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2013 and earlier GMC Acadia Lease Questions



  • Hi aiduane. If I was in the market for a 2011 GMC Acadia right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price of $500 to $1,000 over the dealer invoice price that it listed here at minus the $1,100 cash incentive that General Motors is currently providing on leases of this model through GMAC.

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  • Delta737h,

    Trust me I was correct. What I did was 1) take the pricing, fees and lease terms they gave me and calculate what the lease payment should have been, and 2) take the payments and fees they gave me and then calculate the IMPLIED interest rate and money factor. Yes I know the difference.

    Dealers have a couple of tricks they can play with the rates. Between the dealers I sampled, I cought 3 tricks that inflated the implied interest rate or money factor above the .00095 I was quoted. The quoted rate is a "base rate" and they can tack on additional "dealer interest" which is not disclosed. When I researched this, it appears to be legal and GMAC and I believe US Bank allow up to 2.5% in additional interest added to the loan. They can also add in additional "acquisition fees" which one dealer did. They showed the cap cost on the worksheet they gave me but the lease was figured out on that cap cost PLUS an additional acquisition fee. Disclosure rules varry from state to state, but it seems as long as they tell me the down payment and monthly payment, they are not legally required to disclose all of the details on how they got there. The super slimey trick was to try and charge me sales tax on the cap cost when my state only requires sales tax on the total lease payments and fees. These "tricks" added between $700 and $1350 to what seemed like a great price on the Acadia. When confronted, all of the dealers were willing to remove the extra fees without a fight.

    "Anyone that knows how to structure leases and compute payments, with spot-on accuracy, would be able to determine this in a heartbeat because they can account for every single penny in a lease. In fact, if you give them a blank lease contract (e.g., GMAC, US Bank), they can easily complete it themselves."

    That was exactly my point. As someone who can calculate a lease, I spotted this BS in a heartbeat. I would bet many people do not. They think they negotiated a great price on the car, and then they pay $700-$1350 too much because of extra fees or financing tricks.

    Also FWIW, it seems GM and GMAC are in the midst of a divorce. Only one dealer out of 7 gave me a GMAC quote before I requested it.
  • aiduane,

    "Does anyone know if you CAN use the $1000 cash to consumer that was available if you lease and if you lease from US Bank?"

    No you can't. There is a $200 rebate for the US Bank leases instead of the $1000 for purchases. If you are a USAA member you can also get an additional $750 rebate for either a lease or a purchase.

    The US Bank inception fees I have been quoted range from $695 to $995. They will quickly drop to $695 when you request, but I have not had anyone go below yet. If you include the turn in fee or the buyout fee along with the acquisition fee as "interest", the effective interest rate (cost of financing) of the lease is about 3.3% which is still a pretty good rate for a 4 year loan.

    FWIW, my latest quotes are within $50 of the Edmunds invoice (which is not the same as the invoice that shows on their paperwork) with a $695 acquisition fee .00095 mf and residual of 44% on a 48 month, 12,000 mile per year lease of a 2011 SLE. In addition, I am getting $950 in rebates (200 US Bank + 750 USAA) and I am paying the state sales tax and registration fee plus $130 in additional fees. I am not paying a large dealer fee or advertising fee. Between the cap price, rates and fees, I am going to end up paying about $2000 less than the initial quotes of "supplier pricing" that I received on my initial internet queeries.
  • Here is a reference on the interest rate markup. I guess I should feel good they only tried a 1% markup, and not the full 2.5%. BE CAREFUL!

    "Dealers can change your interest rate
    One of the potential "hidden" fees when financing a car is a markup that dealers can add to your interest rate, even when you have a good credit score. This called "dealer reserve" in the industry.

    Say the normal interest rate from the finance company used by the dealer is 6.0%. The dealer marks up the rate by a percentage, say 2.0%, making your real rate 8.0%. This markup is never mentioned anywhere in the documents you sign. Car dealers claim the practice is justified to cover the cost of brokering customers' financing. In fact, it's additional profit.

    Automotive News reports that a number of companies such as DaimlerChrysler Services, Honda Finance, and GMAC have settled on a 2.5% markup limit agreement. California now has a law that sets a 2.5% markup ceiling for most car loans. So it seems that 2.5% is now the magic number in the industry."
  • "When negotiating your deal on this truck, make sure to take advantage of the $1,100 cash incentive that is currently available on leases of it."

