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2013 and earlier GMC Acadia Lease Questions



  • fargodogfargodog Posts: 13

    I spoke with GMAC this past week and was told the pull ahead is now 4 months through the end of July. Did you check with them recently, I don't know when this changed from 2 to 4 months. Anyone else get this new info or was rep incorrect? thanks
  • Thanks fardog, but I received the email last week from GM direct. Its only 2 months. However, I only have 2 left so it works out if I get the right lease deal on the Acadia. I just don't know where I stand with the lease due to the Acadia being such a new vehicle
  • NYC. Just got offered a lease for a SLT2 w/options:HID headlamps, head up display, sunroof, 19 inch wheels and trailer pkg. MSRP:41375. lease 39months/10k 2500 out of pocket. 525 month including tax. Then went online and saw a SLT1 w/ options close to the above for $39275 MSRP. For the same terms they offered $555 a month incl. tax. So I guess I should go for the SLT2 or are they both
  • sparty411sparty411 Posts: 5
    Car Man (or anyone else) would you happen to know the current base GMAC lease rate/money factor on an '08 Acadia? We've ordered an SLT-2 with GMS pricing, so we are fairly well locked in on all of the variables, but the dealer has quoted us a lease rate of 8.5%. Seems high to us, and I'm wondering if he's marked this up. Can't seem to find the info anywhere. I'd also be curious if anyone knew the lease rate and residual (36 mo/12k miles) on an '07 Acadia. There's another local dealer who has an '07 model equipped just the way we want it, and I'd be willing to walk away from our '08 deposit ($500) if it made more sense to go with an '07. Especially since my dealer won't give me a straight answer on the lease rate for the one we ordered.
  • tenfingastenfingas Posts: 2
    Bottom line...

    2007 Acadia SLT, 2wd, leather, equipped with the 8 passenger seating, dual skyscape sunroof, HID headlamps, head-up display, navigation, entertainment system and trailer package.

    36 months/15,000 miles/$648 per month including tax w/ the standard drive-off of first payment and DMV license.
    48 months/same as above for $604. Both leases nothing down.

    Also this has to be a SLT-2 right? Would GMC custom make an SLT-1 with the dvd-navigation option? The reason I ask is because when I go to build an Acadia on GMC's website, the dvd-navigation option is only available for the SLT-2.

    Thanks for your help and opinions.
  • sparty411sparty411 Posts: 5
    Tenfingas: did the dealer give you the money factor on your deal? I'm trying to check what my dealer is quoting--I think he's marking up the money factor, and your deal might be a good benchmark.
  • tenfingastenfingas Posts: 2
  • Hey sparty. GMAC's current base lease rate for the 2007 GMC Acadia is an unattractive 8.0%. This is still not very good, but it is slightly better than the 8.5% that you were quoted. GMAC's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 GMC Acadia with 12,000 miles per year are 6.9% and 63%, respectively.

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  • Hello tenfingas. You never mentioned the selling price or MSRP of the Acadia that you are interested in leasing. These are important numbers for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing this what truck's selling price is in relation to its MSRP you don't know how much of a discount you are getting on it. The second reason is that one needs the selling price and MSRP, including the destination charge, of a vehicle to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of this deal if you let me know what these numbers are.

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  • jpettyjpetty Posts: 5
    Hey Car_man,

    I think there is a typo in the reply you gave above. You mention "2007 GMC Acadia" twice, but give different lease rates. Is one of them supposed to be for a 2008? Which one?

    I've got a dealer quoting me 9% (or .00375 money factor) on a '08 SLT-2 with a 63% residual on a 12K/36mo lease.

  • I just started this whole lease process, and would love any help in learning how to negotiate. I am looking at 2008 SLT-1 2008 Acadia in Louisiana. It has added DVD System, Convenience Package and Tow Package. I am looking a 36 mo 15,000 mi. per year. They are quoting me 8.99%Rate LEV 22089 with a payment of 628+ taxes. The "final list price is 35520.00 + 397.50 for "Customer Service Package" and various license/Title Fees, etc. I know I can do better, but I want to be armed with facts. Any thoughts........Thank you in advance.
  • Wondering if this was a good price. Dallas Texas, 2008 slt2 list price 36,880 purchase price 34,620, smart buy 39 months ~$549 + ttl, thanks for the help
  • The GMAC rate for the Acadia for Spetember is 8%
  • Hi all,

    my first post on the forum but I've been browsing around edmunds for the last month. I love the good info you can get here. But everything is so new to me and there is so much to learn that I'm not able to put all this info together to make it useful right away. Can you help me?
    I have this deal in my hands, what do you think about it?

    2007 Acadia SLT-2 FWD, 500 miles odometer
    MSRP: 42470
    Invoice: 39940
    Selling Price: 38730
    Money factor: 0.00309 for 39months/12000mi
    Residual: 26703 (is it approx 62%???)
    $4000 out the door
    $454/mo tax included

    My worries are:
    1) probably doesn't include gap insurance (still waiting for an answer)
    2) it has 500 miles on it.
    3) isn't the down payment a little high considering it has 500 miles on the odometer?

