 98 and up LX470/TLC? I just installed one on mine and it gives me a very low pitch wind noise whistle at 55mph and up. Please advice if you have the same problem and how you solve it without making any ugly modifications.


  • coolmatt44coolmatt44 Posts: 54
    I hope they don't get a version of the sequoia, because at least the rumors I have herd say that it will replace the current LX design. That would be terrible because the sequoia, although good in it's segment, is a real TRUCK and I personally wouldn't spend 60k on that, or any truck.
  • trails71trails71 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if rear parking sensors, Lexus link, or a new engine will be added for 2002?
  • asweetingasweeting Posts: 3
    My Left rear most sub-woofer keeps blowing. I don't play it loud at all. I am on my 4th speaker. Has anyone experienced this. If not you may have to turn it on, fade the music to the rear and listen to it. In all the the=times it has happened the speaker just stops working.
  • symessymes Posts: 10
    I changed from a Jeep GC V8 Ltd to an LX470 back in 1999.

    I adore the LX. Sometimes I get an RX when the LX goes in for service, it drives nicely around town, quieter and smoother than the old Jeep. Not as quick. For long Journeys with people and luggage (and for us, a dog) the LX wins everytime. Also, after the Jeep, you may find the quality of build and dealer service a refreshing change. Just open the LX and look at the window and door seals.

    For fast trips through the mountains, I sometimes think I'd rather have the old Jeep back as it handled better than the LX for tight fast corners, ever with the LX suspension set on hard. However, I'd rather put up with that for the rest of the experience.

    Only regret is not having the 2001 with the Mark Levinson stereo - I could care less about Navigation, I just pop a Garmin GPS III+ on the dash in strange towns - less than $500!

    Despite all the Gizmos on the LX (and although I would like the Mark Levinson and the auto remote windows down from the RX/GS), what wins you over is the overall driving experience. After a week of ownership, you quit pushing buttons to make the car go up and down and just enjoy the amazing driving experience, the silent, smooth, beautifully built machine.

    I sometimes glance at the Range Rovers with all the bars and wonder (I really always wanted a Landcruiser, and now I have the LX I love it but think it isn't quite as "meaty" looking as the old LC), but I am British and you wouldn't catch me buying one, I remember the old long term quality reports!

    As for the E Wagon - nice car - and being European (well British), I think that some Wagons can be attractive. Never driven the wagon, but the saloons are nice (my Lexus dealer lent me a used E320 because my LX was delayed and referred to is as "a piece of pig iron"). Personally I found the controls and buttons to be a little counter intuitive, maybe that's just me.

    I have to admit that if I didn't really go off road (and I do) what I would like is one of those Audi A6 Avant Quattros with the 4.2 V8 that you see all over Continental Europe, but which you can't seem to get here as Americans seem to associate wagons with carrying wood, paint or shopping. Enjoy either way, they're all great vehicles.
  • symessymes Posts: 10
    Even though I love my LX470 I would be up for an LX500. I didn't warrant changing my 99 to a 2001 just to get the Mark Levinson, wonderful though I am sure it is. However, for upper 200s, low 300s HP (cf. the new "ugly as sin" Escalade at 345hp) I would consider a change. Not for most days as the car is fast enough, but sometimes, on backroads, I get caught in 3rd gear at low revs and it takes a while before it pulls out and shifts down. I could press the PWR button, but it's over a foot from the steering wheel!!

    I doubt that we will see a Lexus Sequoia (sp?). I heard from my Lexus dealer that there was a move afoot within Toyota to let Lexus keep the LX and discontinue the Land Cruiser. This avoids confusion although I am sure that some 'Cruiserheads' would be grossly upset and of course would never be seen dead in a Lexus. (actually they seem not to like the new Land Cruiser anyhow since the front locking diff was removed to make it more highway compliant).

    Maybe the whole Sequoia thing is to appeal to the standard Toyota buyer. I looked at one and didn't really understand it. A little bigger, much more truck like, but yet very little extra space behind the rear seats compared with the reference Suburban. I had expected something more like the Ford Excursion (trolley bus that it is IMHO), so this makes me think that the Sequoia will eventually replace the Land Cruiser from the Toyota side, leaving the LX as the luxury offering.

    LX500 eh? Now that might be something... Now, just widen the track a little to close the handling gap with the X5 4.4i and we have the creme de la creme.
  • netmiaminetmiami Posts: 13
    Hi Bill,

    Are you still there??? At JM Lexus???

    I am in the market for another new LX 470

    netmiami (Bill, you know me. I got my 2000 LX 470 last year from you in June/July).
  • dukejondukejon Posts: 1
    I am aware of the possibility of larger engine - any other changes planned for 2002?
  • symessymes Posts: 10
    Hi, just completed my almost $600 (ouch) 30k service and now I have a thump on my rear left quarter when I go over reasonable bumps e.g. driveway entrance, potholes etc. It wasn't there before and it sounds as though something is loose, as if there were some moderately heavy item loose in the trunk. I have tried emptying the car of all loose items and only have the jack still to try - anyone had anything similar?

    Too damn quiet this car...
  • khuynhkhuynh Posts: 28
    I recently had a similar sounding thump/clunk in the center console when I go over potholes, or speed bumps. I took the Lexus back to the dealership 3 times before they found that the center console was missing a rubber stopper under the lid. I don't know if this will help u or not... But try to look at all the storage covers with rubber inserts. It also helps to get someone sit back there to listen for extraneous noise...
  • bugaroobugaroo Posts: 3
    Can anyone shed some light on possible changes for the 2002 model. My wife loves the LX470, but we are surprised that it does not have side/head airbags...let alone no steering wheel controls, LexusAid, etc. I/we cannot seem to get any information from the dealerships.....nor can we find anything by searching on-line. Can anyone help?

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