    Thanks Car_man. Is the $1100 only for GMAC leases, or is it a new as of August rebate for any lease? The quotes I got last week were all very consistent in saying there was a $200 rebate for a 2011 lease (more on 2010's), and a $1000 rebate on purchases. I will ask my lead candidate dealer about this today.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 626
    edited August 2010

    Asking the dealer for their LEASE WORKSHEET will minimizes a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and aggravation. This is a computer generated document that eliminates guess work and will tell you everything you need to know and then some. The beauty of this document is that it always tells the truth. If a dealer is unwilling to provide it; RUN, DON'T WALK!

    You're absolutely right; dealers are not legally bound to disclose money factors/interest rates, residual factors, etc. per the Federal Reserve Bank Board's Regulation M governing Consumer Retail Leases. This has been a pet peeve of mine for quite sometime. There is absolutlely no reason not to disclose this information. The Fed's on-going PIZZ POOR EXCUSE is that such disclosures would CONFUSE consumers. Most people know that's nothing more than a smokescreen and PURE CRAP!

    Regarding the cost of money and, for whatever it's worth, the following may be helpful...

    Money factors generally follow a tiered structure. Here's a hypothetical example...

    0.00120 + 0% Reserves.... "buy" rate or "base" rate (your 0.00095 MF)
    0.00140 + 1% Reserves
    0.00160 + 2% Reserves
    0.00180 + 3% Reserves

    The "reserves" are probably the "additional dealer interest" you're describing. To avoid this, you must be absolutely certain that you're getting the BASE RATE. That's why I advocate using or or to get that information. You can't rely on the dealer because they sometimes lie or are just plain incompetent. If you must ask the dealer, ALWAYS ask the F&I guy. Let me explain reserves and how they work...

    Reserves are similar to points paid for a mortgage loan but only in reverse. In mortgage financing, points are charged to buydown the interest rate where 1 point equates to 1% of the amount borrowed. In car financing, reserves are used as an incentive (reward) for dealers to write loans or leases at rates exceeding the buy rate. The "buy" rate, also known as base rate, is the rate used by the lender to calculate the finance charge, all of which, is retained by the lender. In other words, the lender doesn't share any portion of the finance charge with the dealer. But, if the dealer writes a loan or lease at a rate that exceeds the "buy" rate, then the dealer has earned the right to be compensated by receiving a portion of the finance charge. The amount of compensation is typically 75% of the difference between the total finance charges.

    If the dealer writes a lease with a money factor of say 0.00160, then they will be compensated with its associated reserve level of 2%. This means the dealership receives roughly 2% of adjusted capcost assuming the adjusted cap does not include bank related fees. A bank isn't going to allow a dealer to earn reserves on their bank (acquisition) fees.

    The term "reserves" is actually an old term. It used to be that dealers weren't entitled to reserves until the end of the lease and, so, the fund provider would "reserve" those dollars for the dealer until the lease was satisfactorily fulfilled.

    Now, there are those fund providers that offer a tiered structure that depends only on the customer's credit score. They pay the dealer a flat fee instead of reserves regardless of the tiered rate selected. In this case, the very best rate is called the buy rate and is reserved (no pun intended) only for those with the very best credit.

    So, really, there is no such thing as "dealer tricks". You just have to know what you're doing. I've certainly never been tricked or fooled (at least, not yet... knock-on-wood) and I've negotiated nearly 1,400 leases across the country since 1990.

    I don't know how you calculated the "IMPLIED interest rate" or the payment and so I can't comment other than to say that the implied rate or the actuarial rate implicit in the lease (similar to the IRR or APR) is based on time-valued annuity calculations which can easily be done on a financial calculator (HP12C), some graphics calculators with financial functions (TI83/84), or an EXCEL spreadsheet.

    Finally, and, once again, for what it's worth, let me share some guidelines I use when leasing...

    1st Rule Do your homework. Research selling price by checking invoice pricing and incentives at Edmunds. Also, check overstock at for competitive sell prices in your area. Research the money factor and be sure you're getting the "buy" (base) rate if your credit is good enough to qualify (see discussion above). Collect all data using a variety of sources. Rarely, do I ever rely on the dealership to provide information.