    If you dont think it's a good deal, what should my counter offer be?
    Please carman, I know you are busy but if you have a minute I would appreciate your input too :)

    Thank you
  • Hi all: Need a little help on whether this is a decent lease deal. Also, CAR MAN, I'd much appreciate it if you could provide the 10/08 residuals and MF for 39 mth-15K miles. Thanks in advance.

    2008 GMC Acadia SLT-2, AWD, Nav, DVD Ent, Trailering, 8-Pass, Pearl White Diamond Tricoat.
    MSRP - 44,625
    Selling Price - 42,500
    Conquest - 500
    $2500 out of pocket (I'm sure some of this is going to cap cost reduction)
    $683 per month w/NYS Tax

    Also, does anyone have any information about the $450 or so package which protects against a 2000 mile overage?
  • It sounds as if the lease program for GMC Acadias is not attractive right now.

    Is it better to purchase an Acadia and finance it or lease it? Anyone have a quick answer? Thanks!
  • Do you know how low GM has gone with it's lease rates in general? I know we won't be seeing any programs on the Lambdas for a few months, at the earliest - just want to know if it is worth waiting a little while before doing a deal.
  • Welcome mauxus. Let me see of I can answer all of your questions.

    1) I believe that all leases through GMAC automatically include gap insurance at no additional charge, but you should check with your salesperson to be certain.

    2) The selling price that you were quoted on this truck looks pretty good to me. You are getting a vehicle that does not currently have any cash incentives available on it for less than dealer invoice. This is a reasonable price, even after taking the fact that it has 500 miles on it into account.

    3) You really should not make such a large down payment when leasing. I always advise consumers against making big capitalized cost reductions on leased vehicles. Those who make them risk losing part or all of them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. Even though it means that your monthly payment will be a little higher, you would be better off going with a zero down lease.

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  • Hi silver17. GMAC's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 GMC Acadia with 15,000 miles per year are 8.0% and 60%, respectively. As you can see, GMAC publishes lease rates instead of money factors for the vehicles that it leases. You can convert its published lease rates into approximate money factor equivalents by dividing them by 2400. I do not believe that GM is currently offering 39 month leases on this truck.

    Let's take a look at the selling price that you were quoted. The Acadia that you are interested in probably has a spread of a little over $3,200 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. That puts the selling price that you were quoted at a little over $1,000 over dealer invoice. That's not bad, but you definitely should stop by the "GMC Acadia Prices Paid and Buying Experience" discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar trucks lately.

    If you think that you will drive more than 15,000 miles per year, you should be able to purchase additional miles on a per-mile basis. It is usually less expensive to do so at lease signing than it is to pay an excess mileage penalty at lease-end.

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  • Greetings baseballmom97. You're right, General Motors really is not providing much in the way of incentives or lease support on the 2008 GMC Acadia right now. If I was in the market for one, I personally would probably finance it rather than lease it. GM's special financing rates for it are not that great though, 5.9% to 7.9%. You probably should get pre-approved to finance the Acadia that you want through an independent bank prior to entering negotiations with any dealers. Doing so will give you an idea of what sort of interest rate you qualify for and it often motivates dealers to try to beat the rate that consumers already have in hand.

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  • Hi octagon3. Traditionally, GM has not provided much in the way of lease support on the Acadia. It is difficult to say what it will do with its future lease program for it. If I was in the market for any GM vehicle though, I personally would wait until the end of November to get it. General Motors' current incentives are only scheduled to run through 11/19. I suspect that it will introduce an enhanced program on the 20th.

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  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    What about GM smart buy? I have used this when I bought Acadia. It works better, then lease. But idea is same.
  • Thank you, Carman, for your advice once again! You really provide a great service for Edmunds members.

    I have an Acadia on order but I don't know when it will be delivered -- so, hopefully, some better lease rates or financing incentives will come out before that time!

    Thank you!
  • Thanks Car_man for the info. I did wait, but they don't seem to be doing anything more than the 0% on 2007 - with obviously nothing on the Enclave since it was originally on a 2008. It looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay cash.
  • i have been trying to find the GMAC base lease rate for the Acadia. My local dealer inists it is 9% and that they do not have any control over it. Is this true? I am located in Michigan. And is ther any place to find a print out of the GMAC rates?

    All the other factors in the lease are good.
    I do plan to call another dealer tomorrow, the trouble is there is only 1 GMC dealer in my area.

    Thanks for your help.
  • deviusdevius Posts: 14
    Does anyone know residuals and lease rates for the 2008 Acadia for 12,000 and 15,000 miles leases?
  • I checked with a couple dealers recently and they indicated 8% as the base rate. I was able to get that rate from a local dealer. I leased an SLT 1 for 36 months, 15K miles and had a 64% residual value compared to the cap cost I negotiated (it was 60% of the sticker price). The Cap cost was about 2500 under MSRP including a 700 rebate I qualified for.

    I had the vehicle about a week and absolutely love it. Very nice ride.
  • Anyone know if Carman is still around the boards??

    Beutlerd, thanks for the info on your lease!
  • deviusdevius Posts: 14
    Thanks beutlerd. Did you put any money down (cap cost reduction)? If so how much? If you don't mind sharing, how much is your monthly payment?
  • I put a refundable security deposit of 625 down, nothing else other than plate transfer fees. My payment is 622 a month.
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