    2nd Rule Create a one-page lease proposal. This must be on your letterhead and be a very professional looking document. All calculations must be spot on and contain no errors of any kind. Include all pertinent data such as a description of the vehicle, MSRP, sell price, amounts capitalized (e.g., taxes, acq. fee, etc), cap reductions (e.g., trade, cash down, etc), money factor, residual factor, residual value, term, taxable payment, lease payment, amounts due up front (itemized), contract provisions (gap insurance, excess mileage charge, applicable disposition/purchase option fees). All dollar amounts are calculated, not by the dealer, but by you using a program that, either you created, or a program from a trusted source.

    A professional looking one-page lease proposal speaks volumes about you... it sends the message that you know and understand leasing. That quickly serves notice to the dealer, and so; they're not as inclined to play games and screw with the money factors in an effort to help themselves to ADP (Additional Dealer Profit).

    3rd Rule Fax/email the proposal to the dealer and negotiate via phone/email from the comfort of your home/office with your laptop excel spreadsheet lease program fired up and ready to rumble! The only thing you're likely to negotiate is the sell price and that only requires a few keystrokes on your laptop. And, bing-bang-boom you're done! This suggests that the biggest advantage of a lease proposal is that it saves time, money, and aggravation. No need to sit on your fingers and rotate at some dealership. The only time you should ever set foot in a dealership is to...

    (1) Test drive
    (2) Sign papers and take delivery of your car
    (3) Servicing

    Anything else is a waste of time!

    The key is that you must control the deal. Never allow a dealer to control the deal by allowing them to "run the numbers". Trying to figure out the dealer's numbers is often a pointless exercise and, frankly, a waste of time unless, of course, you have a copy of their LEASE WORKSHEET as discussed at the beginning of this post. Allowing the dealer to control will only end up costing you more money in most instances.

    If would like sample lease proposals that I've used, please email me at

    [email protected]

    All the Best,


  • Thanks for your explanation of the approach you take. My approach was to ask for quotes from multiple dealers using a couple of Internet tools. I then asked for the details in the lease worksheets for the "better" looking deals, which is how I discovered what was behind the numbers. Even the worksheets can be deceiving. One charged an acquisition fee at closing but also included an identical fee in the lease payments, but it was not explicitly shown in the cap in their calculation. When I pointed it out they acted like it was a mistake, but somehow I doubt it! The sales tax on the full vehicle cost "trick" was explicit but you would have to know the tax law and have an idea what the number should have been in order to see it was wrong.

    With regards to the reserve, IMHO it should not be in there before they have run a credit check, and if it is in there it should ALWAYS be disclosed.

    As for putting together lease worksheets, I put together several, and I also have an excel spreadsheet on my phone so I could run the numbers myself while talking to them. I did not share my numbers with them upfront however. That is an interesting approach. Instead, I introduced my version when they tried to argue their numbers were correct. My thought process was to get them to offer a low price on the car, thinking they could make it up in the financing, then negotiate the financing down. The first part worked, the second required visiting another dealer, but at least I was starting with a good selling price.

    We went to one promising dealer so my wife could see and test drive to decide what she did and did not want. I tried to reach a deal with them, in exchange for their time but that did not workout. They would not cut all of their fees. I went to another dealer in person, at his request, to go over his lease worksheets. That was a valuable visit because he let me watch the screen and adjust the numbers on several different options and only hit print when I was satisfied. It went quicker than trying to send a bunch of emails up and back. He was 100% transparent, and upfront with no games, tricks or fees, and willing to match or beat any other price I had, for purchase price, lease terms, and fees, to give me a deal that is substantially better than other offers. All in all, well worth my (short) drive, and he will be the dealer handling my purchase.

    After a little effort, I am now dealing with someone who knows what I want and realizes I can figure out the lease payments as quickly as he can. We are both coming up with the same numbers, and he is not trying to play any games or hide anything. This was how things STARTED with my prior non-GM purchases, so I was a bit surprised by how sleazy some of the local dealers could be. The idea to RUN from anyone who will not show the worksheet is good advice, but it seems like that is far from enough to separate out the decent guys from the morally challenged.

    One question on not relying on dealerships for lease info. I called GMC and then GMAC and neither of them would give me any info on lease rates, residuals, incentives, or fees. Other than this forum, I did not see any good sources for this info online either. How do you get this data for your lease proposal, before you get at least one dealer to cough it up?
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 626
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    Your experience is exactly why I create a one-page lease proposal. It saves time, money, and aggravation. I used to coach football years ago and told my defensive linemen to never wrestle with their opponent. Get rid of them as quickly as possible... shed 'em... and go tackle the football! Too many people wrestle and argue with car salesmen. That's the worst thing they can do when trying to buy or lease a car because it's counter-productive and a huge waste of time.

    I never ask the dealer for a lease worksheet nor do I ask them to "run the numbers"... that's my area of expertise; not theirs! Yes, I know much more about leasing calculations than they do and I should.

    The only time I advise getting a lease worksheet is when you allow the dealer to "run the numbers".

    Also, it's extremely important to know how to do all calculations (payment, sales tax, etc). Some of the calcs can be very complex especially in those states that compute sales tax based on total taxable payments and if the lease is structured as a 0-0-0.

    Anyway, I get my data right here on,, or from Tarry Shebesta at They're all very reliable sources.

  • "Anyway, I get my data right here on,, or from Tarry Shebesta at They're all very reliable sources."

    I could not find any info on 2011 GMC Acadia leases on any of those sites, either by poking around, or with the search functions. I am either missing something, or they just do not have 2011 info for GMC yet. Edmunds and Leasecompare have a "get me quotes" functions but they basically just send your desires off to dealers. I did let them do that which was how I estabilished contact with several dealerships, and eventually got the info, but it violates your rule of controlling the talk from the get go. I also tried contacting GMC and GMAC directly with no success, and I got great pricing data from truecar, but no lease info.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 626
    You have to go to the appropriate forum and post a request. On Edmunds, ask Car_man right on this forum. He usually responds within 24 hours.

  • par2010par2010 Posts: 1
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    Just received a quote from a dealer on a 2010 Acadia SLT2 with MSRP of $48,215. Sales price is $45,995 which seems to match up well with the best price numbers on TrueCar and Edmunds. Not sure whether I'll be buying or leasing yet, but the lease quote netted the price to $41,395 based on $3,600 in lease cash and $1,000 in conquest cash. Credit is good – score in the 780 range. For a 36 month lease was quoted a rate of 2.5% (assumed MP of .00104) and a residual of 41%, the latter of which seemed extremely low based on some of the other threads in this forum. My out of pocket included a $700.00 "security deposit" which I assuming reflects an acquisition fee. Just curious to see if anyone has any insight on these lease parameters. Thanks.
  • mpanarompanaro Posts: 1
    Ok, so bottom line, what should I be prepared to pay for a 2011 Acadia with a MSRP price of $42,685.00 and invoice price of $41,113.91. I think there is a $1000 incentive plus $750 USAA discount. What would be the residual value of this car? My current offer is $577/month with $6000 down for 39 months which boils down to $730.85 per month. $730.85 x 39 months= $28,503.00. So basically what they are saying is is that the residual value of the truck is about $14,182?? 33% of the MSRP. That doesn't seem right to me. Am I figuring this wrong?
  • Thanks in advance for the info... I see that this string has not been updated in a while. I have been waiting patiently.

    Do you have the latest lease info on 2011 Acadia... SLT-1. 15K 36/39. Interest Rate? Residual? I am also looking for GMAC loyalty incentives. I currently have a Saturn Outlook w/ 5 months left on my lease. Dealer told me that GMAC sometimes forgives up to 6 months of payments. Seems "too forgiving" to me. No anything about this? I don't want them to tell me there is forgiveness and roll payments into my new deal with the Acadia. Last weekend I asked for the "Lease Sheet" and the response was, "What's that?" I quickly left.
  • Hi mfine416. General Motors actually enhanced its cash incentives on leases of the 2011 Acadia to $2,000 on leases through GMAC aka Ally and $1,300 on leases through US Bank. This program is only scheduled to run through today, September 8th though.

    GM will introduce its new Sept. programs some time tomorrow. Please feel free to check back with me if you're interested in an update.

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  • Hi msjhsap. General Motors' August incentives are scheduled to run through today, September 8th.

    GMAC's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 GMC Acadia SLT1 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are 2.75% and 48%, respectively.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease are 2.75% and 46%.

    When negotiating your deal, make sure to take advantage of the $2,000 cash incentive that is available on leases of the '11 Acadia through GMAC.

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  • Any update on the September numbers? Same incentives? Thanks!
  • I am wondering what the current incentives are on the GMC Acadia as well.

    Thanks in advance.
  • sbsleonardsbsleonard Posts: 5
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    Do you have the current lease program information for a 2011 GMC Acadia?

    I have access to GMC supplier pricing through my employer and I am looking to lease a 2011 GMC Acadia SLT-1. I have been told the following by several dealers:

    - 39 month lease
    - 12,000 miles annually
    - $1,600 cash incentive
    - .00045 money factor
    - 49% residual

    I am looking to lease the following:

    - SLT-1 Cyber Grey metallic with ebony leather
    - Navigation
    - Dual sunroof
    - Hit the Road Package
    - Cargo Package

    From what i can build online, the GMC supplier pricing is $43,498 (before the $1,600 cash back) and the invoice price from is $42,854 (Edmunds is missing the cargo and hit the road packages for comparison purposes).

    The dealership is willing to do the supplier pricing with a $499 doc fee and $185 registration fee.

    My questions are:

    1) Is the pricing fair? I'd prefer to be below invoice.
    2) Is there any conquest cash currently available?
    3) Are the lease terms market right now? I've received the money factor and residual value from several dealerships.

  • Hey msjhsap. Here's an update with the new numbers for you.

    Ally's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 GMC Acadia SLT1 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are 2.75% and 48%, respectively.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease are 2.75% and 46%.

    When negotiating your deal, make sure to take advantage of the $2,300 cash incentive that is available on leases of the '11 Acadia through Ally.

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  • Hi sbsleonard. Please see my previous post for an idea of what this truck's current lease program is like. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • Hello sbsleonard. Take a look at my message two posts ago to get an idea of what this truck's current lease program is like.

    If you are able to purchase this vehicle through General Motors' Supplier Purchase Program then you are getting a pretty decent deal on it. I wouldn't say that supplier pricing is better than you could negotiate on your own, but it's probably close to as good a deal as you could get on your own without all of the haggling.

    General Motors is running a conquest promotion on the Acadia right now, but only for current owners of select brands. There's $1,000 for current owners of Acura, Chrysler, Infiniti, Lexus, and Lincoln / Mercury vehicles.

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  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    What is the range of monthly lease deals that are getting done.
    I realize that there are many factors, which model, cap cost, credit etc.
    I am simply looking for a range of monthly lease deals, is it $500 to $740?
    Just looking for a range of successful deals
  • Hello,
    Looking for an Acadia lease for SLT-1 or SLE AWD

    Dealer was offering about $500 a month and $700 down for the 39 mo, 12,000 miles for SLE. I didn't think this was a great deal.

    How can I calculate what it should be around for current offers?
  • Hi passenger507. The easiest way to get a good deal on a leased vehicle is to shop around for the lowest possible selling price and then have the dealer that you decide to go with calculate your vehicle's monthly payment using its buy rate lease money factor or base lease rate.

    I would be happy to work up a lease payment on the exact Acadia that you are interested in for you if you provide me with its full MSRP and approximate selling price, or at least its MSRP and dealer invoice price. You can find that pricing data over in the New Vehicle Pricing section of

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  • Hi,
    Car man I was wondering about current lease programs for the Acadia Denali and what I could expect for a lease payment. The supplier is 44,750 on an MSRP of 46,390.
    The negotiated price was similar, about $100 over invoice but then the dealer added almost $1000 advertising fee and another fee. Is that normal? Should I just push for supplier and no fees?
    I'm in the Philly area. I'm hoping to get the deal done by 11/1 due to a $1500 coupon GM sent me.
  • azcarazcar Posts: 2
    can you please share the money factor and residuals for 2011 Acadia SLE FWD? Not sure if different from what you've mentioned previously in September. I'm trying to take advantage of the current lease deals that expire Nov. 1st.
  • Hi johnt26. $100 over dealer invoice is a good deal, but the addition of the $1,000 fee sounds a little excessive to me...especially if the dealer is not subtracting the $2,300 cash incentive that GM is providing on leases of the '11 Acadia from your deal. If I was in the market for this truck right now, I personally would shoot for a bottom line price of around $500 over invoice minus the lease cash, inclusive of all fees.

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  • I'd be happy to help you out, azcar. Ally's October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 GMC Acadia SLE FWD with 15,000 miles per year are 2.75% and 47%, respectively.

    When negotiating your deal on this truck, make sure to take the $2,300 cash incentive that General Motors is currently providing on it into account.

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  • azcarazcar Posts: 2
    thanks Car_man.
    do you have for 39 months with 12K miles a year?
  • Hi Car man

    Looking for your view on this lease deal.

    Arcadia SLT-1 MSRP $40960, offered at $39152 minus $1600 cash incentive = $37552
    39 months / 12k per year - $525/month with $1318 down + plates

    1. Concerned that cash incentive was portrayed as $1600 not $2300
    2. How does rest of deal stack up?

    Many thanks
  • Hi, I was wondering if you can give me a lease price on a 2011 Acadia Denali with the MSRP being $48,680 and the dealer invoice at $46,097. I am looking at 12,000 miles per year and 36 or 39 month lease. Thank you!
  • You're welcome, azcar. The numbers would be the same for a 39 month, 12,000 mile per year lease.

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  • Hi arcadialease10. I wouldn't worry about the fact that the dealer quoted you $1,600 lease cash instead of $2,300. It sounds like they are running your deal through US Bank instead of Ally. That was the proper cash incentive for a lease through US Bank in October.

    As far as the selling price that you were quoted for this truck goes, I believe that its dealer invoice price is $38,951. That puts the selling price that you were given at only a couple hundred dollars over invoice...which is a very good deal.

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  • Hi mpan1205. I can work up a sample lease payment on this truck for you using General Motors October programs. Its new November programs are scheduled to be introduced later on today.

    According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2011 GMC Acadia Denali AWD that has an MSRP of $48,680 and a selling price of $44,297 ($500 over invoice minus $2,300 cash incentive) through Ally last month for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment would have been around $646.

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  • Thanks Car_man - any news yet on the November programs / numbers for November?

  • Were taxes included with this deal? This deal is exactly what I am looking for here in Illinois but not getting it so far.
  • yes - taxes included
  • As a first time potential lessee, I received the following lease offer from a Connecticut GMC dealer on a 2011 Acadia SLT-1 vehicle having an MSRP of $44,000, Invoice of $41,700, and an Edmunds TMV of $42,500.

    Using the TMV price as a starting point, current incentive of $2,000, and trade-in of my 2004 Merc Mountaineer with 105,000 miles for an additional cap cost reduction of $5,500, I calculate a net price of $35,000 plus tax and tags. I know one shouldn't necessarily trade-in a vehicle on a lease, but don't want the hassle of selling it privately...

    Based on the above, what should the monthly lease payment be for a lease of 39 months and 54,000 mile allotment? I was quoted $575/month...Seems high to me? What is the current money factor, and residual for 39 months and higher than normal mileage allotment?
  • Car Man

    Here is my understanding of the current ALLY lease on the Acadia AWD SLT-1 at 12,000 miles per year for 36 months in PA.

    CCR = $2500.00
    Residual -50%
    Interest RATE = 2.45%
    Acquisition Fee = $795.00

    Do you have the same information for US BanK ( I understand the rate will be quoted as a money factor).
  • robmac2robmac2 Posts: 5
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    Your payment on this lease should be $478 + tax ( I think it is 6% in CT) with your trade of $5500. This would be a lease through GMAC/ALLY not US BANK. You are correct, the payment you were quoted is too high. You would only need to pay tags and dealer document fees up front (about $200.00 here in PA) as I applied 4000 of your trade towards the lease and the other 1500 to cover first months payment, security deposit and upfront tax.

    The particulars are:
    Rebate/CCR is $2500
    Residual is 48%
    Rate is 2.45% which is an approx. money factor of 0.0010208

    I also adjusted the amount to factor in the extra 9,000 miles.

    Sounds like you are being hosed.
  • denalifandenalifan Posts: 2
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    I leased a new Acadia Denali and 6 days after taking delivery the dealer has called and said they made a mistake and I have to pay 540.00 or add 15.00 monthly to my lease. They are demanding I pay or return the truck because the bank rejected the paperwork. The paperwork was rejected because the dealer used the wrong residual value. I have a signed lease agreement. What can I do I have till 11/12 to pay or return Truck???
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 626
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    When you're in business and you make a mistake, the right thing to do is to eat your mistake. Car dealerships are notorious for screwing up. Business in good 'ole America the Great is done half-assed because they don't take the time to do things right and it's about time that consumers hold these morons accountable and responsible.

    If you really got a good dealing (check the sell price or agreed upon value in your agreement) and your really want the truck, it's yours! If not, it's a golden opportunity to return the truck and re-negotiate your lease. DO NOT be intimidated. If you would like me to intercede on your behalf by assisting you with either, email me at

    [email protected]

    and I'll be delighted to help in anyway I can.

  • I am looking to lease a 2011 Acadia Denali in New York/New Jersey... Can anyone give me an idea of what I should be paying? I have been to several dealerships and it seems they are all looking to try and get over. I do not intend to put any money down and would like my taxes in my monthly payment. Any feedback would be appreciated. I am looking to lease in the next few days.
  • John,
    Your email address has bounced my email . Please send correct address to [email protected]
  • I just came back from GMC Van Buren in Garden City Park, NY after ordering a 2011 Acadia Denali AWD carbon black metallic with ebony interior. It is the 7 passenger model with the middle row console, NAV and DVD package. MSRP on vehicle is $49,825 and my price was $47,850 less $2000(rebate), therefore cost to me is $45,850 to buy. The lease numbers are $618 per month(plus tax and plates) or $682 per month(tax of 8.625% in payment). Residual value is 52% and these prices are based on a 36 month, 12,000 miles per year lease. Hope this helps.
  • You're welcome, arcadialease10. Ally's November base lease rate for a 36 month lease of a 2011 GMC Acadia is 2.45%. GM is providing a $2,500 cash incentive on leases of this truck through Ally.

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  • Hi robmac2. US Bank uses lease rates too. I believe that its November 36 month base lease rate for the 2011 GMC Acadia is 0.96%. GM is providing an $1,830 cash incentive on leases of this truck through US Bank.

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  • Car_man


    Do you happen to know the US BANK residual on an AWD SLT-1 for 36 months at 12000 miles.

    Is it 52% like Ally or higher for US BANK?
  • spoke to a dealer in northern nj today who quoted a lease price on a AWD SLT1 36 mth/12k miles with 0 down.

    Sticker price = $46,615 including delivery

    $665/mth lease

    dealer indicated following items included:
    $695 bank fee
    $591 Registration fee
    $195 documents fee

    also indicated MSRP was capped at 45,700 by lease company for residual calculation, residual factor = .5 and APR = 2.45%

    I was surprised by the size of bank and registration fees. Any thoughts on whether this is a reasonable deal are appreciated - Thanks.
  • Foggy....

    Couple of items that don't smell right. The "capped" MSRP is a red flag. The only way this would happen is if the dealer installed accessories on the vehicle that can't be residualized (like pinstriping, rust protection, mud flaps.) etc. Only certain dealer added items can be residualized and even with them there is only a portion allowed, running boards, bedliners, chrome wheels). Sa ask the dealer to clarify this. If is for the junk they add to the car, tell them to take it off or find another vehicle without it.

    I can't speak to NJ registration fee as I live in PA, however, over here reg and title runs around 186.00.

    The bank fee is accurate.

    The residual % on an SLT-1 AWD for 15,000 mile is 50% but at only 12,000 miles a year the residual is 52%

    The rate of 2.45% is accurate for a lease thru ALLY which is the old GMAC.

    There is also a $2500 rebate on leases through ALLY until 1-3-2010. Additionally, they are currently waiving security deposits and your first months payment.

    Hope this helps.

    PM me with the name of the dealer and the Stock or VIN # of this vehicle and I will see what your real lease payment should be. [email protected]